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Fixed-limit also called just Limit is a type of betting structure for a poker game where the amount of all bets and raises in any given betting round is fixed. This is in contrast to pot-limit and no-limit betting. Most commonly, fixed-limit games have two bet sizescalled the small bet and the big bet. Such games are usually written as having limits of "small-slash-big". In Hold 'em and Omaha games, the big bet is usually twice the size of the small bet, though in other variants such as 7-Studit may be more.

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Bettinger group cmu baseball

In the past 15 years, Carnegie Mellon faculty and students have helped to create more than companies and 9, jobs. The university averages 15 to 20 new startups each year. Article courtesy of Phys. It has the connections of Kleiner Perkins, the cachet of Bill Gates and the dollars of a quickly growing Russian venture capital firm.

Another new funder for the battery maker is Chicago-based Gentry Venture Partners, which focuses on green energy investments and frequently co-invests with Kleiner Perkins. The final close is expected in May. Bright Capital, which also has an office in California, describes itself as a merchant venturing entity: It provides not only funding but also works to link its portfolio companies with industrial connections in Russia and other former Soviet countries.

It has about employees to date. It has only been a few months since DARPA announced the teams competing in its upcoming Robotics Challenge , but already some of the robots are beginning to shape up. The idea is to take advantage of both legged and wheeled locomotion, allowing the robot to scoot around low to the ground but stand up when necessary.

While famous bipedal robots like Honda's Asimo do a good job of replicating this behavior in structured environments like office buildings, it's a different story when they're faced with a steep, rocky hill. The CHIMP's unusual approach to locomotion should allow it to rapidly overcome these obstacles, even if it is only stable in a static way.

Each of those seven teams is taking a different approach to the design and functionality of their robots. A second group of teams will use a version of Boston Dynamics' humanoid robot Atlas. One thing that all of the robots participating in the competition will share in common is that they're remote-controlled by people. In a pinch, it can do anything. The harsh reality for sci-fi fans is that today's artificial intelligence hasn't come far enough for robots to carry out chains of highly complex tasks without human assistance.

An operator will control CHIMP using a keyboard and mouse at a workstation consisting of a large monitor displaying multiple video feeds from the robot's cameras, and software with shortcuts to easily shift from manual to autonomous control. The robot's sensors will generate a texture-mapped 3D model of its environment, enabling the operator to visualize the robot's position relative to its surroundings.

A nice side-effect of building the robot is the development of new technologies, such as the proprietary drive joints [pictured below] seen in its arms and legs that possess near-human strength and dexterity, can be implemented in a diverse range of robots such as those intended for manufacturing. In the coming weeks and months we're expecting to learn more about the other teams' robots.

If all goes well, robots like those developed for the challenge will one day take the place of people in life-threatening circumstances. Blue Belt Technologies, Inc. The NavioPFS surgical system represents the next generation of precision orthopedic surgery, with an initial indication for use in UKR procedures, and a wide array of future applications in development.

Lester, an orthopedic surgeon at Community Regional. Using the NavioPFS, this step is seamlessly integrated into the system, and the robotic handpiece allows for precise and repeatable bone preparation. I am looking forward to continuing to offer this new and excellent option to my patients. Utilizing the integrated CT-free navigation system with intraoperative registration and planning, Dr. Lester successfully planned two left-medial and one right-medial partial knee replacement surgeries and executed bone preparation through a less-invasive incision using the NavioPFS precision freehand sculpting handpiece.

Friedman, with more than 15 years of experience at various Portland startups, replaces company co-founder Henry Hillman Jr. And he expects Friedman to lead that growth. The startup's imaging system has helped make about , highly detailed images for a large array of institutions and businesses, including NASA, National Geographic, Sports Illustrated, Major League Baseball and assorted educational and research institutions.

Friedman says one of his major initiatives will be to build revenue and find new clients as well as deepen existing relationships, including the company's connections to sports teams. Friedman envisions a scenario in which every major sports team uses the GigaPan system, for example. An Oregon State University graduate, Friedman's last gig was chief operating officer of the music licensing company Rumblefish. He's well known in the local startup community and possesses layers of connections to its network of players, technical talent and, perhaps most importantly, to a growing company like GigaPan, its investors.

Article courtesy of Oregon Live. Every new glimpse at the future of urban transport seems to be missing something pretty big. A trains of cars commuting on the highway with human drivers who aren't, you know, actually driving. The next peek ahead, according to computer scientist Ozan Tonguz of Carnegie Mellon University, gets rid of all the traffic lights. At least the physical ones. Tonguz and colleagues are designing a road-efficiency system, based on emerging-vehicle-to-vehicle technology, called Virtual Traffic Lights.

The idea is to shift traffic control from fixed street signals to the moving cars themselves. The result, says Tonguz, is an optimized traffic flow that should greatly reduce city congestion. The virtual system processes this information for all the cars in the area, with the help of a lead car that changes every cycle, and determines your individual traffic signal. Instead of seeing a red or green light hanging in the intersection, you see it on your windshield and stop or go accordingly.

