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Fixed-limit also called just Limit is a type of betting structure for a poker game where the amount of all bets and raises in any given betting round is fixed. This is in contrast to pot-limit and no-limit betting. Most commonly, fixed-limit games have two bet sizescalled the small bet and the big bet. Such games are usually written as having limits of "small-slash-big". In Hold 'em and Omaha games, the big bet is usually twice the size of the small bet, though in other variants such as 7-Studit may be more.

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Racing post betting site greyhounds unlimited

Instead, follow the advice of your favourite newspaper tipster. Every little helps. Always consider it as an each-way bet. Trainers with the best wins-to-runs ratio over the past 14 days are listed in the Racing Post. Be with these hot-shots. Some on-course layers may have different terms to those you expect. It affects the vision and judgement.

If they have more than one second string, split the stakes. This is not the case with the majority of hurdles and chases during the season, so give preference to the form of races that have been truly run. So much the better if the going corresponds closely with conditions at Cheltenham.

We try to peak for it. You may have fancied a horse for a long time for a certain race, but are now having doubts. In fact, it is probable. Leave just before your round. When they lose they bet more heavily on the next one.

It should be exactly the other way around. In fact, on average, you win more times than they fall. Eliminate the rest and concentrate your study on these fancied horses. Whenever I have a losing streak, I take a holiday. You tend to chase your losses.

No one knows exactly why, but the experts believe that the old injury starts niggling again and results in inconsistent form. Find two solid horses with a good chance of winning and an outstanding chance of being placed, and you can make a lot. They lose. Find two races like this, have an each-way double, and you can win even if your horses lose as long as they are both placed, of course.

It's particularly useful at tracks like Southwell, Chester, Cartmel and Fontwell. This is very much a specialist's distance. Watch as many races as possible and look for horses that have travelled up well and then quicken up in the last furlong or so. Many experts will tell you that they don't actually quicken, it's just that others are slowing up. Ignore them. This type of horse often wins again and again, especially three-year-olds.

Check the trip and going are roughly the same though. You don't have to bet. They are pack animals and the good ones always strive to prove they are leaders. Not a bad tip, though, I reckoned. There is no statistical reason to do so. Even the top stables have blank periods and they cannot explain why this happens when they continue with the same tried and trusted training methods, food stuffs and placing of horses. Their allowance can be a vital tool in keeping one step in front of the handicapper.

The goal of a system is not to pick winners but to identify a type of horse that the betting public consistently underrates. Be suspicious of any system based on information that can easily be gleaned from your daily racing paper. If a system is based on readily accessible information, it must use that information in an unexpected way.

Avoid systems whose success is based on an inadequate sample of results. Always remember that the betting market will eventually adjust to take account of any successful method for identifying winners. Five points if they had already won over at least three miles.

Five points if they did not race as a novice chaser in the previous season. Five points if they are set to carry less than 11 stones 2 pounds. Five points if they ran over hurdles this season. Five points if they were not bred in France. But believe me, they work. Bet to win: Rather than back one or two eachway, back two or four to win.

Get heavy: If the going gets heavy, form can go out of the window — time to back a couple of outsiders. Ones to watch: Those who ran well at Cheltenham but without having too hard a race are worth putting on the shortlist. Form factor: Look for a gradual improver from a shrewd stable which has been trained just for this day, but never forget the hurly burly of this race can scupper even the best laid plans.

Stick to your guns: Do NOT change your mind once you have picked out a runner. Talking shop: Never be intimidated from having a bet because you are a betting shop novice — either bet online or remember that betting shops want your business and, of all days, staff are ready, willing and able to be gentle with virgins on National day. So always have at least a couple of quid on him so that you can celebrate along with AP when it happens.

Selections will be 1. Every runner has a right and a wrong price. Learn to estimate odds in advance — then look for value. Tote speciality bets often provide amazingly good value — especially when favourites are beaten. The state of the going is perhaps the most important single factor of all. Leading jockeys often give a clear indication of their own assessment of their chances.

With opportunities to ride at more than one meeting, their mounts at the selected venue should be the subject of special study. All you need is a thick skin! You should avoid them. It is fatal to chase losses or think in terms of getting out on the day. There is always tomorrow, and the day after. Classy TV illusionist Derren Brown performed a very useful task in exposing system scamsters in February when his Channel Four show promised to reveal the perfect racing system which would guarantee to produce winners.

