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Akg k326 sports review betting

By default, the scrolling func- each time the radio is moved to a different place. However, a 'Preset' in. This is a delight- area contour of an FM transmitter, and other RDS fully elegant system which we liked very much. However, the channel and frequency, bit rate and the data error audio quality was essentially as good as that from rate expressed as a digit.

A Tone' button to the DAB. On both bands, incidentally, the tone control right of the rocker allows six different settings to proved effective and useful but the DBB switch suit the earpiece and tastes of the current user.

There was ample audio available, even ton sets the station order, invokes an autoscan, for noisy environments. The remote controller reveals the software version, and allows manual proved very useful, especially when it was nec- tuning. This latter feature initiallysounds quite essary to site the radio near a window to acquire interesting but the Gemini 4 is solely for the UK enough signal strength for good reception.

The headphone socket is on the right-hand the Roberts Gemini 6 strikes us as a very good side of the unit and the 4V input socket is on the mains tabletop DAB receiver. There is no external antenna, the ear- At perhaps the other extreme from the large piece lead doing double duty for the purpose. It mea- several rail and car journeys and in general the sures x 66 x 22mm, which makes a it perfect Gemini 4 performed extremely well.

As always in the breast pocket of the average shirt, and fit with digital systems, there is an 'all or nothing' runs from three AA cells. Early DAB portables quality about the results; the recovered audio was were criticized for their inordinate appetite for bat- almost invariably either perfect or absent.

Given tery power, and is fair to say that the Gemini 4 it the limitations of the simple earpiece supplied does not quite escape this charge. We went with the Gemini 4, the audio quality was actually through no less than five sets of manganese- rather good.

Several concerts were much enjoyed alkaline cells during testing and found that the with the help of the radio during evening railway useful battery life at normal listening level was journeys, and the audio was surprisingly natural about 14h, although the manufacturer claims and unfatiguing. In mitigation, there is a socket for an exter- All in all, the Gemini 4 is an excellent digital nal 4V power supply and a suitable mains adap- travelling companion which we thoroughly recom- tor is supplied with the unit.

This is not, inciden- mend. It is slightly unfortunate that it appears to tally, a charger but purely a power supply unit and be designed with restricted frequency coverage, the radio cannot be used with secondary cells although presumably different markets are pro- without some external means to recharge them. The Roberts product is robust and that it would have been more sensible to con- and well made, and we consider it very good figure the PSU as a charger and supply suitable value for money.

To a large in. Of the questions WRTH is often asked about extent, therefore, one is buying on the basis of short-wave listening, a sub-set can be reduced branding, visual appeal or price. But it should be to the form "what is the least amount of money remembered that the applied brand name may which must be spent to allow me to hear station be misleading. One sees this most clearly in the X?

For exam- world's well-known brands, but it is not at all ple, if one lived almost literally next door to the uncommon in other fields. The simple electronic components. The result would first is a measure of the receiver's ability to sep- be the modern-day equivalent of the 'crystal set' arate weak ones in the early signals from strong of yore, needing no batteries and giving excellent stages of its and amounts to the bal- circuitry, fidelity but little or no selectivity. At the other ance between sensitivity and strong-signal han- extreme is the professional monitoring organisa- dling.

A high-grade receiver displays a wide tion, using expensive receivers and extensive dynamic range, implying that it is both sensitive antenna systems so as to give itself the best pos- enough to receive weak signals and robust sible chance of hearing anything it chooses enough to do so when adjacent signals are very whenever it wishes. In design terms is easy to achieve sen- it. Itmight be more helpful to think about the sitivity but much less easy to combine with it. Many mod- good strong-signal handling, with the result that ern portable radios costing relatively little are inexpensive receivers are almost always com- available nowadays, and several embody HF promised in this latter area.

If facilities. The second issue is sometimes confused so, what is it reasonable to expect from them? However, the if. Can a dynamic range of a receiver is such that a weak price-performance ratio be established? Selectivity is a measure of the per- areas; mechanical, electrical and functional formance of the intermediate-frequency circuitry ergonomic. In simple terms, mechanical robust- of the receiver, and in particular the quality of ness costs money because it implies better whatever form of filter is fitted.

In an ideal world, materials, or more of them. Reliability and perfor- the bandwidth of the filter would be exactly mance are both chiefly electrical issues although equivalent to the bandwidth of the signal to which both also require certain mechanical considera- we wish to listen, and would reject everything tions to have been properly taken into account.

Modern DSP filter systems can in fact Functionality and ergonomics are mainly matters approach this ideal, and indeed can be made of good design, although what economists call variable so that they can cater for both relatively 'functional pricing' is all too often encountered in wideband transmissions such as AM and nar- consumer goods; the addition of features which rowband signals such as SSB or CW whilst cost the manufacturer little or nothing is associ- maintaining excellent rejection of unwanted sig- ated with a disproportionate price mark-up.

However, such systems are not Although one might wish the situation to be yet to be found in low-cost receivers. These different, the hard fact is that engineering and almost invariably rely on what are known as performance considerations come a long way ceramic filters, which are produced in vast quan- behind the cost of production in the mind of the tities at very low cost and can or can be made to.

Much of what passes for a design process is imi- As far as the user is concerned, both short- tative, derivative or based around reference cir- comings have rather similar effects. Strong sta- cuitry provided by the makers of whatever inte- tions can be easily received but weak stations grated circuits are used in the unit.

So there is lit- are likely to suffer from what sounds like and tle room for innovation and considerable com- indeed is interference or noise. One hallmark of monality of circuit elements; the same chipsets a good receiver is the way in which even weak. Band selection is via a manual slide switch ground, unless of course the band itself happens and tuning is performed with a side-mounted to be noisy at the time.

An associated problem is rotary control with very light action and some lost that low-cost receivers may be intolerant of exter- motion. There is a power on-off switch at lower nal antennas, especially if they are sizable. Although substituting an external antenna for the The cm diameter speaker takes up most of the receiver's own may be the simplest and cheapest left-hand half of the front panel. An internal fer- way to improve reception, it can also be a route to rite-rod antenna is provided for and LWMW disappointment because one of the subjective reception and a telescopic rod handles FM and effects of lack of dynamic range can be a marked HF signals.

There is no provision for an external increase in noise generated by various effects antenna. The unit operates from two internal AA within the receiver's front-end. In some situations cells, although there is an input for an external 3V this can result in worse overall performance.

DC supply. For this edition of WRTHwe decided to exam- An effective scale length of about 25mm cou- ine several currently available low-cost portables pled with mechanical tuning over a band covering from Sony and Roberts to see how capable they several hundred kilohertz is not a recipe for accu- actually are. We chose these manufacturers rate frequency resettability. It is not really feasible because of their good reputations and elected not to tune the ICF-SW1 1 to a particular frequency, to bother with the verylow-end units originating in and effectively "what you hear is what you get".

China and elsewhere, simply because their per- This is fine for strong stations but makes finding formance is such that a WRTH reader is unlikely and holding the weaker ones very difficult. We nal 'birdies' which are not helpful. Strong-signal carried out standard measurements of sensitivity performance could perhaps be best described as and strong-signal handling to establish their indifferent. On the positive side, the LED tuning usable dynamic range and also assessed other indicator works remarkably well and the audio factors both by measurement and subjective quality - particularly on FM - is remarkably good, judgment.

Our findings were interesting and in with exemplary clarity and adequate volume. As a low-cost radio for tuning to your local Incidentally, all quoted prices are manufactur- domestic station and the occasional strong HF er's recommended retail but there is some varia- outlet, the ICF-SW11 can be recommended. It offers 12 bands; overall. It measures x 80 x 35mm and feels MHz FM with stereo reception via the ear- pleasant in the hand, belying its low cost by the piece , kHz LW, kHz and MW wrap-over leather case and elegant panel layout.

The unit covers the Sony counterpart. The rotary volume control and same bands as the latter but unaccountably toggle on-off switch are below the tuning knob. Band selection is via a slide switch display has an LED tuning indicator at upper left, at lower right, and edge-mounted rotary volume and the left-hand half of the front panel is taken and tuning controls are on the right-hand side.

The R operates from There is a digital clock display on the upper lid two internal AA cells. There an internal ferrite rod antenna for is tion from a mains PSU. As with the manually tuned Sony receivers, it As might be expected, the ICF-SW12 per- would be idle to pretend that an effective scale forms very like the ICF-SW1 1 and displays the length of about 40mm at best can make for ease same strengths and weaknesses.

Tuning to a and repeatability of tuning. On some bands, particular frequency is not really possible, and indeed, the usable length is considerably less; on using the receiver is a case of operating the tun- 75m it is only about 1 5mm.

Quite why the design- ing control and accepting or rejecting whatever ers did not pad all the tuned bands out to equiv- you come across. The audio quality was quite alent scale lengths is something of a mystery, reasonable, if a little thin, and there was ade- since it is technically simple to achieve and need quate volume for most situations. FM reception not have added to the cost of manufacture. In via the earphone was noticeably more noisy than practice, the receiver cannot be 'tuned' to a par- in the ICF-SW1 1 The clock and alarm facilities.

Happily the and that the ICF-SW1 1 is less than half the price, receiver's balance of sensitivity and strong-signal it is a little difficult to see a good reason for opt-. FM sensitivity seemed a little lower size. Its price-performance ratio is the worst of that ideal, but stereo reproduction via the head- the tested group, and as more of an it strikes us phone socket was pleasant. It is certainly good-looking and appears For a little more money and an increase in the to be well made.

ICF-SW12 is a 'flat-pack' radio with an upwards- and half of the front panel is taken up by opening lid. This reveals a cm speaker on the the speaker. There is a large LCD display, five. This ill Hi l L latter is sub-divided into seven bands, namely , , , , , and kHz. It is perhaps a little unfortunate that fj G i. Stereo audio is. The overall layout tons. These normally operate in the correct incre- is simple and the ments for the associated band a switch in the ergonomics are battery compartment selects between 9 and 10 excellent, as usual kHz steps for MW but a fine-tuning switch allows with most Roberts tuning in 1 kHz steps if required.

There is a digi- products. There are tal clock with alarm facilities. The only able attenuator. The selectable by a front-panel button. The ergonom- optionally backlit LCD is very crisp and clear and ics are a little unusual, but one rapidly becomes the three-position tone switch works well. Sensitivity was well matched to the good-quality audio, the R is a fine travelling integral antennas and the strong-signal handling companion; its comprehensive clock and alarm was quite reasonable; the unit could have taken facilities are particularly useful.

