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Chris weidman post fight interview ufc 175 betting macs 2 options binary

Chris weidman post fight interview ufc 175 betting

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He found that our when he made his return and fell to Frank Mir in only 46 seconds. As usual, Forrest brought his all and was given the decision loss much to the chagrin of the fans. Perry won the dance off as well as the fight that interrupted it.

The sound that came from Dan Simmler after having his jaw broken by Matthew Riddle was new to the show as well as most of the fighters in the TUF gym. Benson Henderson proposes — UFC on FOX: After a split decision victory that the fans booed mercilessly, Benson Henderson laid his championship belt down, dropped to a knee and proposed to his girlfriend in the middle of the Octagon. After controlling the fight stemming from an early takedown, Koscheck found himself on the wrong end of a Robbie Lawler left hand.

So who won? The decision was later overturned to a draw which was supposed to result in an extra round. Most fans were wondering if he would call out Conor, Khabib, possibly Kamaru Usman, Diaz threw a curveball and called out the only other gangster left. Vintage Vitor Belfort was an absolute specimen. Coming into the UFC at 19 willing and able to run through any man in his path, he was a knockout machine never needing more than a handful of seconds to finish his opponents.

At , it took an 8-minute fight with Randy Couture to hand him his first loss he bounced back with a submission win against Joe Charles and made his way to UFC Brazil. Jens cemented in gold — UFC Jens Pulver fought with Miletich instilled aggression and striking that few of the lighter fighters had ever brought before. Big Nog steals the W! The submission specialist took damage early and often.

Enduring a knockdown strike along with heavyweight ground and pound and failed takedowns before fighting through bloody eyes and weary legs to lock in the third-round guillotine submission making him the first man to hold a Pride and UFC title. Unfortunately, he found himself matched up against Ryan Bader. Inside the first two minutes, Ortiz sunk a guillotine that earned Submission of the Night honors.

Georges St-Pierre. Cody and Maddux — UFC Cody Garbrandt has clung to very little in his life but those he has attached himself to have been lifelong attachments. Before Garbrandt was ever champ, before his first fight in the UFC he developed a lifelong friendship with Leukemia survivor, Maddux Maple.

Win TUF, take out top names, make a name for himself. Next on the horizon was winning UFC gold. Fabricio Werdum came home to Brazil to defend his heavyweight title with the crowd and dynamic fight arsenal at his disposal when he welcomed knockout artist, Stipe Miocic. Stipe Miocic ended the feel out process with a right hand that also ended the fight and the reign of Werdum in a KO that may have silenced the entire city of Curitiba. While his title run was over, there was a certain level of mystery as to how much of the fight was skill versus a lucky shot on the button.

After becoming one of the most beloved fighters in the sport and defeating every name in front of him, St-Pierre sat cage side at UFC 63 as Matt Hughes knocked out B. With plenty of time left in the round, Boetsch could no longer simply survive. Cung Le got off easy. About as even as they make them. Winding down the final minute of the third and final round, Lytle caught Dan Hardy in a guillotine to take the win in his final MMA bout.

After earning the win and capping a career that spanned 54 fights, Lytle celebrated with an enormous ovation and his family and teammates in the Octagon before riding off into the sunset. After years of chasing down that elusive bantamweight title, Cody Garbrandt defeated Alpha Male rival, Dominick Cruz for the pound title.

After fighting his whole life, the opportunity of a lifetime had presented itself. Full fight here:. A strong feat of accomplishment for anybody in the heavyweight division. Frank Mir ended that run with his second-round knockout at UFC No man had ever submitter Minotauro Nogueira. A strong feat of accomplishment for anybody who spends as much time on the ground as Nogueira.

Frank Mir ended that run with his first-round kimura at UFC Ask 10 rising stars from the UK who their favorite fighter of all time is, chances are nine of them will say Michael Bisping. After that loss he was fed to Anderson Silva and while he showed his toughness and put together a Fight of the Night performance, the unbeatable Anderson Silva won by rear-naked choke.

After the decision was read, St-Pierre dropped to his knees and begged for a second chance at the title he was unable to secure back at UFC Maybe the most underrated rivalry in MMA history was pushed to a highly demanded trilogy bout after Frankie Edgar rallied back from early trouble and avoided falling to Gray Maynard with a split draw. For a shot at the middleweight title, Franklin had to go back against Tanner who was gunning to take the win back but also defend his title.

