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Fixed-limit also called just Limit is a type of betting structure for a poker game where the amount of all bets and raises in any given betting round is fixed. This is in contrast to pot-limit and no-limit betting. Most commonly, fixed-limit games have two bet sizescalled the small bet and the big bet. Such games are usually written as having limits of "small-slash-big". In Hold 'em and Omaha games, the big bet is usually twice the size of the small bet, though in other variants such as 7-Studit may be more.

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Bettinger realty chittenango ny post

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Employee Graziano, Michael. Employee Moccia, Laura S. Last known employer Eastchester Union Free Schools. Employee Waller, Maryann C. Employee Fisher, Krista R. Employee Tannazzo, Jaclyn M. Eva F. Ammerman lived at North Park St. Miss Ammerman was born in Manlius about , and was the daughter of William and Elizabeth Ammerman. At Mr. Ammerman's death on , he was 86, and the last surviving member of a group of 65 Civil War veterans who formed the Fayettevllle Post of the Grand Army of the Republic about She lived at East Seneca St.

Egnar C. Anderson was born on , in Stockholm, Sweden, and came to America as a child. The couple wed about Anderson was a painting contractor, and later was a manager for the Stickley Furniture factory. Anderson was a school teacher in Fayetteville and Binghamton. They lived in Homer, NY, but were residing in Chittenango at their deaths. Anderson died on , and Mr. Anderson on James C. Appleton was born on , and worked 27 years for the Niagara Mohawk Power Corp.

About , Mr. Appleton married Ruby A. Appleton, who was born about She died on He then wed Ida Fabing about She was born about Appleton died on , and Ida Appleton died on Dodge, and was residing in Baldwinsville at her death on Frances Penoyer Aprahamian lived at E. Aprahamian married John N. Aprahamian, from Saratoga Springs, NY, on He was born in , and died in in Saratoga County, NY. Aprahamian was an award winning skeet shooter, and died about She and her daughters assumed the surname Lee, probably in the late 's.

Launt on , was a dental technician for Dr. Armstrong was born , and was a member of the Class of at Alfred University--the first class to graduate from the school. He was the president of the Armstrong Insurance Co. Collin Armstrong was a leading figure in Syracuse and Fayetteville civic affairs for more than 50 years.

Armstrong was born on , and wed on , in Medford, MA. She was a graduate of Tufts University and was a teacher and district manager for the Klad-Ezee children's clothes company. Armstrong's mother, Grace Carpenter Waterman, lived alternately with the Armstrong family, and with another daughter in Montclair, NJ, while spending many summers on Cape Cod.

Waterman was born about , and was the widow of John A. She died in Syracuse on Armstrong later married Mary Jane Armstrong. Armstrong was born in Fayetteville on , and attended VMI. He was the president of the Crouse-Hinds Co.

Armstrong died on Hamilton Armstrong, and his brother, Collin Armstrong, see the entry above , descended from the Collin family--pioneers who came to the Fayetteville area about At one time, their parents owned the house at Academy St. Robert J. Arnold was born in Switzerland about , and came to the United States in He was a commercial photographer. Arnold was born about The couple later lived in Cazenovia, and in moved to Mt.

Dora, FL, where Mr. Arnold died on , and Mrs. Arnold died on They had a daughter. Aronson was born He was a native of Winthrop, MA, but lived in the Syracuse area for 70 years. Aronson was a graduate of Cornell University and received his law degree from Syracuse University in Justice Aronson retired from this post in , and worked until as a judicial hearing officer. He was a coxswain on the Cornell rowing team and remained active in the sport as a race official.

Aronson was inducted into the National Rowing Hall of Fame in Aronson was born on , in Pelham, NY. She grew-up on Fifth Ave. Aronson earned a degree in art history from Barnard College. Aronson viewed an atomic blast in NV in , witnessed an Apollo launch at Cape Canaveral, and flew as a passenger in several military jet aircraft. She was active in efforts to save the old Loew's Landmark Theater in downtown Syracuse, and in numerous other civic and cultural causes.

Aronson died on Frederick A. Arwine was previously wed to Clara Adella Wilbur Arwine. The first Mrs. Arwine was born in NY, on January, , and died on She was residing in Fayetteville at her death on , while visiting her brother in Worcester. Arwine was born in August, He moved to Fayetteville about , and was the secretary and treasurer of the Stickley Furniture Co.

