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Fixed-limit also called just Limit is a type of betting structure for a poker game where the amount of all bets and raises in any given betting round is fixed. This is in contrast to pot-limit and no-limit betting. Most commonly, fixed-limit games have two bet sizescalled the small bet and the big bet. Such games are usually written as having limits of "small-slash-big". In Hold 'em and Omaha games, the big bet is usually twice the size of the small bet, though in other variants such as 7-Studit may be more.

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Minecraft pirata 1-3 2-4 betting system

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Joaquin Miller is less remote and showcases a wonderful water feature. Do you while are pregnant? Please Do youneed needhelp help with health care? Doneed you care need careyou while you call Berkeley Public Health at Berkeley Please call Public Health at We canhelp helpwith with community forincome low and middle incomeHealthy families.

We can programs for lowprograms and middle families. Is your son or daughter already in an out-of-home placement and are you looking to connect with other parents in the same situation? This six-week parenting group starting in early March offers help and support during stressful times. She is a Director of Willows in the Wind, www. For additional information about the group and to schedule a free introductory meeting This institution is an equal opportunity provider.

Codornices Park, across the street from the Berkeley Rose Garden, boasts the best of both worlds. Shady, grassy areas, basketball courts, play structures, picnic spots, and places to explore,. Teri L. It can be a joyous time, as a student gets into his or her first-choice college, seemingly validating his or her hard work and self-worth. But for many more students, March brings news of rejection from that ONE school your student wanted to attend.

What then? What can we, as parents, do to help our children overcome what may be to them the most devastating blow in their lives? Do other colleges on your list share these traits? If so, consider one of them with an open mind.

Do your homework and be objective: Make a chart with your top reasons by category academic, social, extracurricular, comfort factors and rank each remaining college side by side. Take out the name of the college and emotion out of the decision. Look at their. College will be the biggest financial decision students have made in their lives, so far.

Give your college choice the time and respect it deserves. Take a gap year: Find significant involvement or growth opportunities. Do more. Your path may take more than one college, may take more than four years, and the odds are you will have at least one change in major.

Stay flexible and learn what is best for your needs. Focus on activities that will show your efforts to improve on skills or help others. If you stay at home and perfect learning to make cream puffs, that is not improving yourself to be a different person to the colleges when you apply again next year.

Keep applying: If students are not. Think community college: When the orientation for the fall classes is offered. Community colleges such as Diablo. First, ask. Then, praise. Math is hard. In the latest round of testing comparing high school students all across the globe, U. Furthermore, the Common Core State Standards have seemingly made math classes and homework more challenging than ever before.

And not only that, but students are being asked to do more in school than previous generations — from longer English essays to harder science projects, to more extracurricular activities. But the fact is that most kids who struggle with math have the intelligence to succeed at the subject. Valley College in Concord offer priority registration for those incoming new students who have taken the orientation course before fall semester registration begins. Find out deadlines and have this Plan B ready in case you want to take this route.

Then, as you plan your first community college courses, keep a transfer in mind and find the correct courses to take that will transfer. Different types of college systems UC, CSU, and private schools all have course lists that will be accepted by them for credit. Then, stay focused and positive — with hard work you will succeed. Staying optimistic was hard for Michael Smith of San Jose when he was rejected by Berkeley last spring. Often we find that students with low math scores and grades are doing fine — or excelling — in other subjects.

This is where parents come into play. We need to ask the right questions, and praise every step of the way. Then praise. Instead, ask for an explanation of their work. Ask them how they got to the answer, what the process looked like, or why they took the route they took when solving the problem.

You can do this with your fifth-grader or year-old, it just takes some getting used to. After you ask questions, give your child time to verbalize the steps they took. Sometimes this can be done quickly because the problem is simple, or sometimes it can take minutes. When kids do this — regardless of their age or aptitude — they will increase their learning, improve their confidence, and gain vital skills that will help them solve other math problems that will arise in class or on exams.

Once your child begins answering your questions, praise them. Shower praise on them for how they approached the problem, how they worked through the steps, how they organized their thoughts, and how they made such a great effort. If they got the answer right, praise them for that too. But if the answer was wrong,. Recent studies by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development show that girls do worse in math than boys despite having more positive attitudes to school in general, doing more homework, reading more often for pleasure than boys, and outperforming boys overall.