The first advantage to Virtual Traffic Lights is that every intersection with a car now automatically has a traffic light. That may not seem like much, but fewer intersections are equipped with signals than many people realize. In New York City, for instance, only about 24 percent of intersections have a four-way signal. As traffic lights become ubiquitous, road safety should dramatically improve. The second benefit is a much better traffic flow. The algorithm that governs the virtual system can be written for total efficiency.

If the system recognizes that no cars are coming from another direction, it can extend a green signal indefinitely. Likewise, at heavy intersections, it can give preference to the longest line of cars. Using similar technology to Google's driverless car, the system can also recognize the presence of pedestrians and bicyclists, and orchestrate traffic to suit their needs.

In recent simulations the system has performed quite well. The flow of cars in Porto — the second-largest city in Portugal, with 16 percent signal coverage at intersections — improved by 60 percent during a rush-hour scenario of one test [ PDF ]. The Virtual Traffic Lights system has even beaten congestion pricing models "hands down," Tonguz says. Tonguz drew inspiration for the virtual system from nature. His idea was to capture the basic rules of self-organization practiced by biological species and engineer cars to cooperate in a similar manner.

If a "colony of vehicles" can act more like a colony of ants, he says, "the lump sum behavior will be much better than we have right now. The basic technology for Virtual Traffic Lights is already here. Car-to-car conversations can operate over Dedicated Short Range Communication at 5. Tonguz expects D. His work is being sponsored by the Department of Transportation, and Tonguz says he's also received funding from General Motors throughout his career.

The biggest obstacle, says Tonguz, is getting the government to test the system in a real-world setting. Compared to software startups, life sciences companies can take a longer time frame and more capital to get off the ground. Pressure ulcers affect 2. So far, Gaspard, who started working on this project while a doctoral student in biomedical engineering at Carnegie Mellon University , has created a lab prototype of the system.

But to secure funding to take the device forward, she needs a clinical prototype. To get the clinical prototype, she still needs funding. The device uses a specific type of spectroscopy that uses light to inspect tissue. The device shines light on skin and analyses the light reflected back, measuring changes in tissue properties and assessing the health of the tissue, Gaspard said.

Pressure ulcers typically hit immobile patients. She knew it would be difficult to raise money. After some early-stage funding fell through, she is now considering taking the company outside of Pittsburgh. She opted to start the company here in order to build on the network she was starting to build as a student plus the lower cost of living is more conducive, she said. If it works -- and they're convinced it will -- the device could help an estimated 3, children born each year with a specific birth defect to avoid undergoing multiple open heart surgeries as they grow up.

Amid bare furnishings, the entrepreneurs often work seven days a week, eating at their desks one of them occasionally naps on a pullout sofa bed after an all-night work session , while earning what one described as "survival wages.

It may seem an improbable scenario for advancing the complex world of medical devices. Larry Miller, life sciences executive-in-residence at Innovation Works, said the trio's comparative inexperience was of little concern in the organization's decision to invest. If there were any hesitation about backing Peca, said Mr. Miller, it was the "relatively small" market the startup was targeting.

Developing and marketing a new medical device is usually an expensive proposition, and investors aren't likely to jump in if there's no financial return. The Peca three -- the name is a shortening of "pediatric cardiovascular" -- have addressed that problem by running a super-lean operation.

Their low-rent office space, which amounts to not much more than a couple of work stations and a small conference space in the back, is just one manifestation of that. Quinterno, "we still take turns cleaning the bathroom. They are one-third of the way there, after the Innovation Works investment, and they've only just started to reach out to potential angel investors.

Along the way, the doubters have been plentiful. Among the concerns: There are not enough children who have the birth defect, which requires surgical reconstruction of the right ventricular outflow tract, to make the device profitable.

Testing and regulatory hurdles will eat any possibility of profit. The entrepreneurs are too young and inexperienced in business matters to pull this off. They've made all that work to their favor. None of them is married, or has a mortgage, so Peca is their life's focus.

As Babs Carryer, a former instructor for Mr. Bernstein and Mr. Quinterno at CMU, once noted, "They are solving some thorny problems with novel solutions because they don't know that they shouldn't. Each week, the three present their individual ideas and thoughts to each other. Suggestions get inspected, kicked around, modified and either dismissed or adopted, in part or in whole. Their biggest disagreement so far, they say, was deciding which color to use for a presentation to investors. The trio met on the Oakland campus where Mr.

Quinterno were roommates, while Dr. Kalra and Mr. Bernstein worked in the same laboratory. It was Mr. Bernstein who came up with the idea for the new heart valve conduit's design and bringing it to market. While working as a laboratory research associate in CMU lab, he learned about a special valve invented by Children's Hospital surgeon Masahiro Yoshida, who has helped them spin off the company. Yoshida designed his valve to treat children needing valve reconstruction because the typical method was to use biologic valves.