Its dynamic range. Audio quality was splendid, with excel- modulation were seldom experienced except lent stereo reproduction available via the ear- occasionally in the 49m band at night. Excellent piece. Overall, our impression was of a well- value for money and strongly recommended. Unless you are only interested in reception of one Highly recommended. Certainly their ergo- circuit architecture, the Roberts offers very simi- nomics are far superior.

This works rea- the others and are provide considerably likely to sonably well although it needs a fairly strong more long-term satisfaction. We slightly prefer the signal to operate reliably and the CT data can Roberts product to the Sony, chiefly because of occasionally become corrupted. It is almost always assessed in.

This a calculated intercept is. One year on, it has produced by extending a graph of the levels of proved itself to be an extremely useful and versa- intermodulation products produced by two test tile antenna. It has found extensive employment signals against their input levels to the point at in our test and measurement laboratory, as well which they cross.

The ratio between each signal proving itself very useful indeed for a variety of and its distortion products is the intermodulation general reception purposes. The apparent level of a third-order distortion. In recent months Wellbrook has introduced an product increases by 3dB for every 1dB increase antenna of potentially great interest to the listener. In very general terms, a typ-. Generally speaking it. There exists a which is an octave higher than another band in phenomenon called intermodulation, which in which there are very strong signals.

For example, essence is the range of additional frequencies amateurs using the upper part of their 14MHz produced in a non-linear electronic system or cir- band sometimes suffer from second-order inter- cuit element when two signals are present. In this instance, strong signals on and f1 - f2 will be generated, as will higher- and kHz might intermodulate to produce a order products. Intermodulation is the basis of spurious signal on kHz. However, the circuitry in an SSB transmitters.

Radio-frequency intermodula- active antenna i. An HP spectrum degraded. It is for this reason that Wellbrook's analyser was used for measurements of noise claimed intermodulation performance for the floor and absolute signal strength. ALAS is highly important, especially if it to We first established some approximate com- be used in conjunction with a high-grade receiv- parative signal strengths at the test site, which is er.

At about 4MHz the magnetic-field component of an electromagnetic levels were approximately equal, and between wave the H-field rather than the electric E about 8 and 20MHz the ALAS was general- field. Loop antennas also display quite evening the difference was generally dB. In comparison with dB. This property can be exceedingly use- the trap dipole, the Wellbrook loop was very ful in rejecting either local noise or a distant inter- much quieter at all times and on both bands, the fering station.

Active loops such as those in the difference being anywhere between 9 to 22dB. Wellbrook family have the further advantage of a The ability of the ALAS to null-out high- low and more or less constant impedance with power broadcast stations near the band edges frequency, which implies that they will match the was exceedingly useful. It was noted in the associated receiver very well. It consists of an worked perfectly well in the 50MHz amateur aluminium loop with a diameter of 94cm, a head band where displayed some very sharp nulls it.

The interface box embodies an integral As to whether the ALAS was 'better' than fuse and a 1m lead terminated in a PL con- the ALA, the verdict depends somewhat on nector which provides the input to the receiver. The reduced gain at lower plied. The head-end electronics are housed in a frequencies might be significant you are partic- if. However, you have a high-grade HF receiver, if.

The mounting hardware is such as to allow the increase in gain at higher frequencies could easy mounting on a rotatable stub mast, which well be useful in certain circumstances. A minor will permit advantage to be taken of the loop's caveat is that the overall output level might prove ability to null-out interference at the lower fre- rather too much for a small portable, for which quencies.

Alternatively, it can be easily secured the ALA might be more suitable. Their ability to reject local interference, array for the HF and 1 44MHz amateur bands and or to give a good 20dB of rejection to an adjacent also on a garden fence post about 15m from the MW can be an extremely useful transmitter, ground and 10m or so from the laboratory.

The attribute. The ALAS is an excellent addition main receivers used for testing were the NRD- to the family and may be ideal for those whose G being reviewed for this year's WRTH and a interests lie mostly in the HF portion of the spec- Sangean ATS portable, with occasional trum and whose receivers are such as to be able recourse to the Yaesu FTD in the amateur to take advantage of the extra gain offered over station to check signal levels.

For comparison the ALA in this region. Users who possess suit- The MFJC is an example of the type of pre- able experience in electrical wiring may find selector which is most likely to be useful to the some benefit from experimentation in this area.

We tested the unit principally with suring x x 65mm and with four rotary the NRDG receiver reviewed in this edition controls on the front panel. There are also five see page 16 and also with a Sangean ATS- push-button switches. The circuit is conventional A portable and one or two other units.

Formal a simple T-match and employs two series vari- measurements were made with standard labora- able capacitors and a tapped inductor. Controls tory instrumentation and our standard long-wire for the variable capacitors are marked 'antenna' and dipole antennas were used for test purpos- and 'receiver' and scaled from 1 to 6.

The ten- es. In general terms the unit worked well and was position switch for the tapped inductor is marked particularly useful with the Sangean portable, A to J. A gain control for the broadband pre- where its ability to introduce considerable atten- amplifier, based on a single 2N transistor, is uation to strong out-of-band signals helped con- provided.

From left to right the push-button siderably in obtaining 'clean' reception of rela- switches select between antennas 1 and 2; tively weak transmissions. The preamplifier gave bypass the unit entirely; introduce a 20dB atten- a measured 24dB gain at frequenciesof uator; select the preamplifier on or off; and select between LF and well into the VHF region, but its between receivers 1 and 2.

The rear-panel con- strong-signal handling properties were not very nectors are four Ss for receivers and good and it was necessary to use the facility with antennas and a DC input socket for the pream- considerable caution. Careful use of the preselector controls and The use of Ss implies that the unit is not attenuator results in good reception of some suitable for use with antennas fed via balanced weak night-time signals which were entirely feeders and is best employed either in conjunc- inaudible or swamped by noise when the unit tion with long wires or a coaxial centre-fed dipole was bypassed.

The ability to switch between employing a balun. It was slightly surprising that antennas for instant comparison was also well no earth terminal was provided, since in certain worth having. However, external earths money and is recommended. So The WinRadio Gi on the success of builds what follows is the usual highly subjective view of the Gi reviewed last year and is a fine exam- what would like to have in my radio room.

The Gi is a truly excellent admirable approach to product development. We receiver by any standards, and one which points were very rude about some of their earlier offer- the way to the future. The NRDG is also ings, which seemed to us to offer poor perfor-. As predecessor, it is still one of with its mance and worse value for money; the G and the world's high-grade HF receivers and displays are in a completely different league and a combination of fine performance and excellent should be somewhere near the top of the shop- build quality.

It will be interesting to see whether ping list of anyone looking for a high-performance its rumoured successor - which was supposedly receiver with essentially unlimited memory to be marketed in early - will be as good or space.

Pure DAB range, of which the Tempus-1 not and was deeply reluctant to return it; there was a reviewed here but a clock-radio variant of the profound temptation to send the suppliers a original Evoke-1 is our favourite. As befits their cheque instead. Both can be versatile importance and value of active broadband HF strongly recommended. The Roberts Gemini 4 loop antennas for rather longer than a profes- DAB portable was also much liked; apart from the sional radio engineer should have done.

The sim- fact that its appetite for batteries is a little health- ple fact whether or not you have the space is that ierthan might be desirable, there is essentially to erect large conventional antennas, a well- nothing to criticize about this unit. Siriusand XM respectively seem to be excellent As far as the two Roberts DAB radios were examples of new-generation radios for satellite concerned, the little Gemini 4 portable was an broadcasting. Our most recent direct experience excellent travelling companion.

The mains-driven was with the Audiovox XR9, which works very Gemini 6 was also enjoyed. However, my ideal well and seem to us to offer excellent value for DAB radio would still be a fully featured money. As far as WorldSpace is concerned, Properly integrated alarm and clock functions there were no new receivers apparently available along the lines of those in the Tempus-1 would this year and the future of what has largely also be de rigueur.

Sadly, no-one yet seems inter- become a subscription service remains unclear. As they used to say in American performance in the receivers tested this year, not cinemas, watch this space. Some models may be unavailable in certain markets. Open a copy of Mr, and you wi! In fact, it's the most comprehensive radio hobby magazine in the U. But that's not all Now you can receive the world's favorite monitoring magazine ove No postal delays and no lost or torn issues.

And you can get every issue faster anywhere in the world -than U. Free software lets you navigate through the magazine or click from the index, even search by keywords! Print it out on your computer printer, or use compatible text readers for the visually impaired. Published by Grove Enterprises, Inc. Monitoring Times- www. COM manufacturers. R technology at under s Osterman every budget and space requirement. This affordable market guide fea-. Magne 5. Equip- ICOM all. World's 1 SW guide.

Helms This noted author provides a readable book on all aspects of shortwave listening. Second Edition. Evans Second Ed. All major lines carried. Simply the best guide to non-broadcast stations. With prices, photos and in- longwave through shortwave. Yoder Includes an audio CD! Here is the incredible saga of America's underground, illegal broadcasters.

Includes an audio CD. Universal Radio, Inc. Universal Radio ships worldwide. The latest in this family, the YB PE carries. Palm-sized and only 10oz, the YB PE fea-. Dimensions: 3. Performance that reaches out to the world. Imagine a radio that combines strong performance for fantastic reception and all of today's digital wizardry, bringing the world to your fingertips.

The E10 is. Dimensions: 7. Ancillary Equipment We continue our series of articles on the art of receiving, with an examination of the benefits and pitfalls afforded by ancillary equipment. Reduced to its lowest terms, reception of broad- devices and strongly suspected that they were cast stations requires nothing more than a suit- not remotely worth the asking price. Nowadays able receiver. In the case of a portable, such as we would not even consider attempting to set up those discussed on page 22 of this edition of a new antenna without one; it has become WRTH, we have a single box which contains absolutely indispensable for a wide variety of jobs.

The most obvi- considerations and in most cases the audio from. Adding a decent-quality external speak- position. It will undoubtedly consist of an internal er is one of the most cost-effective enhance- ferrite rod for LW ments to a receiving and MW, perhaps in system, and will conjunction with have an immediate some form of tele- and dramatic effect scopic 'whip' for the in reducing listening higher frequencies.

Unfortu- Both are compro- nately it may also mises; they work immediately reveal well enough for some shortcomings reception of consis- in the audio amplifi-. We have usual problems encountered. In some cases it discussed antennas a good deal in earlier edi- may be possible to add an external amplifier dri- tions of WRTH and make no apology whatsoever ven from a line-level output, which again is likely for asserting yet again that they are by far the to bring about a marked improvement.

