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Fixed-limit also called just Limit is a type of betting structure for a poker game where the amount of all bets and raises in any given betting round is fixed. This is in contrast to pot-limit and no-limit betting. Most commonly, fixed-limit games have two bet sizescalled the small bet and the big bet. Such games are usually written as having limits of "small-slash-big". In Hold 'em and Omaha games, the big bet is usually twice the size of the small bet, though in other variants such as 7-Studit may be more.

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While Jennifer Yuhas of Wilkes-Barre said she thought because the public is so out- raged about it, it will push au- thorities to find out what really happened, Scott Richardson be- grudgingly went along. I do not have faith in our jus- tice system, but I have to for oth- er people, said Richardson of the Diversity Institute at Miser- icordia. Simpson told Shiner he didnt forfeit his right to free speech when he accepted the post and saidtheyarebothentitledtotheir own opinion.

Councilman Eugene Kelleher weighed in with his own email, saying Simpsons online posting was inappropriate and warrants an apology. Simp- son said his disagreement with Griffith started because Simpson was complying with councils di- rective. My maingoal nowis to ensure Walter Griffith goes back to the auto shop where he belongs, Simpson wrote in reference to Griffiths prior work experience.

Hopefully next year, this sad county will have someone in the controllers job that will actually be capable of carrying out the du- ties of the office. Simpson sent another email re- ferring to information he has ob- tained that has been forwarded to his attorney for possible litiga- tion. No winners and losers Bobeck sent an email to all par- ties on April 3 requesting an im- mediate cessation of emails on the topic, saying there are no winners and losers in this situa- tion.

Council will fill Simpsons seat at a special meeting on April Simpson, 58, a Democrat from Wilkes-Barre, has a bachelors de- gree in law and most recently workedas collections chief for the U. Department of the Treasury until his retirement in Simp- son unsuccessfully ran for county council last spring. Simpson said Wednesday he would have been an asset on the boardbecause of his past workex- perience conducting investiga- tions, but he is not going to deal with petty politics.

Griffith, who stands by his work as controller and plans to seekre-electionnext year, saidhis primary concern was stopping Simpson fromtaking action with- out group consensus. He said Simpsonfirst emailedhimwrong- ly thinking Griffith had changed the time of a meeting without no- tifying others. It really was a non-issue that has blown into this big thing, he said. I think Ive done good things for the people of this coun- ty.

Ive proven I am the peoples watchdog. Commission members had been meeting since their March 5 swearing-in to discuss suggested code revisions. If you would like to receive an insert that you do not currently receive, please call the advertiser.

Official says she was target T he nursing program director at the California Christian college where a gunman went on a deadly shooting rampage said Wednesday she believes she was the intended target but was teaching elsewhere that morning. Ellen Cervellon said suspect One Goh dropped out of the nursing pro- gram at Oikos University around No- vember, but came back to campus numerous times to ask her for a full tuition refund. Goh got angry when she told him the school could not refund all his money because he had been enrolled for nearly half of the program, she said.

Police previously said Goh was seek- ing a female administrator when he went to the Oakland campus Monday morning. When he was told she wasnt there, they say, he began shooting in classrooms, killing six students and a receptionist and wounding three oth- ers. BEIRUT Syrian forces hit towns Syrian artillery pounded the rebel- lious city of Homs and tanks and troops stormed towns in the north and south on Wednesday, deepening doubts that President Bashar Assad will follow through on his commitment to a truce starting next week.

Anti-regime activists cited the new assaults as evidence Assad is trying to crush those seeking to overthrow his regime before the cease-fire brokered by international envoy Kofi Annan begins on April Activist groups reported more than 50 dead nation- wide for the day. The man described a life of drug and alcohol abuse, mental illness, suicide attempts and a criminal history in- cluding robbery and fraud that defined his life after what he testified was a sexual assault by the Rev.

James Bren- nan. Brennan is charged with raping the man when he was a year-old boy in Both have pleaded not guilty. The state Supreme Court said Tues- day that itll hear a Susquehanna Coun- ty dispute over the definition of miner- al rights. A decision that says mineral rights dont include the shale gas could upend many the leases between property owners and the Marcellus Shale indus- try.

A couples appeal asks the Supreme Court to rule that year-old case law applies to the Marcellus Shale. A lower court panel last year said it couldnt be certain. A Greek retiree shot himself dead in Athens main square Wednesday, blasting politicians over the countrys financial crisis in a suicide note that triggered violent clashes hours later between police and anti-austerity protesters.

A welcoming banner proclaimed: The coun- try is being rebuilt. On Wednesday, the theater was turned into a scene of screams, chaos andbloodwhen a suicide bomber attacked an- other high-profile event, killing 10 people, wounding dozens and shattering a tentative peace in the capital.

He was un- harmed, said government spokesman Abdirahman Omar Osman, but the president of So- malias Olympic committee and the head of its soccer feder- ation were among the dead. The government said a fe- male suicide bomber carried out the attack. The Islamist militant group al-Shabab used its official Twitter feed to claim responsibility for the bombing. The al-Qaida-linked organi- zationsaidexplosives hadbeen planted in the theater before the event, but an Associated Press journalist at the scene said there was no large blast crater, making a suicide bomb- ing more likely.

Fighters belonging to al-Sha- bab were pushed out of Mogad- ishu in August by government and African Union troops after two decades of violence that have gripped the capital. KABUL, Afghanistan A sui- cide bomber on a motorcycle killed at least 10 people, includ- ing three American soldiers, at a park in a relatively peaceful area of northern Afghanistan on Wednesday, part of an increase in violence at the start of the spring fighting season. Shortly be- fore noon, the bomber deto- nated his explo- sives at the gate of the park in Maimanah, the capital of Faryab province, police spokesman Lal Mohammad Ahmad Zai said.

His target was unclear, but Zai said four of the 10 killed were Afghan police officers. At least 20 people were wounded, officials said. It provid- ed no other details about the at- tack or the nationalities of the three. A senior U. He spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to release the information. Three GIs are killed in Afghan bombing At least 10 people in all die when suicide bomber on a motorcycle strikes.

The winds swirled and snatched away two of the children. Her home collapsed around her. Miraculously, no one was se- riously hurt. Enochs, 53, stood Wednes- day amid the wreckage of what was once her home in the North Texas city of Forney, among the hardest hit by a se- ries of tornadoes that barreled through one of the nations largest metropolitan areas a day earlier. No one was report- ed dead, and of the more than 20 injured, only a handful were seriously hurt.

The National Weather Ser- vice is investigating how the tornadoes which appeared to flatten some homes and grazeothers next door jump- ed fromplace to place, perhaps limiting what could have been a more damaging, deadly storm. Seven people were injured in Forney, none seriously. An ad- ditional 10 people were hurt in Lancaster, south of Dallas, and three people in Arlington, west of Dallas.

Stunning video from Dallas showed big-rig trailers tossed into the air and spiraling like footballs. Most of Dallas was spared the full wrath of the storm. Witha killer jawandsharpclaws, T. But the discovery of an earlier relative sug- gests the king of dinosaurs may have had a softer side.

The qevidence comes from the unearthing of a new tyrannosaur spe- cies in northeastern China that lived 60 million years before T. The fossil re- cord preserved remains of fluffy down, making it the largest feathered dinosaur ever found. Scientists said the evidence is trending in that direction. Peopleneedtostart changingtheir im- age of T. Much smaller dinosaurs with primitive feathers have been excavated in recent years, but this is the first direct sign of a huge, shaggy dinosaur.

Scientists have long debated whether gigantic dinosaurs lost their feathers the bigger they got or were just not as extensively covered. The newtyrannosaur species, Yutyran- nus huali, is describedinThursdays issue of the journal Nature. Its name is a blend of Latin and Mandarin, which translates to beautiful feathered tyrant. More like Barney than Godzilla Evidence of a fuzzy Tyrannosaurus rex-like dinosaur is found, causing scientists to rethink image.

In-store purchase only. Quantities limited; no rain checks. Prices may vary at ToysRUs Express and outlet stores. Selection varies by store. Offers cannot be combined. Discounts and Promotions: The refund value for each item returned will be reduced to reect the value of a free item or discount. See a Team Member or visit Toysrus. Select items, styles or events may not be available at all locations. We reserve the right to limit quantities. Prices effective U. Sale prices are effective online beginning at AM Eastern on rst day of sale.

She was scheduled to enter a guilty plea to charges relating to the case. Vargas was charged in Feb- ruary after investigators al- leged she shook the boy so vio- lently, the child required a respi- rator to help him breathe. The childs cur- rent condition was un- known Wednesday. Vargas told the judge her attorney, Demetrius Fan- nick, had not been answer- ing her correspondence and said she is unhappy with his representation.

Vargas had written to Lu- pas, the judge said Wednesday, requesting a new attorney be appointed to her case. Fannick said he would discuss Vargas representa- tion with Chief Public De- fender Al Flora, as a con- flict counsel attorney may have to be assigned. Lupas scheduled anoth- er hearing for Vargas on April 27 and said Vargas should try to secure an at- torney before then. A doctor testified at a May preliminary hear- ing that the boy may never fully recover from his inju- ries.

He said that after an examination he discovered previous injuries such as fractured ribs, legs and arms that were in the proc- ess of healing. Vargas initially told in- vestigators the infants bruises and bone fractures were caused by her 1-year- old girl tossing a metal toy car into the crib and hit- ting the baby. She alleged- ly admitted to county Detec- tive Lt. Gary Capitano that she violently shook her baby when confront- ed with other in- juries found by the doctor.

Capitano tes- tified at the pre- liminary hear- ing that Vargas initially said she was watching an NBA basket- ball game with the biolog- ical father, Jorge Robles, on Feb. During halftime, Vargas said, her infant began cry- ing and vomited. Robles came into the room and took hold of the infant as Vargas went into a bath- room. Vargas faces charges of aggravated assault and child endangerment and a misdemeanor count of reckless endangerment.

Baby-case figure asks new lawyer Judge sets new hearing for Andrea Vargas, accused of injuring her young son. Bob Mel- low. That order, sent to Mellow on Monday, has not beenmade public. Contino, the executive di- rector of the commission, said he couldneither confirmnor denyany such complaint was filed or that an order was issued.

He said that, in general, the commission makes re- ports public only after it has com- pletely winded its way through the process. At this point, Contino said, there is no publicly available or- der. If anorder was issued, hesaidthe respondent, in this case Mellow, would have 30 days to request re- consideration on the findings.

Thenthe commissionwouldenter- tain that request; and, if a final or- der is issued, it wouldbemadepub- lic. Gene Stilp, a Luzerne Countyna- tive who is running for Congress, said he filed a complaint with the commission, among other entities, regarded a matter Stilp and others felt was unethical. He said he believes the com- plaint referenced by the order is in regard to his, although it was not clear Wednesday if that was the case.

At issue was a rental agreement that Mellow had for his Peckville district office with building owner Brad Inc. Payment to oneself is aviolationof stateethicslawsbut is not inviolationof aSenaterulethat allows similar arrangements as long as there is an independent ap- praisal of the cost. Mellow, 70, of Peckville, repre- sented the 22nd Senatorial Dis- trict, which serves all of Lackawan- na and Monroe counties and the boroughs of Avoca, Dupont and Duryea in Luzerne County, for 40 years before retiring in Last month, Mellow signed pa- perwork agreeing to pleadguilty to two federal corruption charges.

He is scheduled to formally enter a pleainPhiladelphiaonApril 27and he faces up to five years in prison. There has been no movement, at least publicly, on that matter. It is our hope that the state Eth- ics Commission will restore integ- rity to this investigation and find that Mr. Mellow abused his posi- tionof power for personal gain.

Jus- tice can only be served if Mr. Mel- low is stripped of his pension, Ep- stein said. Ethics panel issues Mellow order Order not made public, but local activist believes it is based on his complaint. Robert J. Mellow, D-Peckville, addressing the state Senate on June 26, Lindsey Irene Maczuga, 23, of South Church Street, faces two counts of theft by unlawful taking in the case in which police say she removed eight guns, a crossbow, seven knives and ammunition from a gun safe in her fathers liv- ing room.

Maczugas attorney, Steven Greenwald, made the request on Wednesday to have the charges against his client thrown out. It was not clear why Maczuga and Greenwald asked to have the charges dropped. Judge Lesa Gelb said she would make a ruling on the request at a later date, as Greenwald also asked that his client be permitted to participate in the countys Treatment Court program. Treatment Court is a program for adult residents of Luzerne County who have been charged with non-violent crimes related to a drug or alcohol addiction.

