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Fixed-limit also called just Limit is a type of betting structure for a poker game where the amount of all bets and raises in any given betting round is fixed. This is in contrast to pot-limit and no-limit betting. Most commonly, fixed-limit games have two bet sizescalled the small bet and the big bet. Such games are usually written as having limits of "small-slash-big". In Hold 'em and Omaha games, the big bet is usually twice the size of the small bet, though in other variants such as 7-Studit may be more.

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3betting from the blind side cast

Lifetime membership, please! How to Begin Using Flopzilla Pro Beginning Your Online Poker Journey In this episode, I give you 7 effective tips to improve your cash game play and profits In this episode, I give you 6 simple and effective tips to improve your SNG play In this episode, I give you 5 simple and effective tips to improve your tournament play Breaking Poker Rules In this episode, I discuss 5 poker rules that are sometimes worth breaking In this episode, I discuss motivation, confidence and a strong mindset for becoming the poker player you want to be Defending Your Blinds in Cash Games Stealing Blinds in Cash Games Stealing cash game blinds really IS worth it.

Here's why I play a chapter from How to Study Poker Volume 1 that will help you build strong poker play and Your poker mind questions answered! Who is Positional Polly? In this episode, I play a section from my latest book about Positional Polly and how we use our knowledge In this episode, I play two mindset moments from my newest book, Post-flop Online Poker. In this episode, I play a chapter from my newest book, Post-flop Online Poker In this episode, I discuss the 5 mental game aspects of long-term winning poker players From ThePokerForge.

What are polarized ranges? Exploit at the Extremes In this episode, I help you learn to use statistics to exploit players by giving you my color coding scheme In this episode, I help you strategically learn to use your HUD one statistic at a time to exploit your Nathan "BlackRain79" Williams, the winningest micro stakes player of all time, gives you 14 insanely useful poker beginner tips.

I help you categorize your opponents into their respective player types based on stats and tendencies. I also give some Your 8-Hour Daily Poker Routine Looking for a daily poker routine? I give you a plan for improvement and an 8-hour poker routine that will I was practicing my Japanese in preparation for a month-long trip that was cancelled thanks, corona!

During this practice I I give you 7 strategies for improving your return on investment and win rates I answer 3 questions about getting married to hands, PT4 episodes and accepting setbacks I help you review your hands with PokerTracker in 3 common leaky, money-losing situations We can learn a lot from Kobe Bryant I learned a lot from a ping-pong and Thanksgiving story about Kobe Bryant Table Select for High Profit Potential. I help you discover a simple way to make your sessions more profitable: table selection What should a newb focus on?

I answer this question, another about prioritizing 5 different study topics, and what to The Four Stages of Competence. I discuss the Four Stages of Competence and how you can purposefully work to train skills to the topmost level Tadas Peckaitis of MyPokerCoaching. Online Poker my darling… be my Valentine? I share with you all the things I love about playing online poker I help you become a thorn in the side of your regular opponents through increased aggression Mount a Solid 3bet Defense.

I help you mount a solid 3bet defense of either calling or 4betting based on the range you put your Choose to Face Less 3bets. I help you fix your leak of facing too many 3bets Turning Poker Weaknesses into Strengths. I teach you how to turn your poker weaknesses into strengths At exactly the 2min mark, the cylinder is lifted off the glass [7]. The investment material will drop out and spread out equally in all directions.

The thinner investments will result in a larger disk spread diameter than the thicker ones. The green compressive strength refers to the amount of pressure needed to destructively compress the investment 2hrs after it had set. Fired compressive strength refers to the amount of pressure needed to destructively compress the investment after it has been through burnout and then cooled slowly to room temperature. The firing process weakens gypsum investments tremendously.

Some investments are weakened more than others, depending on controlling chemicals, particle sizes, raw material percentages and plaster grades. In order to obtain accurate and repeatable compressive strength results, it is critical to closely adhere to a consistent set of procedures [7]. The results can be affected by length of mixing time, mixing intensity, whether a vacuum step is included, air bubbles, unparallel ends and disturbing the molds too soon.

Castings were made at several water-to-powder ratios. The investment was mixed until the 3min had elapsed and then it was vacuumed for 20sec. The 10cm diameter by The flasks were then filled the rest of the way and set aside for hardening. The recommended burnout schedule was used [8].

The same pattern was used for each water-to-powder ratio. In order to see how much the investment properties are dependent on water quality, samples of water from various sources were obtained. The point of examining all of the water sources is not to predict what any particular water source might be like. Each water source is different and will change with time. The point is to simply use several different water sources from anywhere.

In Table 1, it can be seen that the acidity as measured by pH of the waters varies considerably as does as the conductivity. Conductivity is simply the inverse of electrical resistance. Pure water does not conduct electricity. Its resistance approaches infinity. The inverse of infinity is zero, so the conductivity of really pure water is zero.

