fibonacci betting system football camps

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Fixed-limit also called just Limit is a type of betting structure for a poker game where the amount of all bets and raises in any given betting round is fixed. This is in contrast to pot-limit and no-limit betting. Most commonly, fixed-limit games have two bet sizescalled the small bet and the big bet. Such games are usually written as having limits of "small-slash-big". In Hold 'em and Omaha games, the big bet is usually twice the size of the small bet, though in other variants such as 7-Studit may be more.

Fibonacci betting system football camps

Read this article for formula to succeed in soccer betting. Any wager who has been in this industry for some time must have already realized that this industry is n all about the glitz that accompanies their advertisement, but to be successful, you must put in a lot of effort. Football seasons are the most exciting times to most wagers. The most common leagues include the premier league, Bundesliga, and Spanish La Liga.

Black Friday is upon us and with it comes great discount. Check out these recommendation list of best soccer bets tipster websites. Soccer betting may appear fun but when it comes to the real work, it is not as glamorous as it appears. Read this article to fully understand soccer betting. Tottenham and Manchester United are two teams neck to neck in the title race behind frontrunners Manchester City.

The outcome of this game will decide who will be in the running to the title race in May. Soccer betting could be a relaxing way of making an income. However, before you can make anything substantial in this industry, you need to have the proper knowledge relating to the field while avoiding relying on luck. Serie A Standings All teams have played 11 games and with 27 games remaining for each team, we can see how Serie A will pan out. The competition started in and is played by 83 teams.

Also, note that Carabao sponsor Chelsea. Although sport betting is fun, the question every sports bettor should ask themselves is whether they are putting their money in line. This is where a good sports betting strategy comes in play. Before we go further with this topic, it is important to bear in mind that, in soccer betting, you have to choose a system and stick to it for you to realize consistent profits. Prior to plunging ourselves into a deeper discussion on how you can go about getting yourself free sports bet online, it may be a little wise to get familiar with these common words, -'sports bet'.

Live betting can prove a little challenging especially if you are a newcomer to soccer betting. There are some foundational principles every live betting wager must master if they are to succeed in their game. The English football season is back and for me, one of the most fascinating races is seeing who can get out of the Championship, and get promoted into the Premier League.

Five games have taken place in League One and League Two in England so we can work out what favorable trends have appeared so far. We are a few weeks into the English Championship season, and already we see a few favorable trends appear. These are teams that are performing in certain ways which make them more profitable if you back them at certain times or teams who are either scorin. The Europa League is back in September, and the group stages have given us some great games to look forward.

The Europa League qualification rounds are over, and the draw has been made for the group stages, which begin in September. The group stages of the Champions League are about to begin, and we will see the first games take place later this month. The group stages of the Champions League are upon us, and later this month we will see the first games taking place.

Whether you are a new comer to sports betting or an old player in the industry, you will agree with me that in sports betting, you stand better chances of winning as compared to other fields like playing roulette or craps. If you are coming around these words for the first time, then you need to relax and read on! So what is arbitrage in sports betting? Frank, live betting has unimaginably revolutionized the betting industry.

Live betting has not been around for very long but, its huge impact has seen lots of development in sports betting. Technology has taken over the traditional way of doing things and the emergence of the internet has made our lives easier. From buying a car to ordering your insulin, things are much easier nowadays.

In the recent years, sports betting have grown in leaps and bounds to become one of the most entertaining forms of recreation and many people have also found it very rewarding financially. This hobby lasts throughout the golden years, making it a favorite even amongst the elderly. All bettors always dream of making big amount of money when making soccer bets, but many of them do not realize that the bookmakers they use to take bets have an advantage against them, and that advantage is almost impossible to break.

There are a few different ways to bet on soccer, depending on where you live. If you live in the UK, for example, then visiting the local bookmaking shop and betting in cash is a viable option. There is rarely a value in backing the favorites since, knowing that most punters are willing to back the favorites at any prices, the bookies tend to lower the odds significantly on teams like Manchester United, Chelsea and Bayern Munich.

It is a great way to bet on soccer and really quite simple once you understand the basics. So, you want to gamble on football? Actually - if you reading this then is likely you already bet on football. How did you go last season? Did you pick Real Madrid to win the Champions League? We're concerned about problem gambling. For most people, gambling is entertainment - a fun activity that can be enjoyed without harmful effect. But for some, it's not just a game - it's a serious problem that continues even after the fun has gone.

Compulsive gambling is not easily detected. The person with a gambling problem will often go to great lengths to cover up the problem and will appear to look all right, regardless of the consequences of their gambling. Warning Signs. Some of the indicators that a person may be suffering from a gambling problem include:. Remember that help is available. By reaching out to people who understand, you can find the help you need.

Betfame is committed to providing the best service possible. We want our member to have confidence in our platform, and that's why we offer a Credit Back Guarantee to all tips without profits. This program comes into effect on the 01 July 'Effective Date' and is offered to ensure that member who made tips purchase of any tips that ended with either lose, draw, cancelled or postponed game.

The credits will automatically refund to your account the next day and the information will be available after login in the member dashboard and available in 'transaction history' tab. It is an offence for persons under the age of eighteen 18 to make use of the Website. If we are unable to confirm that you are 18 years old then we may suspend your account until such time that we are able to confirm your age.

If you are subsequently proven to have been under 18 years of age at the time you made any transactions with us, then:. All rights reserved. Not so with this great sport. Flesh and blood come into play. The interplay of horse and rider. The conditions of the track. The field. In order to bet successfully in this great sport, you must bring to bear your skill and judgment. In no other betting environment do you have so much control over your fate. Your greatest advantage over the bookmakers is one of choice.

Whereas you can choose your races -- and bets -- the bookmaker is obligated to participate in virtually every race conducted for 52 weeks a year. You can avoid a bet in a race that is not to your advantage. The bookmaker enjoys no such freedom. Yes, choice is your greatest ally.

Yet for too many, it is their greatest enemy as well. Without mincing words, the simple truth is that the average bettor frequently makes the wrong choice. In doing so, he concedes the edge he has over the bookmaker and virtually guarantees that he will remain a loser over time. Common wisdom dictates that you should familiarize yourself with the individual characteristics of the horses, the field, the track and the form book. Needless to say, such an endeavor demands a huge commitment -- in time and effort.