Those tended to calcify within a few years, necessitating another surgery. Although widely successful for the patients who have received it, the device has never been mass marketed. Bernstein, a dual major in biomedical engineering and mechanical engineering, studied the device and its flow patterns, and came up with a modified design that improves flow, using material that he describes as "Teflon with air bubbles," which is flexible and does not need to be replaced as the child ages.

After Mr. Bernstein had the designed valve -- named the Masa valve in honor of Dr. Yoshida -- he became intrigued with the idea of developing and marketing it, "to understand every aspect of a product's life cycle. Carryer remembers him coming to her office two years ago. He told her he wanted to form a company; she suggested waiting until there was a clear need to take that step.

Startups, despite the occasional wild success, "are not the best way to make money," she said. Peca held its first board meeting last week and the entrepreneurs are in discussions with a major medical device company to set up production.

Because they intend to fill a void no one else is addressing, involving a small number of patients, the approval process should be expedited under the FDA's Humanitarian Device Exemption. They intend to apply next spring, with the Masa valve hitting the market in the fall of Bernstein noted, "This is not just a humanitarian plan. It's a business plan that makes sense. They know they can't guarantee success, but they are confident that they're putting everything in place to give it the best chance.

We're making something that will change people's lives. Article courtesy of Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Bosch-Akustica rolled out a digital family of four high-definition microphones this month for consumer devices that promises to dramatically improve sound quality. His many years in MEMs research and technology makes Muenzel an excellent choice for continuing Akustica's mission to deliver innovative microphones and products that meet changing market requirements, says Yuknis.

Akustica will remain in a growth phase and hiring is expected in the coming year. While the study was obviously funded by Duolingo, the data collection and analysis was done independently by the researchers. Using the WebCAPE test for Spanish, a placement test many universities also use for their students, the study found that the average student gained around 91 points over the course of eight weeks and the average participant gained about 8 points per hour of study with Duolingo, though its worth noting that the researchers also found that Duolingo was a little bit more effective for students who started with a very basic knowledge of Spanish than for those who were already more advanced.

The study also found that those learners who said they wanted to brush up on their Spanish for travel registered the largest average gains A student in a college class, by contrast, may not learn as effectively as the Duolingo users who made it through the program, but chances are most students will make it through the semester with more than 2 hours of instruction and without dropping out.

Duolingo is clearly doing something right. Overall, von Ahn tells us, Duolingo now has over 1 million active users and , daily users. Article courtesy of Techcrunch. Since June , the OFEF has provided support to 16 startup companies from across the country and a variety of industries. The most recent award recipients operate in medical, technology, consumer and educational fields.

The companies' objectives include everything from reducing back pain and improving pediatric heart surgery to creating a premium gluten-free beer and teaching guitar online. See information on the award recipients below. Friday 's. CMU's entrepreneurial culture has helped to create more than companies and 9, jobs over the past 15 years, and CMU spinoffs represent 34 percent of the total companies created in Pennsylvania based on university technologies in the past five years.

The university will provide legal and accounting support for OFEF recipients. The fund will select award recipients biannually. Alumni, their date of graduation and school or college are noted at the end of each company listing. ActivAided Orthotics, Pittsburgh. ActivAided Orthotics has created a line of postural training apparel to eliminate back pain by training rehabilitative habits and behaviors to address and correct the root causes of spine disorders and back pain. The company developed a product that offers continuous care in a convenient, effective, wearable treatment for long-term relief of back pain.

Its first product, "RecoveryAid," was released in July after beta testing found that 89 percent of users experienced a decrease in back pain. Kelly Collier , , Engineering. Aurochs Brewing Company, Pittsburgh. Aurochs Brewing Company uses unique ingredients to provide great tasting craft beers that are naturally gluten-free. The company is commercializing a brewing method that is not currently available in the United States. This technology allows Aurochs to brew with the grains millet, quinoa, buckwheat, and amaranth.

The product addresses a void for the millions of Americans who follow a gluten-free diet for medical reasons and those who choose to follow the gluten-free diet for improved health and well being. Ryan Bove , , Business. PECA Labs' Masa Valve is the first valved conduit to be specifically designed for pediatric heart conduit reconstruction. The valve is specifically designed with the needs of pediatric patients in mind, unlike current options on the market, and reduces the need for additional surgeries.

With implantation in 49 people for more than four years and excellent results, the Masa Valve is fully developed, clinically validated and is currently going through the FDA approval process. Clinical results have shown that the Masa Valve should save children from one-to-two open-heart surgeries over the course of their pediatric years. Doug Bernstein , , Engineering. Pixite, San Diego. Pixite's Unbound service provides a seamless photo management and viewing experience across computers, tablets and smartphones, ultimately allowing users to do more with their photos, be more organized and save time.

