double chance betting calculator round robin

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Fixed-limit also called just Limit is a type of betting structure for a poker game where the amount of all bets and raises in any given betting round is fixed. This is in contrast to pot-limit and no-limit betting. Most commonly, fixed-limit games have two bet sizescalled the small bet and the big bet. Such games are usually written as having limits of "small-slash-big". In Hold 'em and Omaha games, the big bet is usually twice the size of the small bet, though in other variants such as 7-Studit may be more.

Double chance betting calculator round robin arbitrage sports betting example

Double chance betting calculator round robin

Grosvenor Try a round robin for yourself! Visit Site! Betway Visit Site! Main Calculator The complete betting calculator for all bet types and systems. Single Single bet is a bet placed on just one selection or market.

Double The Double bet is a bet of two selections in combination. Treble Treble bets are composed of three selections in combination. Trixie The Trixie bet is a system bet of three selections. Dutching Dutching bets make two bets covering all outcomes. Accumulator Accumulator is made up of many selections in combination.

Patent The Patent bet takes 3 selections in a 7 bet system. Yankee A Yankee bet combines four selections to make many bets. Lucky 15 A Lucky 15 bet used to bet on four events combine in 15 ways. Lucky 31 The Lucky 31 takes many selections in a system of 31 bets. Lucky 63 A Lucky 63 bet takes six selections to form 63 bets. Canadian The Canadian system bet takes 5 selections into a system. Heinz The Heinz bet takes in 6 selections and produces 57 bets.

Super-Heinz The Super Heinz is bets formed from 7 selections. Goliath The Goliath bet is seperate bets out of 8 selections. Flag A Flag bet consists of 23 bets from four different selections. Super Flag The Super Flag bet is made up of five selections and 46 bets.

Hutching A Hutching bet is a way to secure a profit on your selection. Heinz Flag A Heinz Flag system is made up of 87 smaller bets overall. Goliath Flag A Goliath Flag bet produces bets from eight selections. Alphabet The Alphabet is a system of 26 different bets from 6 selections. Roundabout Roundabouts are made up three selections over six bets. Rounder The Rounder bet is three singles and three single stake doubles. Our quest to bring you the best hints and tips for online sports betting continues with the introduction of our Union Jack Round Robin calculator.

This great tool makes it so easy to plan your selections and will display returns and profit margins instantly. It contains 80 bets which can make tracking of your choices a nightmare. We will share our hints and tips and tell you what sort of markets we recommend for this bet type.

New players after As the case with other bets such as an alphabet , when you place a this bet at a bookmaker, it is only possible to see the potential winnings if all your selections are correct. But by using our Union Jack Round Robin betting calculator, you can see in real-time what impact a result will have on your returns. The reason this is called a Union Jack Round Robin bet takes a bit of mental imagery but bear with us, and it will make sense.

Picture the Union Jack in your mind and then divide the flag into 9 equal boxes. At the top row, from left to right you would have A, B and C. A good way to picture it is to imagine a Union Jack on the boards you play bingo on at the seaside or in a bingo hall. When a number is called, you black out the number and win when you complete a line or a full house.

This is similar to how the Union Jack Round Robin bet works with trebles being used to complete lines vertically, horizontally and diagonally to find 8 groups of 3. The bet also includes 24 Up-And-Down pairs which we will explain in more detail later on this page. The bet is made with 9 selections and contains 8 trebles, 24 doubles and 24 Up-And-Down pairs. The Union Jack Round Robin returns calculator is useful as this type of bet has a degree of strategy when making selections.

Therefore, the strategy you employ is up to you. For maximum returns, you could place your higher risk selections in the prime position, or you could play it a bit safer by filling position E with a banker bet. Either way, the Union Jack Round Robin returns calculator can help you decide which choices to group together.

With so many permutations involved, the Union Jack Round Robin bet calculator proves invaluable to see how a different result can affect your returns. The calculator can help you decide which order to make your selections. These are conditional bets that effectively give you a double chance on a result. If your selection is correct, the winnings transfer to a different selection to be used as stake for the second bet. To demonstrate; we place 9 selections betting on football. If Everton win but Newcastle lose, we will break even on that bet.

With 80 bets taking place in the background and some of them being conditional bets, even the most mathematically astute may struggle to keep track. Our Union Jack Round Robin calculator will help you though, you just need to enter the stake, the odds involved, and it will do all the rest of the work for you. An example of this is being able to see how different results change the return.

You can easily do this by selecting nine selections and use the same odds.


Not only can you compare odds and prices, you can find out how much profit you are set to make in instant. Try it with us now below! It consists of 10 bets from 3 selections. These bets are 3 doubles, 1 treble, and 3 up-and-down single stakes about pairs. Only the most ardent punters will be using this type of bet. All you need are a few numbers, such as the odds and stake amount and you are off the to the races. Firstly, it is integral to the functionality of the calculator that you choose what type of odds you are using, whether that be American, fractional, or decimal.

Then you enter your said odds in the boxes that are available, before writing in the stake amount. Unbelievable stuff, we know. If you make any changes to numbers you enter, these totals will also automatically alter. Now let us move on to an example of using the round robin betting calculator. By using the tool, we can easily see all the different permutations.

As we only need 3 events, we can choose many different types of sports. For this we used rugby. Not bad at all! There are ample advantages to using the round robin returns calculator. Firstly, the speed in which the mathematics are performed is mind-blowing. Mere milliseconds are needed to produce numbers that would take a genius hours to work out. All you do is type a few numbers, and bang your answer is there.

It makes comparing profit margins, odds, and the like very easy. You can see which bookie you stand to make the most from, and what all the different permutations are. The round robin is a pretty unique type of bet, and only the most experienced players tend to use it. Even so half of the bet is essentially a trixie , and if you want to play a round robin, you have to have the understanding of this one to flourish.

This website contains advertisement. The Round Robin Calculator Welcome to our page dedicated to the round robin calculator. Grosvenor Try a round robin for yourself! Visit Site! A round Robin calculator is a tool that punters use when they want to calculate their max winnings, total risk and situational result when doing a round Robin bet.

A round Robin bet is a set of parlays where you bet on three or more teams in total. The betting size is determined by choosing the three or more teams included in round Robin bet and the total size of the parlays that you use to combine them. To provide you with an example of this, if you take a five team round Robin bet in all three outcomes, the round Robin bet would consist of 10 three team parlays made from the five teams that you have included in your round Robin.

The round Robin calculator will then be able to tell you exactly what you will risk by doing this and what the maximum win you can get is, so you can see if it is a good thing to do our not. Always take into consideration that the max win is not the amount you will be winning, but the amount that you can maximum be winning if things turns out the best possible way for you.

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