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Fixed-limit also called just Limit is a type of betting structure for a poker game where the amount of all bets and raises in any given betting round is fixed. This is in contrast to pot-limit and no-limit betting. Most commonly, fixed-limit games have two bet sizescalled the small bet and the big bet. Such games are usually written as having limits of "small-slash-big". In Hold 'em and Omaha games, the big bet is usually twice the size of the small bet, though in other variants such as 7-Studit may be more.

Ninjacraft 1-3 2-4 betting system human table soccer tips betting

Ninjacraft 1-3 2-4 betting system

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Slicing through hordes of zombies, his armor tattered and torn and hanging by the loosest strands, katana high overhead, face contorted in an exultant ragethis image of the samurai on the cover of the first Legend of the Five Rings book remains engraved in my memory.

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Is sports betting legal in nc There are sims which fly better but look crap. This is its Carapace Rating CR. Upgrade your lifestyle habits for even more protection. C — Jennifer Graham. Use of this cover disk implies acceptance of these terms. In an emailed statement, Manchester Mayor Ted Gatsas, a Republican, pointed to some of his efforts to save the city money through energy efficiency programs, but did not directly address whether he would sign onto the Paris accords.
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Ufc betting odds 1553 On that note, you can also rent a comic. Virgin have seen fit to ilude no less than two padlock views to Ip you find the bad guy and terminate i contract. Coffee, tea, water and low-fat milk are served with each meal. First Baptist Church, Manchester St. The shield gives you temporary immunity, demonstrated by three shields buzzing around you like flies around. If the duel was to the first blood, the loser often gives themselves a Wound.
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Ninjacraft 1-3 2-4 betting system MelaJ narwhal on your six! Full menu available on our website. Bottom One of the to Uff he r q u;t I i fvi ng groups, perhaps? Iht Sounded Cards? Hip hip hoorah for Bullfrog! Last post: Feb 07,pm Betfury. Battle Isle 2
Q school snooker betting system Food provided by Cornerstone Restaurant Group, Inc. The Chamber will never be the same. She was Northfield, Vermont, on July 30,the daughter of J. Nevertheless, if you enjoy tongue- in-cheek private dick stories, it could be worth giving this one a shot. Additionally, Activision is considering a sequel, which will give you the chance to take part in th- in vas ion of the Inner Sphere. Good grief. A force's morale is determined by past experience in Battle.


Contact Maris on Confident that the Kick Off brand is strong enough to promote feelf amongst the 50 or so football sims currently in the offing, the publishers believe that Ihe launch is too big to be jeopardised by the possibility of the game finding its way ontu the piracy circuit before release. We wait with baited bnealh.

Well, we re happy to report that the final version of the game will actually run quite happily on a SX machine at 20 MHZ with only 4 MB of ram. Prices can be subject to change. Originally due to be released tor Christmas last yesr, ttie launch slipped bach to Easter, and is now due tor release ibis summer.

Amstrad are now also ottering their multimedia system, previously only available with a SX processor and 1 30Mb hard drive with a Mb drive and a choice at SX or DX processors. Contact Amstrad on Each kit also comes bundled with the current best-selling CD-ROM software or a choice of previous top titles, Multimedia Solutions can be contacted on Three h CD from Gremlin Gremlin join the compilation band wagon this month with a three-game compilation CD.

Unlike many of the other compilations on the market however, the one features three top- notch games aimed at the gamer who likes his action fast and furious. Arcade Poof is a mufti-featured pool game which promises to bring more bells, whistles and options to the genre than any previous pool or snooker simulation. Ateo on the way is King Pin, a ten pin bowling simulation. This could be the excuse you've been waiting for to pull on a pair of silty trousers and strut your stuff in a high-tech bowling alley.

The game features 30 animations of male and female characters, up to six player competion mode, full auto-scoring, aftertooch control system with adjustable power, digitised sound effects, choice of bowling baits and oodles more. Mouse Mat-tastic! I hose cheeky funsters at The Data Business have come up with a new I range of novelty mouse mats to brighten up your desk.

Contact The Data Business on So many games, so little time — these days, shopping for your PC can be a nightmare. Top 20 Full Price Titles 1. Sun City 2, Cannon Fodder 3. Premier Manager 2 5. X- Wing 6. Frontier: Elite 2 7. Microsoft Flight Simulator V. Corridor 7 9. Pacific Strike Battle Isle 2 TFX Ultima 8 Graham Gooch World Class Cricket Indy Car Racing The Settlers Links - Mauna Kea Dune 4.

Harpoon 7. Battle Of Britain ID. Rebel Assault 2. Mega Race 5. Jack Hlcklaus CD Compendiur 6. Sim City 7. Animals 8. UFO: Enemy Unknown 9. Space Shuttle Hr 30 different combat missions. Rescue downed comrades, Use satellite intelligence to plan missions and mop progress. Patrol a real time world and take out SCUDS, tanks, chemical weapon plants, nuclear reactors, airfields, radar and roaming enemy units.

The President has chosen you to fly a series of pre-emptive missions in the awesome Apache attack helicopter. Alt rights reserved. All rights reserved. With five big new releases on the way T over the nexl few months, including a super slick shoot 1 em up, three sprawling RPG's and a new blood'n'guts seek and destroy battle simulator, Psygnosis are looking to comer the market in just about every genre. Wizard turns to Hexx Many wilt already be familiar with the stunning new HPG known as Wizard, which has been under development fnr some time now and has already received much critical acclaim on the preview circuit.

Developed by master RPG -programmer. Tag who brought you Legend and Bloodwycty, Hexx looks to be one of the most innovative and exciting role-playing games currently in development. Check out the next issue for a full review. You must control your ruthless platoon of battle hungry commandos in a tight to the death against hordes of homicidal maniacs in this fiendishly addictive and challenging game.

With 50 blood'n'guts splattered missions to choose from and tour war-tom environments to explore, you must guide your men, equipped with the most lethal military hardware, over grass planes, desert, polar icecaps and even the moon in search of the enemy. Promising stunning Silicon Graphics rendered backdrops, lightning fast 3D action and a heart- pounding digital audio soundtrack, Scavenger 4 could to take the gamer to planet fantastic and back again when it is released in the Autumn.

Pratchett, a keen game player himself, is currently working very closely with the developers to ensure the project retains all the humour and complexity of his original work. IHHH per: f Fight to the death against hordes of homicidal maniacs in Theatre of Heath Dfscworld is set to include a full- screen vicing mode and f gaming environment at least three limes bigger than present market leaders.

The new easy-fit drive will help to eliminate the need for an Interface controller card to run the drive and remove Lite compat- ibility problems which clout many CO- ROM drive interfaces. Contact Silica Systems on Specially created for the new exhibition, Scivncewlfc features a totally reworked and enlarged toolbar, enabling the game tu be played with both touch screen and mouse, putting the player in the decision- making lint seat as he or she attempts to build the city of the luture.

The exhibition, which was opened by Sir David Attenborough in May, has so far proved to be an enormous success and will run until late September. Contact Maxis on If you want to go the whole hog and update to a lull multimedia system, they are also offering two upgrade bundles. Contact TecnoPlus on Dwilcb of The Day If you can't gat enough of football at the moment, and fancy playing a management aim with real, top-quality footballers and teams, Zeppelin Games have released a management sim based on the German Budesltga.

Gold Ltd. Tel: The most famous family from Arkansas are about to make it onto the big screen this month in a new film from Twentieth Century Fox. Jed, discovers oil whilst out tamtitV in the swamp and moves his family to the swanky Beverly Kills. Dragged kicking an a screaming to Beverly Hilts by Jed, she is kidnapped by a conniving bunch of vtflams who have their eye on toe dampens' fortune.

The sweet-spirited dim bulb with big dreams and an even bigger appetite Keep it in The Family I Surprisingly, the game follows the plot of the Elm closely, whilst retaining much of Lhe humour and familiarity of the original tv show. The Beverly HifflrfUfes makes full use of all Lhe colourful characters in the film, whilst the well- known game scenarios will certainly be familiar to Hillbillies fans, A testament in itself to the strength of the Hillbillies story and the originality of the dampen family clan.

The game pi ay is based around six main stages, and, like the film and tv series, you must mix with your snooty new neighbours whilst trying to maintain your good old-fashioned hillbilly values, avoiding unwanted advances from would-be gold diggers. After finally moving in, a hoedown is thrown to meet the new neighbours. The festivities are quickly brought to a halt when it is discovered that Granny has been kidnapped by greedy no-gooders who want to get their hands on the Clampett 1 s loot.

It s up to Jed to rescue Gra n ny and r evi ve her by mixing up one of her famous tonics, but first you have to get together the right ingredients. Hair of the weasel may be in plentiful supply on the shelves of the local store in. Arkansas, but definitely not in Beverly Hills! With large bright sprites and a host of colourful backgrounds. The Beverly Hillbillies faithfully retains much of the humour of the original tv series and the blockbuster film. Five runners up will also receive a copy of the game.

Is it: a At the gas station b Under his bed c In the swamp? Using the phenomenal capacity ol the CD-ROM, we provide over games in uncompressed format, ready to run. And remember all the games come ready to run. Among the many titles you will receive are: Doom,.