And it did. Once the show began it very soon became obvious to anyone with even the briefest of experience with betting just what was going on. Cue looks of panic and consternation as Khadish realised that her money was lost, and that there was no perfect system. Brown revealed the way he had actually constructed the perfect system. He had originally contacted some 7, people out of the blue, giving them a tip in a six-runner race. One-sixth of the people had been given each of the six runners in the race.

Of course, over 1, of them were on a winner. That thousand then received another tip. Once again, onesixth of them were winners. Same thing for the next race. Eventually, as the sixths divided down, Khadesha was the only one left who had been given only winners and was, of course, believing that Brown had supernatural powers. Just remember that the next time you are tempted by a tipster, making extravagant, unlikely and almost certainly fraudulent claims to the contrary. It cost several hundred pounds a year for the service, but the real losses were on the races.

However many thousands of pounds it promised in winnings, believe me, the truth was the reverse times ten. That system does not exist; not in any legal format, at least. But a few years back I suddenly found myself the target of people endeavouring to convince me that it did. Was I aware, asked the reporter, that my industry was about to be put out of business by one punter and his computer? Never able to resist a challenge, I told the paper I would invite Mr Goodwin and Master Tipper to set up in one of our Newcastle shops and do his best to close us down.

The cameras rolled and a hushed atmosphere of excited anticipation descended on the shop. The horse ran out at the third hurdle. His next three selections fared better, in that they all made it round the course — in their own good time, and not troubling the judge in the process. I went back to London. Cliff went back to the drawing board. During the holidays last year [in Cornwall, perhaps, I wondered] I came up with what I considered to be a foolproof system.

At present I am the only person who knows it. When I realised the full potential of it I decided to offer it to you, thinking that you would want to buy it so that you could take out a world copyright on it. This would mean that I could not sell it to any other punters. When you have made your decision please send your reply to the address shown on my SAE. This man had mates! I wrote to Mr Winner, inviting, nay daring him to go right ahead and set about bankrupting us with his system.

I might have forgotten to inform my bosses of this potentially ruinous strategy. Do not forget that it is cheaper for you to pay me for my system than be made bankrupt. And for all I know he may well be living it up on a tropical island with enough money to burn. When I was in Cornwall recently I did hear a number of people who sounded as though they may be close relatives of Mr Winner, but I suppose I shall never know what became of him.

Mind you, does that Harry Findlay sound a bit Cornish to you? Do not fall for this type of scam. Eventually they would have a sixth of the people they were dealing with guaranteed to be on a winner and very impressed with the service — so impressed - - HORSE RACING they would be positively gagging for the next selection and happily encouraging all their mates to get involved. Avoid at all costs. Why not, indeed? Maybe this chap knows one, I thought. No chance, mate.

Well, I did ring — and, guess what, he wanted me to put cash on this horse, whose name would cost me nothing — although, if I wanted any more, I should put a sizeable sum on at the best odds for him and send the cash off. Forget it. Very limited? How is that a boast? Wow, how about that!?

Many of the best horses are now taking regular milkshakes. He offered no reason why, should that be the case, he would feel the need to share his secrets with outsiders. I logged on to www. Up came a possible 49, sites. No, I certainly did not investigate all of them — nor, indeed, many of them.

Admittedly there are sites out there boasting free tips and forum chats with like-minded people which can do no harm but do not promise to make you money. Trivass also took a look at what is on offer online and even paid good money to download some systems. The best system is this one — ignore all systems which will cost you money to operate. And you can have that one system, guaranteed to make you more — or cost you less, perhaps I should say — money than If you receive one, bin it at once.

We are not tipsters looking to sell you information or a service of any kind. No experience is needed. Please call without obligation. Now with The Independent, he explains, in convincing style, a colourful system to which he has been introduced.

There is nothing worse for the experienced punter than watching the odds on banker, which was supposed to offer a get out of jail free card in the last, go down by a short head to outsider. White, it should be said, does not scream with delight. Well, there is a method to his seeming madness. It is the racing equivalent of supporting Manchester United or Chelsea. When following the system which is most of the time White backs horses running in the colours of the most powerful owners.

