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Now 4D is primarily selling to maintain existing customers, much like Quark. They have nearly no presence other countries. We had the luck to conclude that FileMaker was the safe bet, since most of the other moved into tiny niches or disappeared. Being a "Specialist" is no carte blanche to behave like you do. And furthermore you are wrong in my eyes. The separation model was never "introduced" by any FileMaker version.

Just for those who may need to know a little bit more about FileMaker and separation:. It is a long discussion. The main school is to have all presentation and functionality programming etc. And then one or more data files with the tables and only very few relations supporting basic calculation fields. Some are going all the way and are even avoiding calculation fields and their relations in the data file, we are not that rigid at my company.

The Separation Model -- When one file references another file, it references everything in that file. What does "reference" mean here? Not list as in "portal" - a limited interface element familiar to current FileMaker users - but list as in a real list, a list that can print nicely on page after page, a list that can be displayed with subsummary totals.

And here are FileMaker's own suggestion regarding separation from the first version of FileMaker 7. It is on purpose that I am quoting those very old sources If you are a new developer I will suggest that you find some newer articles and combine them with an understanding of the Anchor Buoy mode.

I have no idea of where you have this from. From 7. And FileMaker did specifically recommend rewriting FileMaker 6 solutions to take advantage of the separation model. Starting with new files is most appropriate for a new business problem or an isolated information domain. It could be appropriate if you want to take full advantage of the new FileMaker Pro 7 possibilities and you can afford to wait to complete your redesigned solution before deploying.

It is also appropriate if the features of the original solution are obsolete or poorly designed in the first place. The foremost requirement when designing a new solution is to determine your solution architecture. Thank you for your snarly comment. Too much coffee this morning? I'm also quite familiar with the Anchor Buoy method. It has definitely been the default method for most of the small and large developers I know.

Not only in Denmark but around the world. There have been numerous sessions about this at FileMaker deacon's, not only in the US but around the world. In the years after it was a great issue. And because of my point I was quoting very old documents from FileMaker Inc. Here are some newer quotations. The leading FileMaker developers are doing a lot to make sure that new FileMaker developers know about separation before it is to late.

Or FileMakerPapers. After 11 years with separation me and my co-developers can not really find any problems with separation Carsten, I think you misunderstand. In other systems, like 4D and others, there are two entirely different types of files. This is entirely different than using the separation model in FileMaker, where all files are. I am sorry, and you are right. Good behaviour is essential. Also for me.

My problem is that for some reason we are getting a lot of guests here who for some reason, and on purpose, are writing what they already know is wrong. Or in some cases are writing conclusions here even though they do not now about FileMaker. We need this forum as a place where we can be critic towards FileMaker Inc based on arguments, specific cases and even more we need this forum to be able to give and get help when it come to develop even stronger solutions. In this case Ultragolden pretended knowing about FileMaker and then wrote something absolutely wrong the separation model.

And in his next post he even admitted knowing that it was wrong. I have no clue about how we should handle a situation where outsiders or people with bad-will try to create a wrong impression and propagate obvious misunderstandings. Censorship from FileMaker is probably not a way to go.

And it is obvious that they are clever enough not to try. And I do very well understand why nobody from FileMaker can or will participate here. But for sure: We have to behave well. But I also feel that there should be a limit where people are told that we can look through what they are doing.

You are right. In FileMaker we can choose to put everything in one file. And FileMaker is not telling us not to. But from FileMaker 7 they have informed us about the separation model, written articles about it and linked to articles on separation.

And when it come to distributing smaller solutions to be used with FileMaker Pro ar as a runtime it may even be a good idea not to separate. But as a rule: Always separate unless you can make your case for combining. In most of our larger solutions we have data files and interface files. We will typically have one interface file for WebPublishing via PHP, another for each WebDirect interface, one for each integration with other systems and of course one or maybe more for the main userinterface.

Having one or more datafiles is mainly a matter of security. In a pretty large solution for the medical branch the more critical data about the patients is in a separate file that is encrypted at rest and with special assess rules. And there may be other reasons as well, our transaction logs and other large files will typically be in separate data files as well. Is it bad or good that it is up to the developer to do this. I do not know. Maybe it would be an advantage if the interface file could not contain tables but we do actually have one for session data in most of our interface files:- and if the data file could not have layouts but we do actually enjoy having for checking data I guess that FileMaker decided to allow the combination to support compatibility with FileMaker solutions.