Arwine served as a director of the Fayetteville Commercial Bank, and was also elected to the Village Board. Arwine and Clara Arwine had a son, Carlton I. Arwine, who was born in March, , married Ruth M. Moyer about , lived in Binghamton, and died there about April, Avery was born on , and grew up in Essex County, NY.

The couple lived at Ackerman Ave. Avery died on Avery was born on , and died in May, Glenn L. Babcock and Mary P. Babcock lived at S. Babcock was born in Tully, NY, about He came to Fayetteville as a young man and was in the insurance and real estate business. Babcock married previously in about Mary Babcock was born about , and she wed Mr. Babcock about She died on , at age Babcock died on An obituary in the local newspaper referred to Mr.

See the listing for Percy Jarvis. Lawson R. Babcock boarded at North Park St. He was born about , was a laborer for the Stickley Furniture Co. Babcock married Gretchen Grossman about , and the familly moved to Chittenango a few months before Mr. Babcock died at home on Babcock later married Peter J.

Gibson, a widower. He was wed to Catherine W. Gibson at her death on Gibson was a native of Auburn, NY. He was born on , and came to DeWitt in the late 's. As a young man, Mr. Gibson was a professional roller skating teacher at St. Nicholas' Arena in NYC. Later he worked as an electrician for the Precision Castings Co.

Gibson was the roller coaster operator at Suburban Park in Manlius, and ran small trains for children at the State Fair for many years. Gibson died on Babcock, who was born in , and lived in Liverpool. Lovern Hill Babcock lived at Clinton St. Miss Babcock was born in October, , and was the daughter of William S. Babcock and Sarah C. She was very active in Fayetteville art and literary circles.

Miss Babcock was also an accomplished pianist, and gave private piano lessons. She was a patient in a Syracuse nursing home for more than a year before her death on Bacel was born in Germany on , and came to this country when he was about 10 years old. He was a machine worker at the Precision Castings Co.

Bacel was born on , and was a native of DeRuyter, NY. Bacel died on , and Mrs. Bacel died on Against all odds, Mr. Bahouth was born about He was a native of Syria and came to America in Bahouth worked 30 years for the Precision Castings Co.

Bahouth was born on , also in Syria, and their marriage probably occurred in Bahouth died on , while residing at McLennan Dr. Bahouth died on Bahouth, who worked at Precision Castings Co. Mill St. Bahouth operated the Chalet Cafe. He died in Bahouth, a native of Syria, was born on , and died on She was a clerk at the Sibley's store in the Fayetteville Mall, during the 's.

Habegger, and resided in Fayetteville, and Sylvia Ann Bahouth, who was born about , graduated from the Crouse-Irving Hospital's school of nursing, married William C. Fenn about , and lived in Camillus. Bahouth was born on , and Mrs. Both were natives of Syria, and wed about Bahouth was the proprietor of a shoe store at the corner of Mill and Genesee Sts. Bahouth died on , and Mrs. Bahouth died in February, Spencer J.

Baird was born on , in Gloversville, NY. He was a carpenter, and later became a bee keeper and sold honey. Baird was honored in for his 50 years as a Master Mason. Baird was born on , and the couple wed about She worked at the Fayetteville elementary school, and for the Precision Castings Co. Baird died on , and Mr. Baird then moved to Flume Rd. Baister was born on , and was a native of Richfield Springs, NY, where he grew up on a dairy farm.

He came to Fayetteville about , and was a machinist and foundry foreman at the Precision Castings Co. Baister died on Baister, a native of Rome, was born on , and died on , at age Bligh, and lived in Manlius. George L. Bajus and Edna Lane Bajus lived at S. Bajus was a toolmaker at the Precision Castings Co. He was born on , and grew up on S. He and his wife lived for a period in Syracuse before returning to Fayetteville by Bajus was born about , and the couple wed on She worked as a stenographer.

Bajus died , and Mrs. Bajus died Ida Dubois Bajus lived at S. Bajus was born about , and was the widow of George J. Bajus, who had been a cigar maker. Bajus died, at the age of 63, on Bajus died on Bajus, see the entry above , and Marguerite Bajus, who was born about , was a teacher, wed Alburt Burt, and lived in Waterbury, CT.

Bajus' neice, Ida A. Bajus, who was born about , also lived with the family by She married a Mr. Christopher, and lived in Syracuse. Herman M. Baker and Ethel Adams Baker lived at N. Baker was born , in Port Byron, NY. He was the assistant credit manager for the International Harvester Co.