The OECD concluded that girls lack self-confidence when solving math problems, and suffer from parents and teachers having low expectations of them when it comes to math. The takeaway from these studies is simple. Ask more. Praise more. Whether your child is a girl or boy, teen or tot,.

By asking the right questions and praising the process and effort, our kids will more likely excel at math. Their confidence will increase, their understanding of the subject matter will grow, and they will develop trust in their ability to critically think and problem solve, even when they are stuck. When you and I were growing up, we aced math tests by memorizing formulas, and putting in the hard work doing lots of problems over and over again.

This served us well in school, college and when we took to our careers. Math is no longer about memorization, so we need to change our approach when supporting our kids. Our kids struggle at math because they are confused. Or lack confidence. Or both. As parents, we can help increase confidence and decrease confusion simply by asking and praising.

Diablo Unified School District, as well as the father of a newborn daughter. Reach him at campopianob mdusd. They can lead to people taking on more responsibilities for a common goal. A family budget meeting should have a few goals. The main one should be to go over all the bills and assets together and discuss strategy.

A second goal is to discuss long-term goals and how to pay for them. After all, how many 8-year-olds want to review bills? But they can help on setting long-term goals. Family budget meetings can be great ways to get older children involved in money decisions. All of this should take 20 minutes, max. How to prepare for a family budget meeting Before you have a family budget meeting, you should plan for it.

Both people in a relationship should be responsible for the budget, but it may make things easier to have one person in charge of it overall. There are many ways to keep track of a budget: On paper, spreadsheet on your computer, phone app or website that specializes in budgeting.

Everyone should have a calculator. Nuts and bolts of a meeting Start the meeting by reviewing the budget. After a review, you and your spouse can discuss changes and agree on a final budget for the upcoming month. See a dress you really want now? Being over budget, at least for the first month or so, is likely. These are skills you or your spouse may be learning for the first time, and discussing them together may not be. Lastly, get your computer out and end the meeting by transferring any money to the appropriate accounts.

Expect some kinks along the way, but remember that creating and sticking to a family budget is a process. Aaron Crowe is a freelance journalist in the Bay Area who specializes in personal finance writing. He owns a few personal finance websites, including CashSmarter.

Follow him on Twitter AaronCrowe. NOTE: The specific information and write-ups about camps listed here and some of the photographs were provided by the organizations themselves. Please be sure to contact camps for prices, and to verify dates and locations. In highlighting the hundreds of camps and activities available to our Bay Area children, we get our first taste of summer.

For those of you unfamiliar with our March issue, we provide a comprehensive listings of summer programs for your child. There are many factors in picking a camp — the most important being, of course, is it the right fit for your child? Luckily, there are many different types of camps to explore, from traditional nature and sportsoriented programs to science, technology, performing arts, academic, cooking and more.

In our annual Camps and Summer Programs Guide, Parents Press offers up a comprehensive listing of camps and other activities that are sure to intrigue, enrich and inspire your child. This summer camp for 4th-8th graders focuses on key math building blocks, developing math confidence, along with engaging game-based and hands-on activities. The 3-week camp session runs Monday through Friday from 9ampm daily.

Whether your child is a giant animal lover and just wants to spend a week doing everything animal, or they need a little experience and education before you add a furry friend to the family, our summer camp program will be purr-fect for them! Each week of camp is centered around an exciting theme and campers make and take home new science projects every day. Camp also includes nature hikes, swimming, games, and arts and crafts.

Ages Weekly sessions from June 13 - August Locations in Oakland and Berkeley. Camp hours 9AM - 3PM. Before- and After-care available. For more information or to enroll in an upcoming camp, class, or workshop please visit www.

Boys on the Go! We are dedicated to empowering these soon to be young men to be curious, competent and compassionate people. We play board and field games and make planes and rockets. Since , Girls on the Go Camp supports girls to be bold, confident and fully expressed. Girls travel to destinations around the Bay Area by public transit and participate in interactive workshops.

Our diverse staff is dynamic, engaging, skilled, empathetic and deeply passionate about their work with youth. Winner of Best of Camp Teen Award Basic Day ; Ext Care In our 18th year, Monkey Business kids receive a distinctive classic camp experience in Tilden Park. Youth Leadership available for ages EBI students. Campers will explore art, music, science, cooking, movement and dozens of other enriching and dynamic themes in Spanish! Bridge Camp is designed for entering 9th graders who would like to master needed skills for high school from experienced teachers.