I think I will stay with MS Access it has been serving me well. I really like FM but without runtime it's no use to me. Filemaker corp. Carsten, FM does not let you choose to have one or two files, data and application are rolled into the same file. The separation techniques you discuss just add more of the same types of files. Well, well, we are probably living on two different planets or reading different documentation,.

I am having a lot of FileMaker Work to do, so I will have to leave this debate until the weekend. Dang Steven, you're thinking like an accountant and I can relate to that. You make some very good common sense, business savvy suggestions that should be implemented by FMI immediately. That is if they want to grow the product and not just hang on to the current crop of devoted users. In the midwest where I am located, it seems like FM has little or no following.

That is very difficult to overcome no matter how good the product is. After all, if you hire a consultant to develop the solution for you and they go out of business, you will need someone else to step in and take over. One of the things you have to consider is that while the developer creates the product based on the distillation of the information that the client provides, very often, the client has not idea what they really want.

That generally happens over a number of revisions. If you can't make it flexible, then you may as well give up. If you don't ever want to change it, don't write it. I have an application that was initially released in and it is still our number 1 seller. Why, because we have adapted it to fit the needs of a greater diversity of users. Because we have listed to what our users asked for and given it to them.

Be careful not to get caught up in they hype either good or bad. There are a lot of strong opinions and emotions in some of the threads. For 8 years now our office has successfully used FM to run a big chunk of our business. When you compare the workflow of our FM-managed operations with the non-FM stuff, it's so much easier. And we can adapt and change SO easy.

Given I have the time to make the changes. I'd like to toss in a question and for those who don't know me I have been working with FileMaker for 30 years. I have looked at several alternatives for creating IOS apps that could make it to the app store.

One uses basic and one is HyperCard on steroids I was awarded 2nd place in in Apple's international HyperCard contest, there may have been only two entries and now Apple's Swift. I am leaning towards Swift since I can't find any prices on it and am assuming it is free? Is that right?

Hope so. If not any idea on the price? FileMaker is pushing the dollars but it doesn't cost much more than it did 20 years ago if you figure in inflation. So, my thoughts are that if I make a switch I will need 3 to 6 months to get up to speed and produce something worthwhile. I am not thinking of dropping FileMaker, just adding some new tool an another option.

Poker over the internet is illegal in most states but one app manages to rake in dollars selling so many chips for so many dollars and people are spending many dollars to play this game where they can't win any money. So, there we have a game making a lot of dollars and probably more than a very large group of FileMaker developers make. Those of us who have been giving away free advice all these years are finally realizing that those who got it are now our competitors, right?

So maybe the question is what are the priorities? Money, database development, etc. If it is money, then I ask myself, can I make more money doing something else? If it is the art of programing, same question. And so on. So, anyway, can anyone provide any info on the cost of Swift?

If it is free, then my decision is quite easy. Developers will still have FileMaker Pro Advanced. The Filemaker market has two very distinct groups: users and developers. Users aren't interested in scripting and layouts and developers are only interested in FileMaker Pro Advanced. The server model is geared up to sell licenses based on connections, the more users, the more licences paid for. Part of this change would HAVE to come hand in hand with an "app" store administered from FileMaker Inc and maybe even a hosting service for developers multiple virtual servers?

It's about distributing as much of the product as you can FileMaker are still part of Apple, so they could easily follow their business model. If they don't make money out of selling a non developer desktop solution, they can and WILL make money out of selling products made with FileMaker.

Now, I know that it would be within Apple's interest to sell loads of iOS devices, but remember, even Apple make Safari and iTunes for Windows, because it sells content. This business model would encourage both developers and the "users" to use Filemaker product. No need for runtimes if this happens Thin client, developer tool, FM app store and hosting solutions.