After absolutely dominating Anderson Silva to the likes nobody thought possible, Chael Sonnen let the victory slip away. Sonnen quickly got his rematch with Silva at UFC He cut the greatest promo ever pointing out that after burning through Silva with ease and even earning two rounds, it was Anderson who had to prove to the fans he was in fact the better fighter.

It took a total of seconds to defeat all three opponents to win the inaugural tournament. Phenomenal cardio, athletic, KO power and suffocating wrestling. So when Junior dos Santos knocked him out in barely over a minute, nobody knew what to think.

It appeared he was going to make Canada proud in his UFC 50 title shot against Matt Hughes but the wrestling heavy fan favorite lost by armbar and forced to keep reaching for the stars. After one of the most famous walkouts in company history, Sanchez defeated Joe Stevenson by unanimous decision. After doing himself no favors at all the whole time, Ruediger had, in his mind, an insurmountable amount of weight to cut.

Ruediger was effectively shunned by the house and later kicked off the show altogether. The state of NY slammed the door on the event it was moved to Dothan, Alabama in the eleventh hour. This was a fight. Complete with trash talk before, trash talk after, off camera altercations and middle fingers between rounds. Nobody has ever accused Tim Sylvia of being an all-around threat but his toughness was on display when Frank Mir snapped his arm for the heavyweight title and with no reaction, Sylvia showed a disappointment that Herb Dean made the decision to stop the fight.

Cain picks Lesnar apart — UFC The names in the heavyweight division are just a little bit bigger of a deal. For a long time, Brock Lesnar was the biggest name in the biggest division. Nobody knew just how one sided the beating when Cain Velasquez got a hold of Lesnar but he was quickly exposed as mortal. Showed up to the weigh-in in a mask for a classic staredown.

Dillashaw stopped the Garbrandt train in its tracks with a KO victory that left fans begging for a rematch. The two most hungry men in the lightweight division met at UFC in Chicago with refusal to lose in their game plan. Winner: Tony Ferguson. A fight immediately broke out in defense of Mrs. Full episode here:. A fan posing as a reporter directed a very, very biased question in the direction of Eddie Alvarez that both dumbfounded him as well as filled McGregor with Irish giddiness.

As he was putting them back on, Joe Rogan approached with the microphone and asked why he took his pants off to which Lewis responded with a sentence that shook social media and the T-Mobile Arena. Chael Sonnen may have been dangerously close to a belt again when he fought Jon Jones for the light heavyweight championship. In the midst of the fight, Jones broke his toe so badly that the bone had broken through the skin. Both Joe Rogan and Jones were the consummate professionals and managed to conduct an Octagon interview few have forgotten.

Bobby Southworth earned the MMA community a lot more respect when viewers saw him cut 20 pounds in 24 hours to make weight for his fight against Lodune Sincaid. The fans were as excited to meet the fighters as the fighters were to meet the fans. It was a huge stride knowing public demand was now to meet the men of the UFC instead of ridicule them. Athletes would now progress even faster as the UFC opened an in house Performance Institute for the safety and convenience of any fighter on the roster.

Moraes made an absolute mockery of Cejudo in the first round. In possibly the greatest turnaround in company history, Cejudo came back and absolutely dominated Moraes to take home the title. It seemed almost certain he was going to make it to the UFC and his final fight before making it to the show sealed it. How would he live up to his upper cut elbow KO? Mission accomplished. The audience was greeted to sumo practitioner, Teila Tuli take a brutal kick to the face from Gerard Gordeau followed by an even harder to watch right hand.

Saku shot for a takedown as a knee came his way giving the impression he had collapsed. When Big John McCarthy stopped the fight an irate Sakuraba pled his case, even tried stealing the microphone. Jones was raining down elbows on Matt Hamill when Mazzagatti stopped the action and immediately disqualified Jon Jones for illegal elbows.

To this day Matt Hamill even concedes the win. Nothing more to do here! Perhaps it was luck, perhaps it was the jitters of not fighting in front of a home crowd for the first time, whatever it was, not many would have put money down on Ian Freeman knocking out Frank Mir but sure enough, Freeman dominated Mir, avoided a submission and landed a first round KO….