Students will learn classroom etiquette, how to study, organizational and interpersonal skills, and more! The SHC Summer Institute is a series of one-week enrichment courses for 5th 9th graders, and sports academies for motivated students and athletes ages 8 Summer School is offered to any high schooler who wants to pursue courses not offered at their high school, complete AP courses, recover credit for a course that was unsuccessful or expand their academic and personal skills www.

Beforeand After-care available. Get ahead this summer! Our popular Jr. Summer Academy and Summer Academy offers a number of academic summer courses for students looking to advance in subjects such as math, science and language arts. Our summer academic programs utilize the distinct, engaging, hands-on approach that Quarry Lane is known for. Summer at The Academy is an excellent way to shore up fundamental academic skills in preparation for the year ahead, and a great way for students to have fun!

We offer we offer three multi-age sections of Morning Academics. We enroll no more than fifteen students in each section, allowing our outstanding faculty to provide highly individuated instruction. Registration is now open! Act fast to reserve your place.

If you are looking for a summer program that offers deep learning and meaningful fun, send them to The Academy! Rising Star has offered an educational program in Alameda for over 30 years. During the summer we offer cultural themes. TRIP offers students entering grades an opportunity to explore and learn about their local community and beyond. TRIP focuses on providing teens an environment to build.

Teens engage in life skills that aid in their learning and development. Every summer, Hacienda School of Pleasanton open their doors and offer their innovative programs in a camp-like setting to outside students who want to share in the summer learning adventures. Come join us! If you would like more information email Christina Trujillo; ctrujillo headsup. All academies run from 9 am to 3 pm daily with a lunch break from noon to 1 pm. Join us for one to two weeks of fun and responsibility at our very popular Kidizens Summer Camps!

Kidizens inspires students to become good citizens and future leaders, one LEGO brick at a time. In a fast-paced. Spanish 4 Children Academy offers a great experience for your child. There are 4 Summer Camps themes. Camps are filled of fun activities, scavenger hunts, music, outdoor games, art, and more. Contact Miriam for more information mlattanzi68 yahoo.

The Summer Odyssey Program at Dominican University will be entering its twentieth summer of providing academically gifted and creatively talented elementary, middle school, and beginning high school students from Marin County and beyond with the opportunity to engage in challenging, project-based educational experiences not ordinarily available during the school year.

For students entering grades Our Summer Engineering Camp offers a dynamic, engaging program designed to spark the imagination and creativity of our campers while building solid engineering and technology skills. For students entering grades Get ahead this summer! Our popular Summer Academy offers a number of academic summer courses for middle and high school students looking to advance in subjects includingmath, science and language arts.

SummerCrest is a unique camp that seeks to challenge and build joy in learning through hands-on academic classes. Lively afternoon enrichment and outdoor programs complete each day at SummerCrest. SummerCrest offers the total camp experience! Learning, laughter, fun, and new friendships are all part of SummerCrest.

Extended day care is available. The Basics This close bond is readily apparent when parents visit camp, especially parents of established campers who have several summers under their belts. The whole point of camp is to provide children with a safe and fun learning opportunity that they can navigate by themselves and with the guidance of camp personnel. However, this cannot happen without mutual trust and respect or a fundamental understanding between the adults at home and the adults at camp.

Visit our website for more information and sign up today! How much time and energy you invest will vary depending on how much time your child will attend camp this summer and in future summers. We have been awarded Best Camp 3 years in a row, www. Prep Football Academy was born out of decades of football coaching experience. Football is FUN - we get that - Our goal is to keep the fun and teach the fundamentals.

Through our coaching experience we have been able to improve our great game by making it safer, better understood, and played at a higher speed and confidence. Our staff has seen amazing success in high school football winning 5 section championships in the past 7 seasons. However, our greatest success is perhaps in the valuable life skills we teach daily. No practice, game or workout will end without a discussion which is bigger than the game.

Football is like life - it requires perseverance, self-denial, hard work, sacrifice, dedication and respect for authority. Go wild this summer at Happy Hollow Zoo Camp! Each camp includes interactive learning experiences, hands-on activities, live animal encounters, and zoo tours! Camp topics focus on different themes, with age-appropriate conservation messages and activities. The ultimate technology camp for kids, designed and taught by an engineer and teacher!

Learn while you program a real robot and make awesome inventions! Learn 3-D Modeling, coding, robotics and design. All while making awesome project that are fueled by your originality and creativity. Trust me, camp professionals realize this! Forging a successful adult relationship with a camp is not unlike initiating and nurturing other important, healthy relationships in your personal and professional life. Our Children have fun and learn Chinese language skills in age-appropriate classes.