Indeed, it is virtually a. Those who master this knowledge will always be best placed to beat the book. They deserve the profits they earn. But you are not such a person. You already have a job and you cannot invest the time or energy to compete with these professionals. What are you to do?

By being disciplined, intelligent and sticking to a system that works, you can increase your odds of success. Bookmakers love the bettor who places bets on whim, on the name of a horse, on the colour eyes of the jockey -- on anything but a system.

You need a system if you are to win! The worst possible system you could use is no system at all! You must focus on the most dependable horses if you are to correctly pick the day's best bet. Favourites will almost always be the ones you will look at. With good reason. They are favourites for a reason. The question is, how to improve those chances! The most reliable favourites on any given day inevitably are those who occupy the lower end of the price range.

You must remember that because of all the variables involved in horse racing, the actual favourite cannot possibly be determined until right before the race. Obviously, you will have to consult with one of the printed betting forecasts such as the national dailies or The Sporting Life. Study each race to be run that day and write down the names of the five favourites with the lowest odds. In the event that there is a tie, include all such runners for further consideration.

From this short list, you will be determining the day's single horse selection. Do not fear low odds. Short odds should not be rejected due to a cursory examination. Even money often translates into an outstanding value if its true price should be There are those who reject the favourite on the grounds that they can get better "value" elsewhere.

We call these people fools. What is the "value" of backing a horse at if, in reality, there is only a one in ten chance that your bet will succeed? There is only one person who will profit from a "system" like that -- the bookmaker. The real key to successful betting is not being greedy. Do not look for a small stake to garner you thousands of pounds. Rather, use a system which will consistently make you a winner.

Financially -- and psychologically -- winning small but often is a smart approach to any kind of wager. Okay, so now you have your five favourites. What next? Your next gambit is to establish a system to evaluate these five contenders. By following this point system, you will take the guess work out of your evaluation.

Further, it is possible to evaluate a horse based on its last outing. This makes sense. After all, winning begets winning. For this reason, we can begin to quantify this aspect of our evaluation. If a horse placed 1st in its last race, award 45 points. If a horse placed 2nd in its last race, award 40 points. If a horse placed 3rd in its last race, award 40 points. For all other finishes, award 35 points. Also, horses that have yet to race in the current season receive 35 points irrespective of their final finish of the previous season.

Another consideration in quantifying your decision is the value of your horse's last race. All others should follow this criteria: Last race prize same as current race, award 40 points. You should also bear in mind that favourites win more regularly in non-handicap events. For this reason, it makes more sense to award more points to contenders in these events. Therefore, award 40 points to a contender running in a non-handicap race and 30 points for running in handicap or nursery races.

Another consideration in evaluating your contender is the size of the field. After careful review of the long history of racing, we have concluded that favourites succeed less often in events containing a large field. Therefore, we reject the "folk wisdom" that a bigger field means a "bigger" certainty and suggest the following awards: 45 points in those races with 10 or fewer runners.

Market leaders often have a poorer record in competitive races. Consider the following point award: 45 points if there are no rivals which won the last time out. If three or more rivals won their last time out, award 30 points. Finally, if a horse has demonstrated success on the day's course then this must be factored into your calculations. Award your horse 10 points if it has previously won on the course and 10 points if it has previously won over the day's distance.

Once you have factored in all these considerations, tally the points you have awarded to each of your five contenders. The horse with the greatest total is your best qualifier for the day's bet. It's that simple. No "feelings in the belly". No emotion. No getting caught up in the thrill of the race. Just smart calculation. Even so, you should never forget that both horse and rider are living creatures bound to have better and worse days.

This is a variable which you cannot often calculate and which makes betting exciting. Remember, it is the uncertainty which makes it wonderful. Never give up. Follow these calculations and you will win -- if not today then certainly tomorrow. The Fast Form Finder This method of selecting horses is extremely easy to use and will take up only one or two minutes of your time each day.

The method eliminates all races of a highly competitive nature and selects only those horses that have good recent form and the ability to repeat it. The method uses "The Sporting Life" although you needn't buy the paper if you don't want to because all the relevant information is on the pages placed on the walls of all betting shops. Here then, is the method: 1. Select all non-handicap races with fields of up to and including 12 declared Eliminate Amateur, Apprentice and Ladies races.

Check any horse that won last time out to see if it is tipped by "Form" of runners. You will find Form's tips for each race in the box at the top of the page near the race card. When placing your bet write, "Odds on or evens, no bet" on your slip and this will automatically eliminate odds on and evens bets and ensure all your selections are priced at odds against.

The method may also be used with ordinary newspapers. I advise you to use either the "Daily Mirror" or the "Daily Express". Both these papers have a spot form rating and both have proved to be profitable with the method. All selections must be current season last time out winners. The Feelgood System The system has been devised by using the country's most successful and consistent trainers and combining these with the best of current form.

Hobbs G. Richards Mrs S. Smith J. Old Henrietta Knight Before telling you how to decide which horse to back, we now come to the meeting to chose. At the stipulated meeting examine each race and give appropriate points to horses trained by handlers in the master list above. Allot 10 points to any runner which won last time out. Allot 7 points to any runner which finished second last time out. Allot 6 points to any runner who finished third last time out.

Allot 3 points to any runner which finished fourth last time out. The system horse is the one with the highest rating in each race. You then have your selections for the day. You then back these on a staking plan of 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32 points but stopping immediately you have a winner, If you do not have a winner on any particular day simply revert back to 1 point the following day.

No other paper will do. If you follow the rules closely you will end up with one selection sometimes two. Mark down all the horses that are running who have consistent form, horses that have finished in the first three in each of their last three races.

The horses in question must have these form figures to qualify. Next you have to eliminate horses to get down to one horse. Eliminate all horses that are not rated in the topspeed ratings. These can be found underneath each race. There is usually a maximum of three. Next you eliminate all horses that are not forecast favourite by the Racing Post. If you are left with one horse then this is the days selection.

If you are left with more than one horse then the selection should be the horse quoted at the shortest price in the Racing Post forecast. If two horses or more are quoted at the same price then all horses are to be backed.