Blake Stone. Adventure, Educational, Casino, Card, Simulation and Strategy games too numerous to mention Wo guarantee there ii absolutely no padding only the very best games are included. Shareware programs require separate payment to authors U Icund uselul. PER - K'-? Both packs also feature enhanced modem play and time acceleration, a Replay Cut Utility which allows the user to clip highlights of driving experiences and a Settings Print Utility which enables the user to view or print custom car set-ups as opposed to being restricted to viewing set-ups only inside the garage.

The two packs are scheduled for release in July and September respect- ively and we'll be giving a full review of each in the next issue. Contact Virgin Interactive on Origin Flying High rigin continue to push the limits of current technology with two new shoot 'em up flight simulations scheduled tor release this month. We've news of the latest, possibly greatest, game in the Wing Commander series and an update on Wings of Glory.

Wing Armada enables the player to pit his or her wits against either a human opponent or a sinister computer After years ot following orders and losing ships and friends, you are now the sole comm- ander, responsible for heading up a momentous strike against your enemies' homeland. The war reijuires real strategy, not just hot-shot piloting, and you will have to determine where to light, how to fight and what ships will get the job done.

In Wing Armarda you have the freedom to construct your own universe, your own missions and your own campaign. The programming team have listened to what Wing Commander players want and as a result have now attempted to turn these dreams into reality. Wing Armada now offers the option of flying head-to-head against another player using a split-screen, modem or network, white! Created by naval expert, Larry Bond, Harpoon has been one of the best-selling strategy games of recent years and has received much critical acclaim.

High Command. The bomber simulation Mega fortress will be available as Mega Pak which includes Operation Sledgehammer and a mission editor. Digital Integration are on Boasting superb realism and historical accuracy, ings Of Glory lets you take control of one of five different planes, each with eir own characteristics, and pit your wits against the German Hunter luadrcns, Using Origin's ReaiSpace graphics engine, planes ffy at you in credible detail whilst four- channel sound gives you the roar of the dogfight e way the first knights of the skies heard it.

With a detailed mission structure that progresses with each pilot, Wings Of ory offers superb graphics and realism in this historically accurate and aphicalty stunning flight simulation. DiseteQjs new multimedia kits. Yaqub was lined E5. The judge Mr Hart- Leverton, said: "Courts must make it plain that when software a co pied, severe understandably delight ud with the outcome of the case. Games software houses will also be well chuffed, having aeon bootlegged copies ol some of their products show up at car boot sales.

Iht Sounded Cards? A market summary from Dataquest shows that shipments of sound cards, including those Incorporated in multi media kits, almost doubled in Ciutlvo Labs is still leading dm market with Its Sound Bitter range, however, its losing a portion of Us coveted market share to other bit sound card manufactures.

The growth in sales nf all sound cards is expected to continue this yean the majority of which being sold as part of tell multimedia kits. Doom addicts wilt find over new levels on the disk along with a selection of editors and other odds and ends. Before you run them you should St!

This will give you the Opportunity to change the settings for that demo. From then on you can run the demo as normal from the LucasArts menu. To do this you must take on a range of increasingly difficult missions. This demo presents some scenes cut from the full game and two short playable sequences in which you must attack at- at walkers and defend a freighter against til fighters.

Day of the Tentacle litis wacky graphic adventure was reviewed back in issue 6 of PC Zone and received a Recommended award. It is a hilarious sequel to Manta? Mansion, an earlier LucasArts adventure. On the cu is a rolling demo awing some of the cut scenes from the me. F Flaps B Brakes Secret Weapons of the Luftwaffe This was Lawrence Mulholland's third flight simulation for Lucas Arts, h gave you the opportunity to fly a range of secret planes that, fortunately, the Nazis failed to put into active service on a grand scale.

You can use a mouse, joystick or cursor keys to control the plane. So you're probably sick to death of the levels that are supplied. Well you need not be any longer because weVc got over yes, count 'em new levels for you to try, Our resident Doom gurus, David McGandless and Miles Tudor, haw also assembled a collection of editors and other add ons. You'll find the tiles within a directory called doom.

To do this, make new directory to receive the files, e. In the doom directory. ZIP A bug fix for the operating system. It updates doom to version 1,4. In the editors subdirectory'. Various doom editing utilities indudin; Level Editors. Sound and Music Editors, Graphics Editors. Unzip everything into the doom directory and read the relevant text files. ZIP Wadmn. ZIP A networking menu, 4. In the wadi n is subdirectory. Over new Doom fwad files. We recommend using one of the front ends. Hocus Pocus The latest game from the stars of shareware.

This is another platform game, but its extremely addict is You play a little wizard out to teach a few big wizards a lesson or two. Raptor lother great new game from Apogee. Full lying instructions can be found from thin the game. To mark its release we've included this rolling demo. The demo has been preinstalled on the CD to run with Sound Blaster compatible sound cards. If you have such a card you can run the demo directly from the cd by typing: D: to log onto the drive containing your cd.

Substitute the correct drive letter if it is other than D:. World Cup Challenge Now that the World Cup is drawing to a close, perhaps you'd like to try your hand at managing your own World Cup team. Well you have the perfect opportunity now, because weVe included a playable demo of Winspon s World Cup Challenge. To install this demo, create a new directory on your hard drive by typing, e. Please note that the helpline will not be able to assist you with problems concerning the HD disk covermount.

This will create a new icon which you can double-click to start the demo. The install program will create a new group in Program Manager called Broderbund Software. Within this will be icons for the four demos- Shareware programs We've also included three great shareware games: Intruders, Leaper, and Skulls.

HD Disk Users: Make the drive containing your disk current by typing, e. The trainers are for: puns to activate it. The game will load, hr now Fi will boost your health and F 2 your ammo. Nothing could be simpler. Megarace Mindscape Could this be the First ever trainer for a ci game? Just copy kace. X-Wing US Gold We had one of these way back in the misty shadows of Issue i, but such is the demand that we've done another one. Just copy the file xwtrn. Tile game will load as usual, but now', if you hit F6 you can use the built-in trainer function and still complete a mission, or you can thumb F?

So, if you possess, and have installed, the Imperial Pursuit add-on disk, use this trainer instead. Same rules apply as above, except this one s called emptrn. So to finally sten the flow of obsequious begging letters, we the HackMasters, give you a Gods trainer.

Nostalgia can be what it used In be if you pUy our ait. However, PC Zone, and its suppliers and distributors cannot accept liability for loss or damage to hardware or software however caused. The cover disks supplied with this issue are used at the discretion and risk of individual readers.

Use of this cover disk implies acceptance of these terms. Some of the programs on these disks are shareware, they are supplied as an evaluation service to our readers. If you like these programs and intend to go on using them, you should register them.

In return you wili usually receive updated or additional programs and other bonuses. Tel: Check out the specs of the different 'Mechs before choosing one to fight with. TORSO- :tr. It was a turn- based futuristic war game in which players controlled giant robot-type killing machines called BattleMechs which were armed with awesome 31st century weaponry.

It was similar to the famous Dungeons and Dragons board game that caught the imagination of train spotters everywhere w T ho wanted to bring some excitement into their life by pretending to be Tolkien-type wizards and demons. The Battle Tech pheno- menon has come a long way since then. It started life as a small board game and has now developed into a major moo ey-spinn 1 ng industry. Not surprisingly, all this activity has not escaped the attention of the pc game world.

There has already bee three pc games released based on the BattleTech universe [B a hided! We took a look at the first working version of the game and it looks set to take the pc games w T orld by storm. Eye-popping graphics, amazing sound effects, a superb pulsating sound track ar of course, wonderfully gratuitous bouts o wanton destruction are the hallmarks of Activision's new release. Death or dishonour In the 31st century. Earth and hundreds t other planets make up a part of known space called the Inner Sphere.

The Sphere ruled by competing Houses who, after centuries of fighting among themselves, are faced with a new threat in the form o the Clans, The six Clans are made up of exiled soldiers from various planets who have come back to the Inner Sphere to tal it over. Having consistently defeated the Houses in battle, the Clans now control a large part of the Sphere and have set thei sights on getting the rest.

The Houses anc Clans have now declared a 15 year truce, and most of the Houses are using the period to gel themselves ready for the wa that will undoubtedly erupt at the end of rhe truce. Bound by honour not to fight with the Houses, the six Clans start to fig among themselves.

This is where you con in. You start the game as a young MechWarrior for one of the Clans. Enroll with one of the six Clans in Career mode. Fre-set scenarios with variable difficulty settings. And a wide range of set-up choices to make every game different and playing time limitless! Think you can cut it?

Your goal: seek out and destroy the opposing legion's master — and wrest ultimate power Scratch one Troll - it's about to be roasted by a Fire Elemental! Stay away from a Troll's huge club! Developed by Silicon Knights. Mu Wkvt. Conlact U. If you want to take a look at the early games, you can now buy all three ht a compilation which Activision has released as part of Its Powerhta range, this is an overview on how the game has developed since the early days.

Players could travel to 4 million locations and form their BDC and the graphics are a hit basic but it's still reasonably playable, despite Its age. BattleTech 2 offers 27 scenarios on five planets. Sound support and better graphics were incorporated into this sequel and It has a very atmospheric feel to It.