Kind of. Freeman never won in the Octagon again. Mark Hunt vs Bigfoot Silva — UFC Brisbane: Two heavyweights slugging it out usually has about a round or two of excitement before the action slows down drastically. Bigfoot Silva and Mark Hunt flipped the script when they slugged it out for five rounds in front of the Australian audience winning Fight of the Night on a card stacked with close matches and a plethora of finishes.

Jessica Eye had one of the greatest climbs in recent memory when she went from four straight losses to flyweight title shot against Valentina Shevchenko. Davis later found out he was eliminated from fighting altogether when doctors told him he had torn retinas in both eyes and fighting again would most likely result in permanent blindness.

Louis native, Art Jimmerson employing an unorthodox strategy of wearing one boxing glove while going bareknuckle on the other hand. It did little to help as he was submitted via …smother. Carter liked the move so much he attempted it multiple times in their rematch in their fight on TUF 4: The Comeback.

On top of that, he had a score to settle with Rampage after losing to him three and a half years earlier at Pride Final Conflict Rampage turned the tables on Liddell by defeating him via first round knockout. Silva bulldozed through Pride but fell on hard times in the UFC, going and never quite living up to the hype.

In his final bout with the UFC, Silva showed the kind of battles he was once capable of bringing. He seemed crazy before the fight claiming Ferguson was predictable in his UFC debut but results showed he may have been on to something as the newcomer was within inches from victory in one of the best fights in UFC history.

Shane Carwin and Brock Lesnar might be one of the most underrated matchups in recent memory. Two of the most gigantic men in UFC history squared off to unify the heavyweight title. Silva established himself in his bounce back fight against Keith Jardine and showed UFC fans what all the hype was about. Fabricio Werdum was preparing for his main event matchup at UFC Sydney in November of but he still had enough time to engage with another fighter. Conveniently armed with a boomerang and being separated by a group of people, Werdum threw the Australian toy at Covington, hitting him in the shoulder causing Covington to retreat and call the police on the heavyweight.

Vannata did just that when he landed a wheel kick knockout in the first round. Before the end of the first round the commentary team was preparing for the end. Hooker simply would not stay down. Condit was backed up early before rocking Lawler. By the midway point of the first round it was already established. It was a fight either man was going to have to earn. Seemingly determined to yet again knock out Miocic, Daniel Cormier almost completely left wrestling out of his game plan. It was a decision that cost him the title as he was knocked out late.

In a fight that had the attention of sports talk shows, daytime talk shows and of course all of Ireland, McGregor defeated Siver in a Performance of the Night TKO the led him straight to an interim title fight with Chad Mendes. Gone with the days of climbing up the ranks for McGregor.

Faber made his return after almost three years to take on newcomer, Ricky Simon. The crowd erupted when Faber made his walk to the Octagon and somehow turned it up even higher when Faber landed the fastest finish in his career. Nunes yet again proved she was better than every competitor at their own game.

Masvidal calmly walked over to Edwards and unloaded four shots to the face before being separated. Let me bang, bro! Just a handful of years after being told women would never be in the UFC, the armbar queen proudly held up her Hall of Fame trophy and cemented herself in UFC immortality as the first female inductee. A spinning back elbow that would have decapitated lesser men and the decision victory were enough to show the world, Jon Jones was here to stay. After having Frank Mir in a dominant position, Mazzagatti struck, action was stopped and before long, Mir escaped with a kneebar.

Be the only man on the planet who could out-man Yoel Romero twice. The back and forth slugfest went the distance with Whittaker taking the split decision in one of the greatest fights of all time. Chael breaks character — UFC post fight press conference: Chael Sonnen was less than two minutes away from changing the course of history in his first bout with Anderson Silva. He talked about how easy it was going to be for him for weeks before he went out and backed it all up.

After making a costly mistake and getting choked out, Chael Sonnen spoke to the pain of finishing in second place yet again. The always game, BJ Penn, stepped up and choked Hughes out in less than one round to raise the ceiling a bit on Hughes. After fighting his way back up that ranks, Hughes final got his rematch with Penn and delivered with a third-round finish.