They will include runners whose jockeys bear the midnight blue livery of the likes of Mrs Sue Magnier; the royal blue of Godolphin; the green, white and pink of Prince Khaled Abdullah; and the green and red of the Aga Kahn. You could also include any of the Maktoums who make up the Godolphin syndicate when their horses run in their own, individual colours.

The system can be applied to the jumps too. First of all, when using the colours system it helps to have a good knowledge of said owners and where their horses do well. The same holds true for the jumps. JP McManus has the resources to buy some of the best jumps horses money can buy, but backing his colours blind at venues such as Taunton or Plumpton all but guarantees a quick trip to the poorhouse.

Unfortunately following this system does mean you would miss out on the likes of Sir Percy winner of the Derby , Motivator winner of the renewal or Cockney Rebel winner of the Guineas. None of the owners of those relatively cheaply bought horses had colours which would qualify. The system also allows for betting heavily on oddson shots in races such as all-weather maidens, where colours horses occasionally turn up at short prices.

Never, never, never back a horse in a three mile plus chase with over 11 stone on its back. I know the odd one will creep in but, generally, this is the best value call in racing. Look for a top man over jumps doing a light weight for a yard he seldom rides for. Number crunch the stats of an established race before you have a bet. Check trainers you follow at a course where you know their target horses: Victor Dartnall and Nick Williams at Uttoxeter, for example.

Sir Rembrandt was a classic case in point when he won at the Paddy Power meeting in November He left Robert Alner for the harder training regime of Victor Dartnall and was a certainty on the day. Watch the top apprentices in the Heritage Flat handicaps. With sprinters they often give a horse an edge. Tony thinks deeply about the battle against the bookies and here are some of the most crucial fruits of his labours over the years: 1.

And the second: Will it suit the horse I am interested in backing? Watch as many horse races as possible, even if the over-excitable Mark Johnson or the terminally bored Graham Goode is commentating. Concentrate virtually wholly on the better class of animals in the higher-grade races.

Cram as much form study in as time will allow. It will almost certainly pay its way in time. The going and the draw are the two most important variables in determining the outcome of any horse race. If there are doubts about the going, draw bias, the price or any other highly important variable, wait till the very last minute until having a bet. In the majority of cases horses will not reverse the form despite being better off at the weights. Only forgive a horse an unlucky-in-running run once.

Look, look and look again at the stats history of the big races but use them intelligently. Study courses until you can study them no longer. In sprints concentrate solely on horses in form. The number of race meetings is set to continue growing at an alarming rate. Have an area you can specialise in, whether it be group races, sprints or middle-distance handicaps. Think like a bookmaker.

Compile your own betting forecast, but above all be honest with yourself. Ask yourself if you would really offer those odds if you were a layer. Go to the paddock. Learn the different types of physique and the good and bad signs displayed by horses before the race. Never underestimate the psychology and emotion involved in gambling. Back the horse that won the same race last year. Back the outsider of three. If a top jockey is riding at his absolute minimum weight back his horse.

In handicaps restrict yourself to horses running off their old mark when their new rating will be higher. In amateur and apprentice races, go for the most experienced and best jockey, whatever he or she is riding. Consider the effect of the draw sensibly. Back the animal whose stable has sent it the longest distance for the race.

If the stable has more than one runner, go for the outsider. Totally illogically, support horses with the same initials in forecasts. Go for any horse whose racecard number is the same as its starting stall position. Phil Bull should be declared the patron saint of racing punters.

The bearded, cigar-chomping founder of the Timeform system was a keen punter and deep thinker. Seek where thou wilt for winners, but bet only when thou seest value; deliver thyself from the temptation to bet in every race. Put not thy faith in luck, nor the law of averages, nor thy trust in staking systems, for these are delusions. Let thy stake be related to the depth of thy pocket and to what thou regardest as the true chance of the horse; that which hath the greater chance deserveth the greater stake.

Bet with book or Tote according to the judgement: thus shalt thou endeavour to get the best of both worlds. Double and treble if you must; but bet not upon objections, for thou hast not the evidence and the stewards know not what they do. Let thy betting be informed by wisdom and diligence, and tempered by patience and caution, and leavened but a little with boldness. Let thy bets be well within thy means: he that maketh his fortune in a week loseth his ducats in a day.

As I write this, in the last week Unlimited , Avontuur and Waterside illustrate variations on this theme. Sometimes this drop is over the top. Value — tosh. With Betfair there is an opportunity to retrieve a position that would otherwise have been lost. How long it will last?