This desert planet is just one of many different terra itts in MechWarrior 2 , This Mech has jump jets. Better Lake him out taefon he disappears. Tfial and error When you enter the Instant Action screen, you can select the BaUlcMcch you want to use for the fight, decide how many Meehs will be on your side and how many opponents you will face. You can customis all aspects of the battle to get a feel for what lies ahead of you in Career mode, Yoi can decide what the weather conditions will be, what planet you'll be fighting on, and even the gravity of t he planet itself.

All prices include VAT, and postage charges. It's all here: ramps, sink holes, kick- backs. The four tables shown above make up Pinball Pack 3. For a free CompuServe sign-up kit, call and ask for representative Try your local PBS or one of the following. Go try Epic Pinball today! Each order includes a bonus shareware game. Below righlj Lake control of tons of menacing metal. The book follows the progress of Aldan, a young cadet, as he makes his way through basic training in his bid to become a MechWarrior Apart from being a good read, the book gives you real empathy with the BattleTech world, and consequently adds more atmosphere lo the game when you play it.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who plans to play MechWarrior 2 when it's released. The aiLraetive present- ational sequences add to the atmosphere. Full info on the planets is available before going into battle. Well, it would be if it wasn't for the unfortunate fact that the enemy have similar un-neighbourly feelings towards you.

Defeating your foes is not just a case of blasting away at them until they blow up, either. If you get into this situation, you may as well be standing on the battlefield with a big white flag waving to your enemies and inviting them to come and blow you into tiny little pieces.

The best strategy is to move at a leisurely pace and only use your energy-consuming weapons if you know they'll hit their target. The tracking view is particularly impressive and shows off your BattleMech in all its wonderful glory. For that extra bit of realism, you can play against human opponents via modem or serial link. You can either play against your friends, or join forces with them and fight for the same Clan. If yon perform quite well for a particular Clan, you will receive medals and promotions.

If you perform exception- ally well, you may even have your genes added to the Clans gene pool to be passed on to future warriors. Activisic Is planning to release a series of add-on disks. The first one should be released soo after the game itself, and will feature 17 new r BattleMech designs. Additionally, Activision is considering a sequel, which will give you the chance to take part in th- in vas ion of the Inner Sphere.

MechWarrior will be in the shops in October, and if the potential inherent in this early version is realised, simulation fans are in for a superior game experience. But nothing could he further from the truth. In the construction plant, you can design your own Mechs. A multitude of options include choosing the total tonnage, which type of engine to use, what type of weapons to use and where to place them on the 'Mech.

It also adds an element of strategy to the game. Fully accurate team and player information, including first and second strip. Ives, Huntingdon, Cambs. Above Preparing to la i u on 1 1 it- rhosen. Outpost, is undoub- tedly the graphics.

The 3- dimensionai rendered animations of various spaces hips and robotic helpers is. Whether the human race actually deserves to survive isn't clear, but if the mind-boggling ly complex problems we came up against in the beta version are anything to go by. Once you Ye found one. Then in goes the si to factory: an automated landing unit rhat sets up the first few buildings usmg robots. Who needs neighbours, eh?

Unless you live in North Wales where most of you would probably exchange them for the present incumbents quite happily. Outpost looks good from every angle. S ierra claims the game to he a science fact-based colonisation strategy game.

Apart from putting it squarely Into a category all of its own, ft begs some explanation. Fortunately, thaTs present in the shadowy shape of the designer and producer, Bruce Balfour, According to the Pit bumf, Bruce Is a space boffin par excellence, having worked on NASA's space program as a systems manager and written a few scl-fi books. Apparently, while at NASA be carried out some detailed studies on proposed martian and lunar colonies, orbital labs, terraforming, robot factories and artificially Intelligent computers.

No wonder the American public is moaning about the squtllkms of wasted dollars. Unless, that is, they haven't told us everything, of course. Below With planning permission no longer ncccttuy. Shoot-em-up ahoy chemiea weapons plants and nuclear reactors or drop leaves on the railway lines. The tactical part involves insuring that you picl your way t hrough the things that are out L get you, get the things you're supposed to get.

It s played from an isometric viewpoint, and the helicopter never varies in height above the ground. Taking off and landing are achieved, rather like horrible Brummie accents, by the influence of environment rather than by any active learning process ike dll Learner chopper irih its.

Barry preferred to 1 rid his way around tv following thr ramr he usually took in his mini. Times have changed. Console atioy! Desert Strike first emerged into the world as a console game, and a rather rare one at that. It's one of the few console games to concern itself with industrial action by registered tree surgeons in an area with few opportunities for gainful employment. Very untopical joke ahoy Bear in mind also, that you can't just fly about willy-nilly, having fun.

Despite this lack f proper flying, the helicopter handles retry much as you expect - the nose oints down when you fly forward and up 'hen you fly backward, and even further p when you crash. How that will affect matters remains to be seen. M The Weapons here are three types of weapon available to you in your quest to purge the sands of evil enemy scum: a gun, some powerful death-dealing missiles and some even more powerful death- dealing missiles.

Caches of these weapons can be found dotted liberally around the landscape - well, liberally on the first level, anyway. Later, they become few and far between and a great deal of careful planning Is called for. Sometimes this aiming method didn't work as well as It might have on the Megadrive version, usually because of the isometric view rather than the Incompetence of your co-pllot, but we'll have to wait and see how It goes In this version.

The less powerful of the two missile types available to you are all very well, but they don't really pack much of a wallop. They're best used for taking out light- armoured vehicles or Ice cream vans. Powerful and with a good range of Are, their only downside Is that there aren't that many of them.

You can only pick them up In batches of eight and fust one rush of blood to the head later, they're gone. Rut, happily enough, so is the bloke who cut you up at the lights. They seem to spend most of their rime prancing around in shockingly- snug lycra numbers, doing untold damage to no- goodm and returning peace and harmony to the planet as we know it.

And all that with their underwear peeking precariously over their tights. Great, fantastic, hut there never seems to be a superhero around when you actually need one. After all, when the! Superman for all his actually manag- s ng-to-move-aroimd-m-a-phonehox abilities ever manage to eat spicy food without showing the slightest sign of distress, put animals to sleep, nr see inside pizza boxes?

It's set in a futuri- stic New York not terribly original, I know, but who cares? Even worse, normally inno- cent sheep have turned from cute woolly barr lambs into bloodthirsty carnivores! IDs just all too much! The eventual object of the game is to reach the Empire State Building, wherein lies the evil Dr Entropy, the man determined that New York should remain festering in toxic waste forever and who.

Defeat the Doc and New Yorl will, once again, be a civilised place where, as it says here, superheroes can always line a date on a Saturday night. You take on the role of the Crimson Tape a cheerily grinning heroic kind of guy with the astounding ability to create organisat- ional charts. Each level on the game consists of a series of miss- ions, which the foursome have to use their logic, intelligence and general ability against all things inhuman to romp lete, move on to the next level and be that step closer to reaching Dr Entropy.

Superhero League of HoboKen! There is another room to the north; stairs lead up and down. The credo of the SLH is emblazoned on the wall, ft person-sized tube leads off to the west. Experience points are gained every time you are victorious in combat, which will go towards advancement in the game and hopefully your eventual invincibility. Each time a certain amount of experience is gained, you advance to the next class of superhero, until eventually you reach first Class.

Although it all threatens to become very complicated, more and more logical moves fall into place as the game goes on. The entertainment factor here is good. Every room is worth exploring, and every object worth tampering with just to find out what witty riposte the game will come up with m response to each little detail you explore. It's likely to appeal mo? Bearing in mind the fact that most pc users now own a copy of Windows and just about every new pc comes with Windows pre-installed, it might strike you as more than a little odd that you still have to resort to dos when you want to have fun.

Not that dos itself is a barrel of laughs. One video shows how the game was made with a claimed budget of one million dollars. If you've enjoyed earlier episodes in the King's Quest series of animated adventures, you'll no doubt enjoy this one too. Huge stone archways line the entire hall.

Unlike many other games, it really seems fully at home in the Windows desktop. Items can be selected in one window and simply dragged and droppei into another window using your mouse. Unfortunately, it has to be said that the graphics are a bit naff and the game pi ay bit dull. Nice try, though. What a mess l It's all the more annoying that most dqs nes insist on using only the first K of miory even if you have another 4 or 8?

Windows, on the other hand, automati- ly manages extended memory and ocates it to any programs that need it. So with all these wonderful advantages, why do games continue to ignore Windows? I need speed.. There is a simple answer: speed. The graphics system used by Windows is plenty fast enough for business applications, such as word processors and spreadsheets, but iris too slow lor most fast-action games. Many graphics games like to communicate directly with hardware, such as your video card and disk, Windows, however, insists on raking control of these operations and may even deliberately delay them when some other program in the Windows environ- ment also wants to access the hardware.

There will : be an improved video system to leL games i display full-screen, smooth-action video i clips instead of the jerky postage-stamp i videos supported by Windows 3. And oos games will be run inside their own nos sessions which will automatically toad any device drivers say, for the cd-rom or mouse into higher ; memory. It uses the same interface as Shade wgate and has the same strengths and weaknesses. Nevertheless, if you enjoy tongue- in-cheek private dick stories, it could be worth giving this one a shot.