Unlike current personal photo management services or Web-based photo services, Pixite provides an elegant user experience for storing and managing photos across all of a user's computing devices and includes features such as captioning and commenting, a Web sharing interface, and a native social graph with news feed.

Scott Sykora , , College of Fine Arts. StatEasy, Pittsburgh. StatEasy provides a free and easy-to-use platform to high school and collegiate teams to manage statistics and video of their sporting events. Current sports information systems and coaching software programs are expensive, difficult to use and labor intensive. StatEasy's platform makes the process more efficient, and the company generates revenue by selling highlight videos to players, parents, recruiters and television stations.

StatEasy currently serves more than teams. Tunessence, Pittsburgh. Tunessence offers a virtual guitar teacher in your Web browser. While millions of Americans at any given time are trying to learn how to play the guitar, 70 percent of them quit within two months.

To make the learning process more engaging, Tunessence combines advanced audio processing software with instructional video in order to replicate the experience of an in-person lesson in an online setting. The company's software gives note-by-note feedback to the user, tracks progress and generates personalized lesson plans.

Lessons are also taught in the context of popular songs as a way to keep users interested. Wednesday, December 11, Novel biological sources for battery materials The squirmy marine cuttlefish may be the next best source of electrode materials for batteries to power edible medical devices. Carnegie Mellon University's Chris Bettinger and Jay Whitacre have found that ink from the cuttlefish, a close relative of the squid, provides the perfect chemistry and nanostructure to power tiny electronic devices that can be either ingested or implanted into the body for applications ranging from biosensing to drug delivery.

Melanin is the pigment responsible for the dark color of skin, hair, scales, and is also found in animals. In a paper appearing in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, CMU researchers show that naturally occurring melanins exhibit higher charge storage capacity compared to other synthetic melanin derivatives when used as anode materials. Pigment-based anodes are an important component in sodium-ion batteries, a battery technology that has been pioneered by Whitacre, an associate professor of materials science and engineering and engineering and public policy.

At present, high-performance energy storage systems for medical devices are designed to supply power to semi-permanent devices that are often encapsulated. These scenarios permit the use of potentially toxic electrode materials and electrolytes. Electronically active medical devices that are either biodegradable or ingestible require new energy storage materials that are benign and can operate in hydrated environments. Melanin-based electrodes represent a step closer to this goal.

Earlier this year, Bettinger and Whitacre reported that they were creating edible power sources for medical devices using materials found in a daily diet. See Researchers create edible battery. Their initial design involved a flexible polymer electrode and a sodium ion electrochemical cell, which allows them to fold the mechanism into an edible pill that temporarily encapsulates the device.

Bettinger has worked for more than a decade at the interface of materials science and biomedical engineering. Some of his innovative technologies include new synthetic materials that mimic the natural properties of soft tissue and biodegradable electronics that could usher in a new era of electronically active implants. Whitacre studies the materials science of synthesizing and implementing promising materials and device architectures for energy storage and generation technologies.

Carnegie Mellon University startup Neon has been named a finalist by the internationally renowned Edison Awards. The distinguished awards, which aim to inspire creativity, innovation and ingenuity, are named after Thomas Alva Edison , whose extraordinary new product development methods and innovative achievements garnered him 1, U.

Neon, which uses cognitive neuroscience to improve online video clicks, is a finalist in Electronics and Computers, one of 12 categories honored by the Edison Awards. Neon is representative of Carnegie Mellon's well-known entrepreneurial culture. The university's Greenlighting Startups initiative, a portfolio of six business incubators, is designed to speed CMU faculty and student innovations from the research lab to the marketplace. Using research that shows how visual perception unconsciously affects preferences, the Neon team is developing a Web-based software service that automatically selects the most visually appealing frame from a stream of video to be used as the thumbnail.

Thumbnails—the entry point for a Web user to interact with a video—are becoming more important to video publishers as the number of online videos continue to increase. Finalists for Edison Awards are judged by more than 3, senior business executives and academics from across the nation whose votes acknowledge the finalists' success in meeting the award criteria of Concept, Value, Delivery and Impact.

The panel also includes hundreds of past winners, marketing professionals, scientists, designers, engineers and academics. ActivAided Orthotics, Pittsburgh ActivAided Orthotics has created a line of postural training apparel to eliminate back pain by training rehabilitative habits and behaviors to address and correct the root causes of spine disorders and back pain. Kelly Collier , , Engineering Aurochs Brewing Company, Pittsburgh Aurochs Brewing Company uses unique ingredients to provide great tasting craft beers that are naturally gluten-free.

Doug Bernstein , , Engineering Pixite, San Diego Pixite's Unbound service provides a seamless photo management and viewing experience across computers, tablets and smartphones, ultimately allowing users to do more with their photos, be more organized and save time.