The Betfair market has matured so quickly it is almost as perfect as it can get. Bet to rhythms. I could go on and on, but make a study and try to work it out for yourself. Then everyone caught on so it was time to move on. Keep adapting. Look at horses. They are silent yet will tell you most of what you want to know if you observe them. Every horse is a picture: look at it, value it and bid for it. Goodness, though, there are so many variables — walking the course is another and how many of us can do that?

What he failed to point out was that the same tactics paid off in the three other races on the straight course at Newcastle that day. Since racing expanded to the monster it has become, you must not only reduce the frequency of punting, but also decide which areas to concentrate on. There is so much racing few punters can realistically cover the whole spectrum. Or am I punting as an entertainment? It can even be ten pounds if the jockey is riding for his stable.

Did he win? You bet he did. Watch for runners after the line. We scrutinise them in the paper, in the form book, in the parade ring and going down to the start for clues. Then the important bit, the race. But what about after it?

But when you see something galloping on after the winning post down the back straight at Newcastle or Newbury or carrying on up the hill at Sandown, ask yourself why. Did it need further? Were the ones in front stopping? Then go back and read again the positive advice contained in this book. And the acknowledged doyen of the systems world in those far off times was one RW Wood, the Nick Mordin of his day. Provided that nine or more run in the Derby back the second and third each time they run the same season.

If more than 17 run, follow both the winner and second until they win again or until the end of the season. Follow the next season, twice only, the winner of any race at Epsom, provided that there were 17 or more runners. Back the two horses that are second and fourth in the betting forecast of your mid-day paper.

If you want to bet in one race a day take the principal race only, but always keep to the principal race. No bet if there are less than seven runners. Should it lose, but get placed, back it once more. Back every horse that has run second the last time out.

GS] then do not back it again until it gets second. Back the most tipped horse in the fourth race of the day up to August 1. After August 1, back the most tipped horse in the last race of the day up to November. During November you back the second most tipped horse in the last race of the day.

If there are more than one in a race, back the lot, as the prices are always big. You can afford to follow each and increase slightly after each failure, as you missed them during their long run of ten losing races. Back the favourite of the second and last race at the Principal Meeting each day. Each race must be worked separately. The system bet is two points on the favourite and one point on the second favourite.

There are several ways of picking out likely horses for trebles. SP favourites will appeal to the majority. One suggestion is that the SP favourites in three non-handicap races be chosen daily. Pay special attention to the favourites in two-yearold non-sellers. This system operates on the Classics only and can claim 17 winning seasons in the last 21 as of The plan is as follows: Back the named favourite in the Guineas.

If this does not win, back the favourite in the Guineas. If there are no runners which won last time out, the highest-weighted second is chosen. If there are no qualifying seconds, the highest-weighted third is supported. Never more than one horse per race is backed, for in the event of there being two horses that won or were placed last time out and both are equally weighted, the race is void.

From all horses in the race handicap who were placed second or third last time they ran, take the one carrying the most weight and the one carrying the least. GS] of your seconds and thirds. It does not matter if there are other previous winners carrying LESS weight than the top weight [keep up now, GS] of your seconds and thirds, provided at least ONE previous winner is carrying equal or more weight.

If there are two or more horses carrying most or least weight, take the one with most recent placing. If still a tie, decide on a second over a third. If still a tie, nothing is done on the race. Operate on only one meeting a day. GS] From the beginning of November, backers should support the SP favourites in chases of all lengths that are not handicap chases.

These favourites do best in the period before Christmas. If a loser, the next selection is backed and so on, until a winner is found. They say that January is a bad month for the backing of favourites. It is this: Back the favourite in any type of race that has six runners or less. Small stables are better to follow than large ones for the reason that the smaller trainers, whose very living depends on getting winners for their clients, do not throw away entry fees or incur travelling expenses on horses that have not outstanding chances of winning.

Choose a small one — or two — and stick to the stable entries. You will be on the jobs that are readied. Keep a list of the naps given by any number of newspaper informants. After, say, six days, look over your records and back the nap of the informant who has lost most in succession. Select a six-furlong event, choose the most valuable. Back all horses which won the previous day at any meeting. Should two system horses run in the same race the bet should be worded to back either if only one runs, but if both run NO bet.