Moderately entertaining it may be. You play the B part of a jetpack courier of the future who has to negotiate a variety of maniacal security devices in a high-rise building while attempt- ing to deliver a package to a scientist. The game is great fun and quite addictive. But it behaves in a very un-Windows like w r ay: the action is controlled using the keyboard rather than the mouse; the window cannot be resized: and standard Windows keys, such as Fi for help, have no effect.

Chessmaster is almost the ideal Windows game since, although its graphics are good, they do not require fast animation. Ail in all, a chess game that deserves to be taken seriously by experienced players. The Queen even has magic power that lets her aim death rayi at her victims. But Its level of sophistica- tion is not up to Chessmaster's, And, after while, its initially cute graphics can become quite irritating.

Some companies told us tl' they simply didn't know enough about Chicago and WinG at present. Surely not. ZZZZm You start off with a world and a gene pool at your disposal and, by manipulating a mixture of chromosomes and environmental factors, you try to start up your own version of the Evolution of Life Itself.

Most iphics games work in x resoiut- 1, but Windows normally uses higher solutions, like x or greater. And the Windows environment is much easier to work with from the player's perspective too. Initially we did encounter speed problems. We develop our games using Visual Basic. What this means is that if we wanted to move 22 players on screen it would have taken 22 seconds.

But there are lots of great utilities to help get round limitations like that. We use a tool which reduces time slices to milliseconds so we can make our players move almost instantaneously. Whatever 00s games developers may say, the simple fact of the matter is that Windows is the face of the future. Already in the States, Window's games are taking off in a big way, I'd say they are about twelve months ahead of the uk so Td expect to see Windows games really making a mark in the me about a year from now.

Microsoft has even been previewing a Chicago version of everybody's favourite 3D splatter game. Doom, which appears to run about as fast as the current DOS release. If games this good start appearing in large numbers under Windows, maybe this really will signal the end of dos. The player has to record the actions of a team of armed robots moving round a battlefield.

The idea is that you then play back the actions you've recorded to see if your robots will win. It takes a certain sort of mind-set to have fun out of the laborious effort involved in playing this game. Once again, the Maxis graphic and interface leaves a lot to be desired. Missile Command. Most of them are variations of a shoot-em- up theme. Primitive stuff really, but fun for nostalgia-freaks. Pack 1 includes a pretty' good version of the classic, Tetris; 2 has a good pipe-joining game: 3.

Each pack includes several other entertainments, like moderate card games. Nice interface. Variable game-play. Ola mpfon ship Manager is still one of the best games of its type. It T s a shame, though, that it does nothing to utilise the features of Windows. V'1M,"3MB , It ES ". JES T and Z-. PITCH resolution. We only supply members but you can order as you join Just send in the form below of phone.

There's no obligator! Cheques payable to! Overseas prefers must be ppid by credit card. Atari ST. C and Apple Mac. Anybody can WIN! BOX 84T. Arcy 2 8. As rough guide to interpreting the scores here s the guidelines we give to reviewer: Not that they ever read them mind you.

Flawless in all departments and crammed to overflow! Alternatively, the software company took the reviewer t. Paris for the weekend. High degree of originality Strong idea and well executed, but not necessarily very original, Weaknesses do not seriously impair playability, and it has a reasonably long life, Games falling imo the "If you like this style of game you'll like this, if not you won't" category.

Still playable but probably only the once, DO Seriously weak in idea and execution. It crashed the pc and got jammed in the disk drive. Often, all that a review is saying is that a game is as good as that one but not quite as good as the other one. Sojih 1 games get installed, reviewed and then deleted.

Others, lung around a Jut longer. Not necessarily he best games around, hut the ones we keep coining back lo. However, that brief explanation is actually doing Theme Park a disservice because, when you get down to it. Well, there was and there wasn't, but you know what 1 mean: it was a software toy. However, in Theme Park, there most definitely is a game - it sets its own pace and you have to do as well as you can within its structure, for instance as you progress, the difficulty level tips itself And there are all kinds of variables happening below the surface, too So as well as worrying about the everyday design and running of your park, you also have to worry about possible take- Aliow Yup.

The wages of sin Wage negotiations, lor example. So what now? The other, more difficult sites will have to plopping down a path? Get the like a gun really, and the punters are like bullets Okay, let's move on. And here It is, nestling against the path prepared store entering the shop purchase screen. How does per cent tund to you? Too much? Not enough? This park could almost have been designed by Manet, goddamit.

Er, Ignore safety for the moment. And ignore new shops, toe. And forget staff training, extra amenities, bigger warehouses and so forth. The goal? Who knows, maybe a manned space colony on Neptune. But lace the first couple of rides. So what have we got? Using a couple of the Icons at watt.

And a maze. And a bottom right you can make the attraction more exciting size of the queue-path, a flashing fight bulb appears at eehouse, and a ghost train Ignore it until later? Bollocks 1 will - It pin round 20 times, squint so you can just see where punters waiting too long in the ludicrously long queue might be an interstellar drive or something, and lie ride menu is, and jab a finger forward at random.

Great game, great graphics, great sound, original, imaginative, all very clever, and with a sense of humour. The chaps at Bullfrog always have been, and as long as they keep producing games of this calibre, I reckon they always wilt be. Top notch stuff, basically, so hoorah for Britain. If a ride goes wrong and isn't attended to in time, there's a danger of it blowing up - which not only has disastrous effects on your reputation, but also dam- ages the ground on which the ride was placed.

Rocks appear which you can't get rid of, meaning you have to rebuild around them. So imagine the scene. You've got a large park with, say, 20 rides. At least one will be on the blink, and so you've got four mechanics on the payroll. Hunky dory. Then shazam, up pops the Wage Negotia- tion screen. You've got about 30 seconds to agree a new set wage with the trade union geezer, and failure to do so will see the staff w alking out on strike. It's a nightmare, believe me.

Ditto this for the Sup- plier Negotiation screen You have to haggle them down. Fail to reach an agreement in time and they'll pull their services. And more And there's so much more. Loads of hidden things that leap out at you when you least expect them to. Suffice to say, and I've said it already, that Theme Park is deep - which is something you wouldn't guess from the jokey graphics.

Oh, and on the subject of the jokey graphics, they're brilliant. Really funny. Typical Bull- frog attention to detail. Above middle Why you haLe the punters. Below How you wreak your revenge heh. Hip hip hoorah for Bullfrog! This ride only takes one person at a me, has a low excitement quotient, and Is extremely nreliabie to boot. It makes the Tfreehouse jobble look ke a freef all parachute jump from feet without the arachute.

Out the kidsTI like It you say? Yeah, forget bout it, because Pm going for reputation here: and rtiat I lose on the swings. Maybe Til try It out later, maybe not, who knows. There they are! My first eager punters. I could buy whole country, and retire. I call it flie Mega Mutha. It may not be idle as high, long, fast and dangerous as IV intended, irt I had to place and design It all without time on my ide what with die bank baying for my Mood and so nth. Loops, corkscrews, water plasties, black holes.

Who knows? Just look at that queue for the crap treebouse ride, tor instance. Or maybe even a balloon? I've had a Mt of bad news. Kaput My only hope is that everyone who rides the Mega Mutha goes straight home afterwards, telling their prices in readiness. Let's check out the Boy In Jeans, wno s queueing for me rate ngm now.

Piss oft Disneyland, and move over Magic Mountain. G And now he's had his ride on the Mega Mutha, and is as happy as can he. So go on then, you little sod, bugger off borne and tell your chums how excellent my park is. This is urgent f later. Er, unfortunately he was so happy be hung around and joined the troohouse queue. As did numerous others. But the last laugh is mine: I install the odious snake ride, climb to the top, release an over-priced balloon as a tribute to the Gods of capitalism, and leap kilo oblivion.

II tactical flight simulations to date. WJI South Pacific extravaganza in which you get to fly for either the Yanks or the Japs '['here are ten planes on offer overall, and the chance to specialize in fighters, dive bombers or torpedo bombers. The mission builder contains an extensive mission builder.

J he inclusion of the mission builder is quite generous when you consider the norm for this type of thing is to bold back until a game is reaching the end of its shelf life, and then release it as an add-on disk for C20 or whatever.

Right J Gotcha! The film editor Borrowing heavily from the Dynamix games. J contains a full mega, ninja-flight film editor. Not only can you summon up exterior views of all the planes in the sky, but you can even plop inside them at will and use all the side views, cockpit instrumen- tation view's, padlock view's, rear gunner views and so on. Oh, and one more thing aboui the film editor is that, if you stuff up in a mission, you can replay the film to the point just before the disaster and simply jump bad into the action.

Task Force revisited Carrier Barth's. So you ve to knock The texture mapping off the ground and sea, [Mind li, dogfighting is so hectic that you don't really notice. It's ill i ant, in fact. But better than that, it's not generic, and all of j planes feel totally different. The enemy intelligence is also 2 tty good, with things like pilots ganging up on you [or more noyinglv, running away , and ships that veer about to avoid loming torpedoes.

There is one point in the game where Micro Pose have gone too avy on the realism, though. For example, in the single missions, len flying any of the bombers, you can switch to the rear gunner sition. Woolly inking though, because in Campaign mode you lose access to or autopilot when in range of your target anyway. A check on the map screen d I'm informed that my flight of three is on its way home. So I've d to fly all the way back under manual control. An other difficulty is that the manual doesn't tell you w to lock onto targets when using the padlock view.