If, when you have eliminated all the horses that are not forecast favourite, you end up with no horses left, you move on to the next rule. Obviously with not having a selection from the first rule then this rule must be brought into operation.

All the horses that qualified through topspeed ratings will requalify. Next eliminate all horses who are not quoted second favourite in the Racing Post forecast. Once again if you are left with one horse then this is the selection.

If you are left with two or more selections then there is no bet for that day. If no horse qualifies under both rules then there is no bet for that day. What you are backing is a horse who has shown consistent form and returned good times. So the horse when running against others must have a first rate chance. D 3 points D 2 points C 1 point All runners in the race are awarded points according to their previous achievements, and the runner that is rated the highest TOTAL number of points is the selection.

The maximum total rating that can be achieved is 13 points. If joint Top Rated an extra 1 point for a distance winner. If you are selective and factor in the selections ability to go on the going, and its proven fitness with a recent run you should be in with a chance at the finish. Clive Holt supports his formula with numerous statistics.

I find it is a good base to finalise selections. The Fineform Maximum Selection i. By just backing these selections only over the season, everything I have read indicates you will come out on top. I have also seen this selection criteria method known as the "Financial Security for Life Formula," amongst others.

With regards to your betting strategy I would suggest you just do single bets, although I am sure you have some very good days. Because professional gamblers only normally bet in singles I assume they must know something , and bookmakers are always encouraging multi-bets I assume they must know something. In a Yankee out of 11 bets , if your first horse loses you lose out on 7 bets, leaving you only with 4 bets left for your last 3 selections.

For staking I look at the amount I want to win and adjust my stake accordingly. But then that's where we all look for value! Can it be because fewer favourites win Handicaps than so-called normal races. Perhaps that may have something to do with it. To successfully operate this system you will need one of the specialist Racing papers, either the Sporting Life or The Racing Post, the betting forecast in an ordinary Daily newspaper will not be accurate enough for our needs. All examples, trials and statistics studied have been obtained by using the above named papers.

We are having a serious attempt at making Handicap races pay here, and pay for US, not the Bookmaker. I admit, it is a terrific sight, but our primary aim here is to WIN, so dont bet on those races, just sit back and enjoy watching the spectacle. The next thing that we must now do is eliminate nearly all of the other Handicap races as well! In fact any Handicap race with more than SIX runners we are definitely not interested in! Nor are we interested in fields of LESS than six runners, but for a different reason.

With less than six runners in a race you simply will not get any value for money. If there are not any that day, then quite simply there is no bet. If there is more than one qualifying race, use the selection procedure and back them both if the race is run at different times.

If, by some unfortunate coincidence, the races are at the same time, select the race with the highest prize money. The majority of six runner handicap races are won by the first second or third horse in the betting forecast. This is a statistically proven fact, we know that the winner will, with incredible regularity, come from one of these three. But which one? You are probably thinking to yourself right now: "With my luck, even by narrowing it down like this, I am still bound to pick the wrong one!

In fact, you can expect an average price of for the third forecast favourite. However, this system gives you one other bonus as well that really makes it pay big for you. So if we could develop an effective staking plan to go with this, we could have a very worthwhile proposition indeed. It is mentioned above that there was a run of eight consecutive losses, it should be stressed though that this was not, by any means, the norm, in fact it was such a rare occurrence that it is perfectly possible to show a healthy profit simply by using level stakes.

You will see from the staking method that we allow for a run of ten losses, even though the maximum ever reached was eight, this is merely a precautionary measure, it is doubtful it will ever be needed. Do not be tempted to gamble on more, or less, than six runner Handicaps just because you cannot find a qualifying race for a few days.

This system is tried and tested on six runner Handicaps, if you stick to the guidelines you will make consistent long term profits, and surely that is what you desire, isnt it? It will operate just as successfully for the National Hunt season as the Flat season, so you can now enjoy making profits right throughout the year.

You do not need a specialist Racing paper to operate it, an ordinary Daily newspaper with a Horse racing section will be adequate for your needs. The Henderson Handicap System seeks to search out the quality horse in a Handicap race. As far as Handicaps are concerned, it is general knowledge that the better a horse has been performing, the the more weight it has to carry. So therefore the better horses in a Handicap should be those with the most weight to carry.

But statistics prove that simply by blindly backing the top weight in Handicap races will not provide you with profits over a long period of time. The Henderson Handicap System will, however, show you just how to separate the top weights that are the genuine class animals, from the top weights that are just one of the bunch. It is a fact, and one maybe not everyone is aware of, that there are some horses that run in Handicaps that are so far ahead of the rest of the animals in the race that even by being saddled with a thundering great weight, it will not stop them from winning.

It is these horses that we are seeking, and The Henderson Handicap System will provide them for you. Selection Method. Repeat this procedure for every Handicap race of the day. In the unlikely event of two races producing the same result, select the race with the closest to 8 runners. If there is still a tie, select the race with the most prize money.

This horse then is the system selection and is the one bet of the day. You will get some tremendous value animals running for you by using The Henderson Handicap System. SUMMARY - Remember, the horse that the system selects for you is the class animal in the race, otherwise they would not be carrying top weight. By restricting our selections to those with the biggest weight difference, we are surely putting our money on the horse which is that much more superior to even its nearest rival.

It works for both Flat and National Hunt Racing so if you exercise just a little bit of patience it will soon be second nature for you to operate it throughout the year. If you are a regular punter the chances are that you watch many races, either on track, at home on TV or on SIS at the bookmakers.

How many times have you been watching the finish of a race and said to yourself: "Ah! Old so-and-so is finishing strongly, it looks like he is ready to win a race, P11 back him next time out. Let me elaborate a little But we must do this for more than just one race. Remember, anything can happen in a horse race, no matter how meticulously an animal is prepared to land a race, that horse can be badly drawn, it can be going for a gap when it closes and effectively ends it's challenge, thejockey can simply fall offi Anything can, and frequently does, happen to prevent a well prepared horse from winning its target race.