Should there be two races or more which qualify take the one with most runners. For June take the selling race and if more than one take the most valuable, if of same value take shortest distance. No race to be taken with less than seven runners and if more than one meeting, take the most important. This will probably leave a sole selection to be backed each way. If two or more remain back the one best placed last time out or invest to win only on each.

Each horse should be backed with a level stake but after a losing week [Just the one? List all horses that win races of six or more runners of from one mile to one mile and a quarter by four lengths or more. If two or more run in the same race back the one that won by the greatest number of lengths.

Follow all horses with a level stake the next time out until the animal in question is beaten. If two horses to be backed run in the same race back the one with most recent form. The choice of the horses rests with the backer. Make a note of their daily naps and do not begin to bet until six consecutive losers have been given by one tipster. Then follow him until a winner turns up or four consecutive losers are backed. If more than three tipsters nap the same horse, ignore it, as the price is likely to be short.

Back them next time out, also the time after, provided the weight is not increased by more than three pounds for every length the horse won by. Choose two races in each of which the issue seems fairly clearly to rest with three horses.

Double them as follows — A. Try this, the WINS will surprise you. When the indicated horse has lost twice consecutively back the horse indicated on the third and fourth days only. Each time you lose you add your loss to the amount you desire to win. When you get a winner, start again. Start at commencement of the Hurdle season. For one bet per day the most tipped horse in the last race, if absent, the next most tipped and carry on until a winning balance. Free bets, concessions, match-bets, special offers abound.

But when you do win there is an extra lustre. Your soul is replenished, as well as your pocket. Sheer agony. I decided there and then that the pain of backing a loser is as nothing to the torture of missing a good winner. Liverpool v. Barnsley and Barnsley v. Chelsea in the F. Cup come readily to mind as examples. The trick is being able to detect a change in the political weather and strike at the optimum time. Cases abound where the joy of backing a long-priced winner is shattered by the realisation that a simple glance at the Tote odds might have brought a much bigger return.

Finally, a blast of reality from W. Sellar and R. An enormous majority of them will lose the race anyway, so if you want to boast of your losses afterwards you have a pretty large choice. In a world full of technology, the problem can be information overload, and you have to make your own decisions having sifted through the many levels of assistance available over the internet.

I like to deal in facts not rumours so race times come pretty high on my list. It may seem glaringly obvious but each and every race is always won by the horse in the fastest time on the day, be that after a late sprint or a war of attrition, and looking for a horse who has already recorded respectable times over similar distances is a good starting point. Next on my list is always the going - although some will tell you the best horses will handle any going that is the most unutterable drivel and every horse has his or her optimum conditions which should be glaringly obvious from a quick look at its win record.

If the ground is wrong it does not mean they cannot win, but it does mean their chances are reduced accordingly. Although some courses are comparable, the easiest option is to look for previous course winners as there is evidence they do handle whatever can be thrown at them. That cannot always be the case with unraced animals and at the beginning of the new season but generally speaking I like a horse who has run within the last 21 days, as any longer than that implies there may have been training problems.

On better ground where the weight may not slow them down quite as much they should never be ignored. Proving the point that tipped dogs are no more likely to win than your own selections. Nor are they a substitute for it. In horse racing, form some three months old can still be relevant but in greyhound racing such form is often not only irrelevant but can even prove a snare for the inexperienced punter.

They can clock times within 0. Now in a similar role with William Hill, she comes from a family steeped in bookmaking and greyhound lore and contributes the pick of her dog punting philosophy. Additionally, if the weather is freezing, the track will have been salted and this can also provide a wide bias. They should be alert, eyes bright, a good shiny coat, and concentrating on the traps ahead. It will usually be a kennelhand.

Sprinting is a specialist distance, and those who excel at it, do so for a reason. Charlie Lister is one of the legends of the modern greyhound era. He wants to win the big races and his dogs are trained accordingly.

Theory has it that the roar from the crowds prevents dogs housed in trap one from hearing the hare. The same rule applies to bitches in the Derby. It was the last race. The bookmakers were inundated. Then to Evens. The Foolish Backer was still in the bar. The Foolish Backer arrived in front of the bookmakers and cast his eyes down the list of runners. He pulled out a ten pound note. In the run up it began to close on the early paced favourite which was in the lead.