Bader runs into a prime Jon Jones — UFC The title fight is usually the clearest indicator of who the best in the division is. When Ryan Bader and Jon Jones squared off, it gave the fans a similar feeling. Russia, million. I want to fight your chicken! Hughes lifted Newton up and began carrying him around the Octagon with seemingly no plan.

No arm? The last chance to rebound, the last chance to push the sun back into the sky. The legend of Chuck Liddell was given a hefty push at UFC 40 when the number one contender took a fight that could only hurt him against Renato Sobral.

With nothing to prove and a title shot surely on the way, nobody but the Ice Man could understand why he would risk it. When Serra went down with a back injury Georges St-Pierre was scheduled to fill in for Serra making the fight an interim title fight. GSP cashed in on the opportunity by defeating Matt Hughes and stamping his ticket to a title fight.

Ortiz won by corner stoppage after three rounds. BJ Penn steals the welterweight title — UFC The unpredictable prodigy, BJ Penn appeared to be out of his mind when he stepped up to the welterweight division to take on Matt Hughes for the welterweight title. Tito Ortiz had already defeated Ken Shamrock twice before, and Shamrock had gone in his last six fights, but they found themselves headlining a card for one more clash. Ratings were huge and the event was considered a wild success.

The new standard — UFC In the early days of the UFC there was most certainly action but with the lack of versatility to most fighters, once a fighter was in danger, the fight was all but over. Not long after, cameras capture an irate Ken Shamrock giving Ortiz a very heated earful and it was now a full-on rivalry.

MMA was finally legal in New York. Madison Square Garden was the only hurdle left and still Conor McGregor was the biggest item on stage. At 19 years old it was looking possible that he may not lose for a good 15 years.

Rising star, BJ Penn had a knack for the unexpected. Sure enough, as mysteriously as he appeared, he was gone and as mysteriously as he was gone, he was back for his Octagon interview. Chael Sonnen was approached to fill in for the injured Henderson. Title holder, Jon Jones, turned down the new opponent leading to the first cancelled event in UFC history.

UFC had a long-standing record as the largest attendance in UFC history with well over 55, fans in attendance to watch GSP defend his welterweight title. The card was moved out of Las Vagas to Inglewood, California and the show went on. After the fight Joe Rogan asked Diaz about the fight and instead got a call out that most definitely cost the UFC a few dollars in fines but the message was clear and the rivalry had begun.

He had defeated so many flyweights, he had to start cycling back through. Call it good officiating, call it bad officiating, you also call it the heart of a lion. Kongo managed to climb back to his feet after being visibly out not once, not twice, but three times to knock Barry out cold. What seemed to be his easiest test yet came in his title defense against TJ Dillashaw. Dillashaw rocked the division when he caught Barao in the final round and became the first man in almost a decade to defeat Barao.

Barao has still yet to bounce back from the title loss. The main event of the 25th anniversary show was full of creative strikes, hard shots and the most unorthodox elbow KO in recent memory. Joanna Jedrzejczyk spent all camp terrorizing challenger Rose Namajunas, bullying her nearly to the point of tears on multiple occasions.

With everything to lose, Henry Cejudo put the division on his back and knocked out Dillashaw in just over 30 seconds. History did not repeat itself. Chan Sung Jung locked in a submission that had the jiu-jitsu world jumping for joy. Good wrestling, yes but it was only seemed to be used to get Lawler on his feet to brawl again. At TUF 10, White gave him his shot as he shocked the fighters and the fans by walking through the gym door in episode 1. Griffin and the handful of people who believed in him had their day in the sun as Griffin choked out Rua in the third round.

Who is Pete Williams? Williams caught Coleman in the head with a kick to give him his second straight loss in a huge upset in the early days of the UFC. Gray Maynard is one of the only fighters to go in the same night in the Zuffa era. After the fight, Joe Rogan had to set him straight in the Octagon despite his dispute of the ruling. It took only seconds for Goodridge to get Herrera in a crucifix position before dropping an onslaught of some of the most brutal elbows in UFC history. No doubt, this 13 second fight was probably a driving force in the difficulty of landing athletic commission approval nationwide.