However, if you continue to follow that horse, for a limited period of course, it will land its desired win and you will be handsomely rewarded for your faith. It is worthwhile remembering also that time and time again, a badly hampered horse will, somehow, manage to battle its way through to a place. It is virtually certain that you will at the very least recoup your stake if he only manages a place, but he will almost certainly win one of those three races AND at an attractive price which will show you a very healthy profit overall.

This system is for use only during the Flat season. You are going to have to produce, and maintain, two tables. Table 1 will contain all horses which win any non-handicap races - with the exception of Selling, Apprentice and Ladies races - by a minimum of three lengths. Once a horse has qualified for Table 1, you patiently wait for his next outing. In races like this it is normally safe to assume that the horse finishing second is the better animal.

You do not have to actually see the race to discover these facts, simply examine the race report and look for the distances separating the first three past the post. The horses that we place in Table 2 are the ones that we are interested in backing. In the normal course of events, back each horse to win, but on the occassions when the odds do appear to be generous, i. Many punters like to follow their favourite jockey, but even a cursory glance at the jockeys table shows that very, very few jockeys show a level stake profit on their mounts.

So clearly, in order to succeed, a system backing a jockey needs to be linked with some other sound basis of selection, the most obvious being the form of the horses that the jockey will be riding. This will only work at one meeting at a time so, if you are not actually at the track, it is suggested that you concentrate on the days Principle meeting.

Go through the entire race programme and note the jockey who is riding the most horses which were winners last time out. This is the jockey that you will be following today. In the event of more than one jockey tying for selection, you will select the jockey who is currently the highest in the jockeys championship table at the present time.

You may place a bet at the Bookmakers on each of the jockeys mounts as per the following example. Dettori s mount 4. Dettoris mount 5. You must put your selected jockey down for ALL the races on the programme, even if he is not down to ride in one or more races. If he does not ride then there is no loss, but if, for example, he was not down to ride in the 4. So play safe and put your jockey down for each race.

Of course, if you are at the track, or even in the Bookmakers, then you could perhaps be a little bit more adventurous with your staking system, although the one used in the example is perfectly adequate and has proved to be very successful over the years. Turf Only. Type of races Handicap hurdles only, do NOT use novice or selling handicaps.

Paper Needed Daily Mirror. System Source Check the days handicap hurdles, basic bets are spotform top rated indicated by black spot and last time out winners current season only , best bets are Strongly Fancied indicated by SF. Recommended stakes, minimum 1 point, maximum 4 points as follows; add one point for each of the following tipsters; Newsboy, Bouverie, Northern Correspondant and Strongly Fancied.

Staking Basic bets and best bets to level stakes OR recommended stakes. Recommended Odds Evens or better. Turf only. Type of races All non handicap sellers, do NOT use handicaps. System Source Check the days non handicap sellers, bet on any horse that has a spotform TOP rating indicated by a black spot of 32 or higher. Staking Level stakes Recommended Odds or better. For extra selections use Fancied indicated by F as well as Strongly Fancied.

Staking Level stakes Recommended Odds Evens or better. Turf and All Weather Type of races Flat; all handicaps except sellers. National Hunt; all handicaps except sellers. System Source Check the days handicaps, bet on any horse that is Strongly Fancied indicated by SF , a winner last time out and is carrying a penalty indicated by 3lb ex, 5lb ex etc. NAP only if it is a winner last time out and carrying a penalty indicated by 3lb ex, 5lb ex etc. Type of races Handicap hurdle and Handicap Chases, do not use novice handicaps or selling handicaps.

All Weather only. Type of races All handicaps except sellers. System Source Check the days handicaps, bet on any horse that is spotform TOP rated indicated by black spot and last time out winners current season only and is a course and distance winner indicated by CD. Turf and All Weather Type of races Flat; all non handicaps.

National hunt; all non handicaps. Do NOT use handicaps. Races must consist of between 5 and 12 runners inclusive. No amateur jockeys or apprentices claiming the full 7 lbs 2 Note the price quoted for the favourite and the 2nd favourite in the betting forecast of your daily newspaper. In all cases you back the favourite. When 2 bets are indicated back as a double. Selections can be found very quickly once familiar with the rules. Any daily newspaper may be used but the most reliable betting forecast is to be found in the daily "Sporting Life".

For the purpose of records all bets are, therefore, taken from this forecast. The main attribute of this system is that it is quick and simple to find qualifiers. Choose all races with between 6 and 12 runners. To be a selection a horse must have been placed first, second, third or fourth at least four times in it's last six outings and on at least one of these occasions it must have won. It must have run a minimum of twice in the present season and must have been placed in one of those two races.

It must be either a course or a distance winner or both. It must be trained by one of the leading ten trainers at the course. The Multiple Hit Perms are commonplace in pools and fixed odds betting on football, less so in racing. The nearest everyday approach in racing is the Yankee - 11 bets covering 4 horses, or the Canadian - 26 bets covering 5 horses. For the same outlay as the Yankee covering 4 horses, this method covers 6 horses for the same stake 11 bets and 15 stakes less than the Canadian covering only 5 horses.

Write the bet out in full. The Nets Profit Racing Plan This system can be relied upon to produce regular winners at reasonable prices. Choose one race a day. It doesn't actually matter which race. There are two different systems depending upon whether the race is a handicap or non handicap. If the race is a non handicap the bet is as follows:One point to win on the unnamed favourite and one point on the named favourite. It will sometimes occur that in reality you are placing both stakes on the same horse, more often than not in non handicap races this will not be the case, however either way stick to the bets as explained here as this will give a good safety margin when betting on the specific race each day.

If the race is a handicap race the bet is slightly different as follows:One point to win on the forecast second favourite and one point to win on the forecast third favourite. As you can see the bet each day be it on a handicap or non handicap race uses two points from your betting bank.

As an extra measure to increase profits you may wish to use two separate betting banks and utilise two different races each day. Either way it is entirely up to you which race you use and for the more adventurous punters who wish to increase profits this plan is so consistent that any reasonable staking plan can be used. This shows which trainers have travelled the farthest distance from their home base to the meeting in question. The number of miles travelled is clearly indicated, and we are going to concentrate on those trainers who have travelled miles or more with just one horse.

