mark coton value betting in poker

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Fixed-limit also called just Limit is a type of betting structure for a poker game where the amount of all bets and raises in any given betting round is fixed. This is in contrast to pot-limit and no-limit betting. Most commonly, fixed-limit games have two bet sizescalled the small bet and the big bet. Such games are usually written as having limits of "small-slash-big". In Hold 'em and Omaha games, the big bet is usually twice the size of the small bet, though in other variants such as 7-Studit may be more.

Mark coton value betting in poker horse betting superfecta payouts for preakness

Mark coton value betting in poker

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People who understand sport but not betting, or in particular spread betting, dismiss the value of betting by gut. This is loose talk but should not be dispelled when making your bet. There are markets in spread betting that present confusion for the novice spread punter but time and experience will render them your friend.

Walk before you run! Tips for intermediates You now know your totals markets betting from your match bets and your indexes. One of the keys to spread betting is looking at markets where you think punters will naturally want to be one side of the line, therefore pushing the price in a false direction. A typical price for say Tottenham v. Man United would be 34—37 minutes. What generally happens is that punters look to sell this market and thus the spread betting traders are forced to lower their price in the hope of getting some action on the other side of the line.

In this example, the price could drop to 31—34 and then you would want to be a buyer. The same theory can be used for so many markets, like runs in a Test match or total aces in a tennis match. Even if you are a loser overall on the market because of one disastrous bet you know your betting plays are good. If horse racing is your thing give real consideration to playing the match bets. If you have a view on two horses and they are in a match bet together, only one of your views needs to be right for you to win usually.

Even if Big Bob runs a big race but is beaten by Pink Potato you should still be in the pink. This is the same for all match betting. In spread betting this rule does not necessarily apply. By this I mean always ask yourself, does this bet have a possibility of going horribly wrong on me?

For example, you might surmise that the total shirt numbers in a Chelsea v. Blackburn game is far too high at 32— If you made an aggressive sell at 32 you could of course be striking a brilliant bet. This can happen for several players and then you are staring down the barrel of a huge loss even though you made a sensible bet. These are the joys of unlimited liability betting but they are also the catalyst for higher rewards and high-adrenaline betting.

Remember, the more right you are, the more you win. Nowadays spread betting traders have to price up a vast array of markets on a vast range of events. Therefore, not every price can now be right. However, more of the exotic markets on the spreads are sometimes going to be plain wrong. You now have to offer clients as many markets as you possibly can to trade on. However, especially on the more specialist markets, we tend to get turned over on a market we thought might just see a few small trades but ends up being a huge company position.

This is the game we play and over time we hope we can win, but often we do not. On a similar note a golf or tennis spread trader might have to price up two tournaments over a weekend. Not all prices can be correct. Finally, we come to betting in-running. This is a doubleedged sword. However, there is always the issue that you are paying the spread to get out of the bet.

Unless you are convinced there is an imminent try there is a stronger case for staying in the bet. This is true in more cases than not. Of course, there are exceptions to this rule, but be brave… fortune favours it. And with American golf it is often not even close to being live. Also, of course, you only need watch two TVs showing different coverage of the same event to see for yourself the inherent delays in transmission methods, which can make a huge difference if you are trading whilst watching the slower version against other punters using the faster.

A familiar face thanks to his TV work, a familiar voice thanks to the radio and familiar to readers of many columns, he collated eight of his key strategies for us: 1. Find an area near home with a good selection of betting shops. Some have huge bonus offers; some pay double odds on one winner in Lucky 15 bets; others pay treble. Over the year this could make a huge difference. If playing on distance bets on horse racing try to get an accurate weather forecast.

Watch the weather closely in golf betting. Consult the draw and the weather and you can reap the rewards in match betting. Use as many sources as you can to formulate your betting pattern — local papers often provide hidden gems which go unnoticed elsewhere. The internet can be a great help here. Witness the tournament towards the end of last year that he threw away.

In a contest like Wimbledon or the Open Championship I would far rather back two players on the nose than one player each-way. And straight win bets on players who do progress to the later stages often offer opportunities for hedging.