But when compounds dissolve in water, their ions give water the ability to conduct electricity [9]. Here the unit of conductivity is millimhos. The main observation from this table is that each water source is different in terms of pH and conductivity. Using a single investment powder, each water source was used to make an investment mixture and test its pour time, set time and slump.

De-ionizing is simply a method of water purification. It does what its name suggests, that is, it removes ions from the water. The investment properties obtained with the standard mixture were subtracted from the investment properties obtained with each water source. This was done because the difference from the standard is what is of interest. That is how the data is shown in the following graphs. Figure 1 show what happened to the pour time and set time of each investment.

On the y-axis is the difference between the standard and the result caused by a particular water source. On the x-axis is the water source reference number. The standard is represented by zero or the x-axis. Every water source caused the pour time and set time of the investment mixture to be longer than the standard.

If a source was shorter than the standard, the bar would dip into the negative region. Some varied from the standard more than others. What this means to the investor is that the working time and setting time are longer. In one instance we had a customer once who had a setting time greater than 24hrs. They never had problems like this before, but their water quality changed on them without their knowing.

This brings up the point that water sources can change with time. So a water source may not cause trouble now but it may tomorrow or next week. The point of this is that if the water is changing, then the pour time and set time are changing and the investor is left guessing as to when it is appropriate to load the flasks into the oven. The measurement of fluidity is the slump test.

Figure 2 shows the degree of slump versus water source. Here again on the y-axis is plotted the difference from the standard. The standard is the x-axis. Notice that some water sources did not affect the slump at all. Source number seven made the slump larger than the standard. Most of the others made the slump smaller. Each water source affected the slump in its own way. Now do not get concerned about which water source most represents your water.

The point here is that each water source does something different. As a result, this may cause casting defects, such as trapped air, watermarks or rough surfaces. The water quality can change the designed pour time, set time and fluidity of the investment. This relationship is a source of variability in mold making. Because of this variability, the amount of working time is no longer known. The time when the molds are ready to be loaded into the oven is no longer known. Defects may occur due to the effect on the fluidity.

So what can be done to help this situation? The investment manufacturers suggest that de-ionized water be used, when mixing their product [8]. In order to test whether their suggestion works, each water sample was de-ionized, another investment mixture made with it and the tests run again. Figure 3 is a graph of the pH of the water samples before de-ionizing in red and then after in green. The pH in each case came down.

Before the water samples were de-ionized, each sample could conduct electricity quite welled-ionizing reduced the conductivity to zero, as shown in Table 2. The de-ionizing process removed ions. This is all nice but what does it do to the investment properties? Figure 4 is a graph of the properties of the same investment as measured with the same water sources.

Only now each water sample was de-ionized. Remember the y-axis is the difference from the standard. That means that the standard is at the zero line. The same standard was used as before. The range on the y-axis was kept the same as before to give perspective.

Each water source gave essentially the same pour time and set time. Close inspection will show a very small deviation from the standard for mixtures made from waters numbered 4, 5 and 6. Included are error bars to represent the accuracy of the test. These error bars relate an idea of how small the variation really is. The small variation of number 4, 5 and 6 are absorbed by the variation inherent in the test. Therefore, the variation of 4, 5 and 6 are really quite negligible.

Remember that before, each water source caused the pour time and set time to deviate from the designed. By simply de-ionizing, all variation associated with each water source was removed. This is true with every water source tried. This suggests that, regardless of the beginning water condition, by de-ionizing, the investment properties will have the designed values. Figure 5 shows the slump as a function of de-ionized water sources.

The error bars reflect that. When considering the accuracy of the test, what little variation that remains is really negligible. Reviewing the observations, de-ionizing reduced the pH and conductivity. The conductivity measurement is a good indication of whether the water is good enough.

The lower the better. The variability in pour time, set time and slump was reduced. This means that the investing process would be more consistent and reproducible. That means more consistent castings. That means fewer worries, less reworked material, less scrap and less cost. The customer, mentioned earlier, who had a greater than 24hr set time, was recommended to de-ionize his water and it was observed that the set time went back to normal.

The next factor explored was temperature. How does the temperature of both the water and investment powder affect investment properties? In order to determine this, the investment properties were measured several times, varying only the starting temperature, which is the temperature of both the water and powder prior to mixing together.

Sorry for the delay, new podcast episode should be up tomorrow.

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Bettingen wertheim campingplatz norddeich One of the things I love about PokerTracker 4 is that it takes automatic notes on hands that went to showdown:. The earlier your position, the less hands you want to open-raise with. Castings were made at several water-to-powder ratios. There are 9 nut flushes if he played every suited ace. Investment manufacturers make great efforts actually formed by the chemical what is of interest. Brad Wilson is Chasing Poker Greatness.
Sports betting apps android He had an excellent mentor who would frequently set problems for him to solve. Remember that before, each water source caused the pour time and set time to deviate from the designed. In this episode, I discuss 5 poker rules that are sometimes worth breaking Listen to this podcast episode: Table of Contents. I was a short stack along with Donell and Rudy.
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