Feihe Huang Research interests: Stretchable polymeric materials; Mechanically interlocked polymers; Electronic skins. Gi Xue Research Interests: Investigate the physical properties of stretchable semiconductor polymer films. Matthew L. Henning Sirringhaus Research Interests: Sensors, field-effect transistors and charge transport in conjugated polymers Hobbies: Skiing, badminton, squash, running, hiking, traveling.

Science and Engineering, China. Jian Pei Research Interests: Carbon nanotube sorting by conjugated polymers. Thin film transistors based on CNT and organic semiconductors. D institution and Major: Yonsei University, S. Advisers: Prof. Danick Briand Research Interests: Printed organic electronic circuits. Kevin Sivula Research Interests: Design and synthesis of semiconducting polymers and small molecules for applications in optoelectronics Hobbies: Soccer, swimming, surfing and cooking.

Richard Kaner Research Interests: Synthesis and application of stretchable conjugated polymers. Christofer Hierold Research Interests: Development of biodegradable pressure sensors for cardiovascular monitoring and conducting scaffolds for treating peripheral nerve lesions. Adam Matzger Research Interests: 2-D polymer thin-film transistors Hobbies: Piano classical and jazz , literature, table tennis. Currently: Staff Engineer, Applied Materials. Suning Wang Research Interests: Design and synthesis of stretchable, self-healing polymers for flexible electronics Hobbies: hiking, arts, food.

Heinz Berke Research Interests: Molecular electronics - understanding the interdependencies of molecular structure and electronic function Hobbies: Gardening, literature, ethics. Currently: Faculty, University of Tokyo, Japan. Mitsuru Ueda Research Interest: Design and synthesis of polymer semiconductor. Thomas P. Currently: Staff Scientist, Qualcomm.

Yi Cui Research Interests: Functional organic and polymer materials for electronics. Y ears in group: Currently: Faculty, Dept. Years in Group: Kahp-Yang Suh, Prof. Currently: Faculty, Beijing Normal University. Sargent Research Interests: Designing architectures for electronic and photovoltaic applications employing carbon based materials and new organic polymers. Jian Pei Research Interests: Designing and synthesizing new backbones for organic semiconductor; Devices fabrication and testing for solar cells and transistors.

Hobbies: Classical Music and food. Currently: Founder, Furcifer Inc. Alan Hatton, Allan Myerson Undergraduate Institution: Tsinghua University, China Research Interests: Nucleation and crystal growth of organic semiconductors; in-situ X-ray scattering; self-assembly at interfaces Hobbies: classical music, martial arts, traveling.

Dept of Chemistry. Reynolds Research Interests: Designing and tailoring organic materials to meet the needs for organic electronics solar cells, field-effect transistors and bio-sensors from all aspects. Hobbies: Baseball, jogging, photography and traveling. Bergman and F. Year s in group: Hans Hertz Research Interests: Solution processing of organic semiconductors, x-ray characterization of organic thin films.

Marks and Mercouri G. Kanatzidis Research Interests: Developing new strechable electronic material and its application. Larry R. Ye ars in group: Henning Sirringhaus. Yves Geerts Research Interests: Organic single crystal field-effect transistors. Korea , Mechanical Engineering Adviser: Prof.

Currently: Founder, Avails Medical, Inc. Dan, former high-performance sportsman and currently national-licensed Judo referee, music. Year in Group: Currently: Staff Scientist, Philips Dr Lei Leo Fang. Investigation of organic small molecules and polymers for molecular electronics.

Whitesides Research Interests: Transparent, mechanically compliant electrodes based on films of carbon nanotubes; organic photovoltaics Outside the lab: You can usually find me cooking, running, hiking, swimming, reading, or writing. Dr Fung Ling Yap. Advisor: Prof.

Joint postdoc fellow with Prof. Zhenan Bao and Prof. Eric Shaqfeh. Currently: Vice President, Royole Corporation. Janssen Undergraduate Info: University of Utrecht Netherlands , Project: Design and synthesis of small organic semiconductors to tune molecular packing and enhance charge transport.

Currently: Dow Chemicals, Michigan. Leonard R.


As part of her Ph. Her research focuses on the combination of solid-phase and solution-phase methods for the generation of valuable chemical devices. In her first two years as a Nanotechnology graduate student at the Graduate Center, she worked with Dr. Charles M. Drain and collaborated with Dr. Moritz F. Kircher at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer center in a project using silicated gold nanoparticles for applications in precision imaging of tumors. She also previously worked on porphyrin conjugates for applications in imaging and PDT.

She has, since, branched out and is currently in Prof. Rein Ulijn's lab working on peptide nanoparticles. She is interested in nanotechnology, imaging, bio-engineering and cancer research. Sankarsan Biswas obtained his B. During his B. Sc he worked on several short term research projects including his one year Master's thesis in Organic Chemistry Photocatalysis. After his M. Dhwanit was born and raised in Mumbai, India. He completed his undergraduate studies in chemistry at St.