Baker was born about , and the couple wed about They returned to Auburn, where Mrs. Baker died on , and Mr. Baker died in January, Bert E. Baldwin was born on , probably in Monkton Ridge, VT. He was a store buyer and later became a dry goods merchant in when he opened Baldwin's Department Store in Fayetteville. Baldwin was born about , and was also a native of VT. Baldwin died on , and Mr. Baldwin died on Donald Delaney, graduated from Syracuse University with a music degree, taught piano and became a church organist and pianist, lived near Philadelphia, and died on , Clarence Earl Baldwin, who was born about , and died on , at the Onondaga County Sanatorium, Rev.

Kenneth R. Baldwin was born in Jamesville on , and grew up in Fayetteville. He lived with his widowed father, see the listing below for Clinton Baldwin. Following his father's death, Mr. Baldwin lived on in the home on Elm St. Clarence Baldwin was a machinist and inspector for the Continental Can Co.

After the can factory closed, Mr. Baldwin spent 10 years with the Fayetteville water department. He was also a member of the local volunteer fire department. Baldwin was an avid outdoorsman and maintained a cabin at the Stony Brook Club near St. Regis Falls in the Adirondack Mountains. Clinton E. Baldwin lived at Elm St. Baldwin was born in January, He wed Clara "Katy" Brown, about , and they lived in Brooklyn.

Baldwin was born in England about , and died suddenly on Two months following his wife's death, Mr. Baldwin, and his small son, Herbert, moved to Jamesville, and lived with his parents while he worked as a carpenter. On , Mr. Following the birth of a second son, Clarence, on , the family moved to a tenant house on the Keough farm in Jamesville, and Mr. Baldwin worked as a guard at the county penitentiary. In late , Mr.

Baldwin took a job as a machinist at Precision Castings in Fayetteville, and moved his family to a home just east of the present Byrne Dairy in Lyndon. Baldwin was again widowed when Edith Baldwin died in August, On , he purchased the home on Elm Street, and moved his two sons there. Baldwin, see his listing above.

The Baldwin home at Elm St. It had at least one particularly distinguished scholar--President Grover Cleveland. The President's father was a clergyman and the family lived in Fayetteville several years while Rev. Cleveland served a local church. Clinton Baldwin's great-great grandaughter--the fifth generation of his family--now resides with her parents in the home.

Herbert E. Baldwin was born in Brooklyn on , but grew up in Fayetteville. Baldwin graduated from Syracuse University, in , earning a degree in engineering. Baldwin were involved in numerous civic causes, and Mr. Baldwin was also an active genealogist. He died on , and Mrs. Scotia Ballard lived at Warren St.

Miss Ballard was born , in Virginia, and was the executive secretary of the Syracuse Council of Social Agencies. Knouff and a Mr. Waite, and died on , in Raleigh, NC. He was a printer for The Post-Standard, a Syracuse newspaper. Ballou died at home on Ballou was born in Manlius on , and the couple wed about She was a registered nurse at the Van Duyn Home and Hospital from to At some point the couple divorced, and Mrs.

Ballou wed Earl Krakau. He died in , and Mrs. Ballou-Krakau lived in Cedardale before moving to Skaneateles in She was living there at her death on , at Ballou and his son are thought to have been the only father and son team from the area to serve in WWII. William A. Balsley was born about , in Manlius.

He was a farmer for 30 years, then moved to Fayetteville about , and worked as a shipping clerk for the Stickley Furniture Co. He retired from Stickley about , and died on Balsley died, Mrs. Balsley, who was born in Pompey, NY, lived at W.

Balsley is believed to have also been known as Rose Carpenter. Florence Skinner Banghart lived at Elm St. Banghart was born on , and was the widow of John F. She moved to Pittsfield, MA, about , to live with her daughter, and was residing there at her death in March, Banghart wed about , and lived in Buffalo and Manlius before moving about to Erie, PA, where he was a molder at a stove factory.

Banghart, who was born about , and lived in Pittsfield. Joseph James Bannon lived at S. Bannon was born on , in Syracuse, and grew up in the Westcott St. He was ordained a priest on , by Bishop Daniel J. On , Rev. Bannon was appointed director of Catholic Charities, a position he held until , when he became pastor of the Church of the Immaculate Conception in Fayetteville. After serving this church for 11 years, he was assigned to pastor St.

Brigid's Church in Syracuse. Mary C. Barden lived at South Mill St. She was a housekeeper. Barker was born about , and graduated from Harvard University in He was a member of an old and prominent NY family. His father, Frederick W. Barker, was president of the Syracuse Savings Bank. Roosevelt and met with him often over the years. During his career, Mr. Barker developed a national reputation in the field of financial advertising. Barker was born in Syracuse on , and on , she wed Marius J.