I can't wait until this happens I'm not sure if giving FMGo for free was a smart decision:. Sum this up with all the FMGo downloads and you get some multi millions in revenues! Yep, maybe making server free and asking a nice fee for fmGO would be a better business model. At the moment the concurrent users for fmserver gives FM that revenue, but they miss out on all the stand alone "apps". I wonder how many copies of fmGo where downloaded My story is that FileMaker is great at some things and totally deficient at others.

As FileMaker developers we have developed a great box of little tricks sorting a portal, creating query based value list, transactions to mimic stuff that is quite easy to do in other platforms. Over the years my bag of tricks has been changing a lot, mainly due to new functionality in FileMaker, and sometimes I really have to scratch my head how I solved that particular issue in an older fm solution.

Part of the charm of FileMaker is using the available set of tools to tackle all sorts of problems. Some times we can't so we resort to plugins or other methods using other programming languages like php, javascript, java and of course AppleScript. FileMaker inspires a lot of out of the box thinking I find cause some functionality isn't just built in. The disadvantage is that there are many ways to tackle the same problem.

I really like developing in other languages too, mainly web based, like PHP and all sorts of tool kits. When working with other developers, which I do often when connecting solutions to different third party systems, they always comment how quick and easy it was to work with me, in contrast to other developers. I'm sure part of the equation is that I'm a really cool guy, but mainly FileMaker does have this ability to quickly implement or change things.

Then on the other hands I have also pulled the plug on some projects cause FileMaker just wasn't up to it and I was spending most of my time programming tricks and gimmickry instead of getting down to the real stuff. Jack - Just an FYI. We looked at Livecode and it is inexpensive till you decide to distribute, then you need a license to build your apps.

If you're subscription expires, you can no longer create applications. XOJO is a little different. If you're subscription expires, you can continue to use the latest version you have installed to build new applications. There are some users who don't upgrade because they don't need new features to continue to enhance their current product.

XOJO is supposed to be on a rapid release cycle - every 3 months - but very often you don't want to upgrade that quickly because it may break something. So you have to test each new version. XOJO is very easy to learn and use and they have some great videos free to demonstrate how to, for example, build an IOS app in 5 minutes.

Yes, you can, but then all they are doing is building a browser, which oh by the way, is not allowed on the IOS app store. The one thing you have to keep in mind about XOJO is that while there are lot of features built in, you have to code a lot of functionality that is not built in.

They give you much more granular control over things, but as is normally the case, it take a great deal more time Not in my opinion. They need to do some work on the IOS framework because it is not a complete implementation of their desktop framework and the classes controls for IOS is specific to IOS. Apple has a pdf on Swift and I am looking at that. If it is free, which I don't know and I can't find any price on it, that's a good enough reason to get back with Apple and finally buy a McBook Aire.

The code seems easy enough to learn but of course having to decide what to use will be daunting. But in the end having to pay a million dollars in tax on my revenues might not be bad! For us, Codeo, it is not a matter of getting it out in the open. We are always considering alternatives. Or I will put it a little bit different: We are always analyzing to make sure that we choose the best tool for each solution or each module within the solution.

Codeo is a FileMaker development house, so of course this very strong and fast evolving platform will be in use within most of what we are doing. There may be one or two solutions without FileMaker if I look back.

But only very few of our solutions is FileMaker and nothing but FileMaker. And sorry for the dark type on black background that was not my choice. We choose this solution because this site can never shut down and need to serve many guests at a time from all around our globe. When this site is a few seconds slow on loading, it is because the transfer of the image files.

We still can't change the speed of the light combined with the band-width. We are also using a large array of other tools and applications hidden behind FileMaker to do special tasks, like creating watermarks, generating zipped packages and distributing via FTP etc. And while we love to use the naked FileMaker, and while FileMaker is version by version getting new functionality, we do not hesitate to use plugins when needed.

So there is no shame in using other tools. And of course it is also OK to discuss alternatives to FileMaker as such. But maybe the discussion of moving to 4D or Omnis or XOJO will be more qualified and get better expert input if done at their websites. Our expertise here is, after all, a little bit FileMaker centric. With no extra SQL db in between. Create and debug a prototype and later pay for and use the Enterprise version to produce a product for the app store that you don't have to release your code.