Children at our Center increase their cognitive language skills while learning constructive social behaviors; respecting others, being helpful, being adaptive. As they grow older with us, they will benefit greatly from their knowledge of Chinese language and they will enjoy many opportunities to that allow them to make a better future for themselves. In a fast-paced dynamic environment, the kids develop. They go back to school engaged and ready to learn.

The curriculum has been created by a group of educators who noticed students lost many of the gains they had made during the school year. We cover the basics of vocabulary, reading comprehension, writing and math. Grades PLSS day camp is about successfully navigating the social world. We encourage and expand on our campers language and problem solving skills using evidence based approaches in the natural settings. PLSS campers learn from each other as well as from their instructors.

We only accept 4 campers with social skills difficulty and typical able peers. All our campers must be screened to be sure that our camp will be appropriate for the camper. Each group runs twice a week for 4 weeks. We offer each group in two sessions, lessons will change if the same campers enroll in both sessions. However, if we enroll new campers, we will repeat similar lessons from the previous sessions. We are the premier facility for your child to learn computer programming.

Our summer program consists of weekly classes where students will gain computer programming experience and continue to improve their learning skills while having fun at the same time! Every summer, Emerson School of Palo Alto open their doors and offer their innovative programs in a camp-like setting to outside students who want to share in the summer learning adventures. Play your way to the page! Through Society of Young Inklings unique blend of fun and active theatre games, writing activities and investigation of the techniques used in wellloved books, young writers will create their own unique short story, script for a play, or novel!

This summer, experience the power of authentic outdoor adventure! Avid4 Adventure camps teach pre-K - 7th graders of all levels. With help from our timetested curriculum and insanely experienced instructors, we give campers solid skills and character-shaping confidence, launching them into a lifetime of empowering adventure.

Overnight camp locations in the Rocky Mountains, Colorado. Learn more and sign up at www. Come and explore with Berkeley Rose School and join us in outdoor-based activities, naturecrafts, and much more with a Waldorf-inspired program led by experienced educators. Camp ANV serves low-income Oakland children ages Since , our eightweek Summer Camp, and our Fall, Winter, and Spring school holiday camps consistently offer these opportunities for your child: -Provides a safe space for local youth to learn the business of sustainable agriculture, -Conducts activities that promote fitness, -Teaches students healthy cooking and nutrition, -Offers students the opportunity to complete arts, science, and reading projects, -And develops financial literacy by depositing earnings from the harvest into bank accounts that can only be used by students for educational purposes.

Expect an exciting week of outdoor nature discovery, animal adventures, and fun! Summer Camp activities include zoo tours, interactive stories, games, craft projects, science activities and of course, animals up close. Oakland Zoo takes great pride in creating age-appropriate programs for campers in PreK - High School. Archery, bow making, outdoor medicine, relaxation meditation and more. Sees the Day is committed to instilling in children a respect and appreciation for each other and the natural world.

Guest educators, ecoliteracy, nature awareness, self esteem games, beading, storytelling, fairy houses, thankful circles, love, laughter and innocent summertime fun will round out a unique and dynamic experience for all! Week long nature based camp sessions teach native outdoor living skills. Make and use tools: matchless fire making with a bow drill, arrow making, cordage, shelter building, identify plants for food and medicine,.

Counselors lead children in nature hikes, arts and crafts, environmental, awareness, swimming, games and camp songs and more. Campers are bussed to and from camp daily, via Alameda locations, except on Thursday evenings. Give yourself time. One thing about camp is that almost everything is new — the kids, the activities, the routines, the bed you sleep in, the bathroom. It takes a few days to get adjusted, so be patient with yourself. Though camp is certainly about making friends and having fun, it is also about being on your own and being a part of a community.

In fact, it may be better to have several occasional, shorter talks rather than one long conversation as children often absorb more when there is less to think about at one time. I also find that children do better with this sort of conversation if it is part of a more general conversation and if it is part of a pattern of talking, either at the dinner table or while riding in the car doing errands.

The following are some sample topics for discussion that will help prepare your child emotionally for their big adventure:. Camp is not anything if it is not about making new friends. If you are shy about meeting new kids, then learn to get to know others by being a good listener.