Royce Gracie wins UFC 1 — UFC 1: While the performance of the seemingly undersized and non-aggressive Royce Gracie was the talk of the fanbase, it was little surprise to any when the Brazilian jiu-jitsu innovator steamrolled through the competition en route to a UFC 1 victory. Not only had Trigg won five of his last six fights but the only loss in that span was against Hughes at UFC Hughes and Trigg went back in forth in a one round war that ended with Hughes locking in submission of the year and taking the belt home, yet again.

Money well spent! An upset knockout over Stipe Miocic placed the heavyweight belt around his waist where the light heavyweight title had already been sitting for a full three years. When the rematch was in motion, there was no shortage of disdain between the men and the two went to war for three rounds before Jones knocked out Daniel Cormier.

No stranger to flash… or winning, Anderson Silva was out to defend his middleweight title for the eleventh time with Chris Weidman across the Octagon. Silva began showboating in classic Anderson Silva fashion it came back to haunt him.

Weidman landed strikes to the chin of Silva who began acting wobbled until Weidman followed it up with a blow that would finish the job against Silva. It was the first time in nearly seven years the middleweight championship did not belong to Anderson Silva. Conor McGregor had made a life out of outclassing the Cage Warriors opposition placed in front of him for years.

Penn decisively beat Joe Stevenson at UFC 80 with a second-round finish and made his intentions for his next fight clear as well with one of the most iconic Octagon callouts of all time. When he got the microphone, he let the world, specifically Jon Jones, know who he had in the crosshairs.

Neither man a stranger to violence, it was a miracle that the fight made it to a second round, then a third then a fourth before Poirier finally knocked out one of the most violent men in UFC history. It seemed that with every question that was asked, Bisping was ready with another quote ready to go viral. The best came when opponent, Luke Rockhold, explained the difference between striving to hate or striving to achieve. In the nick of time!

Rousey made a career of armbar finishes and one round dominating performances. She answered with a 14 second armbar submission. At 43 years old, Couture jumped the line and landed in a title fight with Tim Sylvia. Couture won by decision and gave a memorable Octagon interview. Sorry, Bisping. Couture sinks S. At and riding a fight win streak, Liddell was about to run full steam ahead into veteran Randy Couture who rebounded nicely from his heavyweight title loss by knocking out Chuck for the light heavyweight title.

Not a lot went right for Ken Shamrock in his feud with Tito Ortiz. After watching Ortiz finish Guy Metzger at UFC 19, Shamrock had to watch an infuriating celebration and then Ortiz would go on to become light heavyweight champion. Diaz and co. MayMac — August It was the super fight to end all super fights when the biggest name in the UFC, Conor McGregor, stepped into the boxing ring to take on the biggest name in boxing, Floyd Mayweather. Effortless takedowns turned into scrambles which turned into ground and pound.

Desperation seemed to be the only weapon Joe Stevenson had when he stood in the crosshairs of BJ Penn who was one win away from the UFC lightweight title. With just over 30 seconds left in the first round Penn landed an elbow that opened up one of the fastest bleeding cuts Joe Rogan had ever seen. The planets aligned and Stevenson made it out for the second round with fire in his eyes. A right hand to the body set up a left to the exposed chin of Luke Rockhold knocking him to the ground.

Michael Bisping. Endeavor buys UFC — Will they? You heard this, I heard that. Ngannou jumped the line immediately when he landed the knockout of the decade on the then ranked number one contender, Alistair Overeem. Jon Jones vs. Daniel Cormier: Prequel — UFC Press Conference: Bad blood began to boil when Jon Jones initiated a shoving match that turned ugly in the first faceoff of the most heated rivalry of the decade.

Dave Sholler was thrown out of the way during the melee…. When it was announced that the demeanor, technique and of course, the head kicks that leave some in the hospital and some in the cemetery, were going to be a regular part of the UFC heavyweight division, it was all the fans could ask for. Gonzaga briefly stopped the hearts of every fan, every journalist and the commentary team when he landed a head kick that absolutely folded Cro Cop.

It was no mistake though. No bad blood, no animosity, just two men out to throw until one man was no longer standing. It would all come down to the third and final matchup and Liddell again knockout out Couture and was officially the king of the light heavyweight division.

It was hard to imagine what gameplan could possibly give somebody as much confidence against Anderson Silva as Sonnen had. Come fight night, when it was time for Sonnen to back up all his talk, he did precisely that. He mauled Silva for over four and a half straight rounds without a hint of adversity.

