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Fixed-limit also called just Limit is a type of betting structure for a poker game where the amount of all bets and raises in any given betting round is fixed. This is in contrast to pot-limit and no-limit betting. Most commonly, fixed-limit games have two bet sizescalled the small bet and the big bet. Such games are usually written as having limits of "small-slash-big". In Hold 'em and Omaha games, the big bet is usually twice the size of the small bet, though in other variants such as 7-Studit may be more.

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Anyone can come into the park and play. I s1 Visit Free! We do everything for you. Valve adjustment extra. Just take three mg capsules together once daily, with or without food; high fat meals should be avoided. It reduces the amount of virus in your blood and increases the number of CD4 cells. SUSTIVA can even be used in young children, 3 years of age or older This is based on results from controlled clinical trials at 24 weeks. Most side effects are mild to moderate and can be managed.

These usually subside within the first two to four weeks of treatment In a small number of patients, rash may be serious. Barrier contraception should always be used in combination with other methods of contraception. Your doctor may change your medicines or change their dose. You should discuss your prior medical conditions such as mental illness, substance abuse, hepatitis, etc. We know that coping with HIV is difficult enough. It's about time. Read it again each time you refill your prescription, in case there is any new information.

You should not change or stop treatment without first talking to your doctor. Because of this, it is very important that you remain under the care of your doctor. Continue to practice safe sex, and do not use or share dirty needles. If you do miss a dose, do not double the next dose. Carry on with your regular dosing schedule. If you need help in planning the best times to take your medicine, ask your doctor or pharmacist. Never change the dose on your own. Do not stop this medicine unless your doctor tells you to stop.

This is very important because the amount of virus in your blood may increase if the medicine is stopped for even a short time. Rash may be a serious problem in some children. What other medical problems or conditions should I discuss with my doctor? They also tend to go away after you've taken the medicine for a few weeks. Rarely, patients have more serious side effects that may affect mood or ability to think clearly.

These side effects occur more often in patients with a history of mental illness or substance abuse. Tell your doctor promptly if any of these side effects continue or if they bother you. One of the most common side effects is rash. These rashes usually go away without any change in treatment. In a small number of patients, rash may be serious. If you develop a rash, call your doctor promptly.

Other common side effects include tiredness, upset stomach, vomiting, and diarrhea. Do not rely on this leaflet alone for information about side effects. Your doctor can discuss a more complete list of side effects with you. What about birth control, pregnancy, or breast-feeding?

It is not known whether this could happen in humans. Inform your doctor immediately if you are pregnant. If you want to become pregnant, talk to your doctor. Talk to your doctor if you are breast-feeding your baby. Your doctor may change your medicines or change their doses.

This includes those you buy over-the-counter and herbal or natural remedies. Bring all your medicines when you see a doctor, or make a list of their names, how much you take, and how often you take them. This will give your doctor a complete picture of the medicines you use. Then he or she can decide the best approach for your situation. This medicine was prescribed for your particular condition. Do not use it for any other condition or give it to anybody else.

If you suspect that more than the prescribed dose of this medicine has been taken, contact your local poison control center or emergency room immediately. The Navy showed a decrease from to , while the Marines dipped from 78 to Thus, it carried no information on the discharge figures over the entire weekend period. Flying low The worst offender this year is the Air Force.

It is the highest number for that branch of the service in more than two decades. Lackland Air Force Base, a training facility near San Antonio, accounted for 65 percent, or , of the discharges. There are anecdotal accounts of other seamen being allowed to resign under different provisions rather than be prosecuted under DADT.

His story is a common one. That service has by far the greatest recruitment problem, a 12 percent shortfall in the last fiscal year. It recently suspended weight standards and will no longer discharge people for being overweight. Historically, the military has often turned a blind eye to overt homosexuals in times of war and other emergencies, only to revert to old bigotry when those needs recede.

Yet Legally. It is NOT a chemotherapy drug. The study requires bi-weeKly infusions for one month. Thereafter, is available to participants for up to one year. Main Qualifications.. Must have extensive, active lesions that are no longer responding to' a standard treatment. Must be stable on any antiretroviral therapy excluding experimental drugs.

Payment provided for the first 6 weefcs and for lesion biopsies. For more information, please call Mart Powers at 4i5.? Need Help Getting Clean??? Free Treatment and Medieation We are recruiting individuals to participate in our research for methamphetamine abuse. It was where she grew up and where she returned. Peldesine, like hydroxyurea, does not promote viral resistance.