We have done some LiveCode projects, but not recently. I am always having an eye on this system. One objection though, in most cases if it is an obvious LiveCode project I would not opt for FileMaker as a replacement. Both are very good, but not obvious replacements for each other.

One other drawback to Livecode is they do NOT use native controls - they are custom. I've heard some people complain that since they don't look like the native Windows or MAC controls, then there are some appearance differences. That may be true, but then they may know nothing about Filemaker. Hmmmm if I consider developing a project based on a given platform, I will describe the project, the tasks, the conditions, the environment it is going to be deployed within If questions like that is asked here, with the focus on "how to do this within the FileMaker platform" I am sure that the person asking will get very serious answers based on a deep level of FileMaker expertice.

And If you ask the same question at let's say the Oracle platform on an Oracle forum, then I am sure that you will get the same result. But doing the opposite is, as I see it, asking the wrong question to people who in most cases are not really qualified to answer. And I will not recommend starting discussions about moving to, lets say FileMaker, on an Oracle forum. For the same reasons. If I had an Oracle solution which I found would work better in FileMaker, then the questions I would rise on the Oracle forum would be: How can I get the best analysis of the architecture of the Oracle solution before starting, and how to best get the data out in a well structured form to be imported into FileMaker..

I wasn't referring to myself. If I could do it, I would't be hanging around here. I've used FoxPro for several years and started using FM in I've looked at several different software packages including Livecode. XOJO just seem to fit me better. I have experience with gwbasic, quickbasic and visual basic, so that may be the reason I picked up on XOJO faster. There are things I like about livecode, but it just didn't click with me as well as xojo. I may give them another try. Livecode sent out emails asking what they could add to make it better, so It looks like they are aggressive and really interest in the users.

It appears your business is far advanced from many of the developers in the community many of which are brand new to databases and FileMaker in particular. Perhaps like a master carpenter with thousands of tools and chisels and the ability to take the time to do all of those things unlike the newbie or the relatively experienced developer on their own.

Perhaps you would also describe how many employees you have, their genders, experience and even pay scale. Of course those questions might be one's that aren't appropriate to ask but maybe their is something about your business you would share? Schamlee - Like most Visual Foxpro developers, I still have legacy code that I have to support that is in the hands of clients. Are you in the same boat?

Just curious. That was my initial reason for looking at FM, but I quickly realized that they are really two different animals. We had thousands of users who were using our commercial application and they wouldn't be happy if we started taking features away. XOJO allowed us to deliver a very comparable application as well as convert their data fairly seemlessly.

Yes, my main software packages were developed in VFP and I'm still selling those software packages. I'm afraid that VFP will not be compatible with Windows in the future, so that is why I started looking around.

I just rewrote one of the packages in Filemaker. Just now learning to use the Report engine, it is not as easy to use as the one in VFP. If so which one? I've been using SQLite. I know, I do this often enough too Yep exactly. The data separation model in FileMaker is of our own construct, it's like building a table with chairs. You can't even ask the user for some input without creating a table and using a field although globals make ik look like variables , where is the separation in that? I used FileMaker since it ran on a Macintosh k and started programming in V2.

V7 made life a lot easier in that you could combine tables in one database file. But in previous versions we did data separation emulation with different folders and files. Still updating a user interface was not simple specially if you changed something in the data files to facilitate doing or showing something in the user interface table. All that really changed since version 7 is that we can chuck stuff in files however we choose and emulate data separation a different way.

The advantage of the FileMaker method is you really need to get your act together. The selector connector by Tod Geist et al is a great example of how "discipline" and "structuring" can facilitate and emulate a separation model. But all of that is because "we" choose to and not because FileMaker has it built in I'm still of the opinion that everything we do in any language is a "workaround".

Good workarounds evenually become standards. Sorry efficientbizz. We need stories, and I mean, success stories. FileMaker has a lot of them for customers of many sizes and of many types. SWIFT is not a recommendation of mine!

Maybe Apple Inc. This is why XOJO has step in to be a handy tool. It's easier to use than XCODE and provides a way to write software for pcs, macs,web and ios devices. Most of my client have one to three users, it would be great if FM would come out with a 3 to 5 client runtime. FM would just about be unbeatable. FM could do like the other companies out there and charge an annual fee for this type development package.