Xavier's College, Mumbai, during which time he worked on understanding the effect that transition metal salts had on non-ionic surfactants and tried to develop an extraction tool for metal ions based on this knowledge. He also actively edited and worked for various departmental magazines of the college and outreach programs of the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai. During this time he was awarded a prestigious summer research fellowship by the Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research, Bangalore to work on the synthesis, structural and photophysical characterization of the Green Fluorescent Protein chromophore derivatives.

He also served as the class representative for his masters cohort. His research interests include supramolecular self-assembly, systems chemistry, metal-organic frameworks and stimuli-responsive materials. Richard is a PhD student in the Ulijn group. Co-advised by Dr. Stephen O'Brien from CDI of City College, he currently is working on the design and synthesis of enzyme responsive peptide functionalized gold nanoparticles for cancer theranostics. Besides research, Richard likes hiking and travelling.

Yaron is a PhD student under the supervision of Prof. Rein Ulijn and Prof. Maria Contel at Brooklyn College. His research focuses on the synthesis and delivery of anti-cancer organometallic compounds using self-assembling peptides as nanocarriers. Besides research, Yaron enjoys listening to music, hiking and beating Elad and Avi at Smash. Doug holds a B. Doug is a PhD student in Biochemistry and a researcher in the Ulijn lab. Doug's research is focused on two projects: tissue engineering and enzyme-responsive nanomaterials.

The tissue engineering project involves the use of self-assembling peptides to form a scaffold for the culture and maintenance of primary human cells. These scaffolds can be customized in composition in order to provide the cells with all of the signals required for survival and function. The enzyme-responsive nanomaterials project involves the design and application of peptide-based probes that release a signal when exposed to enzymes characteristically expressed by metastatic cancers.

This nanoscale technology permits non-invasive detection of metastasis. His research interests include tissue engineering, biomaterials, regenerative medicine, nanotechnology, peptide self-assembly, and synthetic biology. Roxana is a doctoral nanotechnology and material science student under the supervision of Prof. Her previous work centered around developing nano drug delivery systems with the Reineke group at Wayne State University and biomedical surfaces Dr.

Over the course of her degree, she was selected to work on a funded project for her Masters dissertation under Prof. She has also worked on the effect of curcumin in modifying the pathway of HEWL aggregation. In her undergraduate years, she was selected for National Initiative on Undergraduate Science, which provides undergraduate students with research opportunities.

During this, she worked on synthesizing nanomaterials which have potential applications in effluent purification. Her research interests include enzyme responsive materials, and self-assembly. As an undergraduate, he worked on designing a system using di-phenylalanine gels to trap small molecules in solution. Currently, he is involved in the structural analysis of short-peptide supramolecular structures using Cryo-TEM.

Afterwards, she completed an MSc in Inorganic Chemistry at Alzahra University, Tehran Iran which was focused on the synthesis of new copper complexes and evaluation of their cytotoxicity towards different cancer cell lines.

Currently, she is a PhD student under the supervision of Prof. Rein Ulijn. Kenny is an Undergraduate at Hunter college with high hopes of obtaining his Bachelors to his PhD in the nearby future. Before obtaining a Research position in Prof. Rein Ulijn's lab, He volunteered to do chemical engineering work at Pfizer inc.

Apart from research, Kenny likes to play all kinds of sports like baseball, basketball and volleyball. Anna was born in Paris, France and moved to the US in She is currently an undergraduate student at Hunter College, where she is majoring in chemistry and minoring in math. Anna joined the Ulijn Lab in as part of her undergraduate research, where she is working on self-assembling peptides. Sadiyah was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY.

She is currently pursuing a major in biomedical engineering, and a minor in art at the City College of New York. Sojourner Truth was a bridge. Harriet Tubman was a bridge. Ida B. Wells was a bridge. Madam C. Walker was a bridge. Fannie Lou Hamer was a bridge - Oprah Winfrey. Keep a grateful journal.

Every night, list five things that you are grateful for. What it will begin to do is change your perspective of your day and your life - Oprah Winfrey. Monday, May 23, Yesterday was a grand time for kite flying. Macomb Daily file photos by Craig Gaffield. When I was a child, it was around this time of year that I remember flying a kite.

As soon as the rain stopped and the sun broke through the clouds, I would slip on a pair of boots, grab a slicker and head outside. If a new kite did not come via an Easter basket, I would coax my dad into taking a trip to the hardware store. It never took a lot of coaxing.

While he was checking out the latest and greatest gardening tools and lawn equipment, I would saunter over to the rain barrel and see what was left in the way of kites. Robinette took great pride in carrying everything a family in the city or on the farm might need around the house, but that meant he could only order items in small amounts.