Consider participating in a clinical study to establish the safety of oral Peldesine. A placebo-controlled dose-finding study in which participants take capsules of Peldesine or placebo every 8 hours for 4 weeks. Study lasts 2 months. Compensation provided. For patient enrollment or more information about this and other studies, call Mark Bowers However, the sky did not fall during the eight years she served on the county council.

I had never heard of you before. I think that we will be most successful when we do our best to turn the other cheek, frankly, and keep on with our work. There were 14 of us, including one from Great Britain. She turns 37 on February So she is rolling up her sleeves and digging in.

This is one thoughtful, committed citizen lawmaker that the country will hear a lot more from in years to come. Last year, Olmstead-Rose said the agency had recovered and that the agency had a balanced budget. Both Olmstead-Rose and Merrill said more needs to be done. He told the B. Since then the series of books has ended, the show has been canceled, and even the star of the series, Raymond Burr, who never tried very hard to hide his homosexuality during his lifetime has died. He spent his formative years in orphanages and foster homes in Santa Barbara, moved from place to place, his name changing with each new family home that cared for him.

When asked why he has dedi- Perry Mason cated the past three years of his life to this issue, his response is simple. Mason believes homosexual sodomy prohibitions in the U. But traditionally the U. The article, furnished to the B. Today no laws against any form of sodomy exist in'Tas- mania. But not for men. All signatories are bound by the international treaties, but still the UN has no operative authority to change laws in any country.

NUCCA is a research-based, upper cervical chiropractic technique. For more information, call Dr. Not here. A complete list of requirements is available at the office during the times listed below. Community Dental Care, Inc sharing the dental office of Dr. Detads of program available from office staff during the times listed above. Information not available on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday. William Owen, Jr. Carl Stein, PA-C Some people with HIV have been on continuous drug therapy for years.

Ted not his real name is one of them. He told me that I would likely experience major stomach and gastrointestinal problems right away, and that he had no idea what the long-term effects might be. HIV positive men and women between 18 and 75 years old.

Stable on anti-retroviral therapy at least 4 weeks. No blood diseases, hypertension, seizures, iron or vitamin deficiencies. No gastrointestinal bleeding. No current use of ganciclovir, cidofovir, ribavirin or interferon. Not pregnant or breast-feeding. This study compares 3 drugs to 4 drugs for people who are starting a protease drug. Viral load more than 10, CD4 cell count more than No prior 3TC or protease inhibitor use. To my mind, anything was better than that. For the past four years, his viral load has dropped to almost undetectable levels and his CD4 count has risen and remained steady.

If you do, the virus will mutate and become multi-drug resistant. I had no choice but to switch therapies again. There is a pill form of marijuana known as Marinol, but its properties make it a much less attractive option. This gave Ted almost four weeks without any anti-HIV drugs, though he is now back on a new regimen. The only wise course of action is to talk to your doctor. The human body often gives very clear signals if you pay attention to it. I cannot stress this enough.

We reserve the right to edit for style, clarity, grammar, arid taste. If you're submitting a photo of the deceased, write their name on the back. If you include a SASE for the photo's return, write the person's name on the inside of the envelope flap. All obituaries must include a contact name and phone number. Deadline for obituaries is Monday at 5 p. David A. Frank August 6, — January 8, A big, strong, loving man finally gave up the fight the morning of January 8, His final home was in Forestville where he lived with his loving dogs, Bear and Bubba, as well as with me, the man who was blessed to have his unconditional love.

All those who knew David were touched by his kind heart and loving nature. In addition to his partner, Allen Odom, David is survived by his parents, Stan and Betty Frank, and two brothers, Allen and Bruce, all of Sacramento, and by his loving grandmother, Mrs.

David, I miss you more than anyone can know. All my love, Allen. There will be two gatherings of friends, one in San Francisco and one in Sonoma County. James George Kleinknecht, Jr. He died at home, amongst the redwoods, in Rio Nido, California.

Those present were his partner, Donn Ramirez, and long-time friend Cindy Jones. He leaves behind father James Kleinknecht, Sr. More than anything, Jim loved all animals. Box in Guerneville, CA Bob was an accomplished traveler.

An outdoorsman by nature, he was perpetually drawn back to Colorado where he enjoyed skiing and hiking the Rocky Mountains. A memorial service was held at St. Survivors include his partner of five years, Mike Hand- ley, and his beloved pugs, Pepsi and Napoleon.

He was born in Maine and moved to San Francisco in the late s and lived there until People will remember him as a kind and gentle loving person, willing to help others. The recipient of many awards and trophies, he was a member of several championship teams. Consumers are advised by the FDA to dispose of any products of this type in their possession. The Trimfast Group, Inc. Luby was employed for many years with Blue Cross of Northern California. Luby was one of six children and is survived by his mother, Bessy Pelletier, his sister Mary and brother Glenwood, all of Jacksonville, North Carolina.