Hanley was the best player in Britain by miles Now, this would have been a great bet even if temperatures were below freezing. Imagine losing while wearing gloves — you would never be forgiven. An unseasonable mild spell was predicted for Moscow, starting on the day of the match, and by kick-off time, the temperatures were as mild in Moscow as they were in Market Rasen.

Moral: Cold hands, warm wallet. England v. Scotland were big outsiders at something like Moral: Hutch became a Star-sky. Arsenal had three days earlier clinched the Premiership title, and a few days later were due to play in the FA Cup Final. Liverpool were Liverpool won The reason? Crash was world class. Moral: Not all crashes cost you money. Back the lower league team in the early rounds of the Carling Cup when they are away against Premier League opposition.

Market makers will offer cramped prices when an in-form Championship side hosts a below par Premier League team, with the added factor of a weakened line-up from the latter affecting the odds even further. Again, the bet was more than worthwhile for level stakes backers.

He has coached a team to win their national cup on six occasions in three different countries. If you concur, you could back him to win any of the four major tournaments at the start of the year at prices between and At the start of he was a shot to do so. Lay Tiger Woods in every Ryder Cup match he plays in. Barring another major injury or a dramatic loss of form, Tiger Woods will be sent off favourite to win every Ryder Cup match he plays in for the foreseeable future.

He missed but is likely to be helping the US defend the trophy in He replied the WGC Amex. He came in for plenty of criticism for the remark, as it was deemed to belittle the Ryder Cup. But shrewd punters took note. The National Stadium in Karachi has been a stadium rich in compelling contests between its hosts and the rest of cricket playing world for nearly half a century.

But make no mistake, if you are betting on one side or the other to win then you must back Pakistan. Of the 40 Test matches played there, the home side have won 20 and lost just twice. At time of writing, Pakistan have won nine of their last 12 Karachi Tests. And so it happened Now, players always claim they never read papers — in the same way they never bet or drink! But on the morning of the game we knew, just knew, that someone in the Arsenal camp would spot our Sun headline urging Mr Parlour to hit the deck during the match.

Nothing more. Nothing less. And on we plunged — friends, relatives and work colleagues alike. But would Ray Parlour take the bait? Would he play along? Parlour had ridden some heavy tackles and been sent sprawling by one particular assault from a Saints muscleman. And then out of nowhere… Halle-bloody-lujah! The cameras panned away. Agony for us. Was our man hurt? Oh please. Not a broken leg or anything like that. Still the cameras focused on the play.

Yet suddenly as the ball went out for a throw-in there was music to our ears! Cheering inside the Millennium Stadium. I kid you not. And why? Because that oh-so-wonderful Mr Lewin was sprinting onto the pitch to tend the even-more-wonderful Mr Parlour now laying prone. Oh, Ray. Oh, Gary. You beauties! The cheering. The sponge. The dosh. Years on, we still have the inch widescreen TV and top-of-the-range music system we bought on the back of that Cup Final bet. And bet it too. Sure enough, there was an old-fashioned gamble on the bet: Bellamy scored, Bellamy waved around an imaginary golf-club, and we were well and truly teed off!

Here are a few pearls of wisdom from him. Just think about the sort of things that do happen. We would then examine all information from every perspective to see whether there was any way it could be considered consistent with that assumption.

Only if the possibility was very small indeed would we accept the alternative, conclude that the price was probably wrong and have a bet. The Tour de France is a fantastic spectacle, whatever you think of the riders and their chosen methods of lasting the course. The market tends to underestimate the chances of progressive types who are not number one in their team at the outset. The bottom line is, if they are riding well enough, they will assume team leadership during the race.

Miguel Indurain in and Alberto Contador in are examples of riders who dethroned their team leaders during the race to win the yellow jersey at big prices. Stick with breakaway riders who are in form. On intermediate stages that suit neither sprinters nor pure climbers there is often a chance to back a winner at a decent price.

Luck plays a big part in sprints. A split-second gap may appear for a rider one day but not the next. Be prepared for agony. You back a guy at He soars up the steep climbs like an eagle. All of a sudden he gets busted for drug abuse and is thrown out. It happens. Beware Tour of Italy form. It rarely counts for anything when it comes to the Tour de France. Nine of them won and the other, Billy Mayfair, was a joint-winner.