Til tell you, just in case you buy the game and need to know. Now you know. And finally Obviously, with a SX you'll have the detail toggled down to a minimum most of the time, but with a SX or greater you should be tine. Bottom left! See That geezer? He's about to go and lose his job he is. Below t he aCLiun from the fiery 1 end of the plane! The oilier three games are still worth having, but Iheyhra all got faults.

Weeks later, he escaped from his cage and was run over by a milk float which was approaching from his blind side, I could, of course, have blamed the milkman and developed a loathing for dairy products. After all, the milkman must have seen the patch Binky was wearing over one eye: he could have taken evasive action - at three miles an hour, it wasn't as if his reflexes were being pushed to the limits. But 1 chose to blame the bagatelle game, and buried it with my beloved companion.

Then I started to hate people who played pinball. Nowadays, pinball doesn't bother me much. I can approach a computer game based on the formerly hated symbol 0! They call him Flipper No more pinbalLshoot-em-up hybrids with hunch- backed aliens clomping about the screen and you taking them out with a well- directed pretend steel ball: no more "warp space" experiences with games taking plai in a bad ly drawn area of a little known galaxy.

In other words, they're trying to emulate the feel and the sounds of the old clanking, rattling chunks of metal of the 50s and 60s. The soundtrack includes sampled screams when you lose a jail, and it's all generally nicely tacky, but there isn't as much to do on this as on the other tables.

Don't ask me why. Perhaps it's because it looks most like a Bagatelle game, with its tin-toy colours and drawings. Maybe it was the whackable face of the pNot - who knows? When B Altmans went out of business, Kershaw went to the auction where he met the person who bought the Animated Christmas windows and wanted to bring them to Poland. He helped dismantle them and a year later was asked to go to Warsaw, Poland where he witnessed the aftermath of Communism.

While setting up the windows he noticed the kids and the elderly were so thrilled to see what he was doing. But the middle aged people stood there, arms folded, questioning why this was happening as if they mistrusted him. Fifty years of Communism will take a while to wear off, Kershaw said.

It had been 50 years since Christmas had been openly celebrated and to experience that alone was special. Kershaw had been caring for a friend with HIV for some time before he went to Poland and upon his return continued his caregiver duties until his friend passed away. This had a profound effect on Kershaw and he started looking for ways to spread information about this horrible disease.

During this time, he had been a photographer in NYC and worked many events for the stars. He was invited to an event where Johnathan Demi, who directed the film Philadelphia, was helping present a film by a man who had died of AIDS while filming himself during the struggle.

While standing in the coat line Kershaw bumped into an Episcopal Priest, Fr. The goal was to teach them as much as possible about the illness, substance abuse and homelessness and then go to the schools and speak. Kershaw said it was one of the most amazing jobs he has ever had. Unfortunately all of the members had died toward the end of the program and left him with an amazing awareness of death, dying and caregiving.

Needing a change, Fr. Ulrich had a house in Vermont where his father had just died and wanted to use it as his retirement home. So he asked Kershaw if he could move up there and renovate it so he would be able to retire there, which he did in Unfortunately Fr. Ulrich had diabetes and within a year needed round-the-clock care. So working two jobs, one as a caregiver to a boy with Cerebral Palsy and the other in school, he spent the next 6 years caring for Fr.

Ulrich untll he died in AutoBody Rte. Yes, were still here with the same quality service weve offered for over 30 years. Less waste, more opportunity seems to be a phrase that captured his interest also. When people bring the things that they do not need any more to our donation bay it is the beginning of an amazing journey that will end up in changing our community for the better, Kershaw said. I could go on, he said but it would take a few pages.

He suggested that you all take a walk down and see them. One other amazing thing that happens at the ReSOURCE store is the transformation from a retail space to an entertainment venue where the Flying Stage is lowered and then the shows go on. I thank God for this job and the other community work.

Hopefully I will live to be to get all I want to do done. The store is located at 30 Granite St. Call or go online for more information at www. Tell them Bob sent you. Since his friends death, Kershaw has moved to Barre where he bought a room Victorian home and is renovating it as a future respite house for Traumatic Brain Injury and is on the board for the Greater Barre Community Justice Center. For the past 20 years, Kershaw has been trying to set up community forums to start a conversation on the opiate problem and in that time has lost at least six students from that problem.

Finally now the community has taken this problem seriously enough for the State to step in, Kershaw said. We now have a strong presence in many communities and it is growing. Time is running out to get health insurance. And, the federal fee for not having insurance has gone up. Worried about the cost of coverage?

Many Vermonters find it cheaper to buy insurance than pay the federal fee. Sign up now! In , the federal fee for not having a plan could cost you twice as much as having coverage. Most Vermonters qualify for financial help. Our online Decision Tools are a great place to start.

We also proudly carry these brands Friday, Feb. Springfield College has named Henry Woodard of Waterbury Center to the deans list for academic excellence for the fall term. Mark W. Cronin, Dean of the College, announced that Steven M.

Fifty-three Castleton nursing students recently participated in the annual Arnold P. Nicole A. The following students have been named to the Champlain College Deans List for achieving a grade point average of 3. McKnight, AL Dept. VT This is the time of year when parents, grandparents, and other friends and relatives of high school students should encourage the youngsters to get busy with applications for scholarships. Through numerous scholarship offerings at the State Department and National levels, The American Legion is able to help our citizens of tomorrow get the higher education they need to participate in tomorrows society.

It is good common sense that boys and girls acquire all the education possible. It is our conviction that through the combined efforts of the student and parents, and others such as the Vermont American Legion Scholarship Program, this goal can be accomplished.

The American Legion believes that more students will continue their education if they are given a helping hand. Through the splendid cooperation and support of the entire. American Legion Department of Vermont Membership, this scholarship program has been made possible. Scholarship awards will be paid directly to the post-secondary school of the award winners choice, upon verification of enrollment from the school.

These payments will be made over a period of two or four years. The deadline for applications is April 1, For more information, visit www. The Union Playground Project Fundraising Committee formed in the fall of to raise funds to help restore and make much needed improvements to the upper and lower playgrounds at Union Elementary School UES. The school halls have been buzzing with the excited voices of children as they dream big, collected coins for the cause and created their own design ideas.

The playgrounds are open to the entire community and surrounding communities even during the school day, Sheehan, a parent of a second grader and future kindergartner said in an email. I am co-chairing an auction to raise money for the playground and while it has required a lot of work it has also been amost satisfying to see community.

My hope is that the playground will become a beautiful community gathering place. UES parent volunteers, whose collective abilities include: architects, water and land conservationists, builders, fundraisers and designers continue to be hard at work to make this project succeed. Working collaboratively with Stephanie Hurley, UVM Landscape Design professor and her students and with in-kind donations from Clar Construction and Gendron Concrete along with all of the help from many businesses and community members coming together, the group hopes to break ground in the near future.

The group will be hosting an exciting auction gala event to help raise funds for the grant. Expect an entertaining night of music, dancing, savory and sweet snacks, and fantastic auction items to bid on, generously donated by local businesses continued on next page. Bethel University Lauded and Growing in its Third Year A one-of-a-kind university popped up in central Vermont in , and it has been attracting interest across Vermont and the nation.

Bethel University BU , a pop-up university, offers free mini-courses to anyone and everyone. Classes meet in the Town Hall, the school, the library, and in homes and businesses all over town on topics as diverse as bread baking, dodgeball and auto mechanics. Anyone can be a professor and teach a course on any topic under the sun, and anyone interested can take those courses for free. Bethel University has gained attention far beyond Bethel. Last years university drew students and professors from 37 towns and three states, and media coverage stretching across the country.

Bethel University was also recently named a finalist for the Cheryl King Fischer Innovation Award, by the New England Grassroots Environment Fund, celebrating innovative and cross-cutting community projects. Bethel University will pop up again this March, and organizers are calling on area residents and businesses to teach courses. Meet-up groups informal gatherings for people interested in a certain topic or hobby initiated in and will be back this year for those who dont want to formally teach.

BUs organizers will offer workshops and a manual to help people design great courses. Professors do not need to have college degrees or years of experience just a genuine interest in sharing their knowledge and skills.

Businesses and organizations are invited to propose courses related to their offerings and. Registration for classes will begin in early February, and Bethel University will run March Like last year, the program will conclude with a communitywide graduation celebration on April 3 with food and fun, plus a showcase of the sessions courses, featuring photos, artwork, and a few surprises. BUs offerings more than doubled between its first year and second. Last year, 54 professors offered courses ranging from public speaking to grantwriting, wine tasting to BBQ, novel writing to line dancing.

The courses drew registrations from 37 towns, with significant benefits for both the participants and for the Town of Bethel. The project supported local businesses, brought new people to town, and highlighted both Bethels assets and the talents of our residents. I took an exceptional eye-opener course and learned new skills right alongside the professors, said Julie Nelson, who participated last year.

Working out of town, I seldom get to share with townspeople it was exciting to meet people from the area. Bethel University is organized by the Bethel Revitalization Initiative, a group of Bethel citizens working to make Bethel a more vibrant, connected, and livable community. A core group of volunteers came together to start Bethel University after hearing a great deal of enthusiasm for the idea. Bethel University is part of a growing national trend of pop-up community projects, including pop-up parks, restaurants, and retail ventures.