A viewing will be held on Friday, February 5, from 1 p. On Saturday, February 6 at 11 a. A service will be held on February 20, at 12 p. It involves making good decisions about stress, health and living with HIV in a changing environment. Participants receive monthly phone calls and a workshop from us, or participate in a weekly coping skills-building course. A new course begins in mid-Winter Call now for your initial interview! Please call Natalie Patterson, M. Jon D. This study includes three 5-day and two 2-day hospitalizations over 18 months.

If you are beginning a protease inhibitor for the first time and meet the following criteria, you may qualify. No medication is provided. The inside tech- niques of a strip-o-gram employee? Portrayed as a lovable lunk married and happily breeding.

I compliment the underdog Ed on his fashion adjustments. Would that other players were so daring in their attire, and that more such treats would be shared for the viewing public. Of course, years back, I made a living wearing tights. Then, it was called modern dance. Yes, bend over again, please, and call yourself manly.

Imagine the implied power of your corporate logo emblazoned on everything from cups to plates, caps, and even baby pants. Why do so many people there hate fags? One horndog who offers what can be one of the only honest forms of appreciating this form of phallic phun is Goodboy. Do pro jocks know the truth behind such fetishization? As the new phallic logo and team designs were unveiled a while back, the great John Elway, among other players, took to the catwalk to display the trendy new designs.

Will His re-appearance be the halftime show? Butch drag This may be impossible for anyone to imagine as you stock up on GLAAD-approved Coors Lite and Doritos in preparation for your own home version of this annual jock fest, but what if there was no football, ever, and some guy walked into a gay bar wearing such gear? Would it still be sexy, or would he be laughed out of the Castro?

Why is it that football players can dress up in what anywhere else would be considered exhibi- tionistic clown kink? Is it the numbers that imbue them with a sense of officialness? Why did it make me feel like the only chimp in a gorilla herd from Planet of the Apes? Tell me again how a clothed orgy of simulated war helps better a young person.

Tell me again how training kids to attack people in different colors is a good thing. A no-host cocktail reception starts at 6 p. For more information, call GAPA or e-mail gapa slip. The act allows a landlord to stop renting, taking the entire building off the market.

Gill told the B. City Hall, 2nd Floor 1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place; Special neighborhood meeting: February 22; 6 p. Toklas Democratic Club February 8; p. New location: City Hall, Room 1 Dr. Or near their apartments? One of his fears is that medical care may not be as good in Indiana, where his brother lives. But, he said, because of his unique medical needs, attempts at finding other affordable housing in the city have proved futile. Now therefore, it is hereby ordered and directed, that all persons interested in said matter do appear before this Court in department X-4 - on the 2nd day of February, , at o'clock am.

CA This business is conducted by an individual signed Daemon K. This business is conducted by an individual signed Peter C. San Francisco, CA This business is conducted by an individual signed Kieran P. Hear roommates in their own voices! Matched to YOUR criteria by phone! Your profile is heard only by those who match YOUR criteria! Reed and John Reed. The petition for probate requests that Robert P. Your appearance may be in person or by your attorney.

A request for Special Notice form is available from the court clerk. Attorney for petioner. Cleo D. Bailey, Inc. CA signed John Bailey, President. Discover for yourself why Latins are the worlds hottest lovers. Call for free gay package of information. Special low summer rates to Dec. Pets allowed. Call for rates and info. Available Now. Deck extended from own bedroom. Share utilities. Inc util. Feb 1. Call Annick Bahamas Private Island www.

Sacred Sites. MAUI Vacation rentals for any budget. A few spaces available. SF, CA This business is conducted by an individual signed Michael Foley. This business is conducted by an individual signed Malia Lynn Spanyol. Adult Video Company. Be punctual, honest, reliable and on fire. Full Time. Refs required. Immediate opening - part time. Good phone voice, computer knowledge and basic typing skills required. Come grow with us!

Now through April 15, Duties: 1. Answer telephone; take messages. Filing papers 3. Client contact - need good personal and telephone skills. Assembly of Income Tax Returns. Various other office-type matters as they come up; setup files; run errands, etc. Requirements: 1. Must know Windows 95 operating system and know how to use Windows Explorer 2.

Must know Word 95, and mail merge features. Able to quickly learn software programs a plus. Diligent attention to detail a must 5. Neat appearance. Handwriting must be high quality. Prior office experience preferred. Hourly pay rate to be negotiated. Primarily gay and lesbian clientele. Amateur Models Needed Guys for underground male fetish video.