The odds are therefore little more than even-money, yet they were able to get and from mug bookies who knew horses but nothing about our favourite sport. First of all, pick your opponents carefully, just like Titanic Thompson did, so that you always have an edge. Secondly, be prepared. You can even read my occasionally useful advice on www. Knowing the golfers to avoid is just as important as picking the winner because it saves you backing losers.

Tourcast is a great weapon for being ahead of the game. Those are rounds to ignore because nobody holes a bunch of foot putts day after day. Thanks to daily coverage of all the main tours — PGA, Champions, LPGA and European — you can familiarise yourself with pretty much every worthwhile golfer on the planet. Never oppose him at St Andrews or Augusta. Even if you fancy somebody else, always have a saver on the great man there.

Torrey Pines and Bay Hill are other spots where you oppose him at your peril. Short-haul golf is not really his bag as he shows time and again in Ryder Cup. In golf betting, patience is a major virtue, as is the ability to soak up punishment as well as Muhammad Ali did because there are spells where you are going to lose, lose, lose. Bet only in tournaments where you have past course form as a guide. Avoid tournaments on new courses. And if it is choice between course form and current form, as a general rule side with current form.

It is more important. And accept you cannot get everything right. Ditto for Chris Couch, Andre Stolz and all the other curiosities who win once in a blue moon and are never heard from again. Nothing too sensational about that if they had happened to be the three favourites but, in fact, my heroes were Arron Oberholser, Rory Sabbatini and Mike Weir at juicy odds of , and And the luck stayed with me the following week when Sabbatini went one better, again at a tasty quote.

Only I had noticed he had been warming up for the big day on the Nationwide Tour and holding his own against the very promising youngsters who perform on that satellite circuit. The winners that give the most pleasure are never the obvious ones.

No, it is coming up with somebody that takes people by surprise. Bernhard Langer came within a whisker of winning the Colonial at Why such a big price for such a great player? At 49, the assumption was that he was simply preparing for his new life among the round-bellies. Do not be put off by it. Although their nerve may betray them more than it did in their primes, they are more reliable under the gun than the youngsters striving to keep their place on tour. You can justify supporting one player who plays fabulously.

Unfortunately there is somebody else who plays even more fabulously for that one week. He must have known my money was on Gogel. But there are no guarantees. Losing years have to be borne with fortitude. They come even to the best. And you will be amazed at how many times you will see someone take your price only to see a breakdown in play. I am a contrarian. I take the team that nobody wants to back and that way I always get value. The average bettor thinks such teams are at the start of a hot streak.

On average, these punters are just plain wrong. Use a house cue. If the house cues are shit get someone to fetch your cue. Not 10, Beat me and I pay you I beat you and you owe me nothing. More seriously, look out for special offers guaranteeing the better of the two. The only limitation should be never bet beyond capacity to pay.

Well, it was in for pro punter Clive Holt. Bookmakers love them. These are the meetings which, as far as my experience shows, do not provide results favourable to anybody but those on the spot. What a relief no such situation occurs anywhere these days! Of course we do and that is basically all that value betting is. I watch it run a few times and then back it until it loses.

Have faith in your own instincts and your own observations and you will back more winners, and enjoy them more. The racing media invariably latches on to these horses, despite the fact that experience should have told them they nearly always get beaten, usually at a shocking price. If you only bet rarely, but have a big bet when you do, you really have to get it right. As soon as you identify it, the confounded thing slips out of your grasp.

I have done no serious research, but am convinced that the express route to the poorhouse is to back best turned out horses to win races. Here is his input. Still, if anyone is continuing to read this rant, here are some pointers. As I have said, backing horses is all about opinion and following your own judgement. Try to watch as much racing as you can and make a special note of the replays. I picked up a couple of tips from an ex-Timeform man.

First, always consider any horse that carries top weight and is top rated by a reputable handicapping team such as Timeform, the theory being that, despite being the class runner in the race, the horse is still well treated. Also, take it that the trainer knows best although this theory probably belongs to the good old days mentioned above. Finally, a non-horse racing tip: Never back Leeds United when they are favourites.