Luck was on his side. The favourite had held on. He scrambled to get his winnings. The queue was long. I won eight quid. I had four pick ups. How many did you have? Three losers. Before going home the Foolish Backer called at the pub and spent some of his winnings on a couple of beers. The remainder he put through the fruit machine and went home with nothing. Neat, eh? At the same time take two place tickets on each of the outsiders.

Never bet at odds-on. Needless to say, the dog obliged and, from that day on, if anyone asks me what to back at a dog meeting, I always impart the aforementioned advice. The money you lend will often help break you. Get it backwards and lose. Not often enough do we ask ourselves what the man who is trying to beat us is thinking when he looks our way. Calling makes for losing. The lesser players need to pick up on everything they can. The table will believe you. It is probably untrue.

This is fertile ground for a sharp, focused poker player. It decreases your brain power and makes you lethargic. Be supportive and encourage them. A regular tournament and big-money prize winner, I persuaded him to furnish readers with several of his top hints for successful poker. Patience Patience is the cornerstone of good poker. Get used to holding and wait for those good starting hands or favourable situations.

Be warned, though; when dealing with a seasoned pro, any information they are seemingly displaying is usually there for a reason and should therefore be only be taken on board with extreme caution! Table image Being aware of how you are perceived at the table should be central to your game plan. Both of these extremes can be exploited, you just need to be aware of how you look to your opponents. This free information is a valuable asset for the observant player.

Sunglasses and iPods afford you the opportunity to sit back a little and tune everybody out. Set yourself a limit One of the hardest things to do in poker is to stand up and walk away whilst a game is still in full swing. So pace yourself and wait for the right opportunities to present themselves; hopefully it will be a long night.

Now the hard work really begins. It is essential that you make it to short-handed play; that is the last three or four players. This is where the serious money kicks in. Once there, you can hopefully exploit that solid image you have been nurturing and bring out the more aggressive plays.

He gave Sport magazine readers his top hints in June Amongst them You can learn more from watching players. Read, learn and inwardly digest the poker odds, to be aware at all times how likely or otherwise you are to make the hand you want. In theory it is an unbeatable system. Martingale systems are based on a theory of doubling the stake plus a bit more every time you lose on an even-money chance.

Be aware that should you bet just eight times without success your cumulative loss will already be times your original stake. Here is one system which does offer a reasonable chance of success to small money gamblers. The system is played on one of the dozens and either high 19 to 36 or low 1 to The only numbers against you if you go high are zero and 13 to 18; or zero and 19 to 24 if you go low. If the dozen wins you lose 30 on the chances simples but win 40 on the dozen.

If chances simples wins you lose 20 on the dozen but win You might not. Always play on a wheel with a single zero if possible, but watch out for casinos — usually American — with a rule that zero coming up also means that all even money bets are lost. They give punters a stronger chance of finding an edge from their Horse Racing selection method: Betfair. Bet Wise. You will need to filter the data and analyse it yourself. If you want to get involved in handicapping and data analysis then this is one of the best places to start.

Proform Racing. This powerful horse racing form database and research tool has been going since Horse Race Base. Supplies horse racing research, and analytical tools to subscribers. Horse Race Base offers a free trial. Adrian Massey. The free statistics on this site are derived from the results of over , UK and Irish horse races dating back to You simply select your criteria and back-test its profitability — by either Backing or Laying on Betfair.

Prices vary for individual Tipsters. About Latest Posts. Toby Punter2Pro. He's a Computer Science graduate with experience in developing value bet finders, Betfair bots, and other professional betting tools. Nowadays he runs Amazon FBA businesses, writes several blogs, and specialises in online marketing.

Latest posts by Toby Punter2Pro see all. Notify of. Oldest Newest Most Voted. Inline Feedbacks. Gary E. This is the first step in a Bloomberg like terminal.

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Again, you bet on a single dog. This time, your bet wins if he finishes anywhere in the top 3. An across-the-board bet is a combination of the above three wagers. In this one, you pick exactly one dog and place three different bets on that dog: a win bet, a place bet and a show bet.

If your dog comes in first place, you collect on all three bets. If your dog comes in second, you collect only on the place and show bets. If your dog comes in third, you collect only on the show bet. Pick two different dogs and you win if they take first and second place. Pick the first place finishers of two different races.