Sorry didn't mean to get off topic. That's why I prefer a single file approach. After years of struggling with separated files now I'm happier than ever. Swift is intended, imho, to make the Apple Store more profitable by making it easier for everyone to create a game, photo thing, whatever.

We don't have the tools when using FIleMaker that are available if we were to do our own coding in a more advanced language. I keep feeling like FileMaker that we use is just a collection of Java thingies. I do absolutely agree, this site should be extremely open to those that are absolutely new to FileMaker and to databases as such.

But our level of FileMaker development is not more advanced than a very large number of the other developers within the FileMaker community. And there are literally hundred or many more just within the FileMaker Forum who are very very advanced developers. And just at one devcon in the US more than thousands of advanced developers are gathering. While we, here at the forum rightly tend to focus on helping newer users, we should not underestimate the sophisticateness?

But the answer is: Defenitely not. We probably know enough about them and general ERP solutions to understand what we have to solve, but we will never touch our customers finance system. We are experts on analyzing, creating ERP and information and workflow systems and on FileMaker development.

And then we work with them to build the best possible integration. At my office in Copenhagen Frederiksberg we have only 4 FileMaker developers. Then we have 2 freelancers working closely with us and who have done so for a long time. This would be a very tiny biosphere if it was not for our fantastic colleagues in Codeo Norway.

But although we could do it we do not offer general web development, only based on FileMaker. We are two at Codeo Denmark who started our database journey with FileMaker many years ago. Everybody else we have taken in have had general and very strong database knowledge, programming experience, and it is very easy to take somebody who is strong on database theory and practice and teach them FileMaker.

You also asked about gender. This could definitely be better, and will be in the future. But since it is very difficult to master many trades, if you a not a Leonardo da Vinci, my advice to FileMaker developers is very simple:. It is absolutely possible to excel even if you are just one person.

You do not need to be 2, 3 or many. You do not need to pass, at least not the first time s you try, but you will at the end. And this process will be of enormous value to you. Either in a user group or a in another setup. Face to face or via web or otherwise. Dont be shy dont be secretive about what you are doing, share. I hope that this is giving at least a part of the answer. I run my own manufacturing business and as a side line I enjoy developing solutions to help with everyday process tasks within the business.

Many years ago I developed touch enabled MS Access 2. All worked reasonably reliable but very disjointed. I looked at filemaker 10 when I moved my personal computing platform over to Mac and took a more serious look at it when they introduced the FMGo element. I have taught myself basic FM development skills and found many ways to overcome problems I had with mobile thermal barcode printing and found filemaker has many ways to "crack an egg".

I have adopted Filemaker Server, FMP Clients and FMGo as our in-house system and every day it amazes me as to how resilient, reliable and how easily we can retrieve the data we need. Going forward, I want to upgrade my financials to a system that can be integrated with FM and I can tie the two together to make a more complete system.

So alternatives are not even in the picture with regard to FM, I paid my money, bought the software, took out a maintenance plan which covers upgrades. It is small money in the overall scheme of things, I have no developer costs other than personal time, there is practically no maintenance required, the system just runs and runs and runs Personal peace of mind is An excellent product that meets "my" needs. In general terms I could find more or less the same complaints we have here:.

So, my conclusion is that there is no free lunch. Other tools have the same problems and in some cases worse problems that we have so our neighbor's grass is nor greener than ours. Each tool has its own level of complexity and interaction challenges. Originally I was naive and said that "in two years I can have a solution equivalent to the one I have in FileMaker". Silly me. It would take at least five years for me to master those tools and develop something with the same "professional grade" I have now with FileMaker.

Does it mean that we have to stop pointing at problems? This is a business oriented, feelings aside decision. Of course the passion I feel for the product eases the job a lot. This is my last post regarding this issue. From now on I'll follow wimdecorte advice and help people in this forum when I can. At 8h a day for every working day that just over 5 years. Obviously more if you can't dedicate 8h a day. So let's call it h before you can call yourself a master at anything if you dedicate most of your time to it.