These fun, low-cost and temporary projects are increasingly recognized as important community development strategies, allowing communities to experiment with longer-term changes and quickly help to revitalize neighborhoods, towns and cities. Give it UPP continued from previous page and community members.

Following college, I had the choice of staying in Rhode Island and ultimately the allure of the Green Mountains brought me home. I started with Noyle W. Johnson in and received my Certified Insurance Counselor designation in I strive to further my insurance knowledge in an effort to provide my customers with the best service possible.

Noyle W. Johnson Insurance River St. Heats up to: 1, sq. Burn Time: Up to 8 hrs. Heat Life: Up to 12 hrs. Log Length: Through the years the two women have contributed more than unpaid hours to the volunteer organization, which raises money for patient centered projects at the medical center. She volunteers at the information desk, registration, quarterly blood drives and knits for the knitting group.

Argenti has been a volunteer at the medical center since Together they have coordinated the hospitals Love Light Tree, published a cookbook and are on the scholarship committee. On January 24, , Rev. Joan Javier-Duval led the rededication service at the Unitarian Church of Montpelier, marking the th anniversary of the completion of the church building, a landmark structure at the corner of Main and School Streets in downtown Montpelier.

Reverend Javier-Duvals ministry at the church, begun in August, , coincides with the yearlong celebration of the churchs th anniversary year, and efforts to envision the life of the Church community in the year She is the 13th settled minister of the church. Prior to entering theological study, and after graduating from Swarthmore College, she worked in community development, focusing on social and economic justice issues.

She brings those interests to her new ministry, chairing this week a panel of Central Vermont social service organizations at the Martin Luther King Day of Service at the Unitarian Church of Montpelier. Church members chose its present name in In March of , a committee of seven prominent church members formed the Montpelier Independent Meeting House Society, with the purpose of constructing a meeting house for the religious society.

Less than a year later, on January 25, , the Church of the Messiah, known as Unitarian, was dedicated. Thomas Silloway, a Universalist minister and primary designer of the Vermont State House, was the architect. Tax season is now upon us and although many of us dread having to prepare and submit our annual taxes, there are some advantages to doing so, one of them being the Earned Income Tax Credit EITC.

EITC is a federally-funded program that rewards people for working. There is a limit on the amount of investment income such as interest that you can have. Your filing status cannot be married filing separately. GMUW in concerned with the financial stability of the people in its five county region and the EITC is one way of increasing income and becoming more financially stable.

Vermont , a free statewide referral service operated by the United Ways of VT, will refer taxpayers to their nearest location where they can access these benefits. Taxpayers should be aware that the department is implementing new measures to combat personal income tax fraud for the tax filing season, and that they may experience delays in receiving their refunds.

The department has experienced a sharp rise in attempted tax refund fraud, an alarming trend that mirrors what is happening in other states and at the federal level. Rings of criminals nationwide and even internationally are using stolen credentials, including Social Security numbers, to falsely claim refunds. A legitimate taxpayer who is victimized in these criminal plots can face significant delays in receiving a refund.

The department is taking new steps this year to better identify and prevent fraud and maintain the integrity of Vermonts tax administration. Taxpayers will see some of the changes. For example, when filing online, your software vendor may ask security questions and take other precautions to verify your identity. You will be asked to provide your drivers license or state-issued identification card number with your online return.

You may receive a refund check even if you requested a bank or debit card deposit. In the background, the department will be using even more sources of data to analyze. The department may hold some returns until it receives W-2 withholding reports from employers, which are not due until Feb.

All of these steps are necessary to ensure that a criminal does not hijack a tax refund in your name. The Tax Department has become a cybercrime fighting agency. Our staff members work very hard to detect and stop fraud.

But the criminal schemes preying on the refund process are ever-changing and require even more precautions. We encourage taxpayers to file early, to beat criminals to the punch, but with the understanding that some delay in refunding will be unavoidable to protect taxpayer money.

The most efficient and secure way to file Vermont tax returns continues to be electronic filing through vendor software, and direct deposit to your existing bank account is the fastest way to receive a refund. Eligible taxpayers are entitled to free online filing through Free File, as explained on the departments website at www.

Taxpayers who e-file for their refunds generally receive refunds more quickly than those who file paper forms. For more information on tax refund fraud, including how to prevent it and how to report it, visit the departments website at www.

Capstone Community Action will be preparing taxes for free for lower income central Vermonters, as it has for the last 25 years. Volunteers are IRStrained and will help you electronically or paper file your Federal and State tax returns and ensure you receive your Earned Income Tax Credit, Child Tax Credit, and any other credits for which you are qualified.

Capstones preparation teams can also assist those who only need to file a Homestead Declaration or apply for a Renters Rebate. The free tax preparation will be starting February 8 and continue through April For a list of items to bring or a complete schedule of times and locations go to: www. Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays Classroom instruction from p. Clinical instruction from 8 a. Lots of fresh merchandise. Discounts at every booth.

Markdowns on many items. Dealers present to consider offers. Free food at every shop. Temporary exhibitors at Lennys outlet. Chicken Thighs Boneless Family Pk Chicken Drumsticks or Thighs Sugardale Jumbo Franks 3 lb. Shurne Premium. No sorting Produce Serving. After the movie, make crafts inspired by the film. Starting at 4 p. Dinner provided. For anime titles and rating information, call Kirsten at This is a hands-on workshop where you will create and take home your very own basket.

The Poetons are an extraordinary teaching team that make this fun for all ages! Please use the Jefferson Street Entrance for this event. For more information call Jeanne at or e-mail Jeanne aldrichpubliclibrary. Do you know a child or teen who wants to be the best, safest babysitter they can be?

Sign up for the American Red Cross Babysitting training and learn about first aid, child safety, and more. The course is completely free and open to youth ages Call us at or speak to a librarian. There will be a reception at the membership meeting on January 26 from p. Come beat the winter blues with wonderful art from talented local artists!

Anything Goes! Slam Friday, January 29 at 6 p. This slam features a 5-minute time limit for poets and performers, with music allowed, and covers okay if identified as such, even group performances encouraged. This is an allages event, so discretion is required. Can the single voice of an impassioned poet outscore a harp solo?

Come find out! Theres free pizza at 6 and the slam starts at Story Hours Monday and Tuesday, February 1 and 2 at a. Celebrate Groundhog Day with stories about groundhogs, shadows, and winter! Craft to follow storytime.

Monday and Tuesday, February 8 and 9 at a. Valentines Day is approaching! Come to our Valentines Day storytime and create a Love Monster craft to give the ones you love! Special Story Hour: Ninja Day! Saturday, January 30 from p. Then practice your ninja stealth and agility skills with a few games.

Snacks provided. Afterward, stick around for the first movie of anime night. Anime Fest Saturday, January 30, p. Snowman Ever and putting cold animals into The Mitten. The Art Bus had everyone, marbling paper with shaving cream and watercolors. Februarys Second Saturday will be on the 13th at 10 a. Come on down for a Valentines Day Celebration! The Friends of Ainsworth Public Library will sponsor this program. Newhall grew up in Middlesex on what is now known as The Settlement Farm. Over of his personal photographs have been used to create a narrated photo-video presentation.

To provide those in attendance an opportunity to share their memories of the building of Vermonts Interstate Highway System, the program will be followed by a discussion. The program is free and open to the public. Refreshments will be served. For more information call or ainsworthpubliclibrary. Do you have crafting supplies you dont know what to do with? Consider giving them to the Ainsworth Public Library.

Your supplies could be make a huge difference to the programming portion of the librarys services. Please bring any supplies during library hours or give us a call at See you at the Library! Everyone had a rollicking good time at the January 9th Second Saturdays program. We all sang along to Maggies songs and looked for wild animals in the stacks. Moriahs storytelling had children building The Biggest, Best.

Ellen has been a practitioner, student and Just in time for Valentines Day, a glimpse into the world of teacher of paper engineering since the s. Its such a kick local chocolatier, Jaquelyn Rieke. Striving to inspire cultural to start with a flat piece of paper and bring it to life with a few richness while creating a more delicious world, Nutty Stephs folds and cuts.

For people of all ages. Ever late, sample an array of Nutty Steph chocolates and find out wanted to be someone else? Now you can visit J. We are looking forward to an anticipated February launch of a new transportation program to bring seniors to the Montpelier Senior Activity Center on Tuesdays.

Rides will be provided at no cost to residents of Montpelier and Berlin. Please contact us at if you would like to try out this service, and our ride planner will be in touch with you to discuss details. Appointments are filling fast! Call us at for appointment. Great Upcoming Events Call us at for information and join us at 58 Barre Street for these great programs!

Armchair Travel South Africa February 2, p. Free and Open to the Public! Tumultuous history, natural wonders, wildlife up close, sprawling slums and elegant old hotels -- come reflect on their images and share your own impressions. Acupuncture Clinic Tuesdays, 10 a. Treatments are all auricular acupuncture, all points chosen will be in the ears.