With just under two minutes in the final round, Sonnen found himself in a triangle choke that took the hopes for the belt right out of his hands. Straight out of the gate there was trouble. Multiple fighters discovered that their preliminary fights would be for free. Everything short of a union was discussed by the disgruntled fighters who felt their days of fighting for free were long behind them. When word got back to UFC President Dana White, he came into the TUF gym and delivered quite possibly the greatest speech in the history of a company built on call outs, interviews and press conferences almost as much as what happens in the Octagon.

DC simultaneously defends two belts — UFC Leave it to Daniel Cormier to juggle two weight classes enough to win two titles at the same time and then defeat Derrick Lewis to defend his belt making him the first person alive to simultaneously defend belts in two different weight classes. Neither man was capable of letting fatigue or pain overpower their competitive drive. The championship on the line took a back seat to the will to defeat the other man. Fan favorite, Chuck Liddell, had run through everybody in his path for over four years before falling to Randy Couture at UFC 43 when the light heavyweight championship was on the line.

After coming off the first two losses in his career, Lyoto Machida had plenty to prove to the world. Problem was, his next opponent, Randy Couture. A man who had made his living off of upsetting the kings of the division. Whether it was done because it was the most advantageous strike to throw or whether it was born out of flash, Machida turned all heads his way when he landed a Karate Kid Crane Kick to Couture that led to a second-round knockout.

The best light heavyweights and middleweights in the country came to Las Vegas to fight for a six figure UFC contract. The most feared woman on earth came in as the heavy favorite to hand Nunes her first loss in over four years.

Ronda Rousey had steamrolled every opponent her whole career. Only making it out of the first round one time. Her last three fights combined added up to just barely over a minute. Sure enough, in front of the biggest live audience in UFC history since passed at UFC , Holly Holm shocked the world when her second-round head kick knocked out the unstoppable Ronda Rousey.

Problem was, both men were trending down and coming off back to back losses. When Liddell took home the decision victory it was cemented, the UFC had won. In celebration, the UFC booked a card so stacked, household names were locked into every fight throughout the card that saw three title fights and a Conor McGregor main event.

Anderson Silva was laying waste to everybody in both the middleweight division, as well as light heavyweight when the mood suited him. One of the most devastatingly brutal fighters in UFC history and one of the most flawless came crashing together at full speed when Anderson Silva delivered one of the greatest knockouts in the history of combat sports. A rivalry had begun and Diaz upped his stock from good fighter to main event status. Precision beats power, timing beats speed — UFC Conor McGregor was on top of the world in the eyes of the fans and had only one more man to conquer before he would cement that place on top of the MMA world.

Your champion, Conor McGregor. The shorts even displayed this, with Tito wearing flames and Chuck with the Iceman trunks. He fought as a Middleweight against Reubem Lopes, whom he submitted quickly via kimura, at of the first round. Two months later at Ring of Combat 24, he stopped Mike Stewart with punches in the first round.

In his third bout Weidman won the Ring of Combat middleweight title on September 24, , by defeating Uriah Hall at Ring of Combat 31 via punches in the first round. By this point Weidman was being called "one of the most highly-touted blue chip middleweight prospects ever". Kampmann , replacing an injured Rafael Natal. Bisping was chosen to take Munoz's place in the co-main event. In the second round, he knocked out Munoz with a counter elbow to the forehead followed by ground and pound to an unconscious Munoz, which awarded Weidman "Knockout of the Night" honors.

I believe it's a bad matchup for Anderson Silva. Very bad, style wise. Anderson's weaknesses are Weidman's strengths. I've trained with Weidman, and his wrestling is on another level. I believe it's not going to last too long, this fight. This fight will shock a lot of people. In the first round, Weidman took down the champion onto the canvas to apply some solid ground-and-pound.

The second round saw Silva clowning around — taunting and mocking Weidman — until he was caught and dropped by Weidman's left hook which was followed with punches to the grounded Silva — rendering him unconscious. The loss to Weidman was Silva's first in the UFC and ended his seven-year, fight undefeated streak. The KO victory gave Weidman the distinction of being the first and only person to have ever knocked out Silva in a mixed martial arts match. In contrast to their first fight in UFC , there was no overt showboating by Silva, yet Weidman still had Silva in trouble early in the first round by dropping him — while in the clinch — with a right hook to the side of the head — followed by a barrage of punches.