Spinello had been an instructor at St. Spinello taught languages at the University of California. He died on , after being thrown beneath the wheels of an electric train in Berkeley, CA. After their marriage on , Mr. Barker lived in the then century old Oak Grove estate at N. Barker died on , and Mrs. Barker still lived in Oak Grove at her death on She was Charles O.

Barkley was born on He worked in the methods department at Precision Castings Co. Barkley died on , while residing at Syracuse Rd. Barkley died John H. Barkley was born about , and was a millwright and carpenter for the Precision Casting Co. Barkley was born about , and the couple wed about She died on , while living with her daughter on Churchill Lane.

Callahan, Walter E. Barkley, see the entry below , and Charles O. Barkley, see the above entry. Barkley, who was born on , worked as a car salesman and in the maintenance department of the Precision Casting Co. The couple lived in Chittenango, NY, at his death on Barkley was born in Fayetteville about , and was the office manager of the Mclntyre Brothers Paper Co. She moved to Syracuse about one year before her death on Joseph's College, taught school, married Kenneth L.

Cornelison on , and lived in Gretna, LA. Barnaba was a machinist for the Precision Castings Co. Barnaba, a life resident of CNY, was born on , and was a printer. She died in May, Barney was born on , and was a merchant with a paint and wallpaper store at S.

Edwards Ave. The couple later moved to Hollywood, FL. Barney died in FL in October, , and Mr. Barney died on Barney was also known as Gladys Pomeroy. Betty Markell, who lived with the couple in Syracuse and Fayetteville, was identified as their daughter in a newspaper article. Miss Markell was born about , and grew up in the Eastwood section of Syracuse.

Miss Katherine Barrett was born about , and worked as a seamstress for a furniture company. Miss Hellen Barrett was born about , and was a dress maker. They were the daughters of John and Mary Barrett, who married about , and lived in Manlius by Barrett died on , at age 63, and Mrs.

Barrett died on , at age Bartle was born He was a dairy farmer in Chenango County for a period but worked mainly as a painter and carpenter. He was previously married to Eulalie Richardson Bartle, by whom he had seven children. Eulalie Bartle was born in February, , and the couple wed about It is thought that she died about the time of WWI.

Bartle died , in a car accident about two miles west of Cazenovia. Lottie Bartle was born , in Mt. Burdick on , resided in Oxford, NY, and died on Earl C. Bates was born about , and was a registered nurse. She was previously wed to Joseph C.

McCutcheon about , and lived in Throop, NY. McCutcheon, who was born in , worked for the General Electric Co. Mark J. Bates was born on , and was a blacksmith and mechanic for the Houser Elevator Co. About , he married Leona Bates, and sometime in the 's, he married Katherine Ferris. Stella Garden Battle lived at Warren St. She was the widow of Romeo Battle, known in later years as Raymond Battle.

Battle was born in April, , and died on Both were natives of Italy Sicily , who wed about and came to America about Battle was a laborer who worked at odd jobs. Battle was born in November, , and died on Geddes St. Emma B. Beard, and her cousin, Adele P. Hall, lived together on Genesee St. Miss Beard was born about in NY, and died on A contemporary wrote that, "Miss Beard was an observant, friendly and sympathetic person, no fanfare, no publicity, open-hearted, and hospitable.

She died sometime after Charles M. Behm was born in June, , and the couple wed about Behm was honored in , when he was 88, as the only surviving charter member of a local insurance organization. Behm's sister, Minnie Siefker, lived with the family for many years. Miss Siefker was born about , and is believed to have died before Behm, who was born on , married Charles A. Collin on , lived in White Plains, NY, and died , in FL, and Lester William Behm, who was born on , managed a chicken farm, was a senior warden at the Episcopal Church of the Saviour in Syracuse, and died on Louis B.

Belding lived at Lincoln St. He was born about , and was a woodworker at the Stickley Furniture Co. He married Eva Kimber Belding, about Belding was born about , and died on Belding died on Smith on , lived many years in Fayetteville, but resided in Palatine Bridge, NY, at her death on See the entry for Florence Belding Smith. Walter J. Belge lived at E. Belge was born in , the son of Jacob Belge, and grew up on his parent's farm in Pompey.