This bet is usually offered on the first two races of the day and you must place it before the first race begins. Similar to a daily double bet except in this one, you pick the winners of 3 different races. Sometimes you will also see Pick 4s and Pick 6s. Those also have the same basic idea except applied to four or six different races. Some dog racing tracks offer special jackpots for the Pick 6 bet.

A racetrack will set up some type of jackpot that grows each day until one person successfully picks the 1 st place finishers of six different races. A parlay is a chain of bets spread across multiple races. If your first pick wins, the winnings automatically roll over and are applied to the bet on the next race. Parlays are difficult to win but they offer potentially massive prizes. One of the more advanced betting options in dog racing is to box a quinella, trifecta or superfecta.

This bet would allow you to pick four different dogs and then you will win if any two of those dogs take first and second place. You can pick anywhere from 3 to 8 dogs, but the more dogs you box, the more expensive the bet becomes. A keyed bet is similar to a boxed bet in that it allows you to pick multiple dogs.

The difference here is that you pick one dog to take first place and then add 3 or more other dogs to take 2nd and 3 rd place in no particular order. In a superfecta key, you pick one dog to take 1 st and then three or more dogs to take 2 nd , 3 rd and 4 th in no particular order. The main thing to keep in mind here is that the key dog MUST take first place; the remaining dogs can finish in any order.

TVG and BetAmerica both have a nice simulcast system for watching live greyhound races. All you need is an account and you can watch the races in real-time. You do not need to bet or even fund your account. Sign up, log in and you can watch every race. Greyhound racing is similar to Thoroughbred and Harness racing, except that dogs are used in place of horses and jockeys. The greyhound race track itself is a very simple course, usually an oval or circular dirt track. The greyhound track is fenced in on the outside with a special rail running along the inside of the course.

There is a belt attached to the rail equipped with a mechanical lure that the greyhounds are trained to chase, encouraging them to race. Along the bottom wall of the spectator area are a series of betting stalls or bookie counters, where live greyhound race betting takes place. The average greyhound track has a series of crates or cubicles on the starting line. These crates, as they are most commonly-known in the industry, are where the dogs sit and wait for the race to begin.

Depending on the number of dogs in the race or course traditions, numbers and colors may vary, but generally the above descriptions are standard no matter where the race takes place. The first dog to cross it is the overall winner.

Certain bets also depend on which dogs comes in second, third, fourth, etc. Because each greyhound course is a little different, each track will have slight variations to dimensions and arrangements for the races.

No specific dimensions are required by the governing bodies of greyhound racing, but an average of known greyhound tracks gives dimensions as follows:. The track is usually about 26 or 27 feet wide. There are three standard track lengths: feet, feet, feet, and the largest of all at about feet. On one side, we have animal rights groups who claim that greyhound racing fosters an inhumane environment for dogs. On the other side, we have industry supporters who claim that greyhounds are well-trained, well-cared for and taken care of after they retire.

Groups such as the ASPCA and the Humane Society claim that the competitive greyhound racing industry incentivizes mass breeding of greyhounds for the sole purpose of getting just one winner. The remainders are given away, killed or sold. These groups also claim that greyhounds are stuffed into crowded kennels all day, forced to wear their muzzles and are generally only given the minimum amount of treatment necessary to produce winning runners.

These groups explain that dogs must be trained, exercised, played-with and coaxed just like all other well-trained animals. They say that abuse is overemphasized by radical animal rights groups. In any case, it seems time for reform is growing short. In the November mid-term elections, Florida voters approved a referendum to ban all greyhound racing in the state. Skip to content. That leaves just Iowa and West Virginia as the last holdouts without immediate plans to close. Watch up to three greyhound races at a time!

Earn valuable Cash Rewards when you bet greyhounds! Other online Race Books claim the same, but if you look at our Greyhound Racing Rebates you will see the difference. Make cash back at many greyhound tracks - win or lose! Learn More. All wagers through the OTB website are delivered electronically and commingled with host track pools, with all winning wagers paid at full track odds. Account: Forgot.

PIN Forgot. Greyhound Racing Betting Online. OTB is U. Based , Legal, Licensed and Regulated. Fast enrollment system gets you wagering in minutes. Winnings are automatically credited to your account immediately following the race. Money wagered through OTB is commingled with existing racetrack pools.


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