The classic diamond kites went fast. The frame is simply a cross-shaped structure attached at the middle, and a sail and tail to keep it flying. Most of the kites were partially assembled and included a roll of string. I liked to add a few more swatches of fabric to the tail and whenever possible used my own string. The stuff that came with the kites always seemed to get tangled. Once the kite was ready to go I would head to the soybean field behind our house and let her fly.

Even now I think kite flying is an amazing hobby. I encourage everyone who loves the great outdoors to give it a whirl. But be careful, especially those of you who live near any electric wires. No matter how high they might appear — kites should never be flown near electric power lines. Should a kite get tangled on an overhead wire, do not try to get it.

Let it go. Sauer said adults should also caution children to never climb a utility pole, a tree located near a power line or an antenna tower to retrieve a kite. Heading back to the hardware or sporting goods store for a new kite is the safest course of action.

Hoping to deter trouble, Consumers Energy offers the following basic rules to help keep kite flyers safe:. Stay clear of all overhead wires, especially electric lines. Whether you purchase a kite at the store or make it yourself, make sure it is constructed of wood, plastic or paper. You can use the string that comes with the kite or dry kite string but never wire.

Watching a kite soar through the air is distracting enough without having to worry about traffic or other activities going on around you. Keep your flights to open areas. Avoid streets and highways as well as television and radio antennas. Rose-colored glasses are never made in bifocals.

Nobody wants to read the small print in dreams -- Ann Landers. Friday, May 20, Vintage Super 8 app is the reel thing. Today's satellites, artificial hearts and polished brass faucets, to name a few, are gadgets created through information gleaned by space exploration. Since Facebook and Twitter were launched, new technology seems to come faster than a speeding bullet. The newest is the Vintage Super 8, a full-featured video recorder that emulates a vintage Super 8 camera for users of Apple mobile devices.

This new app was created by the wizards and innovative digital alchemists at QMx Interactive and Bad Robot Interactive, a division of Bad Robot Productions, just in time for the release of Paramount Picture's new movie, "Super 8. What this nifty little App-gadget does is allow users to create old-time movies on an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Users can overlay additional filters effects such as light leaks and vignettes or even age the film with a random scratch-and-dirt filter.

Those things that made your grandfather cuss are now options created for nostalgia sake. Even the way grandpa used to shake when he was shooting is a frame-shake option designed to give it that old-school feel of a Super 8 home movie. Filmmakers can collect their shots, do their editing, and send the masterpiece off to be developed without lifting a finger or a dollar out of one's wallet. It's all done within the app. Movies can be shared via email or through social media sites via the iOS's gallery.

Is that not incredible? The best part is this new app is free at iTunes App Store. However, this is a limited time offer, no doubt during the run of "Super 8. Directed by J. Abrams from his original script and produced by Stephen Spielberg, Abrams and Bryan Burk, it's the story of a group of friends in a small Ohio town who witness a catastrophic train crash while making a super 8 movie and soon suspect that it was not an accident. Shortly after, unusual disappearances and inexplicable events begin to take place in town, and the local deputy tries to uncover the truth, which is more horrible than anything the youngsters could have imagined.

If you need ideas for your own movie, I'm sure -- before you can say cool gadget -- someone will have posted a Super 8 iPhone example at Super 8. Check out some of the other fun things going on around the Detroit area:. CD Release party. The party for ages up will include a performance by the group including Matt Hines vocals , Eric Pederson keys, percussion , Steve Stetson drums , Jon Rice lead guitar and vocals , Brian Kwasnik keyboard and vox and Keith May bass and vox.

Doors open at 8 p. The Magic Bag is located at Woodward Ave. Awards dinner. New Baltimore Annual Award Dinner for citizen and business of the year,. Bowling for Backpacks. Bowling for Backpacks, benefit for the non-profit organization Blessings in a Backpack, p.

Registration starts p. For tickets: or blessingsinabackpackmi. Perennial exchange. Perennial exchange, 9 a. Free; refreshments provided by Recreation Department. Exchanges only, no sales. Poker Run. Amvets Post 29 conducting poker run, registration a. May 21, at the sponsoring J. Galloup Co. Last bike in by 3 p. Taste Fest. Fest includes food tastings from more than 25 restaurants, free health screenings, silent auction and raffle.

Proceeds support hospital equipment purchases. Senior Players. Heart of the Hills Senior Players present "Brigadoon," 7 p. Baby animals. May 21 at the museum, Van Hoosen Road. For information, or Rochester Hills. Chamber music. For tickets, or Chamber Music Society.

Bootleg boat tour. Preservation Wayne and Detroit Historical Society presenting bootlegging-theme boat tour along the Detroit River, p. May For reservations, Benefit dinners. May 21 with music 8-midnight, at St. Clair Shores Eagles Club No.

Mount Clemens Farmers Market open 7 a. Visit Mount Clemens Farmers Market. Michigan Actors Studio presents "Almost Maine," 2 and 8 p. Tree of Hope Foundation for postpartum research and education benefit garage sale, 9 a. Clair Shores. May 21 at the school, Bagley Ave.