Many most important part of any radio receiving instal- receiver manufacturers make external 'add-on' lation. The finest and most expensive receiver speakers for their products, and in our experience ever made will not work well it is fed from a few if these range from being somewhere between very feet of wire, whereas an experienced user will good and horrible.

Our strong advice is to try wring miracles out of a modest receiver coupled before you buy, if at all possible. In recent years there has been a tendency. These are usually analyser. To those brought up on noise bridges, sold as accessories by radio outlets, most of impedance meters, Smith charts and similar which seem to make inordinately extravagant impedimenta, the ability of the modern micro- claims for the level of performance produced by processor-controlled portable analyser such as particular units.

Our experience is that these the MFJ or to provide a formidable items do not represent good value for money for amount of information literally at the flick of a the short-wave broadcast listener although they switch is quite astonishing. These units can make might well find a use in amateur stations.

The rea- it almost child's play to set up even a complex son is that adaptive speakers tend to be extreme- multiband antenna and match it to its feeder in a ly adept at nulling-out heterodynes and assorted. We freely confess that before tuning-up noises, and such an ability can prove we reviewed the MFJ some years ago for remarkably useful at times on the amateur bands. WRTH, we were extremely sceptical of these However, strong heterodynes are not commonly.

So all in all, it a much more pleasant experience. These items seems to us that adaptive speakers need not be tend to have responses that are curtailed at low very high on the shopping-list of the short-wave and high frequencies and have a degree of 'tai- broadcast listener. In general terms we take the loring' in the mid-band to enhance intelligibility. They should also dis-. We all have dimensioned differently headphones.

All too often taken for granted, heads and strong personal preferences for how headphones are arguably one of the most vital 'tight' the headphones should feel on the ears. The Ideally the earpieces should be laterally and ver- reason is that they act as the principal interface adjustable for comfort. A related issue is tically. Some people cannot tolerate feeling cut excluding extraneous noise. So their electrical offfrom the outside world by earpieces with a performance, com- high degree of fort and acoustic acoustic isolation insulation proper- usually by snugly ties are all worth fitting seals whilst consideration.

Unfortunately this is prices. These tend to be very well made and give far from being the case because your high-grade excellent performance. Our personal favourite is stereo headphones are likely to have an excellent the 'Airlite 62' originally made for UK military and frequency response extending to both ends of the civil-aviation applications but now tending to be AF spectrum.

This will allow them to reproduce displaced favour of noise-cancelling types. It is in. Many and rewire the connecting cable to suit your par- mains-powered receivers have some degree of ticular receiver's connector, after which you are low-level hum in the output. This originates in the left with a rugged and reliable headset whose power supply and is related to the mains fre- frequency response is beautifully tailored to com- quency.

The internal speaker may well not have munications-quality speech and which is very enough low-frequency response to reproduce the comfortable when worn for long periods. The able a headset with an extended frequency in main reason this is necessary - or at least very response.

Hum and hiss are very fatiguing to lis- useful - is that a receiver is designed with an ten to for any length of time. To make matters input impedance at its antenna input terminal worse, the distortion characteristics of the simple which is quite low and constant over the bands it integrated-circuit power amplifiers commonly covers,whereas the impedance of the vast used in receivers are such that they also tend to majorityof antennas apart from specifically be rather hard on the ears when experienced via broadband types, such as the log-periodic or dis- wide-range headphones.

The usual consequence cone varies widely with frequency. This is espe- of any or all of these issues is that headphone lis- cially the case with random-length long wires, tening becomes something we do not much enjoy which are apt to display highly reactive i. Ancillary Equipment FEATURES inductive or very capacitative impedances that broadcast transmitter or has a radio-amateur are nowhere near that of the receiver to which neighbour.

Equally, it is easy enough to incorpo- they are connected. For maximum power transfer rate a switchable attenuator into the preselector from the antenna to the receiver to take place, the and done in commercial items. Some this is often antenna impedance needs to be transformed to a units, such as the MFJC reviewed on page value which is at least close to that of the receiv- 28, also embody broadband preamplifiers.

These er. This is usually done by means of a preselec- can be valuable if one happens to be using an tor, which acts as a species of continuously vari- older receiver which is perhaps a little short of able transformer. In effect, this can be considered sensitivity, especially at the higher frequencies.

Our strong recom- which a approximately matches that of the mendation is that if you purchase a preselector receiver and b is chiefly resistive. Using a prese- containing an RF preamplifier, make sure it can lector with a random-wire antenna can bring be switched out of circuit. Incidentally, if you are considering the pur- Unfortunately many modern commercial prese- chase of a preselector or ATU, there is no need to lectors do not have earth ground terminals, pre- opt for the large and expensive items made for sumably for the good reason that injudicious the amateur radio market.

These are of course earthing can in certain circumstances cause arranged to be capable of matching the ama- problems and in extremis result in a very real teur's transmitter to the antenna as well as the hazard of electric shock to the incautious user. ATUs for receive- In particular, some only applications disappointment can can be very much ensue if operating a smaller and less non-earthed prese- elaborate.

Having lector in conjunction said that, the aver- with a long-wire age amateur-type antenna and a ATU probably will. For those with a little almost all incorporate one or more variable experience and the willingness to look for suitable capacitors together with an inductor fitted with parts, a preselector can also represent an easy suitable switched taps. More expensive examples introduction to the world of home construction. A balanced antenna is fed via 'home-brewing' you will need a soldering iron and some form of flat line, usually open-wire feeder or the requisite skills to use it.

Actually you will prob- ribbon. The advantages and disadvantages of ably need one anyway, only because you are if. If you always use a good. By virtue of the properties of circuits embody- good job every time. That said, the PL or ing capacitors and inductors, most preselectors UHF connector taxes most of us since it seems to willsimultaneously act as either high-pass or low- have been primarily designed as a wickedly diffi- pass filters. This makes them very useful for cult test for those who have to fit them.

If you can rejection of strong out-of-band signals, especially reliably terminate coaxial cable with a PL if the user happens to live near a high-power plug, you need no advice on soldering. The S is the perfect addition to active lifestyles that demand high-performance portable audio capable of receiving news and information from across the globe. These can also be useful for casual listening, International Radio and TV services; and finally but in either case can help to identify a station by Reference where miscellaneous information covering frequency - whereupon further details can be obtained wider aspects of broadcasting can be found.

It is however important to flickingforward to the relevant location. Once there, you then only have to flick forward a few pages to locate It courteous to enclose return postage when is. Alternatively you can use the writing to small domestic broadcasters. This can be in country index at the back of the book, which will tell you the form of an International Reply Coupon IRC the precise page number. In all cases, when writing used to the alphabetical layout, you will probably find that to radio stations you must write clearly.

Remember, the if. DG: Sefedin Cela. Personnel Dir. DirApostal Noti, Dir. Radio- Tirana: Martin Leka. S 50 Tirane 50 1. What has changed since then? MS: Good question; the answer is yes and no. MS: Quite a lot. At that time there were four annu- The BBC is still reducing HF transmitter hours al schedules, which made life very difficult at overall, but we keep the sites very busy with non- times. In the s there were moves to intro- BBC services. The only real growth business in.

So Having said that, the BBC broadcasts in a lot. It's it. Many had split up, it became possible to think in terms of the mainstream European language services of much better co-ordination and flexibility.

We all have gone but there are lots of new ones and tend to talk to each other much more often and very much more rebroadcasting than there used more freely than we did in the old days. Albanian is new, as is Ukrainian. MS: We own four. All these are the medium-wave site at Orfordness.

Nowadays on rebroadcast FM, of course. Actually, some of we tend to think of all three HF sites as being them come and go. What tends to happen is that more or less completely interchangeable, the service gets started and then something goes although DRM is only on from Rampisham at pre- wrong; the transmitter breaks, or something.

Then sent. The BBC I my phone rings and someone says "can you get owns the sites in Cyprus, Ascension, Seychelles, us going on shortwave by tomorrow please? Let's we look after them for the BBC. There are two questions to ask initially. Secondly, how reliable do you want the service to MS: Daventry was really a general-purpose site. If it's to be provided at low cost, we're talking Rampisham was built to cover Eastern Europe about a single frequency out of the UK.

You also and Russia. Skelton was organised for Western need to think about the time of day. Will it be early Europe and North Africa. Woofferton was mostly morning or late evening, when it's dark in the UK? A transmission from the looking at Eastern Europe.

Daventry had a bit of UK to Iran will be two hops, and we really want to. Some receivers are connected way to provide an unreliable service. Depending up telephone lines; the organisations in the to on what the customer wants, we might recom- HFCC host them. But mostly we rely on a com- mend moving the proposed time a couple of mercially available service. In essence this is a hours either way to make an all-dark or all-light it receiver and computer connected to the internet.

Generally speaking, if it's an all-dark path We dial it up and tell the receiver what to listen to you're going to be looking at 6, 7 or 9MHz. If it's and when. The computer stores the audio, and daylight, we're going to be thinking in terms of 13, from time to time sends us an e-mail with the it. But we can also look at what else results. We still need people to listen to and give it. On what they hear an SIO score, so it isn't the com- that basis we might go as low as 1 1 MHz or as puter that evaluates the results; it's a human.

But high as 21 MHz in daylight. Having done that, we all this means we don't have to have people lis-. And we can compare samples issues. If go to a co-ordination conference and I from various places, or listen to samples one propose a new frequency that puts a hop down in after another. Europe right in the middle of prime time, my col- WRTH: Will the HF broadcasting spectrum shrink leagues will probably tell me not to be silly. And in or grow?

Iranian prime time there will be an awful lot of MS: Well, the pressure from broadcasters is still transmitters which are much closer to the service there. HF broadcasting is nowadays the main area than mine in the UK and which will be activity on short wave, and our bands are still putting in much louder signals. So I'm going to generally over-used. If the broadcaster has a little more money to very little teleprinting, not a lot of fax or point-to- spend, we can look at sites that are a bit closer.

Lots of broadcasters and transmitter-site opera- MS: That's true. In general terms HF is a lot less tors have opened up their facilities to other users. But again, those users We can buy or barter time for our customers. They hang on to their Let's take the case of an religious broadcaster old allocations as back-up.

The other big present- who wants to put on a service to the Far East and day user is still aviation, with all the long-distance who is a customer of ours. We can set up an SSB traffic. We could up some of it. But the broadcasters will certainly exchange transmitter time at Skelton for time keep the pressure on.