Does it have to be FM? But just realize what an effort it takes. Sounds like I want to scare people in sticking with FM. I don't. Just want to set some realistic expectations about "the green grass on the other side". If Tim is willing to throw away that kind of effort and start all over, then that is a big step not to be taken lightly. While fundamentally agreeing with you, Wim, a violin stays a violin a lifetime. Not if left outside in the rain or uncared for.

Wim has a point with his 10k hours investment, but I dare to pretend I also have one. Now, vaccinated, eyes wide open, lots of people like me, with a similar background, are asking themselves if it's worth to invest the 10k hours in Filemaker or not, that's why we claim some perspective and glimpses to a master plan, some more lullabies and caring, because we still have scars, and some of us have more time behind them than in front of, so we'd like to bet on a winning card if possible I was a FoxPro developer started with version 2.

I'm not old but I'm no spring chicken either, lol. I agree I like to bet on the winning cards, too much wasted money and time if not.. What would the licensing costs be over years? At least playing it for an audience, even doing concerts or CDs is "royalty free" Tomorrow, I'm starting a blog series about converting a runtime to another platform. I wish I knew what the future for runtimes are other than it's on the deprecated list. It'll take time, but along the way I hope to build tools to make development faster.

I'll do my best to track my time and report on that in my future posts. One important detail to have also, is that Tim already has a ton of experience in the web side of development. So that affects his decision differently than someone that doesn't. I daily use at least things, from a car to a oven, from a HDTV to a mechanical watch, from a computer to a lighter, from a garage door to a cellphone.

Should I go to congresses once per year, to learn what the companies that produced these things reveal about their products? Even pay additional money to learn about it? I speak for myself if I say that FileMaker development feels like my native tongue. It's almost like you solve other programming challenges in FileMaker speak I started with Basic actually on an Apple II, learned real programming skills in school with Pascal and programmed some "real" programs way back when compiling gave you a chance to read up on Byte Magazine.

I have "played" around with so many languages, stuck a while on Turbo C, but FileMaker always feels like coming home. Being versed in different things is handy cause it lets you take on different projects, but also makes you a good speaking, teamworking when working with other companies working in different programming environments.

I've started learning developing apps on iOS now, since the url protocol gives interapp communication. I'm hoping to build companion apps to offload stuff to that FM Go can't handle or is a nuisance. But as stated elsewhere the FM platform does make some things really easy to do and the easy of developing for the different platforms is majestic. Sometimes I do get fed up with FM, especially when workarounds are too complicated or not user friendly.

I wouldn't worry about it. I do keep a toe in other technologies, not just for fun but to keep me sane. FM is not going away any time soon. And all development platforms have warts, so pick the one you like, not the one you think will magically solve all your problems.

While the violin has not changed, how to play it has But I get your point. The development skill is not static, not a fixed end goal you can aim for. But neither is violin playing, ice hockey, baseball, basketball, Then they sold it to Lotus, which let it die.

IBM purchased Lotus and ultimately buried it. What a waste. The nicest part was, for a couple of years, FMP had real competition and both products benefited from that. I bought these things, like I bought Filemaker. Should I go to congresses once per year, to learn what the companies that produced these things reveal about their products. What a nonsensical argument. Do you make money watching TV, looking at your watch, toasting some bread, using your lighter?

If you do, then yes; do find those congresses and figure out how to make them listen to you. Either it is important to you or it is not. If it is not; then don't waste your time. If it is; find a way to get close to the decision makers.

Devcon is one of those ways: everyone is nicely gathered in one spot for a few concentrated days. It is NOT the only way, nor is it mandatory. It is just very practical and efficient. Whether it is worth your money is up to you. There are many, surely several thousand FM developers out there.

Many do not speak English, many cannot travel money, visa, time. As FM developers and FM customers they bought at least one FMP licence they are entitled to get all relevant information about the product. Excluding these people from relevant information would be an elitist move. To be weighed against FMs standing as a democratic tool. Assume that all these people would attend DevCon: many thousands there, while the number of FMI staff to talk to will essentially remain the same.

This won't work. Nevertheless: Being at DevCon certainly is a good experience. But it is populated only by a small portion of the existing developer base. A larger customer base requires an adequate platform and a non-discriminatory communication policy. Giving relevant information only to a small in-group of people destroys trust and loyalty - marketing basics.