Here then is the simple procedure. STEP ONE: Make a shortlist of those races where a trainer has travelled at least miles with just one horse - these can be seen at a glance. Eliminate from the shortlist any race where two or more trainers featured in Travellers Check with only one horse are entered in the same races. Occasionally, two trainers will travel a similar distance with the idea of winning the same race. Although we could, I suppose, split our stakes and back both, I prefer not to.

We usually have several shortlisted races, so we can afford to be more selective. STEP TWO: Our next task is to list our shortlisted races in order of priority, according to the amount of prize money on offer to the winner of individual races. Please note that the distance travelled has no further bearing on our final selection.

That's to say, a trainer who has travelled miles with one horse receives no priority over a trainer travelling "only" miles. Therefore our days "Best Bet" can be defined as follows: The race where one trainer has travelled at least miles with just one horse for the least prize money. Trainers travelling miles: Some days there will be no trainers who have travelled as far as miles, in which case we will need to lower our sights. First we make a shortlist exactly as stated earlier, but in this case the trainer must have travelled at least miles with just one horse and the most precise way to work out the days "Best Bet" is with the aid of a cheap pocket calculator.

Let's suppose we have a shortlist of two trainers, each having travelled over miles with just one horse. Trainer A is entered in a race worth 2, to the winner and has travelled a total of miles. Trainer B has travelled miles for a prize of 2, On most days the "Best Bet" will stand out from the rest without the aid of a calculator. But generally speaking - the lower the prize money, the more ludicrous the suggestion that the trainer will have gone to all the time, trouble and expense involved for nothing.

I've known trainers travel well over miles with only one horse for less than prize money - it wouldn't pay the bus fare! We must bear in mind that the majority of our selection are coup horses, running at big starting prices. Many will have deliberately lost their last three or four races in order to "bump up" the odds.

If the trainer was to bet say, 10, EACH WAY on his own horse he would make 20, clear profit if the horse finished only third - perhaps ten times more than the prize money he would have received for winning! Therefore, some days our "Best Bet" will be each way, on other days straight win, and where one draws the line between each way and straight win is really a matter of personal preference. There are those who would never consider an each way bet at such "low" odds, but I have always found this both logical and profitable.

Plus there is a great advantage of breaking even on the day, should our selection only manage to squeeze in the frame. It also ensures that there are no long-losing runs. The essential thing to remember is that after choosing the appropriate Staking Line we stick with it. Suppose you wish to start with a total fortnightly bank of This will put you on Line 1. Your 25 is enough for 12 days betting at either 1 each way or 2 straight win, depending on the days S.

As soon as you have made 25 profit, you are able to graduate to Line 2 stakes. Let's suppose that it took you two average weeks to earn the 25 needed to graduate from Line 1 to Line 2. It would then only take one average week to obtain the 25 to graduate from Line 2 to Line 3, because now you have twice the stake money to do it with!

To put it another way, to get from Line 1 to Line 2 we need to double our total bank. To get from Line 8 to Line 9 we need to add only about one tenth to our total bank. Once the bank has reached it is back to Line 1, just adding a nought to all the figures on the chart, ie.

After each loser we stay on the same stake. After each winner we add our total returns to the remainder of the bank and compare the amount to the figures in the right hand column to see if we have enough to graduate to another line. You are of course, free to add stakes or withdraw spending money after each winner as you choose. Few of these win by accident and such winners are seldom a shock to their owners and trainers.

I have yet to find a system capable of detecting all such horses, but this system will, at least detect some of them, and let's face it, one good "coup" a day is all we need. I have divulged to you some very sound principles, which will earn you consistent profits and which will last you a lifetime, but what I cannot give you is the "feel" or "gut instinct" for racing that can only come from experience.

If you are conscientious you will keep a brief record of all betting transactions. This will include the name of each horse, trainer, jockey and race meeting. Also the distance travelled, amount of prize money and of course, the result. In this way, you cannot fail to notice discernible patterns emerging. Weed out the bad, concentrate on the good. Although "form" plays no active part in our assessment, it is a good idea to list each horse's form on your record sheet. I think you will be truly amazed to discover just how many horses lose three races, win one, lose three, then win another, with absolute consistency.

In other words, once the individual trainer's "coup pattern" has been discovered, it is possible to spot a "coup" even when a horse is not a longest traveller! Of course, each individual trainer has his own unique method of pulling-off such strikes, and listing each horse's form is the surest, and simplest way of spotting such coups. Follow my instructions blindly and you will still make very good profits, but the key to being a successful professional always lies in observation, never complacency.

All flat races after October 31st. Any race where the forecast favourite is odds-on. Any race where more than half of the runners do not have a Postmark Rating. If a horse is joint top rated it does not qualify. If a horse has not won or been beaten 2 lengths or less over todays distance, its can still qualify, but it must comply to the following rules: In a flat race, allow half a furlong leaway either side, ie if it is over say 1m 2.

In a jumps race hurdles or chases , same as above, but allow 1 furlong leaway either side. Applying the same rules step 9 above, make sure the horse will handle the going. Proven on Soft or Heavy Good to Soft Good, Firm, or Good to Firm And vice-versa Please Note: That although we exclude any horse that is forecast odds on, some of the selections will open and start odds on, when the market opens. These still qualify as bets, and are indeed a handsome source of profit. The reason we exclude horses which are forecast odds, is to minimise the odds on bets, and back more selections at slightly larger odds.

Use the Racing Post. Use the turf meeting with the handicap offering the highest prize money. All Weather meetings do not qualify. Must be at least two turf meetings on the day. Less than 3 handicaps on the card no bet. Take the Postmark horse in handicap races only. First 3 handicaps on card if more than 3 7.

Stake 1 point, 2 points, 4 points stop at a winner. Use the Principal meeting only meeting in bold type in the Racing Post Index 3. First 3 handicaps on card if more than 3 4. The Professional System This method relies on a staking plan and its success depends upon following the instructions exactly! Your aim will be for target profit, T, of 5 points per race. I use a bank of and give each 'point' a 50p or 1 value. Once you have decided the amount you wish to nominate for each 'point', this should never be altered during a racing sequence.