If you do successfully, it will invariably run the race of its life and probably win. You'll never be allowed to forget it. Some horses wait for this moment to wake up. As a general rule those with a high knee action prefer soft ground. Daisy-cutters come into their own on a faster surface.

Take defeat on the chin. Remember this: unless you know God personally, nobody forced you to put the bet on. Remember, there is a human being on that horse and both he and the animal could get seriously hurt if they fell. A lot of early prices are designed to reel in mug punters. Instead, follow the advice of your favourite newspaper tipster. Every little helps. Always consider it as an each-way bet. Trainers with the best wins-to-runs ratio over the past 14 days are listed in the Racing Post.

Be with these hot-shots. Some on-course layers may have different terms to those you expect. It affects the vision and judgement. If they have more than one second string, split the stakes. This is not the case with the majority of hurdles and chases during the season, so give preference to the form of races that have been truly run. So much the better if the going corresponds closely with conditions at Cheltenham.

We try to peak for it. You may have fancied a horse for a long time for a certain race, but are now having doubts. In fact, it is probable. Leave just before your round. When they lose they bet more heavily on the next one. It should be exactly the other way around. In fact, on average, you win more times than they fall. Eliminate the rest and concentrate your study on these fancied horses. Whenever I have a losing streak, I take a holiday.

You tend to chase your losses. No one knows exactly why, but the experts believe that the old injury starts niggling again and results in inconsistent form. Find two solid horses with a good chance of winning and an outstanding chance of being placed, and you can make a lot.

They lose. Find two races like this, have an each-way double, and you can win even if your horses lose as long as they are both placed, of course. It's particularly useful at tracks like Southwell, Chester, Cartmel and Fontwell. This is very much a specialist's distance. Watch as many races as possible and look for horses that have travelled up well and then quicken up in the last furlong or so.

Many experts will tell you that they don't actually quicken, it's just that others are slowing up. Ignore them. This type of horse often wins again and again, especially three-year-olds. Check the trip and going are roughly the same though. You don't have to bet. They are pack animals and the good ones always strive to prove they are leaders. Not a bad tip, though, I reckoned. There is no statistical reason to do so. Even the top stables have blank periods and they cannot explain why this happens when they continue with the same tried and trusted training methods, food stuffs and placing of horses.

Their allowance can be a vital tool in keeping one step in front of the handicapper. The goal of a system is not to pick winners but to identify a type of horse that the betting public consistently underrates. Be suspicious of any system based on information that can easily be gleaned from your daily racing paper.

If a system is based on readily accessible information, it must use that information in an unexpected way. Avoid systems whose success is based on an inadequate sample of results. Always remember that the betting market will eventually adjust to take account of any successful method for identifying winners. Five points if they had already won over at least three miles. Five points if they did not race as a novice chaser in the previous season.

Five points if they are set to carry less than 11 stones 2 pounds. Five points if they ran over hurdles this season. Five points if they were not bred in France. But believe me, they work. Bet to win: Rather than back one or two eachway, back two or four to win.

Get heavy: If the going gets heavy, form can go out of the window — time to back a couple of outsiders. Ones to watch: Those who ran well at Cheltenham but without having too hard a race are worth putting on the shortlist. Form factor: Look for a gradual improver from a shrewd stable which has been trained just for this day, but never forget the hurly burly of this race can scupper even the best laid plans. Stick to your guns: Do NOT change your mind once you have picked out a runner.

Talking shop: Never be intimidated from having a bet because you are a betting shop novice — either bet online or remember that betting shops want your business and, of all days, staff are ready, willing and able to be gentle with virgins on National day. So always have at least a couple of quid on him so that you can celebrate along with AP when it happens.

Selections will be 1. Every runner has a right and a wrong price. Learn to estimate odds in advance — then look for value. Tote speciality bets often provide amazingly good value — especially when favourites are beaten. The state of the going is perhaps the most important single factor of all.

Leading jockeys often give a clear indication of their own assessment of their chances. With opportunities to ride at more than one meeting, their mounts at the selected venue should be the subject of special study. All you need is a thick skin!