Group acupuncture is recommended for many conditions including stress and anxiety management including PTSD, addiction management, and sleep issues. Treatments are about 30 minutes each. All treatments conclude at 12, so you must arrive before to have a treatment. No appointment necessary. Open to everyone 50 and older.

Dinner and a Movie On Friday, February 12 at p. Well be watching the classic romantic comedy When Harry Met Sally and enjoy a fun meal inspired by the film and catered by Good Taste Catering. Call us at or stop by 58 Barre Street for tickets or to learn more. Pre-registration is not required. For further information: info ewvt. Monday activities include Cribbage at 10 a. Contact Linnie at for bridge information. On Wednesdays, there are craft activities and Wii and card games beginning at a.

On Fridays, theres Bingo for cash prizes from 10 a. The Lift for Life exercise program is Tuesday Friday at a. The VT Inklings a writing group meets at p. All donations are voluntary and anonymous. Coffee, tea, water and low-fat milk are served with each meal. Call to confirm activities or for additional information.

Raffle for 1 Gown! Johnsbury, VT, Peggy Rocque was the first employee of Heaton Woods in Through her leadership, the residence grew from 43 beds to 51 and from one employee to Walking through the various bright and homey spaces at the residence and it is easy to see the impact her leadership has had.

We always wanted families and our residents to know that we truly care, Rocque said. The reason we are here and the reason we love our jobs is because of them. Everyday we do everything we can to help our residents thrive and assure their families that they are receiving the absolute best care we can give them.

This month, Rocque will be moving into the next chapter in her life when she retires to spend more time with her family while still acting as a consultant for Heaton Woods in a variety of ways. Day-to-day management and operations of the facility will be handled by three current Heaton Woods employees, who plan to continue the very high standards set by Rocque.

I look forward to the future, said Rocque, and I know I. Through the years, Heaton Woods has remained one of the top retirement and residential care facilities in the area. Rocque credits the success of the organization on the professionalism and great care that the team at Heaton Woods provides. What makes Heaton Woods this incredible place is the people, Rocque said. The people who live here and the people who work here.

They inspire me daily and that is what I will miss most. In addition, I am most grateful for the support of the owner, Capital City Housing Foundation and their Board, for their willingness to give me this opportunity and for their continual support over the years. The organization is supported by local service agencies and available to those who qualify for residential care.

The Young Writers Project and the Vermont Department of Libraries are joining forces for a new Vermont Interactive Author Talks series that will engage young people in writing with the live guidance of Vermont authors while at local libraries via high definition video conferencing. The author will be at a host library, and the talk will be streamed live to remote libraries. The series maximizes the impact of new digital technology at libraries to support reading, writing, and direct discussion between authors and young writers and fosters interaction of young people beyond the borders of their local communities.

All programs are free, and while targeted for those in grades 4 to 12, everyone interested in writing is welcome. Each Interactive Author Talk will feature a short talk by an author that focuses on an aspect of the writing process, a writing exercise that participants can accomplish online or on paper, and will be followed by discussion and questions from participants at all libraries. Johnsbury Athenaeum. Taylor, a freelance journalist and writing teacher who resides in Hartland, is the author of the Sweeney St.

Taylors talk and exercise will focus on finding story ideas and taking steps to develop them, as well as how she finds ideas for her own writing, and her writing career. Taylor is an engaging speaker, and her works have great appeal for young aspiring writers. Meeting others at Another Way Community Center offers people hope. Our mission is for people to remain anonymous while getting the care of their choice, whether it is from an herbalist, acupuncturist, message therapist or a medical practitioner.

All services are at no cost to the patient and no one is turned away. There are many gaps that need to be bridged between mental health and traditional health care. We believe that holistic healing and wellness are basic human rights and a personal choice. Whether you are a volunteer enhancing your personal healing journey or a patient looking for Another Way, we at the Tea House Exchange look forward to meeting you.

To contact T. Gerry was born on September 10, , in Watertown, MA. During his career, he was honored by the Vermont Conference of Social Concerns for his work with juveniles and elderly citizens. He completed 51 missions in November of and was rotated to the United States. He left active service in November of transferring to the inactive reserve.

In his retirement, he became active in his bomb group association as a member and officer attending annual reunions all over the United States. Upon their retirements, they relocated to Englewood, FL. Gerry loved golfing being a member and serving on the Board of Directors of the Northfield Country Club.

He loved being involved in community affairs serving as village treasurer for several years. He enjoyed attending the activities in which his children and grandchildren participated traveling all over Vermont and the Northeastern United States to attend soccer, basketball, hockey and baseball games. He and Barbara enjoyed dining out and traveling all over the world with family and friends.

He was predeceased by his parents; wife, Barbara; brother, Eugene R. Memorial services will be held at a later date and he will be interred at the Vermont Veterans Cemetary in Randolph, VT. Donations in lieu of flowers may be made in his memory to the United Church of Northfield, VT or a charity of choice.

Funeral Home. Gene loved teaching, wheeling, dealing and dickering. His real passion was with cars. Gene bought and sold cars up until he passed in September. It was said that no matter where Gene went he always had a friend. A Memorial service and burial will be held in the spring. While working in the Barre store, a former classmate, Gino Dente, MD, who had served in World War II in a medical unit, returned from the war and walked into the store looking for her.

He took her out to dinner that night and she knew that she would spend the rest of her life with him. Following her marriage to Gino in , they moved to South Burlington where he continued his career as an anesthesiologist for the next 50 years. They bought a home in Mayfair Park where she lived with Gino for the 65 years of her marriage and until her death.

Born in Burlington Thompson Buxton. Germana Kathleen was a graduate of St. Woods Scout Camp, and was the first program director of the Mt. Norris Boy Scout Reservation in He received an Michael's High School in Montpelier. She then began a career, associate degree from Burlington Business College in busi- spanning over 40 years, with the state of Vermont working as ness accounting. On Oct. She retired on November 21, A longtime together all across North America and beyond.

Howard was congregant of St. Andrew Catholic Church, she also held passionate about his responsibility to community, serving on membership with the Catholic Daughters of the Americas, many boards and in other volunteer positions throughout his Court St. Theresa of Waterbury. Howard away in the comfort of her family at The Arbors had a distinguished military career in the U.

In in Shelburne on Sunday evening, Jan. On June 19, , she married ant. He was an original member of the st Engineer Donald E. Jamieson in Randolph. Don predeCompany, which he commanded from to During his military service, Howard worked to establish ceased Elinor on Aug.

In early years, Elinor lived in and later served as post commander of the Camp Ethan Bethel and Bennington and graduated from Randolph High Allen Training Center, a premiere training facility for the School in Howard served taught courses in food and nutrition at UVM for two years.

In addition, Elinor served on several Center, where he had resided for two years. His church committees in Richmond and Waterbury as well as family was at his bedside. Born on Mother's served in financial positions for several years at the Waterbury Day, May 11, , in Barre, he was the son of Congregational Church.

Involved in volunteer activities Amelio and Louise Righini Calderara. He graduated from throughout the years, Elinor helped on the allocations comSpaulding High School in , was awarded a Bachelor of mittee for United Way, served on the board of directors for Arts degree from Norwich University in , attended Central Vermont Home Health and Hospice, to , Albany Law School in New York, and completed many post- and from until was a member of the finance comgraduate, military, public service and social policy courses.

On Dec. Bill, 28 years in the Army Reserve, including two years of active born in Barre, went west with his family to duty in Korea as a tank unit commander. He retired as lieutenwork at Boeing, where he retired after 30 ant colonel in the United States Army Reserve in Wayne years. He loved spending time with his family began his employment in the insurance business and worked and friends and fishing at all the lakes, rivers for the state of Vermont for many years until his retirement as and Puget Sound.

He was a longtime and active member of St. She was born on Feb. Margaret Wilde. Bev was married to Reuben G. Slim Stansberry Reaves. Bob attended school in Pelham, leaving Chaffee on July 8, , in Barton. They lived in Barton for a just prior to graduation in to join the U.

Bob and period of time and moved to Montpelier in She helped U. Janice and Bob were married in Ft. After their marriage, Janice many years. She was a wonderful and caring mother, grand- lived with Bob's family in South Georgia for several years mother and great-grandmother.

Caring for her family was her while he was serving in Vietnam. Bob served two tours of greatest joy. She was a housekeeper for several other families. Following Bob's discharge from the ings after his retirement. For the last several years, Bev army, they moved first to Lakeland, Florida, and then to enjoyed being a greeter at Wal-mart in the Berlin Mall. Her Barre, where they made their home for the next 25 years.

In beautiful smile and friendly greeting there are remembered by addition to his service in the U. Army, Bob also served in many. Bev was very patriotic. She loved to share stories of the Vermont Army National Guard. While living in central meeting the troop train in World War II, even though her Vermont, Janice held several jobs but will be most rememmother thought she was too young to be at the train station bered for her long tenure with Ormsby's TV and Appliance.

Bev also loved music, dancing and animals. All Her position at Ormsby's allowed her to meet a wide cross the cats on Court Street always got a good meal at Bev's place. Bob held several jobs as her life. They seemed to be drawn to her. Bev was an avid well, including stints as a Cain's potato chip route sales reprewalker and wore out many, many pairs of "tennis shoes" as sentative and as a Sheetrock crew foreman during the construction of North Barre Manor, but he was best known as a she walked "overstreet" in Montpelier.