Skelton and our religious broadcast would go out MS: No, because in some situations nothing can of their site. We also have three-way models replace it. In tropical regions, for example, or in along the same lines. All in all, the world's trans- very large countries, there's no viable alternative. Different routes and differ- MS: It's early days yet. Lots of people are push- ent areas of coverage require a few different ing for and from a technical and engineering it,.

It's easy enough to add to it it. If more a modern transmitter the modulator is good if. In the short term, my guess up and running. Do reception reports still matter? Very much so. However, there's no reason at the whole business of providing a service is a man- all why DRM and analogue can't co-exist, given.

How am the will of the spectrum managers to co-ordinate I doing? Was successful? This is working well, I frequencies. I am sure we will. Mike a frequency management consultant. Still is to do to make it work? We can't evaluate the He had a long and distinguished career with the results of what we do without good feedback.

You BBC's Schedule Unit, where he was responsible probably remember that we used to rely on peo- for frequency planning and management in the ple turning on their radios and sending in reports. External Services. He moved to VT Communi- All very useful, but nowadays it's much more cations when the BBC's transmitter network was automated and mechanised, more reliable if you privatised in the s. Thanks to the internet, we can have receivers. Only 4.

With its large LCD screen and simple operation, the ability to tune-in. Imagine a radio packed with all the bells and whistles: digi- tal tuning AM, FM, Shortwave reception, and small enough to fit into your coat pocket. Power Source: 2 AA batteries included or. Alarm and sleep timer functions. Illuminated multi-function LCD screen. Snap-on protec-. AC adaptor and earphone Inputs. Power Source: 2 AA batteries included. DB Elettronica Telecomunicazioni S.

Via Lisbona, 38 Sud Padova - Z. Technosystem Digital Network S. A TDN has been designing and manufacturing systems and equipment for television and radio broadcasting networks world wide. TDN products have satisfied more than customers, spread over 45 countries. Headquarters Via B. Digital Radio Update A round-up of what has been happening in the world of digital radio over the past year. Earlier this In the period since last year's edition of WRTH, year the Korean government approved the intro- digital radio in various forms has ceased to be duction of terrestrial DMB broadcasts of televi- tomorrow's technology and has without doubt sion programmes to mobiles, and commercial become today's.

In particular, DAB's time has products are expected to be available by the end arrived with a vengeance. It now appears quite of The service will launch in Korea by the likely that the end of domestic analogue radio end of and will initially include 48 channels broadcasting in the UK will take place in about delivered to consumers free of charge.

In principle offers near-CD quality sound, it. It was ease of tuning and interference-free reception for also reported that OFCOM has reached a posi- the listener. It also offers a vast improvement in. In the UK this is pressure on the radio spectrum is arguably its intended to take place in , and many most important feature. DAB can be transmitted European countries are understood to be work- on frequencies in the existing FM band also ing towards a similar time period.

However, the known as Band and encompassing II. A duced in Europe, Canada and Australia, together major issue, both in the UK and elsewhere in with pilots in India and elsewhere, are using other Europe, is that of additional spectrum allocation frequencies. Some DAB receivers supermarkets and other retail outlets. As this was currently on the market can receive both Band III written, almost 70 different models of DAB receiv- and L-band transmissions although most of the er were on sale worldwide and the audience for current 'portables' are Band III only apart from a the service was about million, with some few some rather expensive units.

The 1 World different DAB services available. A recent inde- Administrative Radio Conference allocated L- pendent report by Eureca Research forecast that band spectrum to both terrestrial and satellite the installed base of DAB receivers in Europe digital broadcasting. In practice, however, it would increase from around , at the end seems likely that Band III will continue to be used of to an astonishing million at the end in some countries for national networks and L-. The same local stations.

Ultimately this will be the position in report also predicted that the market value of the UK as well as other countries. That said, it has been reported that By any standards these are very impres- a consortium including a UK-based commercial sive numbers.

Feelgood Pott. There is also a steady rather than spectacular. The essence of free software package known as 'Dream' which DRM is that it is an amalgam of existing digital can be downloaded from www. Many of the world's major broadcasters hardware modifications. The system actually uses four distinct For many years now it has been possible to modes, known as A, B, C and D.

Mode A is receive radio stations from satellites. In Europe intended for use on LW and MW during daylight the 'Sky' constellation - which is principally intended hours and mode B - which is currently used for for television - carries many domestic radio out- most of the test transmissions - is for MW at night lets and are freely receivable as part of the all. Modes C and D are for tropical subscription package. Other satellites carry radio bands, where most signals are vertical-incidence.

In the USA there are two satellite radio The different modes all use quadrature amplitude systems transmitting directly to the end user, both modulation QAM in various combinations of systems having been awarded SDARS Satellite amplitude and phase modulation and bit rate. XM Satellite Radio launched its services. Both offer over than its proponents have insisted and some very programme channels which are chiefly aimed at strange effects have been heard.

It is also the mobile user, and many cars and car radios exceedingly easy to jam. Both satellite operators have reached casting as a supplier of services and what licensing agreements with a large number of appears to be its steady replacement by alterna- vehicle and equipment manufacturers, and tive forms of programme delivery, we still incline indeed at least one very large vehicle maker is a to the view that DRM's future is not necessarily major shareholder in one of the systems.

The guaranteed. As a senior BBC manager said to us channels are divided into 65 music streams, the recently, had DRM been available twenty years majority of which are either commercial-free or ago, its prospects would have looked very different. Sirius uses three satellites in non-geo- from JVC and Panasonic, with others supposed- stationary orbits whereas XM uses two geosta- ly in the pipeline.

However, it is still not clear tionary Model 'birds' referred to by the station whether HD radio has much of a future. They are located over the east and The future for WorldSpace does not look particu- west coasts of the USA and are stated to produce larly promising either. Both Sirius and XM its output is now encrypted and requires a month-.

Although it pro-. Neither XM nor Sirius vides some of the output of the XM satellite sys- transmissions are audible outside the continental tem, now achieving enormous popularity in the US, and indeed their licences do not permit them USA, Noah Samara's original vision of low-cost to provide service elsewhere. A few new receivers have been said extensively sampled Sirius and XM receiving sys- by WorldSpace to have been introduced during tems and have been thoroughly impressed by the last twelve months, but they do not appear to both.

All receivers have to be type-approved by be commercially available. If we had to guess now, we suspect units. Although the Eureka system emerged It seems and XM have a certain that both Sirius very well indeed from laboratory and field tests solidly viablecommercial future.

The opposition is based. We on lack of new spectrum, dislike of sharing trans- mentioned last year that some competition was mitters in the multiplex and concerns that DAB imminent from what is now referred to as 'HD would introduce new competition. This rather an unfortunate contrast with the situation in is the system which was hitherto was known as Canada, where DAB has been very well received.

IBOC in-band on-channel and which allows In recent visits we have again been enormously existing AM and FM stations to transmit their out- impressed by the variety of programming avail- put on existing frequencies in a digital format. There is current- After some and technical hiccups, initial political ly a total of 73 licensed stations, of which fifteen. Toronto 21 commercial and 4 public 15 in Our experience with HD radio has been limit- Vancouver 11 commercial and 4 public , 12 in ed to several journeys within the coverage area of Montreal 8 commercial and 4 public and 6 in two FM stations, using a Kenwood KTC-HR Windsor 2 commercial and 4 public.

These sta- in-car receiver. Certain types of programme material dis- population. Seven stations 4 commercial and 3 played a rather hard and fatiguing quality, possi- public are field-testing in Halifax, Nova Scotia bly due to the low bit-rate a maximum of 96kbps, and a DAB-only station licensed for the Toronto which compares rather unfavourably with the area is scheduled to start operation soon. Several colleagues have com- that radio broadcasting is inexorably moving mented that the AM variant sounds considerably towards a digital future - certainly for national worse than good-quality analogue, and that is it and domestic services, and possibly for others.

When the power fails, Blackout Buddy. Illuminated multi-function blue LCD screen and nightlight Weight: 10oz. Just 90 seconds of cranking provides up to an hour of Built-in Cell Phone Charger, flashlight, and radio play. Dimensions: 6. International Shortwave bands, and the built-in flashlight. Just 90 seconds of cranking provides up to an hour of radio play.

Sunspot Cycle 23 Progress The number of sunspots seen on the face of the conditions expected in each high frequency sun follows an approximate 1 1 -year cycle, from a broadcasting band during When 17 16 4. It Cycle 23 has been slowly declining 11 25 The predicted count for 12 25 This marks the beginning of 9 31 It will continue Night: mid and long-distance, not winter 7 41 Figure 1 graphically plots the progress of on the facing page.

Cycle 23 and its predicted future, against the background of a very active sun. This can This is the 42nd consecutive year that George Jacobs,. With 64 years of centage of the world's HF broadcasting in each experience in the development of governmental and broadcasting band.

Usage in the bands above private international broadcasting systems, George is a legend in the field of International Broadcasting. Table 1 is a general summary of the reception. Band Selections have been made taking into account both propagation conditions and station operating schedules. Where the 6MHz band is showr as the most suitable, also check the 7MHz band and vice versa. World Music Radio Anker Petersen reports on the re-birth of a popular radio station and talks to the man behind the first commercial shortwave station in Denmark.

These stations included. This situation continued until band. These stations were also known as the year They were very manager, DXer, and long-time WRTH contributor, popular, particularly with the young people, Stig Hartvig Nielsen, took over WMR and the firm because of their lively presentation and the fact was officially registered in Denmark.

During May that they played all the latest music which was to August the first WMR broadcasts under sometimes ignored by the large, often state-con- his ownership were aired on and kHz trolled,broadcasters. In fact, they even succeed- via the powerful Sentech transmitters at ed in changing the format of State-run broadcast- Meyerton in South Africa. Although Africa was ers, who were forced by this competition to intro- the main target area, these broadcasts were duce slick announcing with catchy jingles, and heard worldwide.

It has been on and 1 kHz and this was finally granted. While the air in with some breaks since In its first the shortwave transmitters were being prepared incarnation it was broadcast from a secret trans- and shipped, new offices and a new on-air studio mitter location in the Netherlands, and was run by were completed in Kousted near Randers in young Theo Verstraeten.