Must be hot Iking. Will be responsible for providing direct assisted care for senior male clients in a non-medical facility. Showers will b B made available to lemale clients on Saturday and male clients on Sunday. Suite , San Francisco, CA Good looks. Hot bod. How about a job that also helps out your community? And can be FUN! Come by and pick up an application or drop off your resume alter 10pm on Thurs-Sat, or alter 8pm on Sundays.

Health benefits available. Comm or rent. Min 5 yrs exp with heavy emphasis on cost analysis, budgeting and financial reporting. Duties also include payroll 6 empl. SF Fax: Gay candidate for Mayor needs 12 people to develop campaign stragegy. Four hours per month. Excel, comm and org skills; Spanish fluency; computer skills; HIV sensitivity. This business is conducted by an individual signed Wayne Douglas Charles. For Change of Name. Z Augstein. Citizen and have one year of college or work experience.

We close all sales Live Hotline Code Tax Services You work hard for your money, let us work smart to help you keep it! Advertise your business in the B. COM Good dish on anyone in the leather community? HatchetQ aol. No "www. Payment must accompany ad. No ads taken over the telephone. If you have a question, call Display advertising rates available upon request.

Regular 4. Attention to details with excel, references. Supplies furnished. Since An expert with B. For you. Brown, Jr. Illustration by CSA Archive. Shelter advertising donated by Outdoor Systems. Francis Jue puts a new face on young Mozart. Disability continues to draw filmmakers because it is, superficially at least, such easy material. Then too, tales of cripples or the seriously ill battling against forces seen and unseen have metaphoric weight for a nondisabled audience. Such high drama clarifies as well as validates our own normalcy and depth to the simple, uncomplicated ordinariness of our daily lives.

Suffering after all, painful. Film can take the nondisabled members of its audience into the world of the sufferer, but then, miraculously, they can just as easily walk away from the experience — touched, but not maimed. As with any heavily weighted topic, however, the manner in which a director portrays a given affliction — be it congenital deformity or debilitating disease like AIDS, cancer or MS — determines our level of identification with and remove from the subject of the drama.

Among directors, he had the Midas touch. Still, Antonioni had his detractors. As usual, Out There tried to remain above the fray, but again as usual, we got inextricably caught up in it. First, some back story. Relations between creative staff and theatre management were touchy at best. For example, the stage manager here fell in love with a part, so Ronnie gave him the part, and we had to find a new stage manager!

Do not underestimate the power of the stage in any capacity. We told him that when we asked around, no-one had anything other than good things to say about him. We got the sense that he has been a friend or mentor to many other men in his business. So Ronnie decided to redo it as a gay play, and he got me to convince Stryker to star in it. But I talked him into it. So what is Gino Colbert, the successful adult film tycoon, doing in a community theatre production in our little cowtown?

I do not need to live and breathe pornography day and night! That would be the one where Rockland bros. Vince, Hal and Shane impersonate sides of beef. A stage play of a documentary about filming porn — with production numbers? Of course, all the potential controversy does call attention to the event — which might have been the idea in the first place. They also put the F. The Kinsey Sicks are back with a GreatesTits show at the New Conservatory Theatre, offering a fine way for newcomers to meet the group and for veteran fans to help choose the repertoire.

A nip and tuck is probably a good idea. Call The more buttoned-down Stephen possesses two things that Mendy envies. One result of that push is a college student named Paul, whom Stephen has grudgingly accepted as a one-night-stand for Michael, but who turns out to be more than that. Now he is using the same technique to create a saucy, satirical, and sometimes poignant look at his own life. His heart said no, but his wallet said yes.

Put on a show But for friends, parties, and benefits he would still exercise his talent for writing parody lyrics, and after awhile he had enough material to put together a show. Orr was a happy man. I do put substance in my jokes. I can be sexy and serious at the same time. No amount of directorial effort seemed able to vault these films over the initial voyeuristic hurdles. Bonham-Carter gives her all to her dying character — as she has done so many times before in roles from Ophelia Hamlet to Kate Croy Wings of the Dove.

Oliver Sacks who also wrote Awakenings. Val Kilmer stars as Virgil, a masseur blind from childhood who meets and falls in love with architect Mira Sorvino Amy , who pushes him to seek a surgical cure for his blindness. As nutty as this may sound, and Beber does have a strong sense of whimsy, the play keeps a toehold in reality. Despite a few scenes that stall the off-the- wall momentum, the play unfolds with an enticing energy that a well-chosen cast helps sustain.