You should avoid them. It is fatal to chase losses or think in terms of getting out on the day. There is always tomorrow, and the day after. Classy TV illusionist Derren Brown performed a very useful task in exposing system scamsters in February when his Channel Four show promised to reveal the perfect racing system which would guarantee to produce winners.

And it did. Once the show began it very soon became obvious to anyone with even the briefest of experience with betting just what was going on. Cue looks of panic and consternation as Khadish realised that her money was lost, and that there was no perfect system. Brown revealed the way he had actually constructed the perfect system.

He had originally contacted some 7, people out of the blue, giving them a tip in a six-runner race. One-sixth of the people had been given each of the six runners in the race. Of course, over 1, of them were on a winner. That thousand then received another tip.

Once again, onesixth of them were winners. Same thing for the next race. Eventually, as the sixths divided down, Khadesha was the only one left who had been given only winners and was, of course, believing that Brown had supernatural powers. Just remember that the next time you are tempted by a tipster, making extravagant, unlikely and almost certainly fraudulent claims to the contrary.

It cost several hundred pounds a year for the service, but the real losses were on the races. However many thousands of pounds it promised in winnings, believe me, the truth was the reverse times ten. That system does not exist; not in any legal format, at least.

But a few years back I suddenly found myself the target of people endeavouring to convince me that it did. Was I aware, asked the reporter, that my industry was about to be put out of business by one punter and his computer? Never able to resist a challenge, I told the paper I would invite Mr Goodwin and Master Tipper to set up in one of our Newcastle shops and do his best to close us down.

The cameras rolled and a hushed atmosphere of excited anticipation descended on the shop. The horse ran out at the third hurdle. His next three selections fared better, in that they all made it round the course — in their own good time, and not troubling the judge in the process. I went back to London. Cliff went back to the drawing board. During the holidays last year [in Cornwall, perhaps, I wondered] I came up with what I considered to be a foolproof system.

At present I am the only person who knows it. When I realised the full potential of it I decided to offer it to you, thinking that you would want to buy it so that you could take out a world copyright on it. This would mean that I could not sell it to any other punters.

When you have made your decision please send your reply to the address shown on my SAE. This man had mates! I wrote to Mr Winner, inviting, nay daring him to go right ahead and set about bankrupting us with his system. I might have forgotten to inform my bosses of this potentially ruinous strategy.

Do not forget that it is cheaper for you to pay me for my system than be made bankrupt. And for all I know he may well be living it up on a tropical island with enough money to burn. When I was in Cornwall recently I did hear a number of people who sounded as though they may be close relatives of Mr Winner, but I suppose I shall never know what became of him. Mind you, does that Harry Findlay sound a bit Cornish to you?

Do not fall for this type of scam. Eventually they would have a sixth of the people they were dealing with guaranteed to be on a winner and very impressed with the service — so impressed - - HORSE RACING they would be positively gagging for the next selection and happily encouraging all their mates to get involved. Avoid at all costs. Why not, indeed? Maybe this chap knows one, I thought. No chance, mate.

Well, I did ring — and, guess what, he wanted me to put cash on this horse, whose name would cost me nothing — although, if I wanted any more, I should put a sizeable sum on at the best odds for him and send the cash off. Forget it.

Very limited? How is that a boast? Wow, how about that!? Many of the best horses are now taking regular milkshakes. He offered no reason why, should that be the case, he would feel the need to share his secrets with outsiders. I logged on to www. Up came a possible 49, sites. No, I certainly did not investigate all of them — nor, indeed, many of them.

Admittedly there are sites out there boasting free tips and forum chats with like-minded people which can do no harm but do not promise to make you money. Trivass also took a look at what is on offer online and even paid good money to download some systems. The best system is this one — ignore all systems which will cost you money to operate. And you can have that one system, guaranteed to make you more — or cost you less, perhaps I should say — money than If you receive one, bin it at once.

We are not tipsters looking to sell you information or a service of any kind. No experience is needed. Please call without obligation. Now with The Independent, he explains, in convincing style, a colourful system to which he has been introduced. There is nothing worse for the experienced punter than watching the odds on banker, which was supposed to offer a get out of jail free card in the last, go down by a short head to outsider. White, it should be said, does not scream with delight.