He started off with a Denmark. In April the two transmitters were 10W transmitter but steadily increased it to installed at the village of llskov south of Karup in W. The postal address was in Lancashire, Central Jutland, and were tested successfully England, and was from there received my first it I during May and June. WMR was a great success but all ended on it 24 hours a day. Theo which has been rebuilt for shortwave by a Verstraeten had his equipment confiscated and company in Canada.

Until further notice 6 kW is. We are also featuring music from the past. QSL four decades - so 'oldies' music is an important part of our output. We are playing a lot of Soul, R'n'B and Reggae - but not very much rock "World Munc Radio" thanks you for your reception report which music, and hardly any 'teenage music' with boy- bands, etc.

In other words our music format is extremely wide and pretty unique. For four reasons: Firstly, the number of metres. A former naval Siemens transceiver, with DXers is very small. Second, a DX programme watts of power, is used for the transmissions would mean that non-DXers would switch off their on kHz. This has been rebuilt for broad- radios. Thirdly, DX news and loggings are easily casting and has an ordinary dipole antenna.

The available via the Internet. Finally, it would take a programmes are controlled by a computer in lot of time to produce such a programme. Kousted and sent as streaming audio via the internet to the transmitters at llskov. However, yes we are replying to I. What happened? When the transmitter finally arrived, miles from Denmark day and night, obvi- a new filter had to be built because the transmit- ously with some seasonal variations.

At night the ter didn't meet the technical requirements for signals travel even further. Reception in South spurious radiation. America,for instance, has been quite good after AP: Who is your target audience? PLASA Focus's latest addition to the North American regional event series landed in Stamford, CT last week, impressing attendees with a wealth of new product launches, crowded seminars and a bustling show floor.

The venue is home to the Norwegian National Opera and Ballet and is considered one of the landmark modern buildings in Oslo. Mojo Barriers US office broke its company record, supplying m of its aluminium stage barriers to Made in America Festival, Philadelphia, 1 -2 September The first Source Book, produced in March of , has been overwhelmingly popular, and Gerriets has now published a greatly expanded, page second edition close on the heels of the original.

Updates include new projects and products, a revised index, and more extensive information about their line of technical systems. Jay-Z and Pearl Jam headlined main stage concerts on Saturday and Sunday, respectively; punk rockers, up-and-coming rappers and native Philadelphia artists packed the other stages across the venue.

West Midlands based technical solutions provider Central Presentations Ltd. Few RF Radio Frequency environments are more complex and challenging than a modern American Sports Stadium, where the air is literally saturated with wireless traffic of all kinds, from life safety and security, to sophisticated team communication and anti-terrorism systems, to the latest in state-of-the-art ticketing and concession wireless systems.

Gross will be the primary contact for advertising inquiries, social media and general public relations. Christie has announced the opening of its brand new office in France near Paris. In addition, Cirque du Soleil veteran Robert Mele has joined the support staff as digital products field support specialist.

PR Lighting has changed its UK distribution arrangements, appointing White Light, with immediate effect, as sole reseller for its extensive range of LED and automated discharge solutions. Pearce Hire has announced some notable additions to its team, the hire stock, and the premises after one of their busiest summer seasons ever.

Lighting fixtures played a starring role on that tour 36 ago, interacting with Gabriel from a number of strategically place lighting booms that were integral to the stage set. The Mercury Music Prize is one of the most coveted titles a band or musician could win. It proved to be genre-hopping electronic quartet Alt-J's big night as they picked up the prestigious prize. The event was held at The Roundhouse, Camden. The move continues Midas' ongoing drive to provide dedicated customer support across all global territories.

They turned to entertainment lighting specialist White Light to supply lighting solutions for the holiday installation. Christie continues to lead the way for superior price : performance value and high brightness with the introduction of the G Series and four new E Series 1-chip DLP projectors. Similar to G Series, the four new E Series projectors deliver exceptional price performance, higher brightness, and increased flexibility and reliability for both fixed and rental staging applications.

Tyl theatre in the city of Plzen Pilsen. Last year saw the installation of a brand new Innovason Eclipse GT digital mixing console at the heart of a sophisticated and fully scalable EtherSound digital audio network, all supplied and installed by Innovason distributor and entertainment solutions provider MusicData.

Award winning journalist Fredrik Skavlan hosts the most seen talk show in Scandinavia with over three million viewers, so it came as no surprise when BBC Entertainment decided to film some of the new series in London. PLASA's month-long elections to determine positions on its European and north American regional boards, together with its central governing body, concluded at midnight on Wednesday 31st October.

Drive through the parking lot at Harrah's Philadelphia Casino and Racetrack any time, day or night, and you're likely to find it packed. The Harpa concert hall, Reykjavik, is considered to be one of the greatest concert halls of the new millennium. L-Acoustics strengthens its commitment to the Asian market by announcing the appointment of David Cooper as regional sales manager for the territories of China, Japan, Korea and South-East Asia. Johannesburg based lighting design, rental and production company Blackmotion has invested in the latest ROBE moving light technology.

The Florida Senate Chamber is a large, circular room, with desks for the forty senators and lecterns for the Senate President, the Senate Secretary, and invited speakers on the main floor. Visitor galleries surround the chamber. A new 7. The event was broadcast live on Thursday, November 2, Willis recently joined the company as a National Account Rep in the Nashville office and serves his client base from all 12 Christie warehouse locations across North America.

Entertainment lighting specialist White Light heads to the BVE North Expo in Manchester to showcase the latest lighting innovations for the film and television industry. Elektrik Solutions of Norway has supplied lighting and power control for a refurbishment of the Oslo Konserthus Concert Hall. The outing was a fact-finding mission to learn more about HK Audio, its products and manufacturing methods and the St. Wendel company headquarters. Liverpool based rental and technical solutions provider Adlib is expanding its new training facilities to offer yet more opportunities for manufacturers, distributors, suppliers and anyone interesting in industry related training needing a purpose-designed space and a well-connected location to stage seminars, workshops and hands-on demonstrations.

Regular training events taking place throughout the year, on average one every two to three weeks, have been such a success that Adlib intends to step this up in Newly appointed in June this year, A. ETCP is a high quality certification program that can further enhance your identity as a competent and knowledgeable leader in your field.

As technology develops and changes, so does the way in which higher education institutes train the professionals of the future. Modern media servers and their software equivalents have only been a part of the wider AV industry for roughly ten years, but the software and hardware solutions surrounding topics such as realtime rendering, projection mapping, network synchronisation and multiscreen displays have already changed the way in which many kinds of productions are being conceived and produced.

The show, which had been described as the largest Afrikaans music performance of the year, saw a collaboration of 60 artists performing 80 songs in a three hour period. Luc Peumans from Genk, Belgium based creative visual design practice, Painting With Light, has designed lighting for the new Ice Age Live show, a vibrant stage adaptation of the 20th Century Fox Ice Age animation movies featuring the same much loved characters and a new story.

Clay Paky has once again surprised experts with a masterful demonstration of how to achieve significant energy savings through optical design optimisation. This brand new super-compact light uses a mere watt discharge lamp to produce as much light as is normally seen with a washlight of over watts! NL Productions has just come off site at the Enchanted Forest in Faskally Wood, Pitlochry, after providing the technical installation and support for the event for the third year running.

After considering all the possible contenders, sound engineer Roger Lindsay decided the Midas XL8 console was the ideal front of house mixing console to address and match the complex demands of the recent sell-out arena tour of Jesus Christ Superstar. Football is central to the Michigan State University experience, and nearly 80, students and alums pack its Spartan Stadium at home games.

Wearing green and white, they arrive electrified with school spirit and roar in a collective voice that, in most cases, drives the MSU Spartans to victory they win nearly seven out of every ten games that they play at Spartan Stadium. More than guests from the political, economic, cultural and media realm celebrated the re-opening in Lausanne, Switzerland.

It will be one of the most anticipated seasons now that the historic building which has been closed for five years for renovations and expansion work, is finally welcoming its residents back from a nomadic life on the road. Now at the conclusion of the California 37 Tour, the San Francisco-based band has been selling out venues of all sizes across the world. Located on Elystan Street in Chelsea Green SW3, the showroom showcases the latest in Crestron technology, with an array of impressive products for home owners and yacht owners alike.

Le Mark's mirror effect Studiotak studio floor wowed an estimated 3. Tangent Graphic and the Edinburgh International Book Festival jointly won the Award, which was announced at a prestigious ceremony at the Assembly Rooms in Edinburgh on the 24th of October. One of the most ambitious took place on 21st October, as the London Philharmonic Orchestra accompanied selections from Walt Disney's original Fantasia and Disney's Fantasia Universal Event Productions UEP supplied a slick, streamlined design and all technical production required — set, staging, audio and lighting — to stage the Mobile Choice Consumer Awards event in the Ballroom of the Northumberland Hotel, central London.

This honours the brightest, most innovative and popular mobile technologies, and UEP has been involved for the last 11 years. Pulsar welcomes a new addition to its sales team this month, Chris Penney, who is appointed to the role of architectural business development manager. All the lighting was controlled via a Chamsys desk. Le Maitre Events provided a stunning roof-top finale to the Harrods Christmas lights switch-on this year.

Since its founding in , Holy Spirit Catholic Church has held a special place in the hearts of Philadelphia-area residents. In the early years of the 20th century, the church forged a reputation as one of the few non-segregated churches and parochial schools in the region. The synthesised sounds of electronica took centre stage at Moogfest where Bandit Lites lit the main stage for multiple artists to enthral the crowd with their unique sounds.

The four-night musical celebration boasted a star-studded roster of performers. The Yuanlin Performance Hall lies in Changhua County, Taiwan, an area of the country famed for its literary culture and poetry. Last year, the sound systems at the venue were extensively refitted, incorporating several QSC PLX amplifiers and WideLine line array loudspeaker elements with subwoofers for the first time. Entertainment lighting specialist White Light has recently welcomed industry veteran Lester Cobrin to its growing team as head of concert touring.

Based at the headquarters in Backnang, Germany, Gerhard Mayr takes over from Peter Tongue who, after almost 14 years with the company has retired. October 1st marked the th anniversary of global health care group Fresenius which was celebrated with a superior ceremony at Festhalle Frankfurt. IOSONO 3D sound created a stunning surrounding for the centennial celebration of Fresenius, highlighting a multimedia presentation shown to the 1, invited guests, among them high-ranking representatives from politics and business.

Founded in , Fresenius provides health care products and services in over countries worldwide, employing more than , people. November , Floriade, Australia's biggest celebration of spring, is held every year for 30 days over the months of September and October. It showcases one million flowers in bloom, set in Canberra's Commonwealth Park and attracting over , visitors. Live Experience, the showcase for innovative event and experiential production services has announced its exhibitor line-up which already exceeds the list.