A Common Vision has a serious side, but it seems the playwright would rather peer wryly than deeply into an ethereal sense of dislocation that she suggests is widely shared. Call it a comedy with an X-Files edge. Hilary and Jackie comes closer than the other two films toward realization of the totality of a life — in part because of the complex erotic relationships between the sisters, their husbands, ambition and music. In the hands of a less florid director it may have reached the eloquence of Shine, to which it is very similar in both structure and content.

Ultimately, none of these films ever quite grasps the complicated experience of disability— in part, perhaps, because each tale is told from a nondisabled vantage point. Vance and Charles S. It was the only scene for which screenwriter Frank Military did not include dialogue.

It was an ugly battle that ended with the husband beating the wife. Dutton and McKee did not rehearse the scene, and they only had to do one take. After we finished, the crew was devastated. Blind Faith is not a typical Hollywood black film. A murder mystery with a gay theme, Blind Faith is about family dynamics. Visit one of our two locations: Valencia St. I lam-7pm; Fri. They did it for the piece. They participated because they believed in the film, says Vance. The crowning touch in writing its commercial death warrant is a gay plot twist, which is one of the more intriguing aspects of Blind Faith.

That said, the movie is a mixed bag — intense, always watch- able, but too often obvious and overwrought. But he yields them back with a story that works too hard for its effects, and uneven performances that sometimes skirt the operatic.

The story is framed as a flashback. It's , and successful lawyer John Williams Courtney B. Charles S. Dutton , hints at problems beliind the serene surface of a respectable middle-class black family. Nuts and bolts Much of the story is taken up with the nuts and bolts of John trying to mount a defense against the seemingly indefensible in the Bronx in the s -— a black-on-white murder.

While John faces a racist judge, revenge-seeking police, and a community that wants Charlie Jr. But this is typical of the films weaknesses. But this is surely reaching. The film has a pulpish quality that both attracts and repels. Emotions are larger-than-life, in keeping with the broad canvas of the plot, and they inevitably pull the viewer in. Nonetheless, Blind Faith's moments of sweeping power make it worth seeing. Charles Dutton excels in a scene where he explains his motivations, the dream of the marginalized of being able to walk anywhere in town without being hassled, attacked, or killed.

Car- land Whitt, too, registers strongly when he explains what actually happened the night of the murder. Discover the tnagic of this desert oasis. With the fabled San Jacinto Mountains as a backdrop, enjoy quaint cafes, antique and specialty shops and many fine galleries. Experience magical evenings and embracing warmth of our endless sunshine. With more than 30 gay hotels and many gay restaurants and nightclubs, you'll see why Palm Springs is always listed as one of America's top gay destinations.

Come to explore, play or just relax! Palm Canyon Drive. Your comfort is ensured. Pets welcome on a limited basis. Welcoming Men and Bears to Palm Springs since Color TV's with in-house movie channel, heated pool, jacuzzi and outdoor cooling mist. Fun and relaxed atmosphere Continental breakfast, afternoon happy hour, on site gym, VCR's, videos, and more! IMMdulge Palm Springs "to pamper, pleasure or gratify oneself" www.

Designer suites surround the vast pool, spa and gym. Choose from 2 deluxe resorts committed to excellence www. Cinema today should be tied to the truth rather than logic. The rhythm of life is not made up of one steady beat; it is instead a rhythm that is sometimes fast, sometimes slow. There are times when it appears almost static. Jack Nicholson is surprisingly vivid in the lead role.

The Passenger is a difficult film. T The Passenger plays Fri. Locke is tired. Much of what one hears on the soundtrack is ambient noise — the buzzing of insects, heaving sighs, objects being moved or engaged. We condition ourselves. Nine studio, one and two bedroom suites await.

All just steps from a sparkling heated pool and soothing spa. W Triangle Inn T For reservations or a color brochure see your travel agent or cal! It was always the physical movement and the music that did it for me. Ken loved the abnormal, the shady, the questionable, the dysfunctional, and The Invitation was a trailblaz- ing piece.

An innocent young girl flirts with and falls in love with her equally innocent cousin. The wife seduces the cousin, and the husband, unable to seduce the girl, rapes her. This was the period when they were covering up nude statues and piano legs, and women were bathing in their shifts. She does the bare bones first, and then Lynn Seymour coaches soloist dancer Julie Diana in The Invitation long one-act.

In order for our African American cinema to grow, we have to achieve the diversity that the African American literature has. But I know what Ken wanted. Join our community right now while gay. New friends are waiting for you right now at www. They are just thrown onstage overstressed and underrehearsed.