If you'd do such thing in the financial market and you'd get caught, you'd go to jail. If my business depends on what happen to my lighter or my microwave oven The information is just there, you either want it or you don't. Nothing that is said at Devcon is secret forever, you just get a little earlier if you go there. Because I want to. Not because someone makes me to. If you don't want to, then that is fine. As I said earlier in this thread; no company promises to stick to their roadmap no matter what.

They will drop and add features in reaction to the market. What does that mean to you? Are you really trying to sell a feature that does not exit yet? If your client want something right now and FM does not have it, then FM is not the right tool for the job. This thread is fine as long as it nudges FMI to be more open. But "entitlement" is too much I dont get a clue from what you are writing or hinting at.

FoxPro was taken over by Microsoft and finally killed in after a very slow and long period of serious illness. FileMaker is a strategical product and changing rapidly. Some time to catch up with the trends in the surrounding world and at other times leading like it did with XML and at other times. I understand why people who are building their business on the runtime and other pretty old models are worried.

We are moving fast into a cloud world and FileMaker is obviously trying to make sure that the FileMaker developers follow that direction. They are maybe not so much doing this by communicating the roadmap, but by example. They will have good time for dialog and discussions with FileMaker and with the community, and good time to prepare their customers for change. Just as an example, the runtime is still included in the new FileMaker 14 and will not stop working from year to another.

I really do not get the very very very strange posts here, and I am a little bit flabbergasted by the form. As always, also when I am writing, there is a purpose behind. What is the purpose of writing that a living, thriving and evolving platform like FileMaker is going in the direction of FoxPro? But I believe you got it all wrong. If you where to invent and develop cars, ovens, hdtv's, wathces you would need very advanced platforms to do so. And you would definitely go to conferences, seminars and pay additional money by the tons to get up front.

And you would recruit the most advanced expertise. When you develop and deliver a FileMaker or any other solution, your customers will not attend conferences to learn how to use them. I hope not. Everything can not be written. A lot of it is about different choices, ideas, inspiration, best practice and disagreement about best practice Thus developer conferences etc.

And by the way, I do not know enough about Switzerland, but the developer conference in Scandinavia has the official bon mot: For developers, by developers". Too sad that the SmartSuite died. For those who don't know, in Approach, data could be stored in dbf and most other database format files, spreadsheet files, delimited text files, even plain text files for Note fields.

Files could be opened and worked with in their original apps, but were treated as tables or Note fields in a relational database when opened in Approach. When you queried by example and saved the find criteria, it built a SQL search that you could edit using SQL language and create complex queries beyond what FMP has ever been capable of. Approach had its own scripting language, but -- if I remember correctly -- it could also be extended by Visual Basic. A truly innovative and remarkable product.

They stumbled a bit with Internet connectivity, then sold it to Lotus, which saw it only as a front-end to yuk! And then IBM bought Lotus presumably so it could kill it. I've mentioned Approach to FMI, so many times that I can't remember, while it was still a viable product and after, but my comments apparently fell on deaf ears. When you stop listening to the people who buy your product, you open the door to competitors who will. FMP has no serious competition at the present time perhaps because the boom for serious desktop apps has ended but IMHO it is quite vulnerable should one come along.

The Launch Center is straight out of the Apple playbook. I actually like it. You can easily customize icons for what shows. And it's easier to look at than a list of names of files. For me as a developer the Launc Center is not really what I need. It is an end user feature. As an end user feature, it's great. For users of a controlled system, a launcher file with a dashboard works much better, IMO. As I said in another post, I don't really mind it being there. What I dislike is not being able to go directly to the old OS Open File dialog -- and, even more so, whatever overhead was added to the app to accommodate this "feature".

I can think of lots of other more important things that I wish they'd spent their development time on. What I dislike is useless popup, showing only filename it is already there. Why don't show file size or file timestamp or something explorer does? Yes, I use FM as developer more than user You can do this with calculated permissions in privilege sets.