Palette Club. Reception and awards p. Visit Lakeside Palette Club. Go Comedy! Thursdays and Fridays through May Call or visit www. Dinner theater. Dinner packages available. Call or www. You can't start worrying about what's going to happen. You get spastic enough worrying about what's happening now -- Lauren Bacall. By Lisa Campbell Ernst. This summer when your wide-eyed inquisitive child looks up from the garden and asks you why a caterpillar doesn't stay a caterpillar or how a firefly can make its behind light up -- you'll have a fun and enlightening explanation.

Parents are often drawn to nonfiction books that are filled with amazing facts and elaborate illustrations, but they are frequently more than what a child wants to know. Ernst's book reminds me of something a teacher might create for a first- or third-grade field trip to the local farm or nursery.

Her colorful illustrations, which liken to construction paper cutouts, provide a whimsical view of her topics while diagrams point out interesting and important facts that children might want to know first. Everything from rocks and robins to dirt, dandelions, bubbles and the garden hose are featured in the pages of this small but durable little field guide. What's presented here will surely please a questioning child. And is that not the purpose of such a book -- to spark interest?

Once a child is hungry for more, there are plenty of nonfiction books to satisfy his or her appetite even further. The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing. One cannot help but be in awe when he contemplates the mysteries of eternity, of life, of the marvelous structure of reality. It is enough if one tries merely to comprehend a little of this mystery every day -- Albert Einstein.

Monday, May 16, Things to think about when choosing new furniture. Many homeowners getting money back from the state and federal government will use a portion of their tax return to pay for new home furnishings. Having the money to shop is a wonderful thing. The problem with large purchases such as a new sofa and loveseat or dining room table is, knowing what to buy. Mike Howarth, president and owner of Englishman's Fine Furnishings, which is a national company that specializes in customized furniture, said it can be a challenge choosing a piece that boasts a combination of comfort and personal style while recognizing the home's varied elements of aesthetic form.

Having designed English and European-style reproduction furniture for many years, Howarth is able to offer the following tips:. How do you decorate a room to maximize form and function? Begin by deciding how the room will be used by you and your family. Is your new dining room table to be used for formal dinners or casual dining? Will it be primarily used by adults or children? If it needs to be family-friendly Howarth recommends a solid wood table as these are resistant to permanent scratches.

If you like antiques -- but cannot justify spending a lot of money on a piece that could be ruined by chocolate milk or finger paint -- consider a reproduction. Howarth offers a line with all the beauty and mystique of antiques, along with the benefits of new furniture. The Mission Hills collection, offered by Art Van furniture, is another fine example of modern furniture, inspired by older designs.

With these options in mind, what constitutes a well-furnished room? Rooms should have space for traffic paths with unblocked openings.


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These devices run on batteries like those in watches and they are usually made of toxic materials such as lithium.

Quickwin betting kupon sorgulama iddaa Article courtesy of Oregon Live. Every new glimpse at the future of urban transport seems to be missing something pretty big. Bowling for Backpacks. Brady and Mahomes were mic'd up for their postgame chat. Ryan Bove, Business. Bernstein worked in the same laboratory.
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Adam Feinberg and his team have created a novel biosensor that reveals the mechanobiological forces that shape organ development Read More. NIH-funded project will get your attention A project led by Prof. A remote control for neurons Prof.

Cohen-Karni teamed up with other researchers to create a novel material for controlling human neuron cells Read more. Latest News Prof. Message from BME Dept. About Us. Areas of Research. Apply to a Program. Meet BME. BME Stories First-ever noninvasive mind-controlled robotic arm. Healing large wounds fast. Its name recognizes the pioneering work of two of the School of Computer Science's co-founders, Allen Newell and Herb Simon, who invented the use of linked-list data structures for representing complex information.

But it also serves as the link between the School of Computer Science and more than 10, alumni, colleagues, parents and other friends around the world. Skip to main content. Ace of Clubs. Water polo. Freestyle rapping. A cappella singing. Swing dancing. Baseball, foosball, racquetball and roller hockey. More than student organizations are competing for the attention of CMU undergraduates.

Some focus on sports or hobbies; others celebrate ethnic heritage or encourage involvement in politics and activism. This spring, another organization--the university's three-year-old student chapter of the Association for Computing Machinery--waded into that crowded marketplace of ideas. For the first time, it participated in the campus' Activities Fair, a semi-annual event where student-run organizations recruit new members.

And while the words "computing machinery" may not trigger the same visceral reaction as "snowboarding," the event went well--with a few exceptions. It was chartered by the parent organization in One of more than student ACM chapters around the world, the only requirements for membership in the chapter--informally known as ACM CMU--are an interest in computing not all of the members are affiliated with SCS , active participation in one of the chapter's committees, and regular attendance at weekly meetings.