With five months of the sales cycle remaining ahead of the exhibition, this is a real testament to the growing appeal of live production in the events mix. Hot on the heels of the appointment of Alex Leinster as managing director, Chaos Visual Productions Ltd has announced that Mick Jones will be joining the company as project director in the UK.

Leading European flightcase manufacturer, 5 Star, continues to enjoy brisk business this autumn with a wide variety of projects including a substantial supply of cases to Edinburgh-based lighting, sound and AV specialist, Black Light. Sydney International Regatta Centre in Penrith Lakes, near Sydney, Australia hosted one of the most successful outdoor dance party events of its kind on September 15th Norwest Productions provided complete sound production.

Right Structures has introduced three new models to its Geo Stage range, now available to the live events industry across Europe, October Orbital Sound Inc opens its doors today, bringing the well-established Orbital brand directly into play in the US market for the first time. Mirroring the structure of the highly successful UK-based company, the US operation will be focusing principally on servicing the theatre, live entertainment and corporate event sectors.

QSC Audio Products, LLC has announced two new promotions on its executive team, the promotion of Jatan Shah to executive vice president, chief operating officer and the promotion of Barry Ferrell to vice president, cinema. This was staged at the Paris Expo, Porte de Versailles and attended by over 1. The event features equestrian displays, show jumping, and more.

The show is an annual must-see for equestrian fans. Please call the Backstage office on for more details. Edinburgh-based technical installation specialist Northern Light is leading the way by becoming the first company to purchase the newly launched SDRIVE motorised track system by Triple E. The BC is a self-contained, high-output cardioid subwoofer system for both permanent and portable ground-stacked applications. Following the footsteps of its bigger brother, the BC, the BC is designed to offer a directivity controlled, high output, tight and accurate sub-bass response, for low-frequency extension of any Alcons pro-ribbon system.

Manchester based lighting, rigging and visuals rental company dbn designed and supplied a large ground support system for the Games Time outdoor stage spectacular, which played its final performance at Derby last weekend. It was certainly a case of everyone helps when the Saville team, headed up by account director Adam Pike, were called on by retailer Tesco to provide all the AV and technology support for seven events across five days in six different venues!

The Dukes of September Rhythm Revue — perhaps better known as Donald Fagen, Michael McDonald and Boz Scaggs, along with a seasoned nine-member backup band — has now closed the final chapter on a very successful show North American tour. However, while the impression series has extended its popularity with the arrival of the new X4 head it has been the new fully featured automated Spot which is being seen as the holy grail by others.

The series, which is heading into season three, is executive produced by reality guru Mark Burnett. When Dutch composer Paul Oomen designed his new 4D Sound project, the correct technical specifications were critical to ensuring that his vision was accurately realised. Transparent sound and high quality processing were a must, which is why Yamaha technology was chosen to mix, manage and power the system.

The Eurocom line is a series of state-of-the-art tools for modern systems integrators. Event production company Corporate Events was on hand to provide a top class audio visual production solution for this high class, prestigious event, with Sennheiser microphones an integral part of their inventory. Christie fascinated leading exhibitors from Asia Pacific with a demonstration of its prototype laser projector in Beijing recently. Short movie clips of 3D content projected on a metre wide by metre high screen were screened at typical 3D brightness levels of ft-L and then using the laser projector at 14 ft-L at the theatre of Wanda Shi Jin Shan Cinema, leaving the audiences in awe.

Electrosonic, an international audio-visual systems integration and service solutions company, has announced the appointment of Lee Styles as business development manager for Corporate Solutions for Europe, Middle East and Africa EMEA. The multi-award winning coolux Pandoras Box system is extending its market presence in the Middle East, thanks to a new distribution partnership between coolux Media Systems and TechnoPro llc, one of the Middle East's leading companies in the Entertainment Technology sector.

Solution Media and InfoTech Ltd, a high-tech multimedia company specialising in sound, stages, laser. After its long running success in the 90s, the family favourite is now hosted by Holly Willoughby. All of the cast members are using DPA d:fine Headset Microphones, which were chosen for their discrete size, comfort and exceptional sound quality. DPA microphones also feature heavily in the orchestra pit, where a combination of DPA d:vote Instrument Microphones, C twin diaphragm cardioid microphones and C wide cardioid microphones are handling the audio requirements.

Large-format outdoor displays, for example at rock concerts, at sporting events or for perimeter advertising, are the most important target applications for the new Displix black and Displix blackprint multichip LEDs from Osram Opto Semiconductors. These robust high-contrast highpower LEDs can withstand high humidity levels, wide fluctuations in temperature and even torrential rain. The music was inspired by a recording of humpback whales singing in the depths of the ocean.

The composition has three parts: a prologue and an epilogue, separated by five variations named after geological periods. Robe lighting went to the LDI exhibition in Las Vegas with a completely new booth design and six new products showing for the first time in the US, confirming its position as a market leader in bringing new technology on-stream.

Clay Paky was once again present - as it has been for many years - at Miss Italia , the number one Italian beauty contest, where the most beautiful woman in Italy is crowned. Clay Paky Sharpy fixtures were crazy popular on the Carnival of Madness tour, the annual rock extravaganza that played major US cities this summer.

The new coolux Widget Designer 4. It's only a matter of weeks until PLASA Focus: Stamford shines a spotlight on the very latest entertainment technology products making their way to the tri-state Area. While Webb belts out songs and plays the mandolin, his band mates strum their instruments at a frenetic pace around him.

To keep this momentum going, the band employs DPA Microphones d:vote instrument microphones and d:fine headset microphones, allowing its members to go full throttle during shows, without the hindrance of bulky gear while providing superior sound quality.

POLARaudio is now shipping the Custom series of headphones from Beyerdynamic and is in no doubt that these superb products represent a significant conceptual step forward in headphone development. Whatever the particular needs of a user at a given time, the Custom series offers a degree of adaptability hitherto unseen in the market. Now, with contracts officially signed at PLASA , the company has acquired Ledman Europe GmbH, a dedicated European operation, which will ensure that its expansion is set to continue.

Located in the fast-developing city of Doha, its myriad of facilities - theatre, three auditoria, conference hall, 40,m2 exhibition space, nine halls, and plethora of meeting rooms — are of the highest standard with a technical specification that is world class. A newly-installed Alcons Audio system ensures that the sound for live events has a crisp head and a full body. Just like a good ale, in fact.

Swedish rental company and Innovason distributor, Electrosound, who handled the sound mix for the event, opted for an Innovason Eclipse digital console at the heart of the Meyer Sound PA system from Swedish rental company Starlight. Mojo Barriers has opened a permanent Australian office giving event organisers and venues across the continent access to the full Mojo Barriers product range with enhanced logistical capabilities and customer service.

The Arena Group has begun the installation of a temporary building that will host a variety of major indoor events throughout in Londonderry, Northern Ireland, as it is named UK City of Culture, October Electrosonic has won a total of 26 AV Awards since the awards began in Valencia based loudspeaker manufacturer Lynx Pro Audio S. The agreement gives Event Systems Group exclusive distribution of the brand throughout the entire U.

A KR system from the Italian innovators proved perfect for both requirements. The most successful German language musical of all time celebrates its 20th anniversary in the famous Viennese theatre, the Raimund Theater. Having played to over 8. The occasion has merited a brand new sound design by world famous sound designer and engineer, Thomas Strebel, with the addition of eight APG MC2 loudspeakers designed for high intelligibility vocal reproduction following the initial installation of an APG SMXbased loudspeaker system in The Scheme helps theatres address urgent building repairs, improve their operational viability, introduce environmental improvements, and enhance physical accessibility.

Entertainment lighting specialist White Light has recently become the exclusive distributer of Altman Lighting products in the UK. Altman, innovators of theatrical, architectural, film and video lighting, will join the family of exclusive brands entrusted to White Light, based in London. The Red House Project is an initiative at Reno High School in Nevada that prepares students for future work with computers, software development, Internet content, CAD, and other computer-based college majors and career paths.

Currently the format has been licensed to over 42 territories. As a result, the series became the world's most popular television programme among all genres in and , according to the magazine Television Business International, reaching the Top 10 in 17 countries.

By blending traditional bluegrass technique with modern songwriting themes, Boston based group, Della Mae brings a new and fresh perspective to their music. With over new exhibitors the aisles were busy throughout the two days as visitors absorbed information about the products, services and equipment on display, in addition to experiencing some exciting launches. Thirty years on and Def Leppard is still one of the most important bands in rock music.

Over million albums sold, a catalogue of rock anthems and a reputation for spectacular live shows attest to that. Fan Base is an exciting, hi-energy new games show TV series being recorded in South Africa for SABC 1, where the public get to compete with a variety of celebrities by engaging in assorted games.

Gobo specialists Projected Image UK Ltd has announced that they have reached an agreement to take over the gobo business of Evoke Productions. The Arts Club was founded in by men of vision in order to provide a haven for those people who had professional or amateur relationships with the arts, literature or sciences.

The Club has provided this hospitality and friendship ever since, having survived two world wars including a direct hit on the building during the Blitz in , as well as the fluctuations in the economy over the years. As the lighting designer, he was charged with updating the lighting for the show to include green technology.

Essex-based event production company Event Sound and Light is renowned for the variety of shows, concerts, parties, conventions, conferences and product launches it services. Very careful consideration has to be given to the quality, usability and reliability of all equipment the company invests in, which is why its recent purchase of an Apex Intelli-X2 processor has been an unqualified success. The globe structure incorporated some of the individually controllable pixel dots and had the undeniable effect of attracting visitors to their booth throughout the course of the show.

The purpose of these events was twofold: firstly to enable potential purchasers to get "hands on" before they commit, and secondly to support existing owners and users. The aim is to encourage the growth of sustainable cities through partnerships, research and expert collaboration. Vegas Dance Club is the newest, latest and brightest must-go destination for the coolest of clubbers in Lucerne Switzerland, featuring a regular line up of hot international DJs, a capacity of and a Robe moving light rig as specified by lighting designer Frank Alofs from Audiotech KST AG.

The show clocks in at two-and-a-half hours with 23 songs split into five acts. The stage is modelled on a medieval Gothic castle featuring viewing towers, intricate carvings and a large catwalk allowing audience interaction. Land Mawe Limited in Nairobi, Kenya, is a unique transport and logistics company specialising in transforming trucks into musical road show vehicles for brands such as Coca Cola and Vodafone.