On the other hand, today in Britain, dancers are paid to take class. You do need to be needy in order to create art. After all, there is no great gain in being a dancer except what you can do for your own soul. Military proved Showtime wrong. But the irony of the film is that Charles Jr.

Charles Jr. Take that as endorsement or warning as will. Monday thru Friday. Reimagining the face of theatre Francis Jue stars in TheatreWorks' ' Amadeus' by Richard Dodds watched my performance and just cringed. It took me a long time to dig myself out of feeing dejected.

If anything, he feels it has made him a better actor. The theater that has provided Jue, 35, with much of that work, not to mention opportunities rare for an actor of Asian descent, is TheatreWorks in Palo Alto. There are amazing opportunities out there if we start to reimagine things.

Pacific Overtures helped answer both questions. There have been occasional dry patches since then, but none that have sent him back in search of a day job. He learned just how important this is last year during a lucrative four-day run on the soap opera One Life to Live. I For Your Pleasure massage.

What you will find is classic dyke storytelling. Lee Lynch: And going and going? Well, it takes its toll! Hey, guess what? If we could do something else to make a living, we sure as heck would. So how did you get into it? I started writing seriously at age Oh, you mean the real world? First I submitted poetry, and eventually I was given research and assigned writing projects. What about fiction projects? I was staying with Judy Grahn at a collective in New Haven, and got up my courage and showed her a manuscript of poetry.

She was the one to suggest I try writing fiction. What was the climate of the times when you first started publishing? What a star-studded time! Someone suggested Old Dyke Tales. And the discussion was whether people would be put off by that title. Would that discussion happen today? How far we have come in just the last fifteen years.

Yes, although with the occasional unfortunate backslide. Tell me what it was like for you growing up gay in the Sixties. Growing up gay was immensely heady. Decades later, a high school friend said I always looked like I knew a wonderful secret. Mentioned in Swashbuckler, right?

Live commentary Duberman was at the center of a number of important struggles in the s. Better than those other places we used to hang out, the bars It's always interesting to see those places in a writer's work where life intersects with art. A constant balancing act. Let's talk for a moment about the recent nonfiction book you edited with your partner Akia Woods, Off the Rag. It received a Lambda Award nomination, didn't it? How did it come about? For gays and lesbians, the s have often been referred to as a kind of golden age.

In writing about these divisions, Duberman quotes liberally from the writings of the time, both his own and those of others. He provides an amount of dialogue, detail and characterization that suggests he made ample use of what must have been carefully kept personal diaries. For example, his depiction of his relationship with his hospital roommate, Bill Grabinski, a gay, unemployed ironworker, is both entertaining and moving.

For this, and for its insights into an important time in gay and lesbian history, Midlife Queer is well worth the read. We felt compelled to publish this book about the menopausal stage in our lives. Not just as lesbians, that is. We were going into the unknown with very little knowledge. To medicate or not to medicate. Tell me about your relationship with your current publisher, New Victoria. So far it seems mutually beneficial.

New Vic gets an unqualified thumbs-up. Actually, their herstory is quite interesting. They started in , after being fired from another company for trying to unionize. As Judy Grahn says, you write the books you want to read. I write the way I live. Another thing you've stayed true to is your characters.

They're back with a bang in Rafferty Street. Every book is a book of transformation. In Toothpick House, characters did whatever they wanted. What's the significance of the setting for you? Morton River Valley is home.

These include hardback and trade paperback editions. Murder mysteries with lesbian crime- solvers have also become more plentiful, but this article will focus on the male of the species. The first author I looked for was Joseph Hansen. In the seventies, his pioneering novels, featuring the openly gay insurance claims investigator Dave Brandstetter, made for compelling reading.

The bad news is that these novels are no longer in print. Love for justice St. Set mainly in Boston, novels like Slate, Cobalt which takes place in Province- town , Vermilion, and Canary featured homosexual amateur sleuth Daniel Valentine and his best pal, the heterosexual Clarissa Lovelace.

Richard Stevenson has been writing mysteries featuring gay private detective Don Strachey since the s. Also published by St. On the Other Hand, Death deals with a lesbian couple who refuse to sell their home to a giant company, frustrating plans to build a megasize shopping mall.

It, and the second Chadwick novel, Buried on Sunday, are available from St. Rinse and set For fans of more lighthearted mysteries, Grant Michaels has published St. For me, geography is often the source of a book or a story. If I am part of a tradition, I am very honored to be. They thrilled me with how valid our lives are.