As long as you treat others with respect and they do the same with you, then having one or two friends at camp is fine. There are many exciting things to do at camp, many of which you may never have tried before. You may not like all the activities, or you may be better at some than others. I, however, hope you are willing to try.

The more you put into camp, the more you will get out of it! You, like every other camper there, will be part of a cabin, bunk, or group. As your parent, I hope you will cooperate with others and help out. Most kids will help you if you are friendly and help them. Camp is about fun, but it also requires that you help out. Clean-up is part of camp. You do it every day! As your parent, I hope you will cooperate! Everyone has good days and bad days.

If you are having a problem, your counselor is there to help you! Be honest and ask for what you need. I would focus not just on what they do well, but their positive qualities as well, such as what makes them a good friend or the type of person other kids would want to know. Helping children identify their strengths can help them when they are having a setback — one of those inevitable growing pains all children have from time to time.

Talking with your child about these kinds of issues is a great way to show support as your child gets ready to take this important step on the road to being more resilient and self-reliant. For you as a parent, it can give you more peace of mind as you allow your child to participate safely in a broader world.

Bob Ditter is a child and family therapist living in Boston who consults extensively with people who work with children. Pointers for Partnering with a New Camp You know quite a bit about this camp — enough to entrust the care and education of your child for a certain number of weeks. Focus on why you chose it. Think about the things you really like. As an insider now and a member of the camp community, expect to take an active role in the partnership. Read and respond to what they send! Th is will help you better understand the camp and their way of doing things.

Whether they are counting down the number of days until camp or explaining the nuances of traffic patterns or bus logistics for day camp drop-off , pay attention to their suggestions. Camps are great at breaking down large projects to a manageable size for their campers, and they do it well for camp families, too.

The camp will request a lot of information from you. They are not trying to torture you! In fact, they spend tremendous time and energy in the off -season culling through survey results and streamlining their systems to minimize what they have to request from families.

Two pieces of paperwork to return promptly are health forms and camper questionnaires, which you should complete thoroughly and honestly. Remember that camps have their own ways of doing things. Sometimes parents try to treat a camp like a sitt er and dictate schedules and procedures. Avid4 Adventure camps teach pre-K - 7th graders of all levels to climb, paddle, bike, hike and thrive in the outdoors.

Castle Rock is a magical farm where children learn to ride and manage horses. This is the beginning of a lifetime love of horses. Our beautiful Arabian and half Arabian horses are veteran campaigners of lessons and camp.

Riding is the favorite activity for young children to enjoy on the back of a horse and we understand that. We give them maximum time in the saddle but we also include the care of the horse from grooming, learning to lead properly and making sure the tack is comfortable. We look forward to a long relationship with our campers as they increase their skills in horseback riding and consideration of their mount. We have all sizes from ponies to big horses. Your camper will fall in love before the first day is over!

During this four day camp students will hike in the Redwoods, learn to paddle board, rock climb and participate in a ropes course. This 3 day 2 night summer camp is perfect for the younger girls. Ages are welcome and no horse experience is necessary.

Horseback riding is a big part of it, as well as caring for their very own horse. Team building activities build confidence and self esteem. Hiking, scavenger hunts and nature education all provide opportunities to learn and explore their world. Starts Friday with a parent luncheon orientation and goes through Sunday afternoon when the girls will put on a horse show for their parents! The combination of equine facilitated coaching and team building activities is designed to develop essential life skills as well as be fun and full of laughter.

They will also learn to care for and ride their very own special horse for the week. A maximum of 8 girls insures no one is ever left out. A day at Coastal Camp is a day spent connecting with nature. With the Marin Headlands as our backdrop, campers learn more about the topics they love. Marin GreenPlay Camp is a nature awareness day camp now in its 8th summer for kids entering kindergarten through 12th grade. Favorite activities include outdoor rock climbing, tidepooling, boogie boarding, kayaking, orienteering, geocaching, hiking, farming at Green Gulch Farm, biomimicry, citizen science, nature art, service learning and more, depending on age level!

A GreenPlay day includes hiking, natural history instruction, games and fun learning-building activities, art, storytelling, and just time to use their imaginations and play in nature. Marin GreenPlay offers the only weeklong outdoor climbing experiences for kids from Marin and San Francisco. Our professionally-guided rock climbing trips have been incredibly popular since we started offering them in AMGA certified climbing instructors will show campers proper safety techniques and proper wear and care of climbing gear, knot tying, buddy check, climbing up, lowering, commands, rappelling, bouldering, belaying, and more.