In spite of Weidman's onslaught, Silva managed to pull guard, regain his composure and bloodied Weidman's nose with some elbows and hammer-fist punches off his back. Weidman, however, controlled the top position for the remainder of the round and landed punches and elbows.

This check snapped Silva's left fibula and tibia on contact. Silva immediately fell to the mat, forcing referee Herb Dean to stop the fight into the second round and give Weidman the victory by TKO. That was the number one thing I got hit with in the first fight, so I did work a lot against guys with good kicks and was working on checking them a lot. I did think that if he's going to go that hard on kicks, as he usually does, if I catch it on my knee it could really hurt him.

But it's still crazy how that happened. I've done it in sparring with some hard kickers to let them know not to kick me anymore. Their legs didn't break, but they would either take a minute to walk it off or they wouldn't be kicking me as much. It's something I've definitely been working on, thanks to Longo. After the fight his wife entered the octagon to kiss Weidman, whilst the audience cheered.

The bout also earned Weidman his first Fight of the Night bonus award. Weidman lost the bout and his title via TKO in the fourth round. After two and half back-and-forth rounds, Weidman conceded a takedown after a missed wheel kick, Rockhold took Weidman's back and from there transitioned to the full mount landing heavy damage with ground and pound. After taking damage Weidman survived until the fourth round where Rockhold again took him down and continued his ground and pound success which ultimately led to a fourth-round TKO stoppage by the referee Herb Dean.

However, Weidman pulled out of the fight on May 17 with a cervical disc herniation. Weidman lost the fight in the third round after getting knocked out by a flying knee. At in the second round, Mousasi kneed Weidman twice in the head while Weidman had his hands near the ground. The referee stopped the fight because he thought that the second of these strikes was illegal.

Weidman was allowed to recover, but after watching the replay the officials concluded the strike was legal. After being dropped at the end of the first round, Weidman rallied and submitted Gastelum via arm-triangle choke in the third round. Weidman appeared emotional and said at the post-fight press conference that the doubts and negative comments which he received during his three-fight losing streak was tough on him and his family and he was happy to be back in the game.

After the last debacle in the last fight. I had to sit back and listen to people doubt me and wait my turn to get back out here and show everybody what I'm made out of and man! I love my wife, I love my wife. Ah, this is a tough sport guys. This is a tough sport. You gotta have thick skin.

The family has to have thick skin. Your coaches have to have thick skin. You drag your family through mud in this sport with the things that they have to hear. Feels good to get back where I deserve. In June , Weidman announced his intentions to move up to Light Heavyweight beginning later on in He cites numerous surgeries which prevent him from being able to cut to Middleweight as his reason for moving up weight classes.

On October 29, , Weidman's house was severely damaged by Hurricane Sandy. The couple began dating during their high school days. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. American mixed martial arts fighter. For such a novice fighter to be so aggressive and technical in a pure grappling competition against one of the world's best speaks volumes to what a great MMA middleweight Chris Weidman may become.

His combination of gravity-defying throws, an ironclad base and scarily preternatural grappling skills has already made him one of North America's premier prospects. I want Anderson Silva. Every time I've had a full training camp, I've gotten a finish. Give me a full training camp and I'd love a shot at the man, Anderson Silva.

I really think I could do pretty good. So give me a shot, please. Retrieved May 31, Retrieved July 30, — via Twitter. Retrieved September 9, Retrieved December 16, Retrieved March 18, Retrieved March 4, Low Kick MMA. Retrieved March 23, Paradise Warrior. Retrieved July 10, Retrieved March 2, New York Post. Archived from the original on June 9, February 14, Archived from the original on February 18, MMA Fighting.

Retrieved July 11, Retrieved March 12, Retrieved April 14, Retrieved June 12, Archived from the original on July 10, Chris Weidman joins UFC lineup". Archived from the original on July 23, Retrieved July 16, Retrieved January 28, Archived from the original on January 29, Retrieved July 12, April 24, Archived from the original on July 19, Retrieved April 25, September 7, Retrieved September 7, November 21, Archived from the original on January 3, Retrieved November 21, Retrieved March 6, Weidman Betting Odds and Final Prediction".