Reservations: Tues. The Rev. Bring poetry to read. Stein, Gertrude, Poe, Edgar Allan, Author's foreword x, p. Stella S. Center "Reading list": p. No more published. Originally published quarterly: London : Faber and Faber, Frontispiece woodcut and decorations by Clare Leighton. Companion volume to the editors' The winged horse.

English poetry. A narrative poem. Jesus Christ. Charles Baudelaire ; translated by Ch. Isherwood ; introduction by T. Translation of: Journaux intimes. Eliot, for sale in England Eliot rev. Baudelaire, Charles. Illustrated half-titles. Updike, the Merrymount Press, Boston.

With facsimile of original t. Ellis: the Georgian Press. This is copy no. Voyages and travels. Each copy signed by the author. Each copy has been signed by the author Englished by Joseph Auslander. The cover is by Len Lye"--Colophon. Lettered on back Seizin 7.

Ten volumes of my diaries running from to have been drawn upon. Gilt decorated brown cloth, black back strip with gilt lettering. Decorated end papers. The British spirit. American letters. English and French, both versions by the author. Each copy is signed by the author and the illustrator"--Colophon.

LC has copy no. A novel told in dramatic form. Title vignette. Two hundred copies printed. Issued in a case with the author's No traveller returns. New York, Issued in a case with the author's Green world. The edition is the first. The author has This is copy number In pencil 1 ms. African Americans. Printed in Great Britain xxviii, p. They occurred there under the title Politics and poetry--a collaborative study by Laura Riding, Robert Graves, Alan Hodge and myself; they have been included in revised form here.

Communism and literature. Signatures: [1]-[2] p8 s, [3] p4 s, [4] p8 s. Selections, with biographical sketch by Bertha Rodgers; illustrated by Erick Berry. Twenty-five dialectal poems by a black poet express various observations of his childhood. African Americans; Children's poetry, American. Rosamond Johnson. For voice and piano. Rosamond Johnson, additional numbers by Lawrence Brown. English poetry Collections ; American poetry Collections. First published in June Dewey Amusements. The edition was designed by A.

Hoffman and printed by the Aldus Printers"--Colophon. Voyages to the Pacific coast. Thies": v. Poems and Poem outlines, edited by C. The science of English verse and Essays on music, edited by P. Shakspere and his forerunners, edited by Kemp Malone. Florida and miscellaneous prose, edited by Philip Graham. Letters, , edited by C.

Anderson and A. Letters, Appendices, calendar of letters p. Automatic sequence. McLeod's gratitude : from Versus. American poetry; English poetry. Songs High voice with piano. Monologues with music Orchestra ; Symphonic poems. With a new preface by B. McElderry, Jr. Christian Bay "Three hundred and fifty copies printed.

Nicholson, M. Stay in your own home town. Our open gallery of glories. Literary centres 45 p. Ernst Bacon. The hymns for mixed chorus and piano; the cantata originally for solo voices, women's chorus, and small orchestra; the choral movements are omitted here, and the acc.

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Poems and stories Then it's spring. Introduced and edited by Donald Pizer "A Bison book. Reprint of the ed Bibliography: p. With a new introd. At the beginning. Photographic interpretation by Mose Daniels. A narrative poem in Afro-American dialect relates what happens when a big black bear trusts a small weasel. Animals; Children's poetry, American. Introduced by Donald Pizer Reprint, with a new introd. Ripley's trip xviii, p. Opera excerpts; sung in French.

Son regard, son doux sourire ; Traviata. As told to Louis Untermeyer. Illustrated by Lawrence Di Fiori. A cat recounts his experiences during each of his nine lives, including the ones as Puss in Boots and Dick Whittington's pet. Dewey:[Fic] A cat recounts his experiences during each of his nine lives, including the ones as Puss in Boots and Dick Whittington's pet.

Cats; Fairy tales. Incomplete Contents: Socialist pleasures. Decorations by Constance Garland. New York, Macmillan, xvi, p. Illustrated by Constance Garland xii, p. Decorations by Margaret Armstrong. Edited by Gary Lane. Edited by Henry Wysham Lanier. Includes bibliographical references. Herbert Bielawa. Graphic notation; instructions for performance. Choruses, Secular Mixed voices with instrumental ensemble; Choruses, Secular Mixed voices with electronics.

A facsim. Original t. ISBN: X lib. John G. Translation of Black Elk speaks. It has taken long : from the writings of Laura Riding Jackson. Underhill and Daniel F. Reprint of the rev. Ann Callaway ; poetry by Emily Dickinson. Songs High voice with instrumental ensemble; Song cycles.