We provide all of the necessary equipment. Limited to 10 climbers so campers get as many climbs in as they want. Weekly camp sessions from June 5th through August 11th. Scholarships are available! Spaces fill up quickly, so sign up today!

For detailed descriptions of each week of camp, please visit our website. Contact Eileen x12 or eileen wildcarebayarea. Beginner Youth Sailing is designed as a fun and exciting introduction to small sailboats.

Students will learn basic water safety, knots, basic points of sail, along with steering and sail trim. Students will begin sailing in our Bugs with a partner and when ready they will progress to sailing single-handed sailing. Designed as a fun and easy introduction to the water, this youth sailing class focuses on building students on-the-water confidence through a variety of water sports and activities. Students will spend about half the class in a 24 ft, stable keelboat, learning the basics of water safety in this floating classroom.

With an instructor on-board, our Harbor Seals get a first class introduction to sailing and the Bay. In the afternoon when the wind picks up students will head to our beach to explore a range of other watersports including paddle boards and kayaks. CAMP leader.

Presidio-based nature walks, environmental explorations, word and running games, stories and good character challenges. While at camp possible activities include archery, crafts, swimming, boating, arts, rock-climbing, music, and much more. Each base-camp session also includes multi-day backpacking trips. Come join us for an adventure with horses! Activites include riding lessons, vaulting, games on horseback, horsemanship skills, playing with babies, and all things horse related!

Beginner through Advanced levels offered. Amazing, safe and fun Horses and Ponies used for the program. Art Yowza offers an exciting visual arts program that supports the development of new creative skills. We empower kids to think and use their imaginations. The nurturing environment encourages unique selfexpression and self-esteem. The small class size, individualized attention, stimulating environment, and beautiful setting make it possible for every learner to blossom.

Look forward to a fun week of animals, insects, educational games, and special guests! Curriculum includes animal behavior and biology, ecology, conservation, and natural science. Fun and educational games and activities designed to increase comprehension and retention are paired with each curriculum section.

Campers can look forward to handling and caring for the museum animals under the supervision of our trained counselors. The week will start off with clay and glazing. Together we will pick what projects we will work on for the second half of the week. We will have projects to choose from like tie-dye, faerie gardens, wood working, paper making and book binding and more!

There will also be a guest artist to share a project with us in textiles. The group is small, only 6 to 8 makers with up to 3 instructors, giving us lots of time to really get into our creativity! For lunch we will be outside and take walks down the street to the park. Kids will bring their own lunches but snacks will be provided!

Engage in hands-on art activities while working in a professional studio environment at Kala Art Institute. Class sizes are small. HandsOn Tomorrow is an awesome leadership and volunteering summer program for Bay Area high school students. If so, participate! Or you may receive a welcoming phone call. Read and refer to it; learn everything you can ahead of time. Learn what systems are set up for communicating with the camp. Every camp has preferences for the critical communicating that needs to happen before, during and after camp.

Due to schedules and staff availability, some camps might request that parents phone camp administrators or staff at certain times of the day. Following their requests saves everyone a lot of time. Camps have to be extremely intentionalabout communication with families and strive to streamline and simplify what they request and what they share. Keeping an honest and open exchange of communication is key for developing a relationship that works for you, your child and the camp.

Each week offers new projects and materials culminating in a gallery exhibition and celebration of student work. Discover new creativity this summer at Camp Kala! Studio 1. Quality art instruction, small class sizes and lots of individual attention for each student. Each session features a different artistic theme, providing an intensive learning experience. Suitable for all levels. Differentiated instruction.

Please join our award winning camps filled with fun and creativity! We limit each summer camp session to full-week students, so that each student receives individual attention. Please call for more information. Since we have been teaching children, ages , the safe-use of woodworking hand tools. Building from scratch and learning lifetime skills. All levels. Small group. Materials supplied. Sew Much Fun, 35 years experience in textiles, fashion, teaching Marianne Henri mjhenri att.

Intensive work with clay and glazes in a small group setting, located in the Elmwood neighborhood. Hours are ampm. Limited extended care and some partial scholarships available. Check website for dates. DianneStocklerClay gmail. Dive in to art and innovation with selfdirected, hands-on building and creative time. Mornings: Learn from a structured theme and skill-sharing. Afternoons: Enjoy playing at the park and a free build session.