He enlisted in the Army about six months before the attack on Pearl Harbor, and served throughout the War. Belge wed Katherine Heffron, about , and by they lived at Washington St. He worked as a driver, and clerk, for the Railway Express Co. Belge was born about Edward Michael Bender lived on the E. Bender was born about , and wed Minnie J. Bender about He was a farmer and also worked odd jobs.

Bender, who was born about , died on Bender died on Bender, who was born about , married Carl Ballweg, lived at Grumback Ave. Noldan, and lived on Hood Ave. Harold C. Bender lived on E. Bender was born on , and grew up on a acre farm near East Syracuse. Smith Typewriter Co. She had been married previously, and worked for a period at the A. Seaman Co. Bender died on , and Mrs.

Bender later moved to N. Bender was born in June, , and was the widow of Claude Ernest Bender. Bender was born in Chittenango on , and came with his family to Fayetteville about He was the brother of Maurice Bender and Reuben Bender, see their entries below. He worked as a trucker for the Precision Castings Co. Bender worked as a housekeeper. A contemporary newspaper account reported that his funeral procession was a mile long, and that, "He made everyone whom he knew his friend. Bender's sister, Mabel Burney Deveraux, lived with her by Deveraux operated Maybelle's Beauty Shop in the home they shared.

She was born in and died on Bender was born , and came to Fayetteville about He was a farmer on the property of Charles Collin, a teamster for the County highway department, and in later years, a landscaper. Bender was a cateress. Bender, who was a bookkeeper for the Precision Castings Co. Bender was born in Chittenango on , and came to Fayetteville with his family in He was a shipping clerk at the Precision Castings Co.

Bender was born about , and died on Ann Anna Dolan Benedict lived at S. Benedict was the widow of Earl Benedict, who was born about , and worked as a toolmaker and in a gas station. Benedict was born in Marcellus, NY, about , and the couple married about She worked as a cook at a child care center. Benedict moved to Center St. She died there on , at age She was born near Pompey, and was the widow of Burdette G. Benedict, a merchant, who died on Benedict later lived with her son and daughter-in-law, George D.

Ella Benedict died on , at age 90, having lived all her life in the Fayetteville area. Benedict was born in Otisco, NY, on , and was a foreman at the Stickley furniture factory. Benedict was born about , and they wed about She was a native of Waverly, NY, and worked as a store clerk. Benedict was residing at South St. Visser, worked at a Fayetteville school cafeteria, and lived at South St. Robert D. Benedict lived at Mechanic St. He worked many years as a machinist for the Precision Castings Co.

Benedict married Betty Swortsfigure, and was residing at W. Calthrop Ave. Verne W. Benedict and Arlene Emerson Benedict lived in the home of Mrs. Anna Benedict at S. Benedict was born on , in Fayetteville. He worked at the Continental Can Co. The couple moved to Lakeland, FL, in , and Mr. Benedict died on Benedict was born on , and was a native of Ramsey, MN. She also lived in ND before moving to Fayetteville. Benedict worked for the local school district and at the Oran post office.

She died on , while residing in Ormond Beach, FL. Gladys Salisbury Benson lived at Warren St. She was the widow of Frank Benson, whom she married about Benson, who was born in Erieville, NY, about , wed J. Procter Fifield, was a nurse and then worked at a family owned department store, lived at John St. Benson who was born about , and lived in Tavares, FL. William M. Besemer was born , and was a carpenter at the Brown-Lipe-Chapin Co.

The couple moved to Bainbridge, NY, where Mr. Besemer died in October, Besemer was born on , and was 98 at her death on Bettinger was born on He was a farmer, and was the third generation of his family to live on his farm near Green Lakes. Bettinger was born on , and the couple wed on Bettinger died on , and Mrs.

Bettinger died on Bettinger, who was born on , was a teacher in Kirkville, wed Henry C. Messinger, and resided in East Syracuse at her death on , Bernita Bettinger, who was born about , married Floyd Bennett, and lived in Kirkville, and Arthur Clifford Bettinger, who was born on , wed Alberta Dorothy Cunningham, resided in Kirkville, and died on Bex was born on , and was a native of Varna, NY, but resided most of her life in Fayetteville.

She married Robert Joseph Thomas Bex about , and they divorced in the 's. Bex was the supervisor of the tabulating department at the Precision Castings Co. She was an avid bowler and was a member of the Fayetteville Mixed Bowling League for 42 years.