She was born in morning, Jan. She was Northfield, Vermont, on July 30, , the daughter of J. The fam- Myrtle Stone Wilson. She had lived in Granville, Hancock ily moved to Barre, Vermont, soon after. Carmen attended and the Rochester area before moving to Randolph where she Spaulding High School, graduating in Following gradu- lived for many years. Della was married to Robert A. After six years of a member of Bethany Church, Order of continued on next page. Welch and James H.

After high school he enlisted in the United States Air Force and served proudly for seven years as a combat air traffic controller. After his military service, Jim moved to Massachusetts and settled in the Blackstone Valley area. Jim always wanted to return to Vermont and in he moved back to his favorite place in the world, Nelson Pond in Woodbury. Upon resettling in Vermont, Jim worked as an aviation operations manager for the state of Vermont and was in charge of several different airports throughout the state, until the time of his death.

She enjoyed yard sales, golfing, reading and square dancing. Jim passed peacefully, surrounded by his loving family. Born August 15, , in Burlington, Vermont,. Every year Vermont Business Magazine surveys companies to identify the best places to work in the state. They review company policies, systems, practices and demographics. Upon announcing Vermont Mutual as one of the recipients,. This distinction is not easy to come by and says a lot about the companies who make the list.

VBM is proud to include Vermont Mutual to this list and Vermont is very fortunate to have such a great company located here. The distinction speaks to the healthy and supportive work environment all of our employees endeavor to create an environment that is reflected in the industry-best results Vermont Mutual has earned year after year.

And what a year it was. This years Annual Meeting will be on February 11 with a topical focus. We will be exploring who the real winners and losers are when communities adopt Local Option Taxes. The Chamber kicked off at the Annual Meeting with a presentation on development, focusing on the risks, rewards and motivation to build, renovate and own commercial space.

That in turn has led to discussions at the Capitol concerning challenges that developers face. New talks have recently begun centered on extending the expiration dates in future permits that expire when an appeal is still pending thereby requiring the applicant has to re-apply.

Between our mixers and educational seminars, Chamber members had a variety of opportunities to network and grow their businesses. Perhaps the most significant event of was an announcement. George Malek said that Its time to say good-bye. Following 37 years of dynamic leadership, George told the Board that he planned to retire at the end of the year. The Chamber will never be the same. The Chamber has accomplished so much under Georges dedicated guidance that it is difficult to know where to begin.

The Chamber today is a reflection of the vision and direction brought by George. The Central Vermont business community owes a debt of gratitude to George and for that, we all thank you, George. I invite you all to join us at our Annual Meeting. It will take place from a. Tubes 1. At Heaton Woods Residence we believe that there are endless possibilities, potential and vitality for our residents and we strive to create a place where they will thrive.

Mailing address: 1 Church St. Mailing address: Main St. Letters should be words or less and may be subject to editing due to space constraints. Submissions should also contain the name of the author and a contact telephone number for verification. For letters of thanks, contact our advertising department at ; nonprofit rates are available. Editor, Its unfortunate that Max the movie critic is infuriated that anyone would feel that Donald Trump has disqualified himself from the Presidency by calling for a temporary ban on all Muslims from entering the U.

In an otherwise thoughtful and well-reasoned opinion piece, Max seems to think that xenophobia and racism are okay because they dont directly kill people. Unfortunately if he really thought about it he would need to remember that these soft crimes are necessary and effective precursors for the very tragic and systemic realities of mass incarcerations and internments and final solutions which have decimated individual lives and entire cultures.

Its also interesting that Max chose to essentially ignore the candidacy of our own Bernie Sanders. While the writer hints that Trumps quote could have come from Sanders, he conveniently sidesteps the fact that Bernie has been a critic from the start of the Iraq wars and of terrorism without ever resorting to Islamophobia. And to declare that a billionaire Robert Fisher.

Publisher: Gary Hass and Deborah Phillips. Receptionist: Darlene Callahan. Bookkeeping: Lisa Companion. Production Manager: Christine Richardson. Production: Kathy Gonet. Copy Editor: Aaron Retherford. Should your publication The WORLD assumes no financial responsibility for e Gold Standard scoring in future audits you may continue to e Gold Standardtypographical logo, or convert toerrors the traditional CVC audit in advertising but will reprint in the Gold Standardfollowing scores are issue not achieved.

Publishers withadvertisement in which the that part of any nt audit status may display the CVC logo in their publication, typographical errortooccurred. Notice by advertisers of any error n marketing materials. Please refer the CVC Service ions Agreementmust regarding logo usage upon newspaper audit expiration. No such advertisement may be used or reproduced without express permission. Office Hours: Monday-Friday a. First Class. Expanded learning opportunities are an integral part of Vermonts education system; we need to make sure that they are fully utilized, sustainable and accessible to all.

Dedicated state funding for after school and summer programs would be a great step to help achieve this goal. Aurina Hartz East Montpelier. Editor, The silly season for the mass media is supposed to be a short period of time, usually late summer when the media focuses on trivial or frivolous matters for lack of major news stories.

Merriam-Webster dictionary. This presidential election cycle the silly season started early and has yet to subside. The mainstream media seems intent on evaluating candidates for President on the issues of Donald Trumps hairstyle, on how long Hillary Clinton spends going to the bathroom and if Bernie Sanders has only one pair of underwear.

Good grief. Have the American people really devolved this far? I agree with Mr. Trump on this point. However, I am unsure if he understands where American greatness comes from. How do we make America great again? The greatness of our Nation, our Republic, comes directly from our Constitution. Our Constitution was conceived to secure the blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity. In evaluating who is most qualified for the position of President or any elected office, a few direct questions need to be asked of and answered by the candidates.

The questions are as follows: Have you read every word of the Constitution of the United States? Do you understand this document in its original context? Will you uphold your sacred oath to defend the Constitution, every Amendment and every Article, so help you God? To know if you are getting the right answers, citizens asking the questions must also have an understanding of the Constitution. This task may seem daunting, considering the three-minute attention span of most Americans.

It is what is required if We the People are ever to build our nation back to greatness. The Constitution is not a self-enforcing document. Enforcement requires informed, engaged and virtuous citizens at the federal, state and local level.

There are numerous resources available to educate yourself regarding our founding documents. The following link provides a good start, www. Once you finish your educational journey and ask the questions, it wont be hard to eliminate those that are not qualified for the highest office in the land. Stu Lindberg Cavendish, Vermont.

Editor, Are visions of crisp green lettuce, rainbow stripes of tomatoes, the perfect tender bean, and exotic picotee flowers dancing in your head? Feel free to bring seeds you have saved from your own garden, or extras that you have to share. Well talk about seed saving, favorite varieties, and growing successes and failures. Bring your questions, experiences and gardening advice.

Leftover seeds will be available on the following Thursday at the Hardwick Community Dinner located at the United Church in Hardwick p. This is a free event brought to you by the Swap Sisters. The Swap Sisters hold seasonal events to share information and resources about growing and preserving food within the community. Sharing seeds and learning more about saving your own seeds is the beginning and the end of the year long cycle that also includes a plant swap in June, a day of workshops related to food preservation in September, and a harvest swap in November.

The Swap Sisters believe in the power of homegrown solutions when facing big corporate-created crises. We seek to foster local independence based on neighborly inter- Navy Boats In Peril dependence. Save a seed, plant a seed, share a seed. For more Editor, information, email swapsisters gmail.

As a former Navy enlisted and Navy officer, I am disapThe Swap Sisters pointed with the capture of our two riverine boats and crews by the Iranians in the Persian Gulf. I understand one of the boats had a navigation problem, Zap the Gap either mechanical or human error, and it wandered into Editor, Iranian waters.

But why couldnt the other boat tow it away I believe every Vermont community and family should from Iranian waters? By allowing children to participate Why didnt the riverine boats communicate their problems in activities outside of school hours and over the summer, they to their commanding officer, who should have been monitorwill continue to develop socially, emotionally, and academi- ing their transit from Kuwait to Bahrain? If they did cally in a safe environment. Many families may create a safe space within their own homes during out of school time; howcontinued on next page.

Now, this group is our every day group and more often than not, other friends and neighbors join us. Why, you might ask? I will tell you the answer to your questions. Well, first and foremost for me, it has been an amazing way for me to heal after I got home from the hospital. Truthfully, I had no idea how important friends are during this time of pain, confusion and importance.

I firmly believe if Cloe hadnt insisted on encouraging me to put on my big girl pants and leave the house, I would still be sitting in my broken recliner and watching too much television. But she did make me get up, put on my winter clothes and join the rest of our gang of terrific women.

And I will share with you what I believe happened to me. I not only get up and get going every day, I really look forward to getting together and moving around. Is my knee healed yet? Well, no. But it is a lot better and I think it is well on its way to being a normal knee. But I will also admit that hoping for my knee to heal before it might, is not the reason I love getting up and going out.

Nope, its because friends are the most important part of my healing. When we are together, my problems and my ills are seldom even discussed. They know and I think that, actually, I know that if I do as instructed by my various doctors, I will eventually get back to being an older woman who is happy and healthy. We do not just chat, we discuss the problems of the world, and these days, the candidates who are trying to run for President of the U.

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