What do you mean?! That was a joke a comment made in jest!! Note: I am also working on a Mac nearly full time now. Wow, replies and counting! This has been a very informative post for this newbie! However, I must say that to someone who is just getting started with FileMaker, all the talk about "alternative products" is a little depressing. Frustrating, at times, but interesting. I started out in April by building a couple of simple, stand-alone apps but the bulk of my future use of FileMaker will be as a "bridge" between a client's existing MS-SQL databases and their management team's iPhone 6 devices.

The SQL data sources are part of several 3rd party line-of-business applications, so I can't make any design changes to them. They consist of 5 major databases with a total of 2, tables containing almost 27 million records. I've built many, many custom desktop applications in Access from these data sources and I'll probably continue to do that but as my client's workforce becomes more mobile, FileMaker seems to be an excellent solution for delivering corporate data to their hand-held devices.

Great input bajadude. I would take the discussion with a grain of salt. Simply put, even the loudest of these developers and user Because they like it. It works really really well. These complaints are common of any platform. And for many of the developers that say "I'm out", seem to eventually come back. And they complain less Not all, but many.

I've always been of the mind to use the best tool for the job. I've done both Access and FM. And I will never go back to Access. It was very restrictive We've found that since we're constantly modifying the data file, the separation model doesn't achieve much for us -- and importing and exporting data isn't too time consuming if you've written the proper scripts.

However, what has proven invaluable for us to to separate out custom value lists and container fields. Put both of those in a separate file, and updates are much easier. Yep, I have my concerns to, FM still has a lot going for it, it is just some of the things that FMI has done makes me and some others on here a little worried. I'm one of those that still use it, I have just decided to learn about other solutions. If you're new to FileMaker definitely recommend talking to some more experienced people about architecting your solution.

For example, if this data is "dead" and used for reporting, I would suggest importing it into FM vs. Comparing Access to FileMaker I feel for all of that work spent on Access I know I would! The data is very much "alive" and from active financial, payroll, work order and property management databases. FM can certainly do the job of delivering data to iOS devices.

It's actually great for that job. The biggest challenge is deploying in windows environments. Users connect via remote app rdp session and it works quite well. When upgrading, I only have to upgrade the 1 installation of FileMaker and Server.

When deploying, again, only the 1 instance to take care of. Dev server is handled differently, but that's dev. Just an update. I have went back testing LiveCode and I really like it too. I created my first android app with it and it was fair easy. The first version looked like crap, but I improved it. I have it on my website and the next step will be getting it on the google store.

It's just a basis app that I built to learn live code. I was amazed how easy it was to get it going. If you need a means to create Android apps then LiveCode maybe what you need. I have the newest version of LiveCode and XCode and they don't seem to work together, so maybe there will be a fix soon, so I can get ios apps going next.

If you are considering Live Code you might want to get on board with special pricing now because it going up the end of this month. Separation is not so much about making upgrading easier. It is about keeping the solution simpler and thus enabling long time sustainability for the original developers and for future developers. An much much less prone to be hidden by corruption. Our strong conviction is that FileMaker and data is a strong combination. And what do I mean by that?

FileMaker tables within a pretty clean FileMaker data file hosted on a good sound FileMaker Server Windows or Mac that is treated as a server and with server quality components will be really safe. But if the solutions has more than just a few views layouts and the solution in general and each view has a lot of scripts, value lists, layout elements portals with complex settings, tabs, popovers, web viewers etc. It is indeed very complex.

I will try to explain this in a separate article here with reference to more general theory and understanding of database development. FileMaker is a platform capable of building large and very strong ERP and complex Information solutions.

But only few FileMaker developers have the needed theoretical background. This could be a problem to the community and for the customers who rely on those developers. But it need not to be. In my experience many of the FileMaker developers I have met are technically strong, understanding business and are capable of getting into and understanding new ideas and concepts very fast. They are less petrified than most other platform developers.

And I will be back with better argumentation in a separate article here. Ad hoc solutions or small daily-use-utility-databases does not need separation I went on another sprint last Saturday to find an "alternative" for FileMaker. The Oregon Lottery has revealed that its Score Board sports betting application set a new record for gross gaming revenue GGR in November, while the state also saw strong levels of wagering activity in December.

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