This new range of control products includes four platforms, all running a brand new Hog4 operating system Hog4 OS. A Playback wing and a Master wing complete the lineup. There is individual control of each shutter blade position and angle together with rotation of the complete framing module. As with all models in the Robe DL luminaire range, the multiple shadows normally associated with an LED source have been illiminated. The Merlion is a mythical creature with the head of a lion and the body of a fish.

Its name combines "mer" meaning the sea and "lion". Preparing for the new catalogue, members of the Dirty Rigger team were sent into the freezing cold at the Xscape Snow Dome in Milton Keynes. With no better place to capture Dirty Rigger's new SubZer0 Cold Weather Gloves in action, the team were subjected to freezing surface temperatures as low as C throughout the shoot. Loudspeaker systems drawn from the dedicated installation White range were displayed, and demonstrations of the high quality sound achievable with these systems were made.

The equipment was supplied to lighting and sound equipment specialists, Sogo Butai Co Ltd who carried out the installations. Innovason and Lawo teamed up with Neumann and Sennheiser to present six workshops in six different venues across Europe. Screen specialist displayLED has helped electronic musician Squarepusher stretch artistic boundaries on his current world tour with the use of possibly the smallest ever LED screen in a live performance.

Outline S. PRG handles all aspects of live event presentations including lighting, video effects, scenery and sound for Broadway productions including Spiderman: Turn Off the Dark, and major live television presentations that include the Academy Awards. Coda Audio is never a company to rest on its laurels. That mission is now at a successful end with the launch of ViRAY.

In a move to further broaden its scope in the rental and installation sector, POLARaudio has appointed top all-rounder Dave Ball to the position of business development manager. Danley Sound Labs, innovator and manufacturer of awe-inspiring loudspeakers and subwoofers, has revamped its website, danleysoundlabs.

Professor Doug Jones, acoustical consultant for Danley Sound Labs designed the new sight, which reflects both his clarity of explanation and his practical understanding of what it takes to design and install a world-class sound reinforcement system. Scottish band, Wet Wet Wet, recently reformed for a one-off show in Glasgow to mark its 25th anniversary, appearing on Glasgow Green to a crowd of 12, Scotiabank's 7th annual Nuit Blanche event transformed the Canadian city of Toronto into a contemporary art space.

Using the new white finish Vertus products, the Denon DJ stand was heralded as being one of the best sounding at the show. Entec Sound and Light provided lighting and audio systems for the two music stages — Musion and Marshall — at the Best of Britannia BOB , a new high-profile brand statement event concept exclusively for new and established British designers and manufacturers. Along with the glitz, big hair, outrageous flares and dizzyingly high platform heels 12, disco divas stepped out to the Studio 54 Sportpaleis event in Antwerp, Belgium to strut their best dance floor moves and grooves to the sounds of thes.

The first exhibition of its kind, hosted at the Science Museum, London. Mizuno set up a location in Centre Point, London during the Olympics, providing keen athletes with an opportunity to familiarise with the footwear and merchandise available. In the novelist C. Snow wrote animatedly about the tension between the arts and the sciences: the traditionalists and those wanting to engage with new technologies. Over half a century later it remains an ongoing item on the agenda of every restoration and renovation of architectural masterpieces and buildings of national importance across the globe.

Showsec, as the official Main Partner to the FSOA and conference sponsor, was proactive in engaging conference delegates at the associations Harrogate Conference, 10th October, ETC has released a brand new set of training tutorials to its YouTube channel, updating and expanding the range of topics previously covered. The Dugan-MY16 automated mic mixing card, distributed by Yamaha Commercial Audio, is rapidly being adopted by a number of broadcasters across Europe.

Community Professional Loudspeakers has introduced the newest member of their highly acclaimed Distributed Design Series. The new DA6 is a high-output, full-range architectural surface-mount loudspeaker with an elegant, sconce-like form factor and contemporary styling designed to complement the most upscale environments including restaurants, resorts, hotel lobbies and ballrooms, and retail establishments.

The competition invited individuals and groups across the UK to submit a short video or storyboard showing their outdated lighting rig and explaining why they would benefit from an upgrade to Coemar LEDko fixtures for their theatre space. And the expanded company has extended its broadcast lighting influence with a string of popular TV programmes featuring on the busy Autumn TV schedules.

Chauvet Professional will show ArKaos Kling-Net compatible fixtures at LDI , in an arresting visual display comprised of four large booths , , , and Artistic Licence Engineering will present sunDial, a range of modular lighting controllers that provide a complete solution to the demands of 21st century smart illumination. A Martin Audio OmniLine system has been specified and installed at Central Railway Station in Sydney, the largest in Australia, to conquer a speech intelligibility problem that has persisted for years.

In order to celebrate the achievement the Total Structures LDI booth number will have a celebratory theme throughout the show and they will also be personally acknowledging the "Top 21" customers who have helped them establish their market leading position during that time. He also relies on a Sound Devices T multi-track digital audio recorder to capture the audio.

The international established festival with classical concerts and readings took place from July 17 to August 15 in the churches of St. This is a simple to use app that provides full access to all of the shortcuts you have setup in LightFactory. Because LightFactory shortcuts can do anything you want there is no part of the software out of reach from this app.

With this powerful tool there is no need to do any button configuration on the iPad itself as all of the colours and descriptions are automatically retrieved from your LightFactory system. Studio Hamburg Newcomer Awards have been presented since German-language films made by students who are studying film-making at institutions of higher education compete in the Best Production, Best Short Film Audience Prize , Best Director and Best Screenplay categories.

Despite being in the midst of its busiest year to date the Stage Technologies rental team created a new bespoke system within 30 days. The new impression X4 from GLP brings power, flexibility and practicality in a breakthrough design. Rich Pierceall, director of digital lighting sales and the brains behind the phosphor technology of TruColor HS received the award at the ceremony.

Escondido, California based Southern California Sound Image, a leading provider of audio systems for touring and installation applications globally, has recently doubled their inventory of Adamson's E15 Line Source System. Sound Image was one of the first American companies to invest in Project Energia, and in less than a year they have doubled their rental inventory.

Specifically designed as a smaller, off-Broadway type venue in which to develop shows prior to moving to the West End, the new complex, designed by Foster Wilson Architects, features a main seat theatre and a smaller seat studio theatre as well as a brasserie and lobby bar. The sound design for both theatres was entrusted to Mathew Smethust-Evans of London-based consultancy firm, Theatreplan, who specified EM Acoustics products throughout.

MT Pro Ltd. Rental company and jazz specialists, Studio Sextan, were in charge of the audio requirements for the festival. Jeff A. New LCD models from Samsung, Panasonic and Sharp are amongst the first products to satisfy demand for displays from inch upwards for a wide range of signage applications within the retail, OOH, corporate, transport, stadia, broadcast, leisure, and hospitality market places.

Prague-based pro audio company Audiopro has been appointed Electro-Voice and Dynacord distributor. Previous Audiopro references include the O2 Arena, the new stadium of Slavia Prague, the National Theater all in Prague , as well as various installations across the country. Vari-Lite luminaires are the fixture of choice for the knowledgeable lighting team at the Royal Opera House Muscat, Oman. Robert Juliat will be exhibiting at LDI in booth The company is also running a full schedule of Crestron accredited training courses alongside the show.

Clancy, Inc. An impressive number of lighting professionals took time out from their busy schedules to attend demonstrations in venues in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town. Over the eight-day trip the riders will have an opportunity to visit, and stick their toes into, all five of the Great Lakes as well as ride some of the best bike roads in the area. The release of these new E-Series EQ and E-Series Dynamics Modules makes the gritty tonal character of the channel processing from this much-loved console available to a new group of users.

The release of two modules for the widely-used Series modular rack platform makes a small slice of the SSL sound available to a wider user base. The modernist yet undeniably impressive Esplanade, Theatres on the Bay arts centre presents performers with an almost dizzying choice of venues: the Concert Hall, the Recital Studio, the Theatre Studio, and last but definitely not least, the Theatre.

Opulent in its red velour drapery and triple horseshoe balconies, the Theatre may boast one of the largest stages in Singapore yet the design of the room still provides an intimate setting for an audience of nearly Lighting designer Richard Locklin has over 30 years of experience lighting the likes of Little Feat, Sting, Bob Dylan and many other top music industry names.

With widespread success across the UK market in TV studio installations, Northern Light has put in place plans to apply this success within the international arena. Brothers Rami and Joe Keyrouz opened the Bar National in Beirut early , yet within a few months were having to look at replacing their installed audio system.

As technology continually drives the improvement of entertainment systems, customer expectations rise exponentially. This is just as true at sea - in the cruise market - as it is on land, which is why the cruise liner Saga Sapphire has emerged from a recent refit with a comprehensive Sennheiser, DAS Audio, K-array and APart audio system on board.

Industry training centre Backstage Academy reports a successful exhibit at its second annual PLASA Show, where it celebrated a year of growth with several initiatives. The LoadGuard is used in many touring and fixed installations applications within the entertainment market. Walker recently joined the company as a national account rep in the Las Vegas office and serves his client base from all 12 Christie warehouse locations across North America. A regular supporter of the annual exhibition, the team from Pearce Hire will be ready to share the news of their busiest summer ever and talk about their expertise in providing solutions for the technical challenges of any outdoor, or indoor event.

After all, it caters for one of the busiest cities in the world, with around , passengers per day. As the Torch Relays made their way around the UK this summer, DPA microphones were at the heart of the festivities, providing loud and clear audio at a total of 70 evening celebrations and the daily lighting of the cauldron ceremonies.

Robe moving lights were utilised on the Main and Gemini Stages at the Melt Festival, one of the most highly rated indie electronica-meets-rock festivals in Europe. Robert Juliat has announced the launch of its newly redesigned company website which went live on the World Wide Web from 2nd October The newly renovated Fashion Galleries showcase these gowns, and are supported by giant projected images to celebrate over sixty years of a strong British design tradition.

The exhibition was designed by an external designer, Emily Pugh, and the projection system was engineered and installed by Electrosonic. Adamson Systems has installed their first sound reinforcement system in the Philippines. The University of Santo Tomas in Manila celebrates its th year, and in honor of their anniversary they've constructed a multi-purpose gymnasium aptly named the Quadricentennial Pavilion.