Hours 9ampm. After Care available to Explore industrial arts blacksmithing, glass blowing, ceramics, woodworking, jewelry, neon, welding, robotics, and more at The Crucible! Each week ends with a gallery walk where students proudly share their projects. Ceramics including wheel throwing , painting, animation, TEEN only, fashion design are just a few options. Our instructors are highly qualified teachers that have all been trained in Studio 4 Arts teaching practices and philosophy AND are professional artists themselves!

Art Lab will build creative confidence, encourage exploration of new sensory experiences as a group and help children learn through artistic play creativity. Echo Lake Camp has been offering residential camp experiences since ! This beautiful summer destination offers incredible views of the Lake Tahoe basin, fun recreational programming, and unique camp programs for all ages.

Camp Scholarships are available! For more information about Echo Lake Camp, including a full list of programs, visit our website. Location: Echo Lake, CA. Offering five days of mountain adventures! Registration is available online.

Eight Sessions offered, June August Register Online! Our full-service Fa mily Camp experience includ es great meals, beautiful views, an d lots of fun programs for the whole Family Camp progra family! Check availability online!

Learn all about what it is like to work with kids! CITs will have fun interacting with young campers as they assist Day Camp Staff to plan and facilitate activities, games, sports, and art projects—a great opportunity to build self-esteem, learn new leadership skills, and gain valuable experience working with kids. Children take an Unforgettable Journey of the Imagination into the past, coming home before dinner, with new world-shifting perspectives! Register online beginning in March.

Because your children are not numbers to us, our focus is to cater to each child individually, help them where they need improvement and cap our camps numbers, 25 maximum, to keep the class intimate, so your child does not get lost in the masses. We offer a variety of themes for the summer of , come join us. Half and full day schedules combine rigorous classical ballet training with a diverse range of styles, including modern, jazz, capoeira, and pilates.

We do the camp every year-Creative, Fantastic! Come Dance Explore and Create! Dancers also explore new dance forms each day. Possibilities include ballet, hula, and hip-hop. The morning is complete with improvisation and making dance! Classes in jazz, ballet, tap, hip hop, tumbling, African dance, drama, art, and music. Games, performances and fun! Boys and girls.

All levels welcome. Campers placed in classes by age and experience Spring Camp: April 3rd - April 7th, Summer Camp: June 12th - August 18th Early enrollment, sibling, and multiple week discounts. At MDT, dancers will find tutus, tiaras, capes, crowns, balloons, crafts and beautiful music, while exploring new ideas. New location, new ages, new generation. Register today!

Young movers and dancers experience the joy of dance in this unique approach to exploring creativity and dance-making. Dancers start to build confidence through their creativity as they discover their world through movement. Dance Makers dive into universal concepts of dance and the choreographic process. Building together, dancers experiment with movement as they begin to design and create through a fun and fresh approach.

Explore More at www. June 26th-June 30th, 9am-3pm with extended care available Peace Camp is a loving, nurturing and welcoming environment for all children ages Campers will be immersed in peacemaking activities as experienced through stories, spiritual. Young students receive an orientation to dance focused on improving a variety of basic motor skills and expression.

Children explore rhythm and movement while learning the fundamental elements of choreography. Students are exposed to a diverse range of cultural dance styles, international music and elementary principles of pantomime, which combined are sure to spark an interest in the arts.

Summer camp at Xian Yun is the perfect place for young people to nurture a passion for the arts and culture. Students will be challenged to learn new skills while developing aesthetic sophistication in a healthy and supportive environment. Full-day and half-day camps in dance, visual arts, and Chinese language are available for students age 5 or older.

Build A Peace Village offers many ways of confronting bullying, making wise choices with social media, and connects children with the natural world. All faiths and spiritual traditions are invited to learn, grow and play with us! Hola amigos! Spanish 4 Children offers a hands on creative curriculum for ages Campers will have fun learning Spanish through games, activity pages, scavanger hunts, exploring nature.

Contact Miriam Lattanzi for registration mlattanzi68 yahoo. It teaches about global Jewish diversity, builds community leaders, and inspires a love of Judaism. We offer activities around languages and the cultures they convey with artistic workshops and cooking demo for Pre-K to 5th graders.

Students attending middle school and high school are welcome to be part of an intensive language program. Students will be engaged in special projects around language learning, mind games, skill building as well as artistic workshops. We will also offer multicultural camps. Daruma no Gakko is a co-operative, four week summer program designed for children in grades K-6 to learn about Japanese American heritage.