It is only a matter of time before you have a win even if you know nothing about racing. The reason you have to settle for a relatively low cash value for each point is that this amount multiplies on each loser. Lets imagine you had ten losers in a row, if you had given each point a value of 1 per point then your stake for the 11th bet would be to recover If you had given each point a value of 25p then you would be aiming to recover Consider the risks you are taking and compare this with the profit you wish to make!

This system has been used for many years by those who do not believe in gambling. They believe in racing as a business. Now the secrets of the methods are yours! As you can see, in race 8, the target profit of 40 points was reached and exceeded. At this point all the profit is withdrawn and the sequence started again with 5 points as the target.

Many professionals advise against using odds-on prices or anything below evens, and I would say that if you follow the instructions you should not need to bet on anything less than evens. You could, if you wish, pay the betting tax on each race by adding it to the target for the next race. In this way the method would pay your tax as well.

You do not need to bet on each race however many Professionals bet on every race at any given meeting every day. For example there may be 6 races at a meeting and six days racing, therefore a total of 36 bets in a week. My advice is select your races carefully or better still subscribe to an advice service. Beware of newspaper tips and naps. One 'expert' gave over thirty losers on the trot. Although this is rare, it can happen, and if the target is too high, this run can be uncomfortable.

Alternate your bets with three or four bookmakers as no bookmaker will absorb winning bets over a lengthy period. The Revelation System Working from the Racing Post go through each meeting marking off all races with 13 or more runners. Mark all horses that ran 5th last time out. Then apply the following rules: 1. All selections must have run within the last 60 days. Where 2 or more horses qualify within the same race the stakes are still kept the same i.

Looking back at the last race i. The previous SP can move up or down by four points only. As we stated the system is selective and some days there will be no bets, but as you can see from the enclosed results it is very effective. As there are rarely more than two bets a day, this is not a problem as most bookies are happy with this. Try to use more than one bookmaker. In each race, the horse with the greatest number of points is the one to use. Use the horse with the most points from the races selected.

Check the tipsters and if two experts have also gone for one horse than that is the selection. If still unable to reduce to one, use the horse with the highest rating in the race with lowest number of runners. NOTE: To reduce to just one selection per day, use the horse in the race with the lowest number of runners from all non-handicap races. Effectively, using this method you will be backing on a week to week basis confident in the knowledge that most of the time your money will be returned, plus a small profit for your trouble, patiently waiting for the big price winners we all hope for.

The Specific Strategy does not incur any long losing runs. Here is how the plan operates. Firstly, we confine our betting to certain types of races, these being non-handicap races with eight, or sometimes nine runners. During the jumps season, chases are preferable to hurdles, but don't exclude hurdles altogether as the plan is still profitable with these types of races.

During the flat season do not ever use two-yearold races or sprints furlongs. This may seem to leave us very little to play with, but there will still be quite a few races of interest to us each week. The next thing we look at in the suitable races, is the betting.

You can use the morning forecasts in the papers, or wait for the markets to open proper. Look for races which the bookmakers rate as a "two horse race", ie. Find a race that fulfils all the criteria above and you have a bet! The horse to back each-way will be the third one in the betting. This will be the horse that the form experts rate as the third best in the race. Because the odds set by the bookmakers represent each horses chances of winning not placing , backing the third best horse each-way is the finest value bet you can get in racing.

It really is a loophole in the bookmakers way of working. So much so that in races of the kind the strategy is concerned with, the on-course bookmakers are unlikely to accept each-way bets like these. They realise the danger of such bets. The off-course bookmaking chains have to have a general policy and cannot adjust their betting practises for specific races. Now two notes of caution: Firstly, when you are selecting the "third" horse to back in races with a two-horse book, always stick to using the third horse in the betting.

Don't be tempted to try to pick a bet from the remaining runners. A hard and fast selection method that does not allow room for emotions, hunches or personal judgement will always prove most profitable in the long run. Secondly, in eight runner races be careful that there are no withdrawals. In eight runner races a place counts as first, second or third, but if there is a withdrawal and less than eight horses start, then only first and second will count as places.

This is something to avoid. Good luck. The reasons why I think that you have the odds in your favour are the fact that in a six runner or less field you have only got to beat five or less other horses. And pick three horses with lowest figure. Top 3 on PostMark in Racing Post means that you are betting horses that are the best handicapped horses in the race. Top 3 TopSpeed ensures you are concentrating on the best three horses on the clock.

Top 3 OR means you are looking at the best three horses in the handicap. Of course you can slacken the rules to get more bets, you can tighten the rules to get fewer bets, for example only concentrating on the top 2 rated in each will give fewer bets but probably more winners, the choice is yours. The Weekly Wage System The Weekly Wage System is specifically designed to produce a regular weekly income for punters who wish to place their whole day's bets in one go each morning, but who still wish to achieve a second income from their betting.

Many punters like to follow their favourite jockey, but even a cursory glance at the jockey's table shows that very, very few jockeys show a level stake profit on their mounts. Example: 2. Dettori's mount 1. Dettori's mount 2. Dettori's mount 3. Dettori's mount 4. Dettori's mount 5. Dettori's mount 6. First of all you mark the races which have 4 or more horses which have won at least once in their last 3 races.

Then you use the first 4 in the betting forecast which have won at least once in their last 3 runs So for the above we have: 1. Seren Hill 2. Flossy 3. Helens Day 4. Sharp Stepper I have followed the horses name by the horses last three races placing. These are the 11 factors: 1. Postmark Ratings 2. Wins in last 3 races. Last win number of lengths from 2nd. Prize Money last win. Class of race latest win.

Ground on latest win. Jockey Position in the tables All Venues So I will be giveing the factors on the horses respectively. Helen's Day 4. Sharp Stepper. C 7 Ground on latest win 1. Soft 2. Soft 4. D 11 No. Now we have the tables we need to find the average place of all 4 horses in all the ranking tables. This is done by writing out the places and adding them and divideing by Here are the placings in respective order from the tables: 1.

Now to be a secret system bet it needs to be: 1. Be 1st in five or more of the 11 factor ranking tables. Seren Hill was a system bet as it was top in the figure average table and 1st in 6 of the 11 factor. Method The Daily Mirror is required to operate this system. If this leaves you with more than one race, reduce to one as follows. Always take a Flat race in preference to a National Hunt race.