The ground level is home to retail space for businesses such as banks and restaurants, the first floor houses a 2-level fitness centre adjacent to a gymnastics room, while the third level features a two-lane oval track around the inside perimeter of the building. Live event technical solutions provider, Universal Event Productions UEP from Buckinghamshire has formed a new specialist Sales Division as part of the planned expansion of its business.

This privately-owned mid-sized venue includes a seat auditorium for productions like the annual Novel Hall dances series, Chinese opera and a variety of touring shows. Aristic Licence Engineering will be launching dVnet, its eagerly anticipated digital video-to-network converter, at LuxLive XL Video is supplying a high power projection system and Green Hippo Hippotizer i7 HD media servers for uber cool Mercury prize winning UK indie band The xx, who are currently in the middle of an month world tour having just released their second album, Coexist.

On the cusp of dropping off of the radar for a full year's hiatus, Peter Gabriel is currently treating fans in select North American cities to a brief tour celebrating the 25th anniversary of his renowned multiplatinum album, So. The festival season drew to a close recently after a disastrous summer when many of the major festivals were cancelled due to the terrible weather.

In America and throughout the world, Symetrix has expanded its sales division. The company has created two new positions and has promoted two individuals from within the company to fill them. Tim Murray, former regional sales manager, west will serve as director of sales, US and Canada. Mark Ullrich, former senior technical sales engineer will serve as international sales manager.

Lightfactor enjoyed a busy PLASA exhibition at Earls Court in London, with lots of activity on the stand and plenty of interest in key product ranges. Other than that, we saw many existing and a good selection of potential new customers. Productiion Resource Group, L. Showsec has been part of a historic UK summer events programme, delivering crowd management and security across momentous cultural, music and sporting events.

This exclusive complex beside the beach of Zouk Mikael offers visitors not only exquisitely furnished rooms but also villas, apartments, and even underwater suites. The client demanded a high-end solution for every component of the project, and that is exactly what the client received.

The invitation to tender stipulated that the audio system be suitable for all eventualities, from the provision of quiet background music to catering for DJ sets and even live concerts, with audio inputs as well as outputs distributed throughout the entire complex. Internationally renowned French tenor Roberto Alagna recently opened the second International Kazan Autumn Opera Festival with a stunning performance alongside Bolshoi Theatre soloist Venera Gimadieva, accompanied by the Tatarstan state symphony orchestra conducted by Alexander Sladkovsy.

Held against the impressive backdrop of the Kazan Agriculturalists Palace, thousands of spectators braved the rain to enjoy what turned out to be a wonderful event, despite the inclement weather conditions. Innovason distributor Imlight who also have a rental division was charged with handling the AV requirements. With unbelievable Size, unbelievable Power, and unbelievable Options — Lucas Nano is one of the most exciting HK Audio products ever say the cokpany.

In a newly released video, Martin Professional reveals how the company has solved the persistent problem of uneven colors across LEDs. Product Manager Jonathan Meineke explains how Martin achieves color consistency straight out of the factory using LED color calibration. XL Events provided audio and projection in a very neatly tailored technical package for a recent UK Roadshow presented by the Port of Felixstowe. The F Mk2 from Funktion One offers amazingly well defined bass from a compact enclosure; bringing new power, clarity and output to an important yet often disregarded area of the frequency spectrum.

It can be used as a main stand-alone bass enclosure for smaller systems or combined with other Funktion One bass enclosures to form the beating heart of larger systems. The vertically stacked arrangement of the two horns, birch ply construction and optional robust wheels make for a durable, convenient and high performance package.

Grant Bales-Smith, sales manager for Strand Selecon Europe, will join event host and international lighting designer, Declan Randall, South African lighting designer Mannie Manim with renowned New York-based lighting designer Richard Pilbrow completing the expert panel.

With the EKI bodypack receiver, audio specialist Sennheiser ensures that users with a hearing impairment can enjoy superior sound quality at cultural, entertainment or business events. The receiver brings all the features and advantages of private hearing aids to the field of professional events.

With this new product, Sennheiser is helping theatres, cinemas and opera houses as well as conference and congress centres to offer their guests optimum audio support. Chaos Visuals have been a constant presence at London Fashion Week twice a year for the last three years providing screens, playback, operators and technical support. Everything about this show is world-class: fashion design, hi-tech shows that wow the celeb audiences and run to time quite a feat in the catwalk world and in settings that other cities can only dream of.

Sennheiser has introduced two new products which are designed to enable remote receiving aerials for radio microphone to be placed at much greater distances than previously possible. Bringing major benefits to applications like sporting broadcasts, they have the ability to make the life of OB companies a lot easier.

This year the company needed to add a new audio system to its inventory and, after auditioning several types, invested in a Coda Audio Airline LA On September 6 and 7 Hippotizer distributors came together from different countries to preview the latest software and catch up with the latest developments of Green Hippo over the past year.

From office refurbishments to version 3. Legendary singer, actor and composer David Essex is back on the road in the eagerly awaited David Essex Rock Tour Supporting the rigging and production team throughout the 34 venue tour will be Le Mark's world renowned MagTape Professional Gaffer Tapes.

Designed for the demanding tour and events industry, MagTape gaffer tape offers incredible flexibility and durability ideal for the varied rigorous environments encountered when on tour. AC-ET brings to the table its extensive specialist LED lighting knowledge, experience and customer base in the key entertainment, architectural and architainment sectors serviced by Griven. In addition Philips Entertainment launched Showline, a range of dynamic feature rich, LED luminaires providing professional performance, exceptional feature sets and one common user interface.

Few theatres around the world have such a long, rich and tumultuous history as the State Theater of Nations in Moscow, Russia. It stands as a testament to the importance of the arts, having survived many challenges. At six stories high and with over 10, seats, it also hosts concerts, graduation ceremonies, and other events. Over its nearly forty years of service, the Wells Fargo Arena has had several sound reinforcement systems, all of which lacked power and were unintelligible to one degree or another.

But that changed recently, when the school raised funds for a whirlwind renovation project that resulted in a new system centered on Danley Sound Labs full-range loudspeakers and subwoofers. The new system conveys impressive bass and highly-intelligible speech. The Nature Research Center NRC wing of the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences dazzled visitors at its recent opening with its array of unique interactive exhibits and experiences featuring audio-visual systems.

Some 1, athletes from over 60 countries and regions participated in traditional games and sports TSG from all over the globe. Held every four years, the week-long Games are a vibrant and entertaining experience, offering a unique opportunity for the public to discover the traditional and contemporary games and sports of cultures from across the globe.

As part of the 25th anniversary celebrations of the hugely popular French multimedia theme park, Futuroscope, near Poitiers in the department of Vienne, choristers from 40 different choirs, four soloists and a piece philharmonic orchestra from the University of Poitiers gave an open-air performance of the epic "Dogora" in front of nearly 10, people on September 1. Written and composed by Etienne Perruchon, Dogora tells the story of an imaginary nomadic people. Award winning lighting designer Joshua Cutts from Visual Frontier designed lighting and video for the current series of Idols SA, with Robe moving lights featuring prominently in the rig, helping to create all the drama and excitement associated with the popular TV series.

Event Projection specializes in one-of-a-kind productions. From product launches and museum exhibits to music videos and corporate events, the AV and lighting hire company has a history of unique and distinctly varied projects.

So when they were looking to expand their lighting hire stock, they turned to entertainment lighting specialist White Light to find just the right equipment to suit their varied needs. Drawing interest from some of the world's most renowned dance venues and dancing professionals, the official launch of Le Mark's new vinyl and sprung dance floor range resulted in the highest level of interest ever recorded in Le Mark's exhibiting history.

Robert Juliat has announced the appointment of Venuetech as its new distributor for the Middle East region. The Spring Festival Gala Evening, which celebrated its 30th anniversary in , is the highest rated TV show in China, attracting million viewers last January. Black Light has announced its autumn training line-up.

The three courses will provide an opportunity to get hands-on experience of some of the most exciting and sophisticated lighting equipment on the market. Expert tuition will be provided on technology and software from industry leaders, Avolites, Vectorworks and Zero This time a similarly-configured 12 elements per side rig was fielded at the Vitabergsparken White Mountains for the annual Parkteatern Festival staged by Stockholm City Theatre.

This consists of four weeks of entertainment in the open air amphitheater. Adlib Solutions' specialist design division, led by award winning LD Ian Tomlinson, created lighting production designs for four arenas at the Creamfields Festival. The Liverpool based technical production company also supplied lighting and sound equipment and crew for these areas. For any company to invest in an amplifier platform, it has to be sure that whatever make and model they go for will offer the reliability and flexibility required for the modern touring environment.

Relying on his trusted audio engineers to pick the very best equipment available, the tour has featured two DiGiCo consoles. Supplied and installed by SSE Audio Group, the CL5 gives performers and their engineers the benefits of the very latest digital mixing technology. In fact, since the opening in of what was initially the Petrovka Theatre, it has been in the eyes of ballet lovers the world over the very symbol of Russian culture.

And now, after a six-year programme of renovation, the Bolshoi Theatre is more imposing than ever. Frederic Opsomer and Carol Scott accepted the award for the piece of technology which has transformed the face of conventional 2D video in PLASA reports a successful final chapter of the show's history at Earls Court, with high quality visitor attendance, a hugely popular Professional Development Programme and a vibrant out-of-hours social schedule - a fitting end to an era before the show begins anew at ExCel London in Arena played host to many exciting moments.

For the YES! Arena festival tour, Lucozade teamed up with five of the biggest music festivals in the UK - to provide high energy music, fun in the sun, and an experience that festival goers are not soon to forget. Arena festival tour. Electrosonic, an international audio-visual systems integration and service solutions company, has announced the appointment of Marc Cooke pictured as director of operations for Europe, Middle East and Africa EMEA. Cooke will be responsible for all operational activities across the Corporate, Control Rooms and Entertainment markets.

Opened in , the Katielli Theater in Datteln, Germany, is the fulfilment of a lifelong dream for actor, singer and dancer, Bernd Julius Arends. Since opening it has proved a favoured venue among artists, with many popular names from the German cabaret and musical community choosing to make appearances there. Jands have created a console designed specifically for LED fixtures. The Stage CL provides 12 direct fixture control channels, powerful yet simple storing and a touch-screen interface, all packaged in compact and elegant chassis you can carry in one hand.

Hundreds of lighting professionals donned their finest outfits and put on their dancing shoes for the fifth Knight of Illumination Awards KOI , held in London on September A nexus of performance art, Edinburgh International Festival EIF provides a sustaining alternative to the relentless humour of the Fringe.

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