Weidman' Complete Betting Odds". Los Angeles Times. The Vancouver Sun. Associated Press. Retrieved July 7,

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A UFC event is finally coming to Long Island for the first time this weekend and it features a hometown fighter in the main event. Chris Weidman was born and raised on Long Island and has remarked on several occasions about how excited he is to be fighting on this card. His opponent, Kelvin Gastelum is a TUF tournament winner and is technically on a three-fight winning streak despite his last fight being overturned to a no contest because he was flagged for marijuana in the post-fight drug test.

Chris Weidman is currently on a three-fight losing streak after suffering the first loss of his career to Luke Rockhold at UFC This will be a fight between a young up and comer looking to keep his momentum and a veteran former champion trying to stay relevant.

Fans are excited, and the oddsmakers are too as they prepare betting odds that cover the UFC on Fox event. With that said, he has one of the best striking coaches in the world in Mark Henry and he knocked out arguably the greatest fighter and MMA striker of all time in Anderson Silva when he won the middleweight championship.

He has a style where he likes to mix up his striking and his takedowns to keep his opponents guessing. When he is up on his feet he tends to favor his heavy punches over his kicks despite showing improved kicking ability in his fight with Yoel Romero. What he also showed in his loss to Yoel was his wrestling ability. Kelvin was picked last on team Sonnen in the 17 th season of the Ultimate Fighter and later went on to win the whole tournament finishing all three of his opponents before meeting Urijah Hall in the final.

He is with 1 no contest. The one no contest was, in reality, a knockout over one of the most experienced and dangerous guys in the world, Vitor Belfort. It was later deemed a no contest after Gastelum failed a post-fight drug test for marijuana. But Weidman and Machida are two elite fighters set to put on a show, and fans should be there every step of the way—and get a little cash out of it, too.

Outside of the stellar card, the two men actually partaking in the main event are certainly part of the issue. Machida is now 36 years old. He remains one of the best strikers on the planet, but there is a certain aura about his age, far removed from the days where he was considered the best in the world. His dropping a weight class to make this fight doesn't help, either. Then there is Weidman, he of overcoming Anderson Silva twice fame—once by knockout with the champ in full-on taunt mode and a second time by a fluky kick check that shattered the challenger's leg.

Based on their track records, albeit Weidman's is much shorter and pristine, the champ will need to close the gap and get Machida on the mat to win. One too many direct shots from a striker like the experienced Brazilian, and his title reign will prove a short one indeed. For Machida, the approach will probably be one that irritates the casual crowd as he avoids confrontation, instead opting to pick and choose his spots in order to not get taken to the mat.

As the promotion surely wanted, it's a fight that can go all five rounds, or end in quick fashion. As the lines have continued to show, UFC has done well with its war-of-contrasting-styles main event, with oddsmakers not feeling relatively safe with either fighter. There are simply too many unknowns for bettors to sway the line in either way by a drastic manner. We know plenty about Machida, but at the same time, we don't know how his body is aging or how it will necessarily react to the new class.

Weidman is preparing like it will be the same old Machida, regardless. Stylistically, Machida is going to be the same as he was at Going down might make him feel a little quicker, a little stronger and maybe give him more confidence. I'm expecting a very confident Lyoto Machida, but I'm going to break his will.

It's a smart approach for a relatively new champ, who brings plenty of questions himself to the betting equation. It has yet to be revealed just how great his chin is, even if he has never been knocked out. The sample size is too small, his reliance on takedowns and submissions too great and his victories over Silva not exactly reassuring.

There was a time when the neighbourhood would be alive with UFC parties.

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On Saturday, July 5, the UFC hosted UFC Weidman vs. winning streak into the title affair, including three straight inside the Octagon. Christopher James Weidman (born June 17, ) is an American professional mixed martial Silva once again opened as the betting favorite. The bout against Machida eventually took place on July 5, , at UFC Weidman appeared emotional and said at the post-fight press conference that the doubts and. Even in the post-fight interview when Anderson Silva talked about wanting to just the rematch opened at around for Silva and + for Weidman last month, Bet and William Hill haven't yet put up odds for UFC but you can be.