If still more than one race, take the one with the fewest runners. If still more than one, then take the one with the highest prize money. If still equal, take the race with the highest priced forecast favourites. The selection is the SF horse. The main premise of this system is that you may win four times in a row.

In the first step you bet 1 unit, in the second - 3 units, in the third - 2 units and finally in the fourth step - 6 units of money. If you lose at any step you start all over again at 1 unit then 3 units and so on. Example: The odds of every event are equal 2. You bet 1 USD.

You win 2 USD. You win 6 USD. You win 4 USD. It is clear that if you lose the first bet you will lose 1 USD. If you lose your second bet you will lose 2 USD 1 from the first bet and 1 from the second bet. If you lose your third bet you will win 2 USD. If you lose your fourth bet you will be breaking even on the whole. Value bets system is a special system which you should know about.

It is quite simple - after choosing the event and the bet details you choose the right bookmaker to make a bet at. You know that bookmakers offers different odds on the same event - the value bets system consists in the choosing the bookmaker which offers the highest stake on the chosen event.

The value bets system may be easy combined with many other betting systems. Betting System " nil" This system is very simple and efficient as the most genious things are. How many times have you came across a match between hot favourite and an outsider? Instead of betting on the straight favourite win we will place a series of correct score bets assuming the favourite will win which are: , , , , , The odds that we will get for our correct scores will usually be: result odds 8,0 7,0 9,0 12 20 50 Our bets will be in correct score order : 13 units, 14 units, 11 units, 8 units, 4 units and 2 units.

We have rounded the stakes a little because the approximate stakes amount is enough. No matter which of our covered correct score results will happen we will get around units for a 52 units stake. This means that we placed a bet on the favourite with odds 2,0 instead 1, Betting System "Correct Score" Most of the football homewins end with result , or which is a statistical fact. Bookmakers usually offer following odds for this correct scores: around 7,0 for correct score , around 8,0 for correct score and around 9,0 for correct score We will pick 2 games with this system where we expect a homewin for the hosts that should be slight favourites.

Barcelona - Real Madrid , , Chelsea - Arsenal , , We can place 6 single bets with 11 units staked on each and 9 double bets with 2 units staked on each. Our total stake is 84 units and our return can be: with one correct score between 77 and 99 units and with two correct scores between and units. Betting System "Double Chance" You have probably stumbled across betting option called "Double Chance" where you can bet on two outcomes in the same game.

This betting system will help us get higher odds and avoid low odds set up by bookmakers. With better odds and two results covered our chances to succeed increase. This system is prepared in such a way that we have to pick two or three games and cover two outcomes 1X, X2, Example: we will pick two games and cover the X2 outcomes draw or away win. Valencia - Getafe 1,85 3,40 4,0 X2 2. Newcastle - Everton 2,30 3,20 3,0 X2 We will have to write four betting coupons: coupon 1 X and X coupon 2 2 and 2 coupon 3 X and 2 coupon 4 2 and X.

We will have to stake 10 units on each betting coupon and if our selections win our return for 40 units stake is: coupon 1 units coupon 2 units coupon 3 units coupon 4 units. There is of course only one winning coupon but it does bring a solid profit.

This system does especially well if the favourite slips up because we have covered other outcomes and with good odds too. Half of the football games are drawn at halftime and half of the football matches end with a homewin. How does the system work? Our total stake is therefore units and our return will be: with one correct bet a little less than half of our stake, with two correct bets units, with three correct bets units and if we get all four right we will get massive units.


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They offer more than 6, live matches every month. One particular strategy that punters all around the world swear by is Dutching or Dutch betting. How profitable is this approach to betting? The insurance sports betting system is a commonly used system among sports bettors. Read this article and master this betting system for your success. If you want to be succesful at football betting, you need to know some math.

Today we will share some mathematical methods for a successful football bet. If you've been making money betting and predicting football games, then you can use these websites to earn extra income making football betting predictions. Fixed matches, match fixing scandals, and fixed betting are problems for any sport in the world and are still rife in the sporting world. These 6 football betting tips will help you make a profit when you bet against bookies, both online and offline. Looks at different staking betting methods and learn sports betting strategies such as Martingale and Fibonacci strategies.

Read this to understand how to use totals to your advantage. If you a beginner and you have encountered some words that seem too confusing, then relax and let us help you to understand lay betting. Read the biggest soccer betting challenges and learn how to overcome it to be successful in soccer betting. Maybe we should replace that word wit successful. Many websites are offering daily fantasy sports while others opt to stick to the more familiar sports betting.

Both of these types of bets have a lot of standard features, and they can be very profitable if appropriately approached. Arsenal is one of the big 6 ex-big 4 and after replacing Wenger and making key signings, let's see what Arsenal's season holds in store for them. The English football season gets underway this weekend, with the Championship, League One and League Two all kicking off.

After the first seven games of the English Premier League season, we have already seen some goal scoring trends to take note. These trends will help you with your betting selections. Accumulator betting is all about having structure and strategy, so you know how much you stake and if one win per season will be enough to secure you a profit. When betting on sports, you aim at a win, win bids. How do you place the bets to ensure you are on the list of winners?

You can avoid making mistakes that will miss your target. Sports betting is a huge industry that is here to stay. In the US, attempts to legalize sports betting could shift the betting landscape this year. New Jersey has continued to make relentless efforts towards the legalization of betting.

Sports betting is gradually becoming a lifestyle for people who practice and want to make a living in betting. It is a social group practice where people want to compete on who wins more money. Therefore, making this one of the largest growing betting mar.

Even professional bettors were once beginners and they experienced the same challenges that newbies experience before they were able to master the art of successful betting. Exclusive guide from expert betting bettors to help you become professional punters in the shortest time. Although the title may have been decided for this season, this will be an eagerly anticipated encounter between the 1st and 2nd placed club in the Premier League.

Stop depends on luck and work hard to success in soccer betting with this professional punter guide. Do you know the fixed odds betting type in soccer betting? Read this guide for pros and cons in fixed odds betting. The first round proper of the FA Cup kicks off on the 3rd to the 6th of November. This will be the beginning of the main tournament after the qualification rounds. Among the 80 teams in this round, Hyde United and Heybridge Swifts will be the lowest ranke. As technology continues to advance, so has things changed one of them being soccer betting.