The day is enriched with activities. Please visit our website for more details. No previous knowledge of French is necessary! Camp consists of 4 one-week sessions from July 17th to Aug. You can choose how many weeks you d like your child to attend. Campers participate in French themed activities from 9am-3pm. Before and After Care available. But we will also play games from all of the German speaking countries that are simple, yet fun! Each age group is led by a German teacher with experience instructing various levels in an immersion classroom.

Our program is very hands-on: our famous projects and crafts - immersion in German culture - field trips to support the curriculum - weekly music classes singing, playing, acting, pretending, discussing, cooking, stories, games, outdoor fun- and all in GERMAN! She is only four years old — why does she need day camp? Camp provides one of the very few links with a world larger than the consumer culture we inhabit — and daycamp is one important choice in a quiver of options.

The camp experience helps children and youth develop an appreciation of their place and their responsibility in a much larger universe. A preschooler — or even an older child who might be reluctant to go to overnight camp — can join a community that is created especially for her to practice growing up.

Why wait until age 10 when the benefits of feeling connected and being able to contribute and navigate at an earlier age can be reaped? Under the supervision of inspiring guides and passionate coaches, children can feel successful and make new friends while having the time of their lives; they can experi-.

For School-Aged Camp, each session will incorporate at least one field trip. Details of the planned curriculum for each session of the School-Aged camp and the Pre-K camp are available soon. Curriculum is subject to change. The camps are designed to give children a unique opportunity to learn or improve their Spanish language skills.

Camps are half-day or full-day sessions. Beginner students learn basic language skills to supplement the vocabulary linked to each theme. More advanced students learn useful phrases, grammatical concepts and practice their conversation skills. Language and Outdoor activities based French Immersion Camps.

More advanced students learn useful phrases,. Daycamp can begin as early as age three, and is geared to children who get to experience camp and still return home each evening. They have the best of both worlds — the camp community which is built exclusively for kids and their own home which provides the security they need at a tender age. Daycamp is a terrific first experience. Reminiscent of less complicated days, when people connected with nature, thrived on inter-generational relationships, and made new discoveries, everything is designed and scaled to ensure that children feel included, cared about and capable.

Beginning camp at an early age provides important advantages. Four weeks of Robotics in Spanish this summer! This is the 35th year offering. Camps are grouped by types of programs offered. Listings will remain visable all year. One week only Jul 31 - Aug 4. Under the redwoods on the grounds of St. Art, basketball, volleyball, ping pong, lawn games, music, drama, dance, science, cooking, swimhike, family barbeque, talent show, values, community service, opportunities for leadership.

Camperships available as needed. Girls travel to destinations around the Bay Area by public transit and participate in. JMSG offers three summer sessions to girls entering fourth, fifth, and sixth grade. Sessions are one week long, and each session will have a variety of activities to participate in as well as a project theme.

Girls may choose to enroll in any or all of the three sessions. Each week the girls will participate in activities that are planned by JMSG faculty to connect with the weekly theme but also designed to serve all learning styles. Most activities include a creative component, group work, and opportunity for self-reflection.

When you trust kids, they learn to trust themselves. Two ways to play: Day Passes buy any number of days and use them anytime or Membership one fee for unlimited summer visits. Lunch, snacks and all materials included in both plans. Urban Adventure Camps is a unique weeklong day. Camps begin each morning at local BART stations.

Public transportation is used to travel between locations. Each session focuses on specific subject areas. Come Explore With Us! Locations in Oakland and. Adventure Day Camp is a traditional day camp for children ages years old. In a low pressure, relaxed atmosphere, children gain confidence and skills in a wide range of camp activities, including arts, sports, swimming, canoeing, kayaking, sailing, tennis, horseback riding, archery, climbing, drama, music, hiking, overnight camping, and much more!

Children are assigned to small groups with one adult Counselor and one assistant. This is an introductory camp program directed two Seven Hills School preschool teachers who have over 25 years experience working in the Early Childhood Education field. Please visit adventuredaycamp.

A Director is available by calling or emailing campinfo adventuredaycamp. Adventures Camp Spend the day with old friends or make new ones as you create arts and crafts, participate in fun games, hands on science, sports and fitness, music and morning visits to EC Splash Park. All activities and special events are focused around the weekly camp theme. I most definitely appreciating every little bit of it as well as I have you bookmarked to look into brand-new stuff you article.

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