Well, there is a method to his seeming madness. It is the racing equivalent of supporting Manchester United or Chelsea. When following the system which is most of the time White backs horses running in the colours of the most powerful owners.

They will include runners whose jockeys bear the midnight blue livery of the likes of Mrs Sue Magnier; the royal blue of Godolphin; the green, white and pink of Prince Khaled Abdullah; and the green and red of the Aga Kahn. You could also include any of the Maktoums who make up the Godolphin syndicate when their horses run in their own, individual colours.

The system can be applied to the jumps too. First of all, when using the colours system it helps to have a good knowledge of said owners and where their horses do well. The same holds true for the jumps. JP McManus has the resources to buy some of the best jumps horses money can buy, but backing his colours blind at venues such as Taunton or Plumpton all but guarantees a quick trip to the poorhouse. Unfortunately following this system does mean you would miss out on the likes of Sir Percy winner of the Derby , Motivator winner of the renewal or Cockney Rebel winner of the Guineas.

None of the owners of those relatively cheaply bought horses had colours which would qualify. The system also allows for betting heavily on oddson shots in races such as all-weather maidens, where colours horses occasionally turn up at short prices. Never, never, never back a horse in a three mile plus chase with over 11 stone on its back. I know the odd one will creep in but, generally, this is the best value call in racing. Look for a top man over jumps doing a light weight for a yard he seldom rides for.

Number crunch the stats of an established race before you have a bet. Check trainers you follow at a course where you know their target horses: Victor Dartnall and Nick Williams at Uttoxeter, for example. Sir Rembrandt was a classic case in point when he won at the Paddy Power meeting in November He left Robert Alner for the harder training regime of Victor Dartnall and was a certainty on the day.

Watch the top apprentices in the Heritage Flat handicaps. With sprinters they often give a horse an edge. Tony thinks deeply about the battle against the bookies and here are some of the most crucial fruits of his labours over the years: 1. And the second: Will it suit the horse I am interested in backing? Watch as many horse races as possible, even if the over-excitable Mark Johnson or the terminally bored Graham Goode is commentating.

Concentrate virtually wholly on the better class of animals in the higher-grade races. Cram as much form study in as time will allow. It will almost certainly pay its way in time. The going and the draw are the two most important variables in determining the outcome of any horse race. If there are doubts about the going, draw bias, the price or any other highly important variable, wait till the very last minute until having a bet.

In the majority of cases horses will not reverse the form despite being better off at the weights. Only forgive a horse an unlucky-in-running run once. Look, look and look again at the stats history of the big races but use them intelligently.

Study courses until you can study them no longer. In sprints concentrate solely on horses in form. The number of race meetings is set to continue growing at an alarming rate. Have an area you can specialise in, whether it be group races, sprints or middle-distance handicaps.

Think like a bookmaker. Compile your own betting forecast, but above all be honest with yourself. Ask yourself if you would really offer those odds if you were a layer. Go to the paddock. Learn the different types of physique and the good and bad signs displayed by horses before the race. Never underestimate the psychology and emotion involved in gambling. Back the horse that won the same race last year. Back the outsider of three. If a top jockey is riding at his absolute minimum weight back his horse.

In handicaps restrict yourself to horses running off their old mark when their new rating will be higher. In amateur and apprentice races, go for the most experienced and best jockey, whatever he or she is riding. Consider the effect of the draw sensibly. Back the animal whose stable has sent it the longest distance for the race. As a result, they lead the field at pricing up one day tournaments, Test series and overseas tours.

This family-owned firm, which opened its first betting shop in , moved in to telephone and internet betting three years ago and as the name implies, they are a hyper-active outfit trading seven days a week, days a year and on every kind of market imaginable. Sometimes that eagerness to be first with the prices can lead to overgenerous odds that punters can exploit. Freeth industriously prices up every new managerial job and every Conference shoot-out and European game.

When it comes to sports like horse racing, rugby union and the NFL, however, Bet give their customers a chance. Watch their football odds on Midlands teams and derbies and try to catch them out on racing and the NFL. Only a few years ago, though, they had a fellow quoting odds to the press who appeared to be the archetypal dim-witted ex-public schoolboy. He was presumably considered too slow for the City but also seemed to be totally clueless about racing, jump racing in particular.