Bex was born on He retired after 34 years with the Precision Castings Co. Bex died in Syracuse on Bex died on See the listing for Francis Ellis. Bayard Bigelow, Jr. Bigelow was born in , and grew up in Brooklyn and on Cedar Bay Rd. Bigelow was a home economics graduate of Syracuse University in , and the couple wed on In , the family moved to Hartford, CT, where Mr. Bigelow died on Frank M. Bigelow was born in , and spent part of his youth in Lyndon.

Bigelow graduated from the University Hospital school of nursing, and the couple wed on Bigelow was a bombardier in the AAC, when he escaped from his disabled aircraft by means of a parachute. Bigelow was taken prisoner and spent 21 months in a German POW camp. Upon returning to civilan life, he was a truck driver for the Atlantic Refining Co..

Bilyea was born on , and was a bookkeeper for the Onondaga Pottery Co. Bilyea was born about , and was a native of Whitesboro, NY. The couple wed about , came to Fayetteville about , and moved to Cazenovia in Bilyea died on , while residing in Cazenovia, and Mr. Bilyea died on , at age Seamans on , and divorced him on , worked for the Norwich Pharmical Co.

See the entry below for Leonard Seamans. Samuel M. Blackmon, whose name was often spelled "Blackman," was born about , in Iowa, and was a janitor at the Alpha Portland Cement Co. Blackmon was a native of Alabama, and was born about Blackmon, who was born about , and resided in Baldwinsville, Viola Mackey Blackmon, who was born in , married Shurley Holton Harris on , was active in the Urban League and other civic causes, and died on , and Eugene Blackmon, who was born in Alexander Carmichel's ministry.

Harris worshiped there more than 40 years and served as a Sunday school teacher. Her brother, Clarence Blackmon, and his family, were also very active members of the Church. On , their year old home on Woodchuck Hill Rd. Carmichel led a community-wide drive that produced more than three truck loads of furniture and other goods for the family.

Victor H. Blair and Mary Blair lived at E. Blair was born on , and was a native of Buffalo. At his death on , Mr. Blair was married to Agnes P. Blair, and resided in Tarpon Springs, FL. Harry D. The couple came to the village about Blaney was an inspector for the L.

He died on , at age Blaney, a native of Trenton, Canada, worked for the Red and White grocery store for 24 years and died on , at age They had a son, Robert F. Blaney's family also lived in Fayetteville, see the listing for Catherine Shannon. Charles Arthur Bond and Ethel M. Bond lived on Redfield Ave. Bond was a druggist and operated his own pharmacy in Manlius. He later moved to South Ave. Bond was residing there at his death on They had two sons. Carrie Baniels Borgett lived at Highbridge St.

She was the widow of Frank B.

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Only 7. Street parking plus parking in rear. Recently renovated Newly constructed professional building. All the latest conveniences and There are 2 pump stations and 4 multiple product dispensers This 4. Currently has a very popular local restaurant that Please describe your commercial real estate requirements in Chittenango, NY.

Rofo Blog. Coworking and Office Space For Rent. For Professionals. Request Properties 0. Location: Space Type. Thank you for posting your requirements on Rofo. You will be contacted by email by local pros who have specific property ideas that match your space needs. Pizza business for sale. Turn key. Listings Add to list. Add to list. Sadly it wasn't not garage keep but it is a very solid car and runs perfectly.

It might have a couple thousand winter miles but only when one of us needed to bring our car in for work and needed to borrow this. It was used mostly by my Father who used it to tow a 14 foot aluminum boat roughly 15 miles to Oneida lake to go fishing. The original rims and wire caps are included, the aluminum rims are only on it for test drives. You will need a battery and new tires but that is all.

This isn't a show car but then it's not priced as one either. It is a solid dependable 27 year old car with dulled paint. Serious inquiries only please. For Sale. Real Estate. Post an Ad.


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Only 7. Street parking plus parking in rear. Recently renovated Newly constructed professional building. All the latest conveniences and There are 2 pump stations and 4 multiple product dispensers This 4. Currently has a very popular local restaurant that Please describe your commercial real estate requirements in Chittenango, NY. Rofo Blog. Coworking and Office Space For Rent. For Professionals. Request Properties 0. Location: Space Type. Thank you for posting your requirements on Rofo.

You will be contacted by email by local pros who have specific property ideas that match your space needs. Pizza business for sale. Turn key. Listings Add to list. Add to list. You will need a battery and new tires but that is all. This isn't a show car but then it's not priced as one either. It is a solid dependable 27 year old car with dulled paint. Serious inquiries only please.

For Sale. Real Estate. Post an Ad. Share it or review it. Reply to Seller. Original owner, miles initial miles. Entirely initial


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