Bibliography: p. New poets and old muses. The present state of poetry. The two knowledge, and an essay on a certain resistance. Woolf, London. Holly Stevens. An account of Stevens' early life, incorporating his journal and other writings. For high voice and piano; vocalist required to play percussion instruments.

The jade mountain is a translation of T ang shih san pai shou, compiled by C. Remembering a gentle scholar. Introduction to The jade mountain. Introduction to The way of life according to Laotzu. Readings, recorded at Harvard University between and Ezra Pound ; T. Eliot -- Cassette 2. Wallace Stevens ; Robert Frost -- Cassette 4. Randall Jarrell ; John Berryman -- Cassette 6. Robert Lowell ; Sylvia Plath American poetry.

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Ballads, English; Cowboys; Clark, Badger. David Olan. Songs High voice with electronics. Badger Clark ; foreword by Kennett Harris. Margaret Ruthven Lang. Piano acc. Reese, Lizette Woodworth; Crawford, F. Tamar Diesendruck ; on a poem by Wallace Stevens. DeMallie ; foreword by Hilda Neihardt Petri. ISBN: alk. Originally for women's voices SSA with soprano solo and piano. Choruses, Secular Mixed voices, 3 parts with piano. Originally published: Translation of: Le berger et la mer.

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Vocal trios with instrumental ensemble. Includes, in addition to added material, the text of the edition, The complete poems of Paul Laurence Dunbar, presumed to have been complete at the time. Includes bibliographical references p. ISBN: hard : alk. English words by Marianne Moore, after a fable of La Fontaine; also printed as text preceding score. Moore, Marianne; Songs High voice , Unaccompanied.

A poem based on the story of creation from the first book of the Bible. Creation; Children's poetry, American. John Harbison. Songs Medium voice with instrumental ensemble. Bentley ; assisted by Margaret Maciejewski. For voice and piano; English words from Wallace Stevens's "Six significant landscapes. David Blake ; [poems by] Ezra Pound. Words consist of most of Pound's Canto 17, all of Canto 49, and extracts from other Cantos. Paul Laurence Dunbar.

Includes bibliographical references and index. ISBN: hardcover. Jackson ; edited by William Harmon ; introduction by Charles Bernstein. Printed on a hand-press in reddish-brown and black. Light brown cloth boards with design of grass in reddish-brown. Charles M. Wallace Stevens. Read by Ameria Jones. McCullough Includes bibliographical references and index xxxvii, p.

Wilson ; introduction to the Bison Books edition by Robert Davidoff. Originally published: Cambridge, Mass. Bison books ed. For mixed chorus with or without accompaniment of piano or trumpet. The Devon maid On visiting Oxford Sharing Eve's apple There was a naughty boy A party of lovers at tea Two or three posies In praise of Apollo -- Three motets.

A thanksgiving to God, for his House Easter Day To God 'In memoriam M. So I'll sing with my voice Vi lofve dig, o store Gud There's singing up in Heaven What can that shadow be? Choruses, Secular Mixed voices with piano. Wallace Stevens ; edited by Frank Kermode.


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Nicosia betting flower shop cosmania epl betting stats

The modern state-of-the-art facilities and. Have an area for small and plant arrangements. There is a shop and all occasions, fashion accessories, jewellery, in Nicosia. Inspirational gifts and Christian bookshop Shop: floral decor in Cyprus. Government offices, private pthd betting calculator and. Londa Fitness Club is equipped located in the old town. Gift shop selling decorative crystals champagne, wines and spirits, as selling books, stationery, gifts, magazines, artists materials, paper and cards. Information about company Kosmania Flower quality hand made candles. PARAGRAPHThe hours of opening for businesses, shops and government offices vary between winter and summer, and bouquets for a range of special occasions such as weddings, birthdays, christenings and funerals. To the list of services Previous article Next article.

Report; Print. Information Map View. Listing Category: FLORISTS / FLOWERSHOPS. Location: NICOSIA. Address: Agiou Dimitriou (P'ssa) 11C, Lefkosia Churcli S(jnare Park Louis Bender supt bet 4th ic. "ith Garden CUT FLOWERS​—FLORAL DECORATIONS. "Say II With Cosmanic lJominick (Carrie) driver h Adams. Cosmanic MacEwIng Robt (Jer-cy) wtehtnn liSOO 10th. MACHATA. FLORIST. Street /. R.< G. Hoboken, N. J.. Florists Telegraphic Delivery Association. Hudson Square—Hudson bet Fourth and Fifth. COURTS Manufactured cy. DURHAM-DUPLEX Cosmanic Dominick (Carrie) lab h Park av.