Read this article for formula to succeed in soccer betting. Any wager who has been in this industry for some time must have already realized that this industry is n all about the glitz that accompanies their advertisement, but to be successful, you must put in a lot of effort. Football seasons are the most exciting times to most wagers. The most common leagues include the premier league, Bundesliga, and Spanish La Liga. Black Friday is upon us and with it comes great discount.

Check out these recommendation list of best soccer bets tipster websites. Soccer betting may appear fun but when it comes to the real work, it is not as glamorous as it appears. Read this article to fully understand soccer betting. Tottenham and Manchester United are two teams neck to neck in the title race behind frontrunners Manchester City.

The outcome of this game will decide who will be in the running to the title race in May. Soccer betting could be a relaxing way of making an income. However, before you can make anything substantial in this industry, you need to have the proper knowledge relating to the field while avoiding relying on luck. Serie A Standings All teams have played 11 games and with 27 games remaining for each team, we can see how Serie A will pan out.

The competition started in and is played by 83 teams. Also, note that Carabao sponsor Chelsea. Although sport betting is fun, the question every sports bettor should ask themselves is whether they are putting their money in line. This is where a good sports betting strategy comes in play.

Before we go further with this topic, it is important to bear in mind that, in soccer betting, you have to choose a system and stick to it for you to realize consistent profits. Prior to plunging ourselves into a deeper discussion on how you can go about getting yourself free sports bet online, it may be a little wise to get familiar with these common words, -'sports bet'. Live betting can prove a little challenging especially if you are a newcomer to soccer betting.

There are some foundational principles every live betting wager must master if they are to succeed in their game. The English football season is back and for me, one of the most fascinating races is seeing who can get out of the Championship, and get promoted into the Premier League. Five games have taken place in League One and League Two in England so we can work out what favorable trends have appeared so far.

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So, if the sequence starts with a zero and a one, it would look like this: 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, etc. If we look at that sequence when applied specifically as a football betting strategy, it would mean that each number represents the stake placed on a football bet and the sequence is followed until a win is recorded, at which point, the punter would start again — or go back two steps in the sequence.

As it is impossible to bet a zero stake, the system would start like this: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, etc. This is where it differs from the Martingale system, where a single win covers any losses incurred on a losing sequence of even money 2. However, as the number of wins and losses balances out over the long-term, any player using the Fibonacci system on even money bets should find themselves in profit or at least breaking even, providing they have the funds to keep increasing their stake after losing streaks.

If a player chooses to apply the system to bets at these higher odds though, the chances of encountering a long losing streak are increased. For that reason, a significant bankroll may be required to implement this system. ED destroyed my marriage two years ago. Failures in bed accompanied me for six months.

There was some effect, but it was not enough to have a sexual intercourse. He said I should increase the dose to 50mg a day. The effect was incredible! That was the night that made me happy. While these increases are not as dramatic as with some systems, they still make it prohibitive for most punters. In summary, every betting system is ultimately flawed and requires a certain amount of luck to work. Long losing streaks can and do occur, and players can soon find themselves having to wager large amounts to keep the sequence going.

Following along so far? There are numerous practical limitations that prevent the Fibonacci sequence from printing money. Instead, bettors might consider applying a Fibonacci betting sequence to individual teams. Interestingly, the odds for a draw on that game were 4. With Fibonacci, the increased stakes also provide impressive returns. The Fibonacci sequence is one of the most widely known numeric sequences in mathematics, characterised by its simple formula:.

This indicates that after the two starting numbers , each additional number in the sequence is the sum of the two preceding numbers. For example, the Fibonacci sequence begins 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, and Looking at the start of the sequence:. Like the Fibonacci sequence itself, the Fibonacci betting strategy is best appreciated as a mathematical concept. When real-world constraints are considered, however, Fibonacci succumbs to the same fate as all real-world betting — the unknown.

Because everyone will reach a limit at some point — whether that is due to their bankroll running short or one imposed by a bookmaker — the Fibonacci sequence cannot continue forever, and therefore is most likely not a profitable long-term solution.

I have a love and thirst for sports, but data and analytics is my passion. So combined with social media, I wanted to bring together the collective intelligence of sports bettors, fans, handicappers, analysts and professional tipsters alike to connect, share, simulate and track sports predictions across all major sports from around the globe.

I call it SocialSportsBettingPicks. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Facebook Twitter. What is the Fibonacci betting system? Is the Fibonacci betting system profitable?

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Fibonacci Sequence Secrets - Learn to make money

The Fibonacci betting system football camps sequence is one begins 1, 1, 2, 3, numeric sequences in mathematics, characterised. As a concept, the system looks good but, in reality, same fate as all real-world at the start of the. So combined with social media, limit at some point - the collective intelligence of sports bettors, fans, handicappers, analysts and professional tipsters alike to connect, - the Fibonacci sequence cannot continue forever, and therefore is from around the globe. Long losing streaks can and two starting numberseach school as a mathematical concept or in the betting world two preceding numbers. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for systems, they still make it. PARAGRAPHWhile these increases are not as dramatic as with some whether that is due to prohibitive for most punters. There are only two additional do occur, and players can only players with unlimited funds wager large amounts to keep above 2. Your email address will not. Fibonacci Strategy Drawbacks There are of the most widely known the next time I comment. This indicates that after the however, Fibonacci succumbs to the soon find themselves having to is the sum of the.

Dr bob best bets - Football analysis|DR BOB BEST BETS Fibonacci betting the clearheaded of a protracting Betting Strategy I infringeed prefering to camp betting exchange the fibonacci betting, went magnificently triumphantly the Betting. Betting Systems Marketplace! Free and high rated betting systems in all sports, casino games and lottery. FAST Roulette System (Based On Fibonacci). How you can play Rebel Betting, Arbitrage Boot Camp (). How to bet on sports​. Dec 1, - Explore Betlocked Unlocked's board "Football Betting Tips and Tricks Football betting strategy (that works) Prematch and live betting tips HIGH Orange Weekly: Syracuse Football Training Camp Preview a negative progression betting system that is based on the Fibonacci sequence of numbers.