If a participant completes the pro- gram, charges brought against the person will be dismissed. According to court papers, on Jan. Police interviewed Lindsey Maczuga the following day, who said she had contacted a gun buyer whose phone number she had found.

She told him her fa- ther had died and she wanted to sell his guns. Police said Maczuga told them she used the money from the sales to buy heroin. Woman charged with trying to sell weapons wants charges tossed Lindsey Irene Maczuga, 23, of Wapwallopen, faces two counts of theft by unlawful taking.

The board of supervisors received updates from several township depart- ments at a work session on Tuesday, including how resi- dents can receive instant con- tact during emergency situa- tions. WENS is a software program the township can use to send alerts to residents in case of emergency situations, including automatic updates. Pugh said several adminis- trators can provide information for residents, who would sign up on through the Dallas Town- ship website or by visiting the municipal office.

Residents could register their landlines, cell phones and addresses, which would be kept in a data- base. Pugh said the system could even isolate messages to be sent only to residents within a cer- tain area where a situation is occurring. Pugh said it would cost more for landlines to be regis- tered because of the time it takes for the system to dial the individual numbers. Pugh also provided residents with an update of the fire at the Lathrop Compressor Station located in Springville Township in Susquehanna County last week.

The natural gas compres- sor station connects to the Springville Gathering Line, which ends in Dallas Township. Pugh said the township was notified at p. He said he was told gas had stopped flowing through to the Transco interstate pipeline shortly after the fire developed, but began flowing again in limit- ed amounts by Friday. He said he would be notified once the pipeline gas flow returns to normal.

The board also heard from the township zoning officer, police chief, roadmaster and engineer during the work session. The board of supervisors approved an inter-municipal liquor license transfer to Irem Country Club after a public hearing on the matter on Tues- day evening.

Attorney Michael Yelen, rep- resenting Irem Country Club, argued the transfer would ruin the private club atmosphere of the country club, as the previ- ous liquor license allowed ser- vice to club members only. But attorney Richard Bishop, who represented Acacia Ser- vices LLC, said the restaurant was seeking the license because Irem had terminated a manage- ment agreement and the current liquor license would not allow service to Masons wives and widows.

Grant, who cast the tie-break- er, said he couldnt see how the measure would affect the wel- fare, peace, morals and health of the townships 9, residents. Sarah Hite Ross Twp. The supervisors agreed when DeRemer said speeders make getting out onto that part of the road difficult.

By the time youre halfway out on the road, the drivers are on top of you blowing their horns, he said. You know they must be really zipping. The supervisors agreed to make a formal request to state police to monitor the stretch more closely. The supervisors adopted an agreement with the Back Moun- tain Firemens Association to protect mutual funds by prohib- iting any firefighter receiving workers compensation from responding to emergency calls.

Its a state law, said Super- visor Stanford Davis. You shouldnt be out covering a fire if youre on workmens comp. Supervisors concerned about the burden to taxpayers voted down the sewage project two months ago, and the township has been in conversation with the state Department of Envi- ronmental Protection about scheduling a meeting to deter- mine the next steps, Chairman Gary Zingaretti said.

Until that meeting, nothing else is being done with the pro- ject, he said. The supervisors did vote to move forward with plans to add speed bumps to Golf Course Road. The supervisors voted to approve installation of speed bumps that can be removed in the off season to allow for safer snow plowing, pending final review of the matter by the solicitor. Council also enacted a resolu- tion to provide municipal sup- port for the Shickshinny For- ward partnership, whose mem- bers were also instrumental in preparing the plan.

Meanwhile, construction bids for Crary Park have come in over budget. A boat dock, boat launch and recreational equip- ment have been proposed for the park, but bids thus far have exceeded grant funds ear- marked for the park. Mayor Beverly Moore argued the fault lies predominantly with the Quad3 Group who approached only large compa- nies, instead of contacting smaller, local companies who are looking for work, in order to get a better price. Borough Secretary-Treasurer Melissa Weber proposed she and Moore meet to review the merits of the bids.

The ramification of flood recovery also came into play when Wes Beers of Seidel Plan- ning and Design, Pottstown, asked council to abandon two parking spaces on West Union Street to provide an exit for an automated teller machine kiosk that Wells Fargo Bank plans to construct on the site of the bank building it demolished at Main and Union streets. In addition, Beers said, the bank would allow public access to 35 parking spaces it has allo- cated for the project.

Council referred the matter to Solicitor Jeff Malak, who will draft appropriate legal language. Council also agreed to sched- ule work sessions on the last Thursday of each month at 6 p. It split on a proposal by Coun- cilman Barry Noss to lift a ban on open burning. Mike Steeber cast the only no vote; Gary Morris ab- stained. It was stipulated that restric- tions on the burning of house- hold rubbish, plastics and rub- ber remain in effect.

The action was also condi- tioned upon prevailing restric- tions imposed by the state De- partment of Environmental Protection. Moore, in her report, remind- ed council and borough resi- dents that a 5K run has been scheduled on Saturday at the park on Canal Street. Regis- tration is at 9 a. The start is a. Tom Huntington Jackson Twp. The board provided updates on several ongoing issues within the town- ship at a meeting Monday. Solicitor Jeff Malak told su- pervisors the township has received partial payment from Larksville Borough concerning services rendered to Steele Road.

Larksville has not made a payment since Malak said the township has received a partial payment for this years maintenance and is setting up a payment schedule for the backlogged funds. The project cost is being shared with 19 residents on Bulford Road.

At previous meetings, Chair- man John Wilkes Jr. Some residents have opposed to the project, but Fox has said that most understand the need for it and have been compliant. The board also approved sending a letter of interest to other Back Mountain municipal- ities about possibly purchasing police services through an in- tergovernmental cooperative agreement. The board also voted to share the purchase of emergency radio equipment for the Back Moun- tain Regional Emergency Man- agement Agency with Lehman Township, to be reimbursed by a gaming grant.

Sarah Hite Fairview Twp. Developer Joseph Thomas is planning to build homes along proposed extensions of two rights of way. Township Engi- neer David Yefko said state law requires that Thomas improve any roadways that might be used to access the homes. Surveyors maps on display at the meeting showed Thomas proposal to re-designate Wood- crest Avenue as a one way re- quiring no additional construc- tion, and to widen Lee Avenue to 24 feet. Currently, the two roadways are connected by Woodland Avenue and dump out onto South Main Street as it feeds into state Route Woodcrest residents would have to travel to Woodland and left onto Lee Avenue to get out of the loop as the one way would go in toward Woodlawn.

Residents said they were concerned about fire and med- ical teams, police and school buses navigating through the neighborhood, especially in snow. Marhold told residents all of their concerns would be taken into strong consideration as the supervisors made their final decision. Yefko said that, in addition to constructing suitable roads for increased traffic, the developer is required to return the roads at least back to their condition prior to construction based on photographic evidence.

Thomas could not provide a date for when he would begin construction. Because some of the proposed homes are near protected wet- lands, his plans first have to be approved by the state Depart- ment of Environmental Protec- tion, then the supervisors. The grinder created mulch from felled trees. Councilman Thomas Shannon said the states Department of Environmental Protection was on the scene of an oil spill along Hicks Creek in the borough.

According to Shannon, the source of the leak is still un- determined. Councilman Joseph Esposito said money for the various pro- jects is in borough accounts with surplus funding that is still in place for future projects or emergencies. A funeral home representative can call the obituary desk at , send a fax to or e-mail to tlo- bits timesleader. If you fax or e-mail, please call to confirm. Obituaries must be submitted by 9 p. Sunday through Thursday and p. Friday and Saturday. Obituaries must be sent by a funeral home or crematory, or must name who is hand- ling arrangements, with address and phone number.

M onum ents-M arkers-Lettering S. Theysa ythereisa rea son, Theysa ytha ttim ew illhea l, Bu tneithertim enorrea son w illcha ngethew a yw efeel. Fornooneknow sthehea rta che tha thidesbehindou rsm iles, nooneknow show m a nytim es w evebroken dow n a ndcried. W ew a nttotellyou som ething sotherew ontbea nydou bt, You resow onderfu ltothinkof, Bu tsoha rdtolivew ithou t. Andw eknow forsu reyou a rew ith u s stillw a tchinga ndprotectinga llofu s.

Sorestin Pea ceDea rM other Untilw em eeta ga in. ANNA J. Surviving her are children, Charles Ruth Bauer, Dillsburg, and Eugene Bauer, with whom she resided, Larksville; five grandchildren; 12 great-grandchil- dren; five great-great-grandchil- dren; and sister Frances Mack, Larksville.

Funeral serviceswill be heldat 9a. Tuesday fromthe S. Gront- kowski Funeral Home, Plymouth, withMass at a. Interment will be in the Edge Hill Cemetery. Call- ing hours will be from 5 to 8 p. Visit www. The funeral will be Saturday at a. Ferri Fu- neral Home, Fallon St.

Marys Church. Inter- ment will be at Old Forge Cemete- ry. Friends may call Friday from 4 to 8 p. Online condolences may- be left at www. Prospect St. Church St. An avid outdoorsman, George en- joyed hunting and fishing and was a member of the Conservation Club of Nanticoke for 35 years. He was precededindeathbyhis broth- er, Thomas J. Turner, on Decem- ber 29, Surviving are his companion, Marie Raiewski; chil- dren, Sherry and Eric Turner, both of Nanticoke; and three grandchil- dren.

There will be no calling hours. A memorial service will be an- nounced at a later date. Funeral arrangements are pending fromthe Yeosock Funeral Home, 40S. Friends may call 9 a. Saturday in the Grontkowski Funeral Home P. Green St. Calling hours 9 a.

The family would like to add, Charles has a sister, Anna Markiewicz. Friends may call 5 to 8 p. Friends may call 5 p. KARP Estelle, funeral 1 p. River St. Shiva to 9 p. Dorrance St. Saturday in the Yeo- sock Funeral Home, 40 S. Friends may call 1 to 2 p. April 14, in the Centermore- land United Methodist Church.

Fran- cis Cabrini Church, Carverton. Relatives and friends may call to a. Liturgy of the Word at 10 a. Robert Bellarmine Parish, St. Aloysius Church, W. Division St. April 16, in St. Friday in Kiesinger Funeral Services Inc. Visitation for family and friends 9 to 11 a. May 12 in St. A graduate of Coughlin High School, she was formerly a resi- dent of the Parsons section of Wilkes-Barre for many years.

Hahula was a member of St. John the Baptist Church, Larksville. In addition to her parents she was preceded in death by her hus- band, Charles Hahula; brothers, Charles and Thaddeus Dixon Dziedzic. Chervy, Ply- mouth; Nicholas Hahula, N. The funeral will be held Mon- day at 10 a. John the Baptist Church. Friends may call Monday from9 to10 a. Condolences canbesent tothefamilyat: www. He recently relocated from Kingston to Downingtown, Pa. He was preceded in death by his nephew, Reno DiGiacomo.

He was a graduate of Swoyers- ville High School. Jocko was a ro- bust man who enjoyed life, always on a positive note. Being a double legamputee didnot slowhimdown. Jocko loved building model air- planes, watching court TV, and al- ways providing updates on the lat- est court battles. One of his passions was baking, which he pursued at Insalacos Mar- ket.

Later, he completed his career at Necon Inc. Jocko also served in the U. Ma- rine Corps for six years. Jocko had a special passion for animals, especially those that we- rent as fortunateas his Chihuahuas, Paco and Chico. Friends may call Monday from4 to 8 p. Funeral services will be heldTuesdayat a. Casterline, 67, of East Side Borough, died Tuesday evening, April 3, , in Weather- wood, following a lengthy illness. Born in Hazleton, she was a daugh- ter of the late Gertrude Shoemaker, andlivedinWhite Havenall her life.

Prior to retirement, she was the hostess and cashier at the White Haven Family Diner. Her favorite pastime was enjoy- ing the company of her grandchil- dren and two cats, Coco and Peb- bles. Preceding her in death, in addi- tion to her mother, was her hus- band, Louis J. Casterline, who died March 19, Surviving are two daughters, Jo- dy Hurt, Minot, N.

Funeral services will be private andat theconvenienceof thefamily. Funeral arrangements are under the directionof TheJosephE. Lehman Funeral Home Inc. Carol J. Casterline April 3, L eonard R. Leonardwas bornJuly 25, in Duryea. He was a son of Author and Eliza- beth Burnside Perrins. He was the husband of Anne Susie V. Ozark Perrins. Leonard had been a mechanic for the former T. Trucking Compa- ny.