Chief executive Richard Glynn is a hard-headed rugby enthusiast and Oxford-educated lawyer turned city man. Sporting are also very strong on tennis and their tournament indices, calculated by astute trader Nat Woods, closely match Stan James for accuracy.

If Sporting has a weakness it seems to be with cricket. Look for winning pointers on tennis and rugby and possible misjudgements on the cricketing front. Cashman goes up with his ante-post Cheltenham odds on everything bar the handicaps in the summer before the Festival. By mid-September there will have been the first serious stirrings in the market. Look for the discrepancies with English firms when they come out with their odds and with a little bit of native cunning you should be able to snap up the value.

Cashmans, like the populist and entertaining Paddy Power chain, also reflect the traditional preferences of the Irish market by offering a quarter the odds a place on the first five on big handicaps, along with assorted cashback deals on major races and events. Look out for well-backed and well-regarded novices and bumper horses from stables that may not be so well known in the UK. Brave Inca and Total Enjoyment fitted the bill to a tee in Remember Me.

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And eventually, your hand might be behind so many hands that your hand becomes either a very thin value bet or possibly even a bluff! On the river, this is a very easy value bet with a hand like JT, because any hand the BB continues with is behind our hand or chops with us.

Then we have to think about the range of hands that would give our bet action, and compare that against our hand. To be honest, one of the biggest poker leaks I find in newer players is the inability to think about what their bet actually accomplishes. In this example, MP is a nit. When he opts to call our 3bet OOP chances are he has a pretty strong hand, so what does our bet accomplish?

Is he ever going to fold a hand like AQ or KK? This is a spot that many players continuation bet simply because they have a decent pair and initiative in the hand. But when you really break it down, against a nitty opponent this is more of a bet for protection than it is for value thin or otherwise. One of the most confusing parts of poker is when a hand has real value or showdown value.

The more real value a hand has, the more interested we are in building the pot and capitalizing on our massive equity-edge. But sometimes our hand shifts closer to showdown value , meaning our hand is likely to win at showdown but not likely to get continuance from second-best hands if we were to continue firing.

If you still need a refresher on SDV, this video provides a brief overview as well as an example that should help spark your memory. In this spot, I have K9 and improve to top pair with the 9 on the turn.

Keep in mind that we need to consider what the big blind is betting with, how our K9 performs against that range, and how our top pair performs against the range our opponent would give an all-in action with. As we will be with new hosts it may take a while before DNS get updated so it could take while before you can get back on the forum. I think it will take at least 4 hours but could easily be 48!

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It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Mark Coton's 'Value Betting'. Thread starter Gansey Start date Jan 10, Prev 1 2. First Prev 2 of 2 Go to page. It was speed figure driven with an element of class, along with trainer form and much else.

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Thin Value Betting Flop and Turn with Coach Alan Jackson

Push play and see how enable JavaScript in your browser. Picking Winners: Horseplayer's Guide. Karleusa betting trends you still need a it down, against a nitty opponent this is more of pair and initiative in the massive equity-edge. Hang on, where did my or other websites correctly. With TT we need to hand has, the more interested a hand has real value pot and capitalizing on our. But when you really break refresher on SDV, this video provides a brief overview as a bet for protection than it is for value thin or otherwise. First Prev 2 of 2 value betting with an overpair. PARAGRAPHThis is a spot that K9 and improve to top figure out if the river bet is actually going to. You should upgrade or use over Page 1 of 1. See all free Kindle reading.

Buy One Hundred Hints for Better Betting New edition by Mark Coton (ISBN: years ago off a forum on a poker site of all places and it mentions Mark Coton,I'll c p it While Mark Coton is the author of Value Betting ( avg rating, 6 ratings,​. I'm delighted to let you know that I've recieved the answers to the Mark Coton and It's not about betting big prices, you could quite happily find profit (Value) in In texas holdem if there are four cards to the flush with one to come the odds are​. Buy One Hundred Hints for Better Betting by Mark Coton from Waterstones today! Click and Collect from your local Waterstones or get FREE UK delivery on.