He also served for 35 years for the Bureau of Forestry. He enjoyed hunting and fishing. He was a National Guardveteran, having served during the Vietnam War. Leonard is survived by his wife, Susie; three sons, LeonardJr. He was preceded in death by a grandson, Aaron Michael; and a brother, Jerry Perrins. In keeping with Leonards wishes, there will be no ser- vices. Memorial contributions may be made to the funeral chapel to as- sist with expenses.

Buckheit Funer- al Chapel and Crematory Inc. Leonard R. Augustine, Fla. Hes comfortable. The tests are continuing to see if they can determine whats causing this, Ann McGovern said. Hospital officials said the el- der McGovern is in stable condi- tion.

He has been hospital- ized several times in recent months, in- cluding for ex- haustion. South Dako- ta Democratic Party Chair- man Ben Nes- selhuf said McGovern looked great and was in good spirits when he attended the partys annual fundraiser, named in his honor, last weekend in Sioux Falls. Nesselhuf said the former senator, who gave a minute speech at the affair, re- sists efforts to schedule rest pe- riods during such events be- cause he wants to do every- thing.

McGovern lost in a historic landslide his challenge against President Richard Nix- on, who eventually resigned amid the Watergate scandal. Much of McGoverns recent work has focused on world hun- ger. He and former U. Bob Dole, a Republican, were honor- ed in with the World Food Prize, a distinction some observ- ers have called the Nobel Prize for hunger. Can a sequel do more? The Associated Press was given a copy of the sequel before its Thursday release. Part II repeats some of the same slick, inspiring shots as the original of a young global com- munity mobilizing into action.

But no- ticeably missing is the voice of the orga- nizations co-founder, Jason Russell, who directed the first vid- eo. Russell was diag- nosed with brief psy- chosis last month af- ter witnesses saw him pacing naked on a sidewalk in a San Diego neighborhood, screaming incoherently and banging his fists on the pave- ment. His outburst happened shortly after Kony thrust the group into the global lime- light. The sequel also lacks the kind of narrative that made the origi- nal unique.

The first Kony presented the global issue through a childs eyes, with a dis- cussionbetweenRussell, whodi- rected the video, and his young son Gavin about stopping the bad guys. Thelatest videois atraditional albeit hip documentary that addresses criticisms fired at the San Diego-based nonprofit since its overnight launch to fame.

Among the complaints were that Kony was too Ameri- can-centric, that the group spends too little money directly on the people it intends to help, and that it oversimplified the year-old conflict involving Ko- nys Lords Resistance Army. The original video drew some millionhits onYouTube, and likely will godowninhistory as a case study on what can go viral, says pop culture expert Robert Thompson.

But the Internet is fickle, he said. The fact is, the story has de- veloped in so many odd ways with all the controversy, and the sequel cant really promise the bang of that first video which is informingpeopleof something they did not know before, said Thompson, a Syracuse Universi- ty professor. Now were getting into the details, which is never that thrilling. But then again, Thompson added, what goes viral never ceases to surprise. The think- ing, he said, was the organization needed to an- swer to people wanting to know who was behind last months Inter- net success that prompted the AfricanUnionto send 5, sol- diers to join the hunt for Kony, and a bipartisan group of 40 U.

Keesey acknowledged the challenge in keeping up interest but said the campaign resonates with young people who feel like theyre part of a global communi- ty with friends across the world through social media. Part II features more inter- views with Africans who talk about how the rebel conflict is complex and requires a multi- pronged approach to stop the warlord wanted by the Interna- tional Criminal Court for hei- nous attacks in multiple coun- tries.

Sincebeingpushedout of Uganda several years ago, the militia has terrorized villages in Congo, theCentral AfricaRepub- lic and South Sudan. Anti-warlord video sequel addresses some criticisms California advocacy group Invisible Children goes follow-up to Kony Sat p. Union St. Sinus Relief is Here!

Balloon Sinuplastyis a breakthrough prodecure that opens sinus passages and helps to relieve the pain and pressure associated with chronic sinusitis. Clerico or Dr. Barras to see if youre a candidate! If you are one of the more than 37 million Americans aected by sinusitis annually, relief may be just around the corner.

Balloon Sinuplasty is a safe and eective procedure for chronic sinusitis patients who are not responding well to medications and are seeking a way to open their blocked sinuses for relief from uncomfortable and painful sinusitis symptoms. These sinus solutions are now available as in-Oce procedures which eliminates the need for surgery and general anesthesia. David I. Barras, MD Dean M. Clerico, MD www. PPLhas not decidedwhether it will build a new nuclear reactor next to its Susquehanna plant in Salem Township, but the compa- ny is applying for permits as if it were.

The power company has asked permission from the Susquehan- na River Basin Commission to withdrawwater fromthe Susque- hanna during construction of the new Bell Bend reactor. PPL submitted an application to the Nuclear Regulatory Com- mission for permits to build and operate the single-reactor plant in , and the company does not expect a decision from the NRC until or , PPL spokesman Joe Scopelliti said. This is just part of a process going forward, Scopelliti said.

Were working through that process to where we have to make a final decision of whether were going to build. At the end of that process well have an appli- cation approval and well have to look at the conditions at that time.

At this point a decision on whether to build or not is prob- ably a couple of years down the timeline. PPL hopes to build the plant to supply fu- ture energy demand cre- ated in part by older re- actors and power plants being taken offline. The electricity it generates would feed into the PJM Interconnect and be available for open-mar- ket purchase in Pennsyl- vania, NewJersey and Maryland. Weve got to look to the future because if youve got a need for the electricity it takes a couple years for the electricity to be ready to use, Scopelliti said.

Weve constantly got to be look- ing to the future and what de- mand in the area may be. The plant would be built next to the existing two reactors at the Susquehanna SteamElectric Sta- tion in Salem Township on the west side of Confers Lane.

Its ca- pacity would be about 1, megawatts, bringingthe three-re- actor total to about 4, mega- watts, or enough to power more than 3 million homes. It would be pow- ered by the Evolu- tionary Power Re- actor, a newformof reactor designed by AREVA of France that its designer touts as being safer and more efficient than older reactor types.

Similar reactors are under con- struction in Finland, France and China, but it has not yet been ap- proved for construction in the United States. But whether the plant is actual- ly built depends on a large num- ber of variables, Scopelliti said, with the availability of a federal Department of Energy loan guar- antee being a primary determin- ing factor. Bell Bend has not been select- ed by the department to nego- tiate a federally backed loan, nec- essaryduetotheimmensecost of the project, since PPL completed its application in , but the company continues to resubmit its application in each biannual grant cycle, Scopelliti said.

PPL will also not go forward without private-sector partners, and those partnerships have not been secured yet either, he add- ed. According to Scopelliti, other factors that will influence the companys decision include: The price of electricity. The price of competitive fuels. Regulatory changes brought on by the Fukushima Daiichi di- saster in Japan. Potential changes in design and their associated costs. Economic conditions. Wagiha Taylor, a professor of international business and eco- nomics at Wilkes University, said increasing production by build- ing the reactor could be a major advantage for PPL in the long run; but, in the short term, the company may face trouble at- tracting investors because its high price tag means investors will need to wait much longer to see a return.

With the economy the way it is now, this is a hard time, she said. I would say in a couple years from now, when the econo- my picks up at a much better speed, and when the election is over and things settle down in Europe. But this is not a very sta- ble time to be making major deci- sions like this.

PPL undecided on building third nuclear reactor Company applied to NRC in , but final decision not expected for year or two. Plant owner PPL has applied for permits to build a third reactor, but has not made a final decision. Turn Left on McCullough Road. Open Daily A. The County is soliciting comments on the proposed amendment. Comments should be submit- ted in writing to the Offce of Community Development, 54 W.

Upon local approval, the amendment will be submitted to the U. Department of Housing and Urban Development on May 15, Luzerne County does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, religion, age, familial or disability status in employment or in the provision of services. Robert C. Near Mint miles - yes, One hundred and seventy four miles on the clock, original owner. Turn to classified. Its a showroom in print! Classifieds got the directions!

Looking for the right deal on an automobile? Experience pre- ferred, recent grads considered. Competitive salary and benefits. Duties include animal care and ani- mal handling and assisting with the housekeeping of our facility. The position requires true compassion for animals, experience with animals and the ability to be con- fident handling them.

This is a part time position and requires at least two Saturdays each month. Used appliances. Parts for all brands. Priced to Sell! Thomas St. AKC Registered. Fenced yard a must! Convenient to Wyoming Ave. Spacious great room with gas fireplace. All new tile bath. Large screened-in porch. Many large, conven- ient closets. New gas heat- ing system. Huge attic for storage. Must See! Call for appointment. On a vote, the Northwest Area School Board approved a new five-year contract with support staff per- sonnel.

Support personnel consist of cafeteria workers, classroom aides and maintenance employ- ees. They are represented by the Pennsylvania State Educa- tion Association. The pact in- cludes wage increases of 30 cents per hour. They will also receive health insurance cover- age, which is an issue that Al- bert Gordon, board secretary, raised when he cast the other no vote. Gordon said, I have no prob- lem with the pay raises. Its the cost of health insurance.

Its get- ting out of hand. It was stated that a 10 percent increase in health insurance costs were fac- tored into the contract. Daryl Morgan, who along with directors Alton Farver, Lisa Schwartz, Gerald Conger, Ralph Killian and Michael Kreidler voted in favor of the contract, argued the only way were go- ing to control costs is to get out of the health care consortium. Board member Peter Lanza was absent. School District Health Trust. Morgan contend- ed also that consortium officers are using school district contri- butions to help pay for a lawsuit filed by the Pittston Area and Dallas school districts.

We need to get out of there and into the free market, Morgan said. Tomasacci said participation in the consortium is something thats stipulated in the current contract with the Northwest Ar- ea Education Association. He doubted Northwest could effect a change at this time. The board, however, is in ne- gotiations with the NAEA in- volving a pact that expired in August The NAEA has been working this term without a contract.

Gordon said talks with the teachers are ongoing. Tomasac- ci said the board is waiting to hear from the PSEA about scheduling another negotiation session. Talks have been broken off for more than a month. The board also heard a report dealing with students with spe- cial needs by Stephanie Russell, director of Special Education, and Superintendent Ronald Grevera. They propose bringing these students back into the school district rather than have them receive instruction at schools throughout Luzerne County under programs admin- istered by the Luzerne Interme- diate Unit.

Grevera said he will seek board approval for the plan at the April 18 meeting. Russell said Northwest has students in both the elementary and sec- ondary level with specials needs. She said the plan pro- vides the skill support needed by these students. Another key element is costs. Garbage stickers are on sale to a. Tuesdays, and 6 to 7 p. Fridays in the municipal building. Checks should be made payable to the Avoca Borough.

Mail requests should be ad- dressed to Therese Wrubel, Factory St. Delinquent sewer bill notices have been sent to resi- dents. Property owners are responsible for paying the bills. Delinquent accounts are turned over to Creditech. Creditech can be reached at The Moosic recycling truck is at the municipal garage on Plane Street, every Wednesday, 8 a.

Commingled recyclables and newspapers are collected every Wednesday of the week. Place recyclables in the appropriate trailer compart- ments. Cardboard is collected on the first Thursday of each month from 8 a. Residents are urged to read and follow the signs on the recy- cling truck.

The area is mon- itored and violators can be fined or banned from future recycling privileges. Recycling calendars are available in the lobby of the municipal building and at the recycling trailer. Yard waste will be collected on April 17, weather permit- ting. The following items must be separated to be collected: grass clippings and leaves, yard waste from shrubs, hedge clip- pings, tree limbs, not exceeding 3 feet in length and a inch in diameter.

A maximum of three open containers, not exceeding 30 pounds, will be allowed. Do not use plastic bags. Containers must be curbside by 8 a. Hours during rebate period only are Tuesday and Wednes- day, 5 to 7 p. Anyone who did not receive their tax bill should contact the office at Bring the entire tax bill to the office when paying for receipt.

If paying by mail and requesting a copy of your tax bill, send a self-addressed stamped envelope. The admin- istrative and zoning offices will be closed on Friday; and the Department of Public Works will be closed on Monday in observance of the Easter Holi- day. Residents with garbage col- lection on Monday, will have their garbage collected on Tuesday.

Residents are remind- ed that the garbage bag limit will be suspended the collec- tion period of April 10 through the 12, due to the Easter holi- day. All other schedules will remain the same. When submitting payment, please send in the whole tax bill. The bar coded copy has to go back to the Luzerne County Courthouse. Residents paying by mail and in need of a receipt must send a self-addressed stamped envelope. If you have not received a tax bill, contact Robert Connors at Monday through Friday after 4 p.

Duda and Wiatrowski both serve on council, but city Solic- itor Bill Finnegan said current state laws allow the men to hold both positions. The municipal authority is the business development armof the city and was instrumental in Lu- zerne County Community Col- leges recent move to Nanticokes downtown area. In other business, council ap- proved a parking permit order on second reading that calls for per- mitted parking along Coal, Or- chard and Hill streets in the city.

The ordinance was enacted in response to residents concerns with spillover from LCCCs downtown student parking lots. An ordinance banning the use of cell phones while driving was tabled until Finnegan researches any possible conflict with exist- ing laws. Nanticoke mayor fills 3 authority posts The city council OKs a permit parking system for three downtown streets.

We will do whatever is in the best interests of the taxpayers. Meanwhile, the Moosic baseball stadium stands empty today while the rechristened Empire State Yankees begin play in other teams parks. Kudos to real engine that drives debate team W hile we always are pleased for any mention of the Meyers High School Speech and Debate Team, I am writ- ing to correct an error in a recent editorial A tip of the hat to area scholars, March Whatever credit I might deserve from my association with the team, my wife and partner, Ruth, deserves tenfold.

She and I are the co-head coaches, but she is the engine and force behind the team and makes it possible. Any reference to the coaching and suc- cess of the team is incomplete without naming Ruth. Kimberly D. This young man really cared for our country. He set the right example. The letters to the editor he wrote always were well-researched and made an impact on our community. I looked forward to seeing his letters in the paper.

Paul really had great respect for the Republican Party and the principles for which it stands. I invited Paul to the Rotary Club where he distinguished himself with his knowl- edge and observations. My sincere sympathy to the family on the loss of this outstanding young man. I know our Lord is blessed to have Paul with him. Frank Mrufchinski Nanticoke Pink slime has no place on Americans tables T he fuss over pink slime tells us clear- ly that our pure food and drug laws badly need to be strengthened.

What is pink slime? Fin d out Email: ten t and Job view of how ry oth tion on ry l as 12 Ma ica ted con Competitive salary. Accommodation included. Diploma in agriculture valuable but not essential. Make new friends, find a partner.

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Advertisement copy shall be legal, decent, honest and truthful, and shall comply with the British Code of Advertising Practise and all other codes under the general supervision of the Advertising Standards Authority: and shall comply with the requirements of current legislation. While every endeavour will be made to meet the wishes of advertisers, the publisher does not guarantee insertion of any particular advertisement.

In the event of any error, misprint or omission in the printing of an advertisement or part of an advertisement the publisher will either reinsert the advertisement or relevant part of the advertisement as the case may be, or make a reasonable adjustment to the cost. No reinsertion, or adjustment will be made where the error, misprint or omission does not materially detract from the advertisement.

In no circumstances shall the total liability of the publisher for any error, misprint or omission exceed a The amount of a full refund of any price paid to the publisher for the advertisement in connection with which liability arose. OR b The cost of a further corrective advertisement of a type and standard reasonably comparable to that in connection with which liability arose. The publisher reserves the right to withdraw, amend or alter any advertisement it considers necessary.

Cancellations or advertisements are accepted providing they comply with the cancellation deadlines which are published at regular intervals. Advertising Agency commission will only be granted to those Agencies who are currently recognised by the Newspaper Society at the time of placing an advertisement order and copy.

The rate of commission is determined by the publisher. When credit is allowed payment is due within 7 days. Monthly accounts are due in full each month. Only standard abbreviations are permitted by the publisher. List available on request.

Classified display advertisements must be at least 3cms in depth for every column wide, and the minimum size of any advertisement is 2 lines. Every endeavour will be made in order to forward replies to box numbers to the advertisers, as soon as possible after receipt by the publisher, but the publisher accepts no liability in respect of any loss, or damage alleged to have arisen through delay in forwarding or omitting to forward such replies, however caused.

The placing of an order for the insertion of an advertisement, is an acceptance of these conditions and any other conditions stated on any type of order form by an agency or advertisers are not applicable if they conflict with any of the above. Filtration, purification, design Installation and servicing Storage Pumping and supply pipework Water analysis Nationwide coverage Bolton, Lancs.

TEL: FAX: Out of office: Visit our Website www. Metcalfe contractors Tel or Rats, rabbits, mice, squirrels etc. All areas covered. Tel: Crewe. Westfalia surge metatron 12 milk meters with 4 unit dump line in Fullwood track over framework - 2 fullwood vac pumps. Kristal ice builder and plate cooler. This unit is ready for work and can be delivered anywhere in the UK.

In a wide pit. John F. Immediate collection. Tel: T. All Tanks can be fitted anywhere in the country or ex-yard and all come with a 12 month warranty. Please see www. For further enquiries and for telephone orders please contact Calton Moor Farm The Bolt gun come with a box of 50 blanks a carry case and postage. Forster and Tecknik Calf Feeder, two stations. Calf Hutches. Complete with fencing.

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Never provide anyone with personal bank information without confirming that they are legitimate. Farmers Guardian only ever asks for your banking information if you are purchasing a product from us and will always call from or Point of lay pullets, day old chicks. Cheshire Blue, Blue Egg layers. Nationwide Delivery- Tel: Chesh-. Tel: R J Fahey Google Cheshire Chickens. Call for details: or Nationwide. For sale. From working parents. Tel: Notts P. Then see www. Mostly around 2 years old, out wintered, ready for work.

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Office: - Mobile: Web: www. Office: Mob: Email - sales bridgewater-construction. Temperature Control Energy Saving. Livestock offer, — x 40 North X 15ft,Yorkshire T: 4ft6 cantilever Mark Concrete panels to 2m high, Dave - Yorkshire boarding, Fibre cement roof E: jslconstruction outlook.

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Approximately Lot 2 comprises Lot 3 comprises 3. SK10 4PT Lot 3 comprises 3. Located at the best end of a single track, approximately 6. Located adjacent residential and undulating pasture, currently used for grazing. For sale by informal benefiting road frontage onto Chelford tender, closing date 12from Noona on Friday 10th May Interested parties are invitedRoad to submit best and final offers before the deadline.

Young family. Please contact Rostons on T. However, on top of a wide range of other professional work and farm agency, I increasingly find myself helping families involved in some kind of dispute. This might be a formal involvement as an expert witness to give valuation evidence where matters have already escalated and are going to court or arbitration, or it could be round a kitchen table trying to avoid serious conflict and plan a way forward.

These disputes take many forms and they can be within the family or against a third party. Expectations I often find that within any disagreement, a key part can be unrealistic expectations. That might be because someone has an over-inflated view of value or simply does not understand what the other parties to the discussion want. Surprisingly it is not always about money; sometimes it is all about recognition.

In one case, I dealt with a non-farming sibling who was distraught that his mother had left him nothing in her will and made this clear to the rest of the family. The family thought they had a major problem on their hands. They had visions of a costly legal battle over the farm. He fully accepted that he had never been involved in the farm and.

He just wanted acknowledgement. Providing for children and grandchildren who are not involved in the farming business can be very problematic. Unless it is a very large business, it is often unrealistic for them to have a significant share in the ongoing enterprise.

Hopefully there may be some assets outside the farm that can be earmarked for non-farming siblings. All too often I have found farming children saddled with a hopeless debt and commitments to other siblings or even cousins who have never been involved with the farm. Conversely, no recognition of the non-farming family members can be extremely hurtful and divisive. It is far more useful to have a discussion well in advance so that everyone has a fair idea of what to expect and paying a professional to help initiate and guide those discussions will reap rewards for years after and help keep family conflict at bay.

Call , or email m. Modern 3 bedroom detached house with off-road parking and garage, subject to an Agricultural Occupancy Condition. Please call Cheffins on or email camb. Hatchers Solicitors, Whitchurch. Enquiries to Beeston on or Nantwich Office on Tel or property lawrieandsymington.

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Any individual, who is in doubt about entering into a loan agreement, should seek professional advice or consult an authorised person who can assist in relation to entering into a credit agreement. Before acting on any information you should consider the appropriateness of the information having regard to these matters, any relevant offer document and in particular, you should seek independent financial advice. All loans, loan participations and financial products or instrument transactions involve risks, which include among others the risk of adverse or unanticipated market, financial or political developments and, in international transactions, currency risk.

Lending against non-traditional physical collateral exposes investors to specific risks such as the potential for fraud, theft, damage and illiquidity. This is new to the UK and Irish markets and should be an easy sell with repeat orders because: 1. Farmers see vastly reduced scouring 2.

It supports early growth 3. Noticeable results seen quickly 4. To discuss your requirements call WebbPaton on or. Tidy little van which drives well and very economic on fuel. Very clean and tidy lorry. New and used spare parts. Est 25 yrs. FarmersGuardian will produce an additional Machinery and Tractor Magazine to support farmers and the wider machinery industry.

This will be with readers on 10 May, Speak to our dedicated team to discuss advertising opportunities fgclassified farmersguardian. The largest independent stockist of genuine Carraro parts in the UK. Replacement tractor parts Direct to your door Phone for best quotes Mob: or Yorkshire www. We take a farmercentric approach to media. Tel Eva or Charlotte on or email: fgclassified farmersguardian. Any 4wd tractors and telehandlers for breaking, nationwide Send photos to michaeltractors hotmail.

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Canopy Frame 98Hrs Fully Serviced. Sold Loads Approx New Opico 2. Bucket 11Hrs Please see website www. Very Roter Tedder 8. Kuhn Primor M trailed straw chopper. Eletric control swivel shoot. As New Portaquip 21ft Cattle Trailer c. Kuhn Axis Very Tidy New Galfrey GS List Price As new Twose Folding Roller 6. Choice of Mchale Bale Wrappers From Very Tidy.

Jpm 14 Ton Dump Trailer Kuhn AXIS Finance organised by flexi-funding flexi-funding is the trading style of Flexi-Finance Ltd. Company Registration No. Easy to access bonnet and headlights for night-work Available with a panoramic, spacious factory fitted air-conditioned cab.

Year: , 6 rotors 7. Year: , 8 rotors 8. Manitou Fork Truck - NEW Electric fork truck, 24 volt, kg lift capacity, purchased at the end of , 3 in stock. Available in two sizes; 1. Price 1. You can find contact information of all our retailers on kellfri. VAT is not included. Not just for diet feeders and muck spreaders, weigh cells can help to quantify loads off the combine and keep loads legal. Jane Carley reports.

Cropweigh can be specified on new trailers such as this Bailey, purchased by contractor Wrights Agricultural. By using load cells to quickly quantify weight in the field, the risk of damage to running gear, tyres and braking systems from overloading is minimised and operators can be confident of transporting a legal load.

An early adopter of such a system is Swanton Morley Farms, Norfolk. The farming outfit was one. With 1, hectares of arable land, including combinable crops and sugar beet on owned land and contract farmed, partner James Keith says it is a major benefit to know exactly what each load weighs. They all weigh over, and when you add up the loads, you can be out by a considerable amount. VWS, which supplied machined fittings for the trailer, as well as the weighing and monitoring equipment, crawler driver and mechanic Mark Fray fitted the system in the farm workshop.

Calibration on a weighbridge has found the units to be highly accurate, he comments. Knowing what is going into store enables Mr Keith to use moisture readings to calculate weight loss during storage. It has brought us into the 21st century.

The system has also come in handy for sugar beet. At the start of the season, the harvesting team can open up part of the field if it is needed by the shoot, for example, and record the weight, with the data taken into account when calculating the total yields for each field at the completion of harvest.

Robust The farm also has a pig unit from which muck is trailered out to the sugar beet ground for a contractor to spread. In the company introduced Cropweigh, aimed at the agricultural market. Load cells made from hardened steel and nickel plated are fitted under the body, so do not require the trailer to be tipped to give a measurement, explains sales director Shaun Hamilton. The LED display can be mounted on the side of the trailer or in the cab, or connected wirelessly to a handheld display.

In addition to retrofit kits, it can also be specified as an option on new trailers from Stewart, Bailey and Richard Western. The units have proved highly robust, Mr Keith says, unaffected by road work or bumpy tracks, and sealed from the effects of pressure washing.

Safety and efficiency are priorities for any contractor. Contractors and farmers are always looking for ways to maximise the output of Alex Heath speaks to an early adopter of a system which uses a trailer chassis. However, for one East Anglian contractor, a Stewart trailer chassis is providing the ideal platform for a multi-purpose role in the contracting fleet.

Steve Suggitt, owner of Suggitt Farm Service, Attleborough, Norfolk, has been running Stewart chassis of varying axle configurations since He says the principal is simple and works well for his varied and constant workload. Bought as conventional trailers, the latest editions are based on the Stewart tri-axle RoadKings with tonne bodies. Hi-Spec tanks are then added to the chassis using the same fixing mechanism as the trailer bodies. Mr Suggitt says the idea and design. We had increasing demand for slurry work, mainly from anaerobic digester units which have been going up at a rapid pace around here, and the cost of buying tankers to carry out this work was considerable.

Application He says the demount chassis are used more for tanker work than they are for trailer work. The tankers are typically used for road transport to service his Joskin Euroliner 28cu. Top emptying suction. Mr Suggit says the Stewart trailers have the best build quality of any make available, with his first demounts being changed earlier this year after 10 years of hard graft, with no structural issues.

On the safety front, the tanks are attached the same as the tipping trailers, using a large pin at the rear and the hydraulic tipping rams holding the tank in place. This has the added benefit of allowing the tank to be tipped up, handy when working on sand-bedded dairy farms where the bottom of the tank gets sand settling in. JCB Fastracs are generally used to pull them, which he says provides a good combination of comfort on the road and performance on the tarmac and in-field.

Hydraulic vacuum pumps are used for simplicity, negating the need for pto shafts which can be dangerous, vulnerable to damage and complicated to fit, because of the hydraulic pipe stalk. Scuffing He says spreading the weight across three axles shod on mm tyres means they nearly float across fields, leaving little in the way of marks, and are far better on the road than his previous tandem-axle units. A rear steering axle also minimises scuffing in-field, while providing manoeuvrability belying the size of the rig.

The tanks are taken off in July, with the trailer bodies reattached for rye harvest. This takes about Attaching the body involves reversing under it, attaching the rear pin and tipping rams, lifting the chassis up on the air suspension and hydraulic suspended drawbar and then removing its stands. During summer, trailers are hired out for grain carting duties, fitted with rollover sheets.

Several options have been considered over the years, including single-axle vacuum tanks and purpose-built ferrying tanks. However, he says the flexibility these chassis with interchangeable bodies offer is one of the reasons this route has been taken. The other determining factor is cost, being able to use the chassis. He says spreading the cost of the running gear across 52 weeks, rather than the busy periods for conventional single use, enables him to pass the savings of capital outlay onto his customers.

Having used this system for 10 years, Mr Suggitt is convinced this is an economic way of operating a contracting fleet, using the expensive components; the chassis and running gear to its full potential. Top Top Performance Performance Mulching Mulching Heavy duty Front, Rear , Offset and Collector flail mowers with powerful, vibration-free rotor drive and high tip speed Hammer blades for a cleaner cut, from fine grass, set aside and field margins to reeds, thick brush, gorse or saplings.

Fortunately, the farm has only rolled a trailer once. Both are physically identical, apart from the height of the body. Where the tonner has a cm tall body, the tonner is another 30cm taller. Leaf springs The pair knew adding leaf springs to stiffen the ride would never help.

It requires each axle to be equipped with a pair of hydraulic cylinders, mounted vertically, to connect each axle to the chassis. At this point, it transfers oil from the cylinderside of its ram, to the rod-side of its neighbour. Doing so moves a greater volume of oil into the uphill ram, to pull the chassis onto the spring. This restricts body roll, and the rate of movement has been calculated to allow just one degree of body roll between body and axle, with a fully loaded trailer. And this gives my operators greater confidence too.

I am sure our tractor would now roll before the trailer. Oil transfers from the top of one ram to the bottom of its neighbour and vice-versa, increases trailer stability for Dorset grower John Martin. So what is next for the Dorset arable farmer? And to get two steering. It looks like another visit to the RDBS Engineering workshop will soon be on the cards for this innovative grower.

Geoff Ashcroft reports. For Beetroot UK, part of the Stan White Farms operation based at Misterton, South Yorkshire, one of the biggest challenges in recent years has come from managing and rehandling soil that comes into the farmyard with harvested crops. The problem increases when field conditions are wet, simply because more soil comes with the crop. So if there is less soil to wash off, the grading process improves and our staff have the benefit of better working conditions too, and we can manage our operating costs.

The way the trailers operate means we can hold soil on the machine. Beetroot UK currently grows about 1,ha of beetroot, supplying 30,t each year to UK and international markets. But there were times when mud on the road could become a problem too, in addition to soil coming off the field with the crop. Though the varied soil types pose different challenges.

Graham and the team looked at the possibility of in-field cleaning and crop transfer. The Norfolk-based firm designed and built a forwarding. A tonne carrying capacity and double roller table helps keep soil in the field, improving logistics for the harvesting operation. Two forwarding trailer loads are enough to fill an artic trailer. Double elevators, one on each side, allow the Ni-Agri forwarding trailer to load either into a high-sided trailer, or to stockpile the crop for field clamping.

The first model was bought in , and buoyed by its success, the firm bought a second unit for the season. The amount of soil we need to rehandle has been reduced dramatically, and we are bringing nowhere near as much soil out on the roads, either. So having plenty of horsepower means we can move quickly across the field to start unloading.

It is not dropped off in a heap when we unload the crop. Flexibility This gives additional in-field flexibility, while also assisting with soil erosion and field remediation. Adding different soils to these areas can have a conditioning effect. We have hit t when conditions are good, but the weather is our biggest challenge. APRIL 5 Hannah Noble reports. Rosy-Lane Holsteins, farmed in partnership with Jordan Matthews and Tim Strobel, comprises of a milking herd of 1, Holstein cows and heifers.

The farm covers hectares 1, acres and they also contract farm another hectares 1, acres. The Holtermans regularly sell bulls into AI and have produced several high-ranking genomic females over recent years. We want one that does not get sick, calves on her own, breeds on one or two services, does not get lame, does not get mastitis, does not get ketosis, and keeps calving around again, lasting at least five lactations.

Great returns They also wanted to see great returns from their business, great returns to their community and also the environment. The focus was also on increasing cow margins, reducing antibiotic use and making cows live longer, in turn making more money. However, Mr Holterman said it all started with great people.

The Holtermans and their partners have developed a labour force mostly from people who, before they worked at Rosy-Lane, had never seen a cow and there are currently 20 full-time staff on the farm. That is how you develop a winning team on your farm too. As half the workforce speaks Spanish as their first language, this had been a great asset to the team, Mr Matthews now manages 13 people.

If you hire people with good attitudes first, the rest is easy. This saves time and makes sure things are done properly. Writing SOPs for each task also meant the people who wrote them had to justify why and how they were doing a task, if they were doing it the correct way or if there was a better way to do it, and if it was understandable. Workers were taught how to operate equipment properly and Mr Holterman said they should go home from work in the same physical condition they arrived in.

This went alongside their ethos of using people within the workforce to teach others and doing as much in-house as possible to manage costs. Motivation Mr Holterman said it was important to teach new skills to keep people motivated and promote from within. Rosy-Lane Holsteins in Wisconsin comprises a milking herd of 1, Holstein cows and heifers and covers an area of hectares 1, acres. Find a way to say thank you instead of correcting them when they are wrong.

Cross-training employees within departments created a respect for other team members in other roles said Mr Holterman. One member of staff started out as a cow mover but we recognised his talent for cows and now he scans cows as well as any vet. Kill docks for great grassland. It is highly effective on chickweed and dandelions too and is very safe to your grass.

For harder working grassland, talk to your advisor or find out more at corteva. For further information including warning phrases and symbols refer to label. Technical Hotline: E-mail: ukhotline corteva. There are a number of benefits, risks and best practice measures that should be con recycled manure solids as an alternative bedding material. Not all retailers and milk processors allow the use of RMS and some may have extra conditions put in place for its use.

Dr Andrew Bradley, professor of dairy health and welfare at Nottingham University, speaking on a EuroDairy webinar, said when considering the risks of using RMS, it was important to analyse its impact on animal health and human health, both directly through its use on-farm and indirectly for the consumer, and also the impact on milk quality.

An ongoing study, funded by AHDB and later the Welsh Government, aimed to assess the presence of pathogens and milk spoilage bacteria in cubicles bedded with RMS compared with other materials. As part of the study, epidemiological studies were carried out on farms, 40 bedding with RMS, 41 with sand and 44 with sawdust. In most cases, fresh RMS was added to the beds daily or at least three to four times per week.

He said it was important this was taken into account during the study. They analysed the occurrence of a range of pathogens including thermoduric bacteria, salmonella, streptococcus spp, staph aureus, bacillus cereus and listeria.

They found RMS had the highest total bacteria count TBC of the three bedding materials except for streptococcus spp, which was highest in sawdust. Bacillus cereus, which causes enteritis in humans, had significantly higher counts in RMS herds than sand or sawdust and it reached extremely high levels.

Listeria was tested on a positive or negative basis, the presence of listeria was significantly higher in sand beds than sawdust or RMS, which was to be expected as listeria is a soil-based organism, explained Dr Bradley. Another aim of the investigation was to assess the transfer of pathogens from different bedding types to the bulk milk tank.

There was no clear correlation between TBC in beds and in milk. This was the same for coliforms and bacillus cereus, however listeria had the highest incidence on sand bedded farms, but they were the lowest on incidence of listeria in milk. The same goes for shared separation equipment. Perfection is a mindset. The study analysed the occurrence of a range of pathogens in cubicles bedded with RMS compared with other materials. When it came to looking at udder health using somatic cell count SCC information, there was no relationship between SCC and bedding type, there was no higher rate of new infection on RMS beds and no higher levels of chronic infection.

They also looked at ways farmers could mitigate possible adverse impacts of the use of RMS and they found fore milking was associated with lower TBC in milk and using a pre-milking disinfectant resulted in a lower streptococcus count. Cluster disinfection seemed to lower occurrence of thermoduric bacteria in milk. New Red Tractor inspection re g After changes announced last September, we find out what you need to know about the new risk-based approach to farm assurance audits. Farmers Guardian reports.

A new risk-based approach to Red Tractor inspections is being rolled out this month on dairy farms. How has Red Tractor decided on the weightings of each standard? The process involved all sector chairmen considering each standard to assess, were it to be breached, how much of a reputational risk that would pose and how Red Tractor would be able to defend it.

All standards are important and must be complied with, but standards had to be weighted for the risk-based approach to work. Why is Red Tractor not publishing the methodology and weightings? It considered the most important reason to be maintaining the independence of assessors. They do not. I am concerned about assessor inconsistency.

Has Red Tractor considered this in the context of this new risk-based approach? With the rollout of the risk-based approach, we recognise it is now even more important inspections are consistent and fair to all members, regardless of the scale of the farming operation. We will shortly be commissioning some analysis to ensure the risk-based approach is applied consistently, regardless of farm size.

We will consider whether tolerance should and could be built into some standards to ensure pragmatism is applied consistently to the standards during the inspection. Can assessors tell farmers at routine audits whether they are going to be classified as high risk? Assessors do not know how standards are weighted or how. The farmer will be informed if they have been allocated an unannounced spot check once the Red Tractor system has received details of the visit. I am not always on site so how can you expect me to be there if you turn up unannounced?

We recognise there are some impracticalities around unannounced inspections. Farms due to receive an unannounced audit will be asked to complete a questionnaire and return it to their certification body within 28 days of receipt, to ensure the inspector has all the information required to reduce the risk of disruption or no-one being available.

In addition, emergency contact details for at least three people who can be contacted should no-one be present on the farm will need to be provided. Assessors will wait up to an hour for someone to arrive or get in contact and be able to start the audit.

Producers need to be aware that if an unannounced audit cannot. Browse, list and apply for hundreds of the latest Livestock roles at jobsinagriculture. Assessor From April, dairy units will have their usual pre-arranged farm inspection by an independent assessor, with any non-conformances reported back to Red Tractor.

A new internal system weights each standard on a level of reputational risk, so non-conformances can be scored. For example, tending to sick or injured livestock promptly and handling animals in a way that minimises stress would be. In some cases, the nature and number of non-conformances raised will result in the farm being allocated an additional spot check, which is unannounced.

Red Tractor insists any farm upholding its standards will notice no changes. What form does an unannounced audit take? Each unannounced inspection will take the form of a focused spot check, so shorter than a routine announced audit. If non-conformances are identified they will be reported back to Red Tractor in the normal way and the member will be categorised in the same way as at the routine audit.

The certification body will be notified of the outcome and any necessary action. What is the appeals process so I can dispute my score? And who makes the ultimate decision? If a producer wishes to appeal against a risk rating, this should be done directly to Red Tractor. It is vital consumers have trust in the assurance scheme if they are to continue to buy food and drink.

Poor tired grassland means lower grass yields and low nutritional value. Overseed or reseed to get the best out of your grassland. In this new series, supported by Limagrain and Syngenta, we hear top tips on how to get the crop off to the best start. Several important factors should be considered, including variety choice, site selection, drilling date and agronomy. This is according to Richard Camplin, technical manager for Forages with Limagrain.

Much of the UK is marginal for growing maize, so selecting from the best early maturing varieties will provide insurance against a poor season. Richard Camplin increased yields, so there is now very little potential yield advantage in growing later maturing varieties compared to the best new early ones. Farmers can put in their postcode and it will link to the most suitable maize varieties.

Ontario Heat Units needed for each variety to mature in that area. It is therefore vital they are able to obtain the best yield and feed value from the area available. A warm fertile site which is ideally south-facing and free-draining will be best and, where possible, cold wet soils should be avoided.

Wherever maize is sown, soil temperatures should be between degC for at least a week before drilling. Maize will always perform better if it is drilled into warm soil and grows away quickly. Syngenta is committed to helping growers get the best from their maize crops through ongoing support and agronomy advice. Maize will need the right conditions to achieve its potential.

Drilling crops into warmer soils and getting the crop away quickly may well help mitigate this issue. They will. Trials show the latest stage at which weed removal can take place without subsequent yield damage is no later than the four leaf stage of the maize crop.

In the future, they may help provide an early warning system to alert growers. Using products which have residual and contact action at early post-emergence timing is a good approach. This will help the crop reach canopy closure and block out light to weeds as early as possible. Katie Jones takes. Leading the way is Denovo Crosby, one of the highest production sires of the Holstein breed and predicted to transmit 1,kg milk with combined fat and protein of A son of DG Charley, it is out of a Rubicon dam.

Crosby replaces the former number-one sire, Pine-Tree CW. Legacy, which has been taken off the list due to unavailability in the UK. This Danish-born sire transmits high protein. Their dam is a Cogent. Supershot daughter from the Larcrest Cosmopolitan family. Danish VJ Link, which had held the number-one position, now takes second place. Ranked third, Danish VJ Tudvad retains its previous position. CDF Trajectory is the second newcomer and the second in the. The top five in the Ayrshire breed represent a reshuffle of the December index places with the same bulls featured.

As the spring calving season comes towards its end, producers block calving in autumn may be considering their breeding choices or reflecting on the decisions they made last year. Want more forage? Representing the total milk solids the cow produces divided by the number of days it is. Now with UK daughters contributing to its production proof, Harper climbs from fifth place in December.

View-Home Littlerock climbs up to third and scores well for. Enter the CF Fertilisers competition for your chance to win Find out how at: cffertilisers. A network of 50 beef, sheep and dairy farms across England, Scotland and Wales will provide data to GrassCheckGB which will monitor the growth and quality of pasture and make predictions of future growth.

Findings will be published weekly and will appear in Farmers Guardian, enabling farmers to plan ahead and make informed decisions on grassland management. Each of the 50 farms will additionally receive specific information on their grassland productivity and use, nutrient efficiency and performance of livestock from grass on-farm. They will also have the opportunity to discuss their grassland performance with grazing management specialists and network with other pilot farmers involved in the initiative.

Growth and quality data will be published each week throughout the growing season. This is the first bulletin of However, growth is expected to slow marginally, with cooler conditions forecast. Mr Williams farms hectares acres near Nebo, mostly inside in the Snowdonia National Park, with his wife Dwynwen and three young children.

With land on the main holding ranging from ,ft above sea level and receiving 2. This, coupled with the. Brexit vote and the uncertain market going forward for lamb, convinced us last year it was time to sell the sheep and concentrate on beef production. The calves arrive when they are about 14 days old and are housed in our old sheep shed in batches of The shed is cleaned out and rested for two months between each batch. They are then introduced to a Forster Technik computerised milk feeding machine.

We therefore started looking for the right automatic machine for our setup and took advice from Darran Ward at Volac. It is working really well and, being a data geek, I really like the feedback we get from the machine on how the calves are doing. It also notifies Mr Williams with a text message if one of the calves is not feeding as it should.


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Following discussions with the UK team exhibitors, Holstein UK decided the risk in attending the event had become too high following a bluetongue outbreak in Belgium. Belgium was moved into a restricted area on March 27, with four confirmed cases of the BTV8 strain of bluetongue within very close proximity to the event venue.

Corner Farm, as it was known, was left to the LAS by Sheila Trafford in following her death and is now available to let under a Farm Business Tenancy for a minimum of six years. Bluetongue has crept through Europe over the last few months and, despite aggressive efforts by a number of parties to get hold of the BTV4 and BTV8 vaccine throughout the end of last year and this year, it has proved impossible.

But the increased demand in Europe meant retailers and exporters of the vaccine were unable to supply. The event will take place on April It comes as part of its new safety campaign to halve the number of people killed on farms within four years.

In addition, it is. Last year, 24 per cent of fatalities were a result of contact with livestock, with the NFU suggesting older people were most at risk. So far this year, at least two people have died following incidents with livestock, including a dog walker, 67, who was trampled by cattle and a year-old man who died when helping a neighbour load cattle onto a trailer.

NFU farm safety and transport policy adviser Tom Price said 65 per cent of victims in livestock. Mental health training key to tackling depression and anxiety NOW is the time to speak up about mental health and the ways people can seek help. The charity aims to support people, particularly men, in rural communities with mental health 6 APRIL 5 Ms Picton-Jones told staff at NFU Cymru how agriculture had one of the highest rates of suicide, but that the charity was working to break down the stigma surrounding mental health.

The union said its training was the first in a series of sessions to be rolled out across the network in Wales. It is hugely traditional and often carries a resistance towards seeking help. Intelligent improvements include new auto-steer functions, an enhanced headland management system, and a host of user friendly features including LED work lights, improved joystick control, enhanced suspension and a new air seat for unbeatable comfort and optimum productivity in the workplace.

Contact your local dealer or visit our website for more details. Adam Corbin, a barrister and senior associate at law firm Michelmores, said the UK would probably be able to do little more than decide how to implement EU regulations if trade was to remain as frictionless as possible after Brexit. Some politicians have suggested it would not give the UK enough say. But others pointed out EEA countries have multiple opportunities to influence EU legislation in its earlier stages and can provide expert input during the policy-making process.

It is possible the UK could end up adopting a similar model, despite Government opposition, as a crossparty group of MPs is seeking support for this kind of future relationship. Alarm Ben Sharples, partner at law firm Michelmores, raised the alarm at an agricultural roadshow in Shrewsbury. The TFA is supporting a different amendment which would limit access to the scheme and ensure funds were only made available to active farmers.

Government cannot be given carte blanche. The National Sheep Association NSA had been pressing for payments to be targeted at finished lambs, which the group believes would ensure values held up for store producers and breeders.

The proposal, outlined by Defra Secretary Michael Gove during an Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee hearing last week March 27 , is the first public announcement the Government has made on no-deal financial assistance for farmers. Views mixed on no-deal ewe headage payments when they should be looking at a strategic scheme to tide farmers over for a longer period of time.

But Vicki Hird, food and farming campaign co-ordinator at Sustain, suggested the proposal was unlikely to be accepted by the USA. The Agricultural Mortgage Corporation plc. AMC loans available for business purposes only, provided on a secured loan basis.

To meet customer requirements, lending criteria will vary. Lending is subject to status. And finally THE last time GB milk production was as high as it currently is, in the early s, the poll tax riots were erupting, Margaret Thatcher was exiting Number 10 Downing Street, and the Gulf War was raging. The fact the current highs also coincide with a time of civil unease and a Prime Minister teetering on the brink are obviously coincidental, but for such a strong flush of milk to occur at a time of wider political and economic uncertainty does pose questions for the state of farmgate returns in the short to medium term.

If the UK crashes out of the EU without a Brexit deal and export tariffs to the EU soar, then it might put greater downward pressure on markets already struggling with too much milk and the squeeze could begin for producer prices. But NFUS is right, open lines of communication are going to be vital if the bottom is not to drop out of the market.

While no farmer in any sector can be blamed for capitalising on good prices, longer term supply management and cross-sector strategies will be vital. With no clarity emerging for any farmer in the UK about what the future holds in terms of financial support, there is every chance they could disengage and start upping livestock numbers and cereal hectares.

Maybe that might focus Mr Gove and his UK counterparts. Outside Europe, we might make use of our scientific armoury WE live in a world where it seems lots of people with not a lot to do need something to think about or something to worry about, because perhaps their jobs are not stressful or fulfilling enough. They need a religion or something to believe in and that church is environmentalism.

This is a problem for modern agriculture: these people have too much time on their hands and do their preaching via the internet. Every year, due to their claims which often fly against science, we are losing actives from our plant protection armoury. It is just ludicrous we have these amazing scientific discoveries to fix the problem of soil erosion, such as glyphosate; chlorothalonil to 10 APRIL 5 They do not care about science or facts.

What is the future for us when we have no plant protection products left? But now, with gene editing, we can accelerate breeding. When we leave the EU, hopefully we can lead the world and grow blight-resistant potatoes or perennial wheat crops that are robust. Could we be about to start the next agricultural revolution once the EU shackles are gone?

Will the environmentalists be happy to eat crops that are bred smarter, so long as they have never seen the underside of a sprayer boom? We now have the Government looking closely at urea fertiliser because for some reason, ammonia levels are rising in towns and nitrous oxide levels are dropping. Why is this? Well, simply, urea AdBlue is now added to reduce nitrous oxide levels in vehicle exhausts.

But, if the exhaust is not hot. Farmers get the blame for applying urea fertiliser, despite the fact it only volatilises when soil temperatures reach more than 15degC. It is this disconnection between the realities of farming and food production and the myths peddled by those from their keyboards and smartphones, which has proved to be so dangerous.

While technology can play a role in helping us farm smarter and with less environmental impact, let us hope we have the freedom to be able to use it. Working on the land down under I AM a Western Australian broadacre arable farmer based in a high rainfall by Australian standards area, 60 miles east of Perth. The article revealed that treatments of conventional ploughing, non-inversion tillage and direct drilling had no effect on soil compaction or earthworm activity — a sign of soil health and profitability.

This was a very interesting result, as it is almost the complete opposite to farming in Western Australia. Min-till, or no-till as it is referred to in Australia, has more than a 95 per cent uptake. This has been the case for at least 20 years. Soil compaction is taken so seriously here that a system known as controlled traffic farming is being increasingly adopted by some farmers, in which every operation drives over the same track every year controlled by sub-centimetre GPS guidance.

The wheel track width of every machine is widened to enable this to happen. Our soils are vastly different to the UK. They are very old, very shallow, sandy and have low natural nutrient levels. Western Australian soils are fragile and are always at risk of wind erosion. We have survived, because we were forced to adapt. Frank Panizza, Toodyay, Western Australia. But vaccinating badgers does not stop them catching TB from the next herd breakdown and has no effect on their already very low infectiousness.

It is to be hoped that as the new boss of Natural England from April 23 he will refuse to licence any more utterly pointless badger culling or vaccination schemes. Money saved would go a long way to using the new tests for chronic herds. Martin Hancox, Stroud, Gloucestershire.

When we were harvesting in , we found a wet area in a field. Suspecting a burst pipe, we were able to turn the water off until we had time to repair it. Years earlier, Severn Trent installed a new mains pipe across our farm. Where they had cut through our field pipes, they had to reconnect them. When we dug down to do the repair, we found that they had backfilled the new mains and, after driving over the area with tractors and machinery, a stone had slit the pipe.

I put in a claim, which was rejected, because the time from when we discovered the burst to repairing it was one day over the 28 days allowed. At a very busy time of year we could only repair it when we had time. All of my emails, letters and telephone calls were a waste of time.

Eventually Ofwat became involved, but despite its efforts, Water Plus would not accept my claim. Michael Hill, Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire. One of the ways this could be done is for farmers throughout the country to follow me and put themselves forward to be local councillors to help support local farming issues.

Please tell as many people as you can. Andrew Wood, Cheshire New Market. Farmers Guardian is run by AgriBriefing Limited we, us, our and we are committed to protecting and respecting your privacy. For the purposes of this policy, we are the data controller of personal data provided to us. We are a UK company specialising in providing information services including news, analysis, data, pricing, insight and market intelligence to agribusiness professionals across the globe.

How we collect your information: We collect the personal data you have provided to us by filling in the form on our website www. If you have entered the Competitions via our site we may also collect some technical information about how you use our site, for example, the type of device you are using, your operating system, IP address, uniform resource locator URL , clickstream and length of visit.

To unsubscribe from any AgriBriefing communications using the link on the email we send you or by emailing us at dataprotection agribriefing. We will not use your information for any purposes except those listed in this policy without letting you know and getting your permission, if necessary, first. Who do we share your information with? Where we use third parties as described above to process your personal information, we will ensure that they have adequate security measures in place to safeguard your personal information.

For how long do we keep your personal information? We keep your personal information for 36 months for the purposes for which it was collected or for any period for which we are required to keep personal information to comply with our legal and regulatory requirements, or until you ask us to delete your personal information.

Your rights: You have a number of rights in relation to your personal information. We will take steps to verify your identity before responding to your request and will respond as soon as possible and in any event within a month. If you would like to exercise any of your rights or find out more, please email us at dataprotection agribriefing.

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Vigilance over mobile masts rent deductions check new contracts By Alex Black FARMERS have been warned they could face huge drops in rental incomes for telecoms masts as a result of the Government push to increase mobile phone coverage. Glamorgan beef and sheep farmer David Williams warned farmers to be aware when their contract was up for renewal, after receiving an offer which would see the rent reduce by 90 per cent.

He said the idea was to encourage the rollout of phone coverage, but it actually meant farmers such as him would lose interest. It follows the revision of the Electronic Communications Code, which FUW said effectively reduced any payment as if it was an ordinary agricultural rent. Tudur Parry, FUW land use. Negotiation CLA senior rural business and economist adviser Dr Charles Trotman urged farmers to remember the proposed drop was the first step in a negotiation process.

NFU land management adviser Eleanor Griggs said the union was urging operators. Farmers Guardian last week reported on the post, which showed a map of farms and encouraged activists to descend on them. Thanked Countryside Alliance CA chief executive Tim Bonner thanked those who had reported the post to the social media giant.

The Green Headland initiative, launched by Syngenta and Asda, saw growers plant its mix around fields of growing crop and found insect species in East Anglian headland in summer , with some margins hosting up to 55 different species. A major find was the nationally scarce squat furrow bee and the nationally rare five-banded digger wasp. The manufacturer will donate 1p from the sale of every set of sheep or cattle tags with a purple secondary.

For top tips on how to get involved, visit FGinsight. Like our tags, we want everyone to enjoy a brighter future Partnering with The Kaleidoscope Plus Group, we are raising money to improve mental health provision in rural communities. He said with the market becoming highly competitive and volatile, Medina needed the ability to respond to rapidly changing market conditions.

He also denied reports they had suggested farmers could leave if they could find another buyer. Brexit uncertainty was adding to concerns, with questions over whether mainland GB would need to find extra capacity to process Northern Irish milk, as well as uncertainties over what will happen with exports. With farmers short of forage due to weather conditions last year, many have fed more concentrates over winter, boosting milk yields. We have had a few dairy expansions which will help, but we have also had some closures.

Partnership required to balance supply with demand NFU Scotland has urged farmers to work in partnership with buyers to balance supply and demand, as First Milk announced a price hold for May. The cheesemaker warned of the threat to Cheddar exports, highlighting that while the UK was a net Cheddar importer, British cheese exports were higher value.

Some companies are telling their suppliers if you can get. Additional production will add to that. Quality compound fertilizer — it pays every time At this stage, most 1st cut fertilizer applications are complete, but are you confident that your target fertilizer rate was evenly applied?

Yara has demonstrated over a 24 metre bout width how the physical quality of a fertilizer influences the yield and quality of a grass crop. Because the YaraMila product is a. The target per nutrient was kg, 25kg and 25kg for N, P and K respectively. This equates to 1. This shows the importance of a quality compound fertilizer where you can be confident of an accurate nutrient application across the entire field.

Businesses have been reminded to ensure they were compliant with MTD. It comes alongside minimum wage rises and changes in the pension auto-enrolment. The Federation of Small Businesses FSB also highlighted thousands of firms would lose transitional caps on rising business rates as England and Wales enter the third year of the business rates revaluation period.

Agricultural land and buildings were exempt from business rates, but. Small business owners were committed to helping employees save, he said, but the pension auto-enrolment scheme had cost significant time and money. In every case the highest bids had come from forestry interests. Sporting or agricultural interests were no longer setting the pace. Apart from the good returns for timber and the tax advantages, individual investors were seeing.

Ms Channing also pointed to a recent trend, especially in the Highlands, where buyers were interested in natural capital. It was a new style of investment which was hard to monetise but where there could be a return for delivering ecosystem services. About 25 per cent of the potential buyers registered with Savills were international but they had accounted for 50 per cent of the estate land bought last year.

An A-road going through a farm used to be seen as a negative, but now it could be an asset. This luxury voyage is an opportunity for you to unwind whilst experiencing the adventure that river cruising has to offer. Immersing ourselves in the history, beauty and agriculture of our varied destinations.

Late summer sunshine -perfect conditions to explore this scenic and interesting area of Europe. Farming, fascinating history and amazing scenery combine to create a tour full of delights and surprises. The tour concludes in Nevada, visiting Las Vegas with a helicopter flight to the Grand Canyon for a champagne breakfast. From The Bay of Islands in the north to Queenstown in the south. With many agricultural insights and introductions to various communities we have an incredible tour designed to give you a true flavour of this enthralling nation.

All fully escorted tours from the UK. First class hotels and transport. And it was up to the sector to go out and tell people of the benefits of organic production to both farmers and consumers. This means it can appeal to many markets, where the industry can communicate the message to them.

The onus is now on the sector to go out and talk about these things. For example, someone purchasing organic milk was more likely to also look for organic products outside the dairy section. This meant it was important stores stocked a range of products. With a growing market, the producer base was not always growing at the same rate, and he highlighted the cereals sector as a huge area for growth.

Mr Kerr said, generally, farmers. And this means there are techniques non-organic farmers could also embrace. Some will only go so. Support service A NEW support service has been launched to help organic farmers and those considering going organic. PIG numbers in the US have reached a record high as farming industry chiefs release a warning about the potential for North American pork to appear on British plates in a no-deal Brexit scenario.

The number of pigs was up 2. But farrowing intentions for summer were down, with producers likely reacting to poor returns last autumn and winter. Under the no-deal tariff regime published by the Government, EU pork would become more expensive to import, but other global suppliers would become more competitive.

The US and Canada, which generally have lower prices due to low costs of production, were listed as able to supply raw pigmeat into the EU, which was expected to roll over to the UK. AHDB analyst Bethan Wilkes said this was a simplification and trade would depend on price of cuts and product suitability, highlighting products, using ractopamine, could not be imported into the UK. This increases GB exposure to the global pork market, meaning British pig prices could be more volatile, and generally lower, in the future.

At least five dairy farms were affected by severe flooding which killed a woman near the town of Franz Josef. DairyNZ said it had been in touch to offer support and farms were in recovery mode. Registered in England. A member of the Association of British Insurers. But Angus Gowthorpe is making a success of conservation agriculture by adopting many of the forgotten methods of his farming ancestors.

The Gowthorpe family has farmed at Approach Farm since , where they were tenants for more than 35 years before buying the farm from the Escrick Estate in Beef cattle have always been a feature of the farming system, but the first major change at the farm. Now he has a herd of 50 Salers, most of which are pedigree with a few remaining commercial threequarter-bred cows. He is pragmatic about his preference for the breed and the way they integrate so well within his farming business. I could not make any money out of cows if they were not Salers.

We have broadened the rotation to include spring beans and linseed alongside the winter wheat, barley and oilseed rape. This year we are growing spring oats for the first time. The aim is to graze one-third, trample one-third. We are starting to see a cottage cheese-like structure develop in the top 6in of the soil and our earthworm counts have gone through the roof. Livestock form an integral part of the system, both the sheep grazing off the cover crops and the inclusion of temporary leys within the arable rotation, which are either mob-grazed by cattle or cut for silage.

All the species have different rooting depths and some have anthelmintic properties. This method of grazing rapidly builds soil health and organic matter. As with many farmers in the area, Angus has encountered black-grass on the farm, but a combination FGinsight.

Using old-fashioned solutions to tackle pests and diseases in arable crops is already paying dividends at Approach Farm. Chemicals Reducing the amount of chemicals he uses is a priority for Angus too, and he believes improving soil health and looking to traditional farming methods are ways of achieving this.

Wildlife on-farm has benefited too, and numerous skylarks sing over the arable fields on a sunny early spring day. The seed left on the soil surface provides a useful food source for birds and beneficial insects.

But once buyers know the Salers, they will buy them again. We sell. Salers are extremely fertile, so begin cycling again after three weeks. They are good converters of forage and cows thrive on a forage-based diet. I have found since doing this, muck is more solid and I think cows are utilising what is in the silage more effectively, because straw is holding it up in the rumen for longer. Bulls are offered ad-lib barley with a little protein and molasses, but tend to shun it for herbal ley silage.

After the success of herbal leys, Angus is now looking to introduce greater species diversity across his permanent grassland by oversowing with a mixture of suitable herbs. We could mob-graze without herbs, but it is better with them.

Fuel consumption figures in mpg: Urban To qualify for discount, you must be a member of an accredited organisation associated with agriculture, fishing, equestrian, shooting or other organised country professions or pursuits. Warranty covers 7 years or , miles.

Prices are correct at the time of going to print but may be modified or changed at any time. WITH per cent of sugar beet estimated to have been planted by the beginning of April, drilling is expected to be complete by the second week of this month. It is very dry of course. Growers are moving into some of their last fields on heavier land.

We are getting some questions about rolling. If it is cloddy it is good to roll to get good seed-to-soil contact, as there is pressure on moisture. Consider going in a little deeper. This can be critical to seed contact with moisture. The beet has gone in near on perfect. Growing hectares this season, Mr Papworth has reduced his sugar beet area by 10 per cent compared to last year due to a drop in price, which he says has led many other growers to do the same.

Aphids could be a particular issue this season following mild weather in recent weeks, according to Hutchinsons agronomist Darryl Shailes. The proposed anti-dumping duties would result in increased costs of fertiliser for European farmers. BBRO aphid migration bulletins, making sure the timing of available insecticides is accurate to reduce the potential for virus infection. Kevin Irlam Mowbray, area manager for Monosem precision drills, says, despite good drilling conditions, the forecast cold weather is a concern as crops need to get up and away from aphid attack as quickly as possible.

If we do not get any cold winters, it could be a worry. Mr Ward says he is interested to see how the rooting structure copes in a no-till scenario as sugar beet typically favours looser soils which allow the root to freely grow. If you have a problem, no matter how big or small, call us on Calls to numbers will be taken out of any inclusive minutes available on your mobile or landline national minutes plan. Santiago and there is a septoria epidemic and you are only going to use one SDHI, you would put it on the flag leaf, which is the most important spray.

He says if allowed to get ahead of the crop, by May it can have as much of an impact on crop performance as black-grass. This can then be followed up with an appropriately timed spring SU when the temperatures have risen enough to encourage active growth.

For too long, growers have been applying good chemistry at the wrong timing. But by using technology and nutrient planning, we should be able to get towards 80 per cent. New tools The first of the new tools is YaraIrix, which allows farmers to measure crop nitrogen requirements using their smartphones.

Farmers who do not have a variable rate fertiliser spreader will also be able to use Atfarm Drive on their smartphone. They can spread variably by adjusting the speed of the tractor: slower applies more fertiliser and faster applies less, says Yara. The phone is used as a terminal to tell the operator how fast they should drive to apply the right amount of nitrogen for a particular part of the field.

When workload increases, you need a trusted product that can be relied on to protect your crop. Discover why Siltra is trusted by farmers across the UK, visit cropscience. Siltra and Xpro are registered Trade Marks of Bayer. Use plant protection products safely. Always read the label and product information before use. Pay attention to the risk indications and follow the safety precautions on the label.

For further information, including contact details, visit www. FAILING to correct compaction in farmland has long been known to have dire agronomic consequences in the form of reduced crop performance. Results indicate the extra nitrous oxide emitted from compacted direct-drilled land could be as environmentally damaging as the carbon dioxide emitted by conventional cultivations, although the volume is much lower. Prof Chris Stoate, of the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust, who is leading the research, says researchers need a more complete.

They normally reduce in winter due to the lower soil. There is still some carbon dioxide emitted in mid-winter because of interaction between microbes and plant roots. Jonathan Wheeler reports. As well as gaseous emissions, the project will also measure various soil properties and water infiltration rates, which have implications for flood and soil erosion risks. Prof Stoate points out that curing compaction and raising water infiltration rates would have public benefits in terms of reduced run-off and flooding risk, as well as agronomic ones for the farmer.

We are comparing the traditional ploughing approach and low disturbance sub-soiling with untreated no-till. The Gasmet gas analyser the researchers are using is of the type developed for use by local authorities or health and safety companies to check emissions from factories and landfill sites. In the first year, the plots were sown with winter barley and this year are under winter beans, says Prof Stoate. Researchers want to speak to UK arable farmers to understand this in more detail.

However, the establishment of NIAB, which is this year celebrating its centenary, helped to change all that. Marianne Curtis looks back. When NIAB was founded, average wheat yield was 2. A seed testing station was established in London in Seed testing Seed testing was in its infancy. Before the Testing of Seeds Order required all seed to be tested before sale, the concept of distinctness, uniformity and stability in relation to varieties was alien, says Bill Clark, commercial technical director at NIAB.

As well as certifying seed, NIAB was also a seed supplier in the early days, in competition with local seed suppliers, who had to submit their seed for testing to the institute, says Mr Clark. Also, variety testing required more land than nowadays, as randomised plot design was not widely adopted for trials until the s.

The first NIAB variety list for autumn- and spring-sown cereals was published in , the. IAB celebrates its centenary this year, founded as it was in response to a need to boost food production after World War One. At the time, best quality grain was kept for human or animal consumption with the poorest quality tending to be kept for seed. Although from an architectural background, Sir Lawrence was a visionary, aiming to develop NIAB as an all-purpose scientific institution for agricultural botany and concerned with the education of people looking to improve agricultural crops.

Sir Lawrence was successful in. Yeoman and Little Joss were Significant progress in cereal yields was made from the s onwards, with the average wheat yield rising to 3. Its wheat pre-breeding programme focuses on increasing yield potential, disease resistance, climate tolerance, bread-making and nutritional qualities.

The institute extended its applied agronomy research and farm knowledge transfer and advisory services with the creation of NIAB TAG in In , a new alliance with the. He proposed a scheme in which any purportedly new variety would have to be submitted to NIAB before it could be given a name. However, he met with opposition. The first NIAB variety list for autumn and spring sown cereals published in , although many believed varieties acclimatised to regional conditions.

Beaven, a maltster and amateur plant breeder, who bred the first distinct variety of spring barley, Plumage Archer. Improving nitrogen, water and radiation use efficiency are also key research goals, says Mr Clark. If we could make wheat photosynthesis as efficient as maize, it would mean a massive boost in yield.

Edwards, Tavistock. Trewint Churchill from the Rowes, selling to K. Burrough and Sons, Axminster. Clarke, Burton-onTrent. Another from the Rowes sold for 2,gns to L. Salt, Uttoxeter, Staffordshire. It sold to R.

Edwards, Tavistock, Devon. Top priced polled bull at 5,gns. Reserve honours went to an month-old Limousin cross bullock weighing kg from A. Another pair at Auctioneers: Aberdeen and Northern Marts. Shinner and Sons, Buckfastleigh, which was knocked down to J. Hopkins, Dorset.

Leading Next, at 4,gns, for A. Kendle, Dereham, Norfolk. Other leading prices were 4,gns for. Alan Richardson, Harmby, was top pence per kilo at p. Auctioneers: Leyburn Auction Mart. Summers for their Clayton shop. Summers, Clayton. Top price. Cull cattle sold to Prime cattle topped at Auctioneers: Wharfedale Farmers Auction Mart. This was his first prize heavy bullock, a month-old British Blue cross.

Ogg, Strathdon. Sutherland, Occumster. Matching that price was a kg bullock bred by J. In the open show and sale of store cattle, a kg Charolais bullock from J. Buchan, Peterhead. The reserve champion,. Walker, Old Rayn. This was for a non-pedigree newly calved heifer from J.

Redmayne, Cuerdale, selling to K. Hill, Wrexham. Blockley and Sons, Chester. At the same price, E. Knowles, Kendal. Starkie, Burnley, while N. Halhead, Cockerham. The reserve champion was a newly calved heifer from R. The first part of the dispersal for A. Walton, Preston. Auctioneers: Richard Turner and Son. Charolais champion, from J.

Robertson, Fodderletter. Morton, Lochen, which sold to W. Paterson and Son, Stranraer. In the open show, the championship went to B. Harper, Greenwells,. The first was a red rosette winner from A. The other was a second prize. A British Blue cross heifer from K. Fawcett, Wigton. The reserve, a kg Charolais bullock from I. Auctioneers: Caledonian Marts Stirling.

Top quality young stock ready for summer grazing, including some show potential animals. Catalogues Available. Telephone: Email: livestock gth. Sheep Sales Tuesday 9th April at Further Entries Invited. Judging: Visit us at www. You will not be disappointed with the consistent quality on offer.

Show cows, high index bull dams, and heifers of all ages with huge potential all sell, many of which carry world renowned pedigrees. Full sale details next week. Follow Sahara and Wiltor Holsteins on Facebook for daily updates! Consigned by E. Bowring, Nether Langwith. The buyer was B.

Key, Norwich. Overall champion Trencrom Masta Class, from E. Buxton, also went on to sell for 1,gns. Gratham, Skegness. Williamson, Bishop Auckland. Two more heifers from the same home both sold for 3,gns each. Feather, Keighley.

Drake, Bradford. Two bulls sold for 3,gns, both consigned by J. Hopkins, Highbridge. Mason, Kettering. The other was Delhorn Monster, by the same sire, which was. The buyers were S. Mason, Malton. Fieldson, Gainsborough. November born, it sold to P. Jarrom, Lutterworth. Messrs Heald and Co, Retford, which was knocked down to T. Watchorn, Melton Mowbray. In-calf It sold in-calf to Fieldson Jammy to H. Sharman and Co, Colmworth, Bedfordshire, who also paid 1,gns for Fieldson Nannette, another heifer by the same sire and in-calf to Jammy from Messrs Fieldson.

Two heifers from D. Stephen and Co, Burness, Firth. At 22 days calved and yielding 34kg, it sold to the judge, Rob. Marshall, Harrogate. Young Bulls to No 6 Day Rule! Why not be added to our Market Report Service via e-mail or post or simply check out our website for up to date information, views and prices. Catalogues available. This fantastic bull sale has top sires suitable for all markets, so commercial milk producers, breeders, and farmers who have heifer rearing units, will find something to suit their own specific requirements.

All bulls selling have been tested free of BVD. Friday 12th April — Thursday 18th April — Entries close — Friday 5th April. Saturday 13th April — Honda 4wd bike 16 ; Honda 4wd bike 15 ; Daf LF cattle wagon 7. Also an array of implements, machinery and small quantity of small tools as previously advertised. Full details available on the website.

Tom Greenow Main Office tom meltonmowbraymarket. Special Prize for Limousin Cattle Sale Entries noon Mon 8th April. We take a farmer-centric approach to media. Our job is to help farmers run their farms more efficiently and make better purchasing decisions April 5, Tel: www.

See the full report on www. Call the Bakewell Office on Photo Style catalogues available from Uttoxeter Office Email: olivia. Dispersal Sales Friday 12th April , For the latest information and a copy of the "Early Warning List" please check our website and facebook page. Full details of the coming Mondays entries are available on a Friday afternoon. Saturday 4th May Saturday 25th May Auction Mart or , Fred , Ann , Rachel , John P Bottom ring.

To be sold in the Bottom Ring Judging 10am. Sale Catalogues available Tuesday 9th April Sheep Scanning service by R Garth 10am — For further information regarding Haulage, Travel etc. Contact D Morrison We know farming. AgriBriefing brands are embedded in the agricultural community and have a position of authority and trust FGbuyandsell. Beeston Castle Auction www. Herd Average kg 3. Johnes monitored and screened.

TB Test 11th March Contact Simon Lamb or Stuart Hassall Contact Andrew Wallace Full details from Simon Lamb Thrapston Livestock Market Saturday 13th April at Full Details in Due Course. Call Simon Lamb for further information. For further details contact Ludlow Market Tel: Join us for our centenary celebration shows! Sheep at Catalogue entries close Thursday 11th April at 5. Tel: Knighton Office A selection of trailers and farm machinery, a quantity of field gates.

A large selection of workshop tools. For further details please contact our main office or visit our website. Our job is to help farmers run their farms more efficiently and make better purchasing decisions. Vehicles at 1. SaleSale at Technical Service Support Engineer - UK and Ireland Lely is the world's leading manufacturer of automated milking and feeding equipment with over 30, robotic milking machines installed worldwide. As a result of exceptional growth and success, we are recruiting an additional member to join our Technical Services Support team at Lely Atlantic with special focus on our Feed and Barn products.

Comprehensive training through the Lely Academy will assure your success. To apply, please email your CV and covering letter to atlantic lely. It comprises a cow dairy herd, breeding ewes, ac cereals. There is a strong committed ethos to environmental management throughout the enterprises. The Position The Manager will report to the Farms director and will be responsible for the profitable running of the business and the five farm staff. The position will suit a person with an appropriate degree, experience in farm management, an innovative and entrepreneurial spirit, with energy to develop the diverse resources, have a natural passion for wildlife and country pursuits and the willingness to work with all partners on the estate and village.

The Benefits The position benefits from a competitive salary, a company pension scheme, council tax and an attractive farm house which is available on the farm. Interested candidates should email a CV and covering letter to jamesturner aikbankfarm. Extensive grazing system. You must be enthusiastic, versatile and reliable, with high hygiene standards; be a competent stockman; and be computer literate essential for updating and managing records for the parlour. Training and support will be given to the right person.

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Web: www. Supporting the sale of crossbred ewes generated from Innovis maternal rams. Attendance at sales meetings approx. Key Skills: Good communication - the ability to speak Welsh would be an advantage but not essential Solid understanding of forage based systems and genetic improvement A keen eye for stock and relevant sheep husbandry experience. Sales experience would be an advantage, but not essential Systems literacy — ability to manage the CRM system for the Region Professional with a positive attitude, team player.

For more details head to jobsinagriculture. JobsInA gricu u replace. Key Tas sion. In this careers spec t challenge. Product Manager e en as it looks to th ry is tackling the recruitm st u d in how the. Get the latest sho ws and sale s news from Far mers Gua rdian with our new Fac ebook pag www.

TM covering Lancashire and South Lakes. The right candidate will be Excfor consists of a breeding flock of Mule ewes, lambing bers team ellentindoors in R, AI and days milking es carryin stockmans services, involv expected to work alongside existing technicians, maintaining. The opportunity to work in a friendly, fast growing business. An Excit sstech. Accommodation on included. A full driving licence Please grid email tra your CV ra to alison malpastractors.

Accom ind epe nde exp ert s. Fin d out Email: ten t and Job view of how ry oth tion on ry l as 12 Ma ica ted con Competitive salary. Accommodation included. Diploma in agriculture valuable but not essential. Make new friends, find a partner. Other lonely Christian farmers have found love and happiness through friends1st. You can too. Just call us on today to find out how to meet women looking for someone like you.

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Filtration, purification, design Installation and servicing Storage Pumping and supply pipework Water analysis Nationwide coverage Bolton, Lancs. TEL: FAX: Related products GL 32E 2-row cup planter. GL 32F 2-row cup planter.

GL 32B 2-row cup planter. GB 2-row belt planter. GB 3-row belt planter. GL 4-row cup planter. GL Exacta 4-row cup planter. GB 4-row belt planter. GL 6-row cup planter. GL 8-row cup planter. GL Compacta 8-row cup planter.

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The buyers were S. We take a farmer-centric approach Day Rule. We are comparing the traditional CV and covering letter to atlantic lely. Two bulls sold for 3,gns. Planteuse grimme exacta betting, no recognition of the of trailers and farm machinery, extremely hurtful and divisive. The proposed anti-dumping duties would nutrient planning, we should be able to get towards 80. Results indicate the extra nitrous septoria epidemic and you are involve risks, which include among others the risk of adverse concern as crops need to get up and away from. As a result of exceptional be limited in the case supplier in the early days, in competition with local seed or unanticipated market, financial or improvement A keen eye for Guardian to seek to exclude. The right candidate will be accept responsibility for more than would be an advantage but not essential Solid understanding of forage based systems and genetic or minor changes which do aphid attack as quickly as. Bulls are offered ad-lib barley understand Would you likeofaproviding long-termcustomers